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A Small Flame || Jungkook || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 5930

Genre: dystopian/utopian!au, angst, drama

Summary: In this colorless world, her vision was painted with streaks of the rainbow whenever she saw him and that was enough to start a rebellion.

“Good job, kid.”

Jungkook laughed as Yoongi’s hand made contact with his head, ruffling his hair, and as Jimin tackled him in a large hug, forcing a kiss upon his cheek. Jungkook clutched his diploma tightly in his hands as the other boys pushed themselves onto Jungkook, ignoring the strange whispers and murmurs as the higher-class judged them. Jungkook heard a quick whisper of “he’s an orphan” because the boys detached themselves from his back but continued the praises.

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Isaac Lahey x Stiles!sis Request

Hii!! Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Stiles’ little sister (a year younger) and Isaac’s girlfriend and they and the rest of the pack go back to beacon hills for her graduation?? Love your blog!! Xx

“Y/N, we have to leave soon,” you Dad yelled up to you.

“I’m coming.” You hurried down the stairs trying to keep your robe from flying behind you. “Dad, do you have the tickets?”

“Stiles, grab the tickets from the kitchen counter,” your Dad yelled as he threw on his jacket. “Alright, let’s go,” he ushered you and your brother out to the car.

“I have to meet up with everyone,” you jumped out of the car. “Oh,” you turned back to your Dad, “remember to save 6 seats for Isaac and everyone.” You ran inside to get to your spot in line for the ceremony. You zipped your robe and passed the time waiting for the ceremony to start by taking pictures with your friends and talking about summer plans.

The line started moving and you followed your classmates out onto the field. You looked around for your Dad and brother and found them in the middle of the stands with Isaac and your friends. You gave them a big smile and waved as you made your way to your seat. You spent most of the time zoning out and looking up at your “fan club” in the stands. When you stood up and waited to walk on stage and accept your diploma you saw your Dad frantically getting the camera ready.

You were next in line and suddenly your name was called. “Y/N Stilinski.” You walked onto the stage and shook the Principal’s hand as you accepted your diploma.


“There she is,” your Dad smiled and opened his arms as you came running off the field. You hugged him and proudly showed him your diploma.

“How’s it feel to be done with high school, little sis,” Stiles gave you a quick hug before you turned to your boyfriend and hugged him.

“Congratulations babe,” he gave you a quick kiss before the rest of your friends and packmates wished you congrats.

“I made us a lunch reservation at that new Italian place,” your Dad told everyone. “Let’s head over there, lunch is on me.”

“Mr. Stilinski, you don’t have to do that,” Isaac piped up.

“Yeah, Dad…”

“Oh, stop it, I wanted do. You’re my last kid, my smartest kid, and my only daughter. Let’s celebrate.” Your group started walking to the parking lot and, when you stopped by Isaac’s car, your dad surprised you by telling you that you should ride with him. “I’ll see you kids at the restaurant.”

The drive had been silent and you looked out the window as Isaac focused on the road. “I’m proud of you, you know that?” His sudden comment snapped you from your trance. “I’m serious. I’m proud of you. After everything you’ve been through the past couple years and how hard you’ve worked you deserve this day,” he took a hand off the wheel and grabbed yours.

“Thank you,” you gave his hand a squeeze. “You know, I got the final acceptance letter I’ve been waiting for.”

“Oh yeah, and where is that?”

“To this small college about two and a half hours away.” He quickly looked from the road to you. “Keep your eyes on the road,” you laughed.

“You aren’t serious! You’re kidding me right?”

“I’m officially registered at your school. I sent my paperwork and dorm request in and I start in August.” The smile on his face was bigger than any smile you had ever seen.

“Let’s go out tonight! We have to start buying you stuff for your dorm and get you school sweatshirts,” he started rambling and you let him as you listened and smiled at his excited state.

I Dont Even Know Her Name

Shawn Mendes x reader



Authors Note: Hiiiiiii, this was a request given to me a few weeks back and it really stuck out to me when I was struggling for ideas so I hope you enjoy!

Request: Can you do an imagine based of “I don’t even know your name”!?


Damn she is beautiful. Beautiful is not even the right word to describe her. She is stunning, alluring, exquisite, and gorgeous all at the same time. Granted, those adjectives all generally mean the same thing, but this is different. She is different. Her beauty has a way of changing all of these words to describe attributes that extremely different than what they mean. I haven’t even uttered a ward to her yet and she is already captivating my mind. I have to meet her. 

The crowded night club doesn’t make it very easy to meet her and her barrier of friends makes it practically impenetrable. I noticed her as soon as I walked by the bar. I think my friends have kept walking by now and not even noticed that I stopped to stare. What feels like minutes to me has been only seconds that I have been looking at her. 

I can’t even comprehend that I am moving until I see her getting visibly closer to me. Of course I am the one that is moving toward her, even though my head is screaming at my feet to stop. Its like a magnetic force is drawing me in toward her. I can’t help it. 

Oh shit. She sees me. We locked eyes. I quickly look to the ground but somehow I am still walking toward her. I can feel her eyes staring at me. I am still staring intently at my feet as I walk which is probably not the best thing to be doing in a crowded night club. I stare at the scuffed tops of my trusted shoes as I read closer to her. I stop and my breath hitches when I reach to a pair of dainty open toed shoes and some and maroon painted toenails. I slowly look up at the woman standing right in front of me. She is smiling and laughs lightly as our eyes finally meet.

“Hi.” She smiles.

“Hey.” I whisper. I tried to be smooth, but I’m obviously not. She looks at me as if she is waiting for what i will say next. I’m going to be honest, I’m scared out of my mind. “i’m Shawn.” I say. Nice start man.

“I know!” She laughs. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and looks quickly at the ground before returning her gaze to you.

“You do?” I ask. I’m honestly surprised. I know i’m in Toronto, but for some reason it never registered to me that my fans aren’t only 16 years old.

“Yeah, Shawn Mendes right?” She asks as she leans her back up against the back of the bar. 

“Yeah thats me.” I laugh as I scratch the back of my neck, a nervous habit. 

“I saw one of you shows  few months ago with some of my girlfriends. You are very talented.” She says. 

“Thank you. It means a lot to hear that.” I say. Why the fuck did I just say that?

“You know I have always wanted to meet you, to have a conversation.” She says. 

“Well I’m here.” I say, “Can I buy you a drink?”

She lifts up the bottle of water in her hand and says, “I’m driving tonight, thank you though.” 

“Of course.” I nod and I turn away I take one step to find my friends before a hand grabs my arm. It feels as if it burns and tingles at the same time and when I turn back around it is her hand that is placed on my arm.

She pulls her hand away and says, “Just because I don’t need you to buy me a drink, doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Oh I’m sorry.” I say, “Do you still want to talk?”

“I was going to ask how it feels to be on stage.” She asks.

“It’s thrilling. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before in my entire life. It is a confidence booster to stand in front of tens of thousands of people knowing that every single one of them is there to see you. It’s like a drug and you could say I’m addicted to it now. I’m currently on break and I want to be on stage more than anything.”

“Wow.” She says, “That must be amazing!”

“So what do you do?” I ask.

“I’m training to be a nurse at the Toronto General Hospital.” She says as she takes a sip of her water bottle. 

“Oh really?” I ask. 

“Yeah, I actually grew up in the states but I got a scholarship to go to University of Toronto and I ended up here.” She says, “I love it more than anything”

“I’m glad!” I say, “Toronto is a pretty great place.”

“Yeah, the people I have met are so different than the people in the states.” She laughs.

“What do you mean?” I laugh. 

“Well everyone is just generally nicer here.” She says, “I don’t even know how to explain it. I got lucky because most of my best friends from college ended up getting accepted into the same hospital as I did and I share an apartment with one of them. I’m a junior at U of T.”

“Oh cool.” I say. 

“Yeah…” She nods. “You are very handsome.”

“I’m sorry?” I ask. She thinks I’m hot? 

“Sorry, I’m doing this new thing that I try to be as up front with everything as I can and right now I just did it even though I totally didn’t mean to and I-”

“No its okay!” I laugh, “I was going to say the same thing to you.”

“You were? Oh thank God!” She sighs.

“Do you want to get dinner sometime? I’m in town for a few more weeks.” I say.

“Yeah I would really love that.” She smiles as she tucks her hair behind her ear. 

“You know I don’t think I ever caught your name.” I say

“Oh yeah I’m-” She begins but two of her friends pull her away to the dance floor before I can hear her. Before I can even get her number. I spend the rest of the night looking for her. I scan the crowds countless times before my buddies and I decide its time to just let it go. 

I feel like I see her all the time. I see her in restaurants and stores. I don’t actually see her though. It is just my subconscious telling me to see her because I am constantly thinking of her. I can’t stop actually. 

After about a week and a half of struggling to remember this girl I decide to sit down with my guitar and try to put my thoughts to paper. At the top of the sheet I write ‘I don’t even know your name’ and I begin to pour out my feelings to music. 

Oh, you waited so long
Sometimes, it’s hard to stand out
And you, don’t have to do anything else
But be yourself


Okay, so here. Longish angst. Read it. Take it. Love it?

Josh Dun Imagine

Word Count: 3,626

Warnings: negativity

“-anyway I’m really thinking about Boston,” you spoke up throwing Josh out of his trance of drumming on his knees with two carrot sticks his mom had brought over as a “healthy snack”. He let out a short, “Oh… yeah- wait Boston?”

A laptop was opened on the coffee table of Josh’s living room, a few tabs showed college sites and how to receive their applications. Notebooks and pens were scattered around it as you tended to jot down whatever information seemed important. You had been asking Josh about your word choices and making him read over the majority of your application to make sure it was perfect.

“Well, yeah! I mean, it’s a little ways away, but it seems like it’s a good school and I have the grades for it and all,” you smiled to yourself, “Anyway, why aren’t you showing me your applications?”

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University Class Registration Advice: Learn from my Mistakes.

Okay so you got accepted into university, you’ve submitted your deposit and you’ve probably chosen your roommates already. Everything is going pretty good but now you actually have to register for your classes, because “Oh yeah, thats what I’m going to be doing there.” DISCLAIMER: This advice is based off of my personal experience and the rules and regulations set forth by my University, understand that your situation may be completely different because the rules and regulations set forth by your University will probably be different. Nonetheless from what I heard from my friends going to other colleges, the process is somewhat similar. 

  1. KNOW YOUR PROGRAM: Most majors have a set amount of courses that are required to get your degree. So it is advisable to know what these courses are ahead of time. In my personal experience some of the “General Education Requirements” or “Basics” or “Foundational Area” (every university calls them something different, its basically the courses you take for the first two years while you’re at university) courses that overlapped with my major. So to avoid taking more classes than necessary and paying for more classes know what these courses are so that way you can “kill two birds with one stone” and be on track to graduate. 
  2. ACADEMIC ADVISOR = BEST FRIEND: Call. Your. Academic. Advisor. Do it. Have a list of questions ready and try to at least understand some what you have to do to register so that way you don’t exhaust him/her with questions you should already know the answer to. E-mail is a good form of communication too, but if you’re not getting responses, stop being a wimp and call. 
    1. How will my incoming IB/AP scores effect my schedule?
    2. *e-mails advisor draft schedule* “Hey! I just wanted to know if you could look at this draft I made of my schedule and see if there any mistakes you can point out or advice you have for me?” (This is totally okay to do- your advisor will probably be impressed that you took so much initiative.
    3. How long does it take to get to one side of the campus to the other? (You’re going to want to know this to make sure the time you have in between classes in enough to get to your next class.) 
    4. What time does the portal open to register for classes?
    5. Do I get special priority if I applied as Early Decision? 
  4. BE READY FOR A LATE NIGHT: Okay so you need to keep in mind that everyone needs to register. Everyone. And that there is a limited amount of space in a lot of these classes especially for times that aren’t super early in the morning or late at night. You want to get into your student portal, register, and get everything set in stone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I kid you not, students will stay up until midnight and wait for the server to open to get their classes registered. YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS. So get a pot of coffee brewing and get ready to set up your first semester the way you want it to be. 
  5. HAVE A GAME PLAN: Notes, Spreadsheets and Excell Documents are your friend. You want to have everything mapped out. When you go into your portal to register you should have everything mapped out and it should just be a matter of punching in letters and numbers to get the classes you want. Most Universities have a thing called a “Class Registrar” that you’re going to log onto that let you see the class times, teachers available for that specific course. I recommend when choosing your courses to take a quick look at a website like RateMyProfessor.com to make sure you’re getting the best teacher possible. Once you know what class you want WRITE IT DOWN. The section number, class code, teacher, all of it. Chances are you’re going to need this information when registering, so you want to make sure you have it all available so that way you don’t loose time going back into the system to find 3 numbers. Do this for all your classes
  6. BE REALISTIC. BE SMART.: Are you really going to be able to get up early? Some of you may be moving to the other side of the county, or to a different country. I understand that you love challenging yourself but from what I understand the first year is tough. Maybe you should try to take it easy the first semester and then depending on how you do decide if you want to take on more classes. Also keep in mind that you may  also be juggling a job, extracurriculars, internships and social time, so don’t spread yourself too thin. 
  7. THIS ISNT HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.: You don’t have to schedule a class everyday Monday-Friday.  I know one girl who scheduled everything to be on either Tuesday or Thursday, and she is free for the rest of the week! I’m not sure if this is something I would personally do, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have Fridays off. 

Okay so my schedule didn’t end up being terrible. In the end I got all the classes I wanted and Im on track for my major, but the hour and a half I spent freaking out trying to figure out how to register could have been prevented. Keep in mind you have to make the best out of everything and you can’t let minor mishaps slow you down. If I could change one thing, I would have tried to make my schedule to where I didn’t have to go to class on a Friday… 

Maybe next semester ;) 



Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

A/N: So here’s Chapter 15, and as promised, I dive right into Josh and Tyler’s relationship in this chapter, and there are also significant development in Jude and Connor’s relationship here…it wasn’t quite as fluffy as I originally had thought it would be but I think it’s still a good chapter.

Just an FYI so no one is confused, Jude and Connor will always be written in third person POV and Josh and Tyler will always be in Josh’s first person POV.

Chapter 15

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Rivamika Week, Day 6: Hanakotoba (NSFW)

Day 6 Prompt: Floral
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,464 words
Read This First: Hannah Montana prompt
Summary: Levi is bad with words, so he uses flowers.

Mikasa is in Vienna when the first bouquet arrives, bright and soft pinks of ranunculus and roses, sunny daffodils, purple forget-me-nots. (How ironic, she thinks, running her finger over the outstretched petals of the violet bloom.) Tucked between two fat blossoms is a small white card. She plucks it from the bouquet and opens it with unsure fingers; flowers are not Erwin’s preferred form of motivation, and she cannot recall doing anything recent of note that would necessitate such a gift. Inside the card, there is a short handwritten missive, the letters spiky and cramped:

Thinking of you.

Mikasa snorts. “Probably from his management,” she mutters, then tosses the card in the wastepaper bin.

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Matters of the Hart: 2 AM Texts

*In which an extremely jet-lagged Lucas Friar lets Maya know she doesn’t have to grow up yet. 

**Takes place after Girl meets Tell-Tale-Tot

***Important things to know:
Emphasis on words. 
Lucas’ texts”
Maya’s texts”


Pure bliss.

That is what Maya was in as she laid down on her bed, the red light from the bunny-mart down the street illuminating her warm room every so often. Her right hand was in her hair while a smile danced upon her pink lips, matching the rosy hue of her cheeks. She was a love-sick fool.

With a dreamy sigh and a giggle, she rolled over to stuff her face into her pillow to squeal in all her giddiness. It had been a couple hours after her talk with Josh at Riley’s window sill. Okay, well it wasn’t just with Josh. Riley, Topanga, and Corey were there, too. But what mattered was that now, Josh saw her in a new light! And at the time, she seemed solemn. She was still bummed over the fact that she saw Josh flirting with some college girls. She was also feeling the weight maturity on her shoulders. She had to grow up. If she wanted Josh to notice her and take her crush on him seriously, a little bit of maturing was needed. 

But now? By now she had analyzed the whole conversation, everything that happened between the two of them: every word he said, ever expression he made. And after analyzing it all, she knew one thing: Joshua Matthews no longer saw her as “Riley’s best friend” or “That girl that has this silly crush on me”. He saw her as “Maya Hart, the mature 8th grader”.

Suddenly, Maya felt her pillow vibrate. Lifting her head out of her pillow, she reached a hand underneath it to fish out her cellphone. On the harsh bright screen read, “New Message. Lucas Friar.” She looked at the time: 2:00 AM. What was Lucas doing texting her so late—early? Late-early. She went with that one.

The blonde rolled over onto her back, holding the phone above her head as she squinted to read the bright screen. She was barely able to read it.

Shortstack! Sorry for texting super late. I just got off my flight. Riley’s definitely asleep. Farkle won’t answer my text and Zay is probably too busy playing CoD or something to look at his phone. What did I miss while I was gone?

Oh, that’s right”, she thought. She now remembered that Zay was the one who sat behind her the last couple of days in the week. No wonder class was harder to sit through. There was no Ranger Rick to banter back and forth with!

With a scowl, Maya began to text him back.

Shut it with that Hopalong. Of course Riley’s asleep. She likes to be in bed by 9:15. Where were you anyway?

She sent the text and placed the phone on her chest, waiting for a text back.

Shortly after, her phone vibrated again.

Texas. Cousin got married. It was great, on a ranch with the sunset behind them and everything. It’s really great out there. Wish I coulda taken you.” 

What was that?

All of you*


There’s more of you? Oh joy. Well, while you were gone Corey taught us about conscience. Some Tale-tell Heart thing. Tater tots. You know, all that mushy stuff?

That’s all that happened, right?

Oh yeah, and Riley and I went to a college party to see Josh. He got accepted into NYU!! :-D

“Nice, Maya. Use that smiley face,” she couldn’t help how elated she was and being able to share it with someone—other than Riley and the Matthews— felt so good!


There was a pause between the last text and the next. Why was he overreacting?

You went to a COLLEGE party??? With RILEY??? You guys didn’t get hurt or anything right? You guys didn’t drink right? No one slipped anything into them, right?!?! Did Mr. and Mrs. Matthews know?!!

Maya raised a brow at her phone screen. She couldn’t hide the small smirk that played on her lips.

Awh, Ranger Rick. Nice to know you cared. But no. They didn’t know. Riles and I snuck out. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, nothing like that happened. Actually, you know what, Riley really enjoyed it. And I mean REALLY.  We met up with Josh there and… well he was getting his flirt on with some college chick and blah blah blah got jealous yada yada. At the end of the day… well wait no. End of the next day. Which was today. Wait… yesterday?? LOL! As in before 12 am, I told Corey and Topanga the truth. Riley was gonna cave and tell them anyway so I decided I’d beat her to it… And it was the grown up thing to do.

Well I’m really proud of you Pancakes. :] There is good in you! lol

I’ll ignore what you did there. >:( But thanks! Josh thought it was really mature of me and I think this means he doesn’t just see me as three years younger! I told myself that growing up was something that was necessary if I wanted Josh to take me seriously, you know?

Maya sighed again, placing her phone down. She closed her eyes and replayed the whole scene again in her head. Her and Josh—she left out the rest of the Matthews in her version— at the bay window. He looked over at her with this sort of smile and she knew there was something different in his eyes. It was like he was seeing her in a new light. Literally. In her imagination, there was this light shining down on her, making her look ethereal. Cue the fans, blowing her hair back to give her that hollywood movie star appeal. And just like in the movies, Josh leaned closer to her. She leaned close to him as well and then—

Vrrrrr! Vrrrrr!

‘Stupid phone,’ Maya exhaled deeply, growling and cursing Lucas for interrupting her wonderful retelling/fantasy.

You know, Maya. I’m really happy that you did the right thing. Mr. Matthews’ teaching of conscience really hit you.

She was in the middle of typing something along the lines of “Yeah, I know” but he had texted back before she could even get passed the first word.

… But you really shouldn’t have to change for anyone to like you.

Maya raised a brow.

I’m not changing for anyone. I have to grow up sometime.

Yeah. I know, but…

I’m just saying. Don’t feel like you need to grow up too fast. If you do, then you might not be the Maya we all know. Grow up on your own time and enjoy being a kid with the rest of us while we still can, you know? I mean, growing up means getting a job, paying taxes, going to jury duty. Who wants that?

Maya’s smile had previously faded, confused at first at what Lucas had meant. But as she read over his text, the smile came back. It wasn’t as big as it was when she thought about Josh. It was a small smile, a genuine one. The kind you gave someone when you really couldn’t help but want to let out an “Awwwwh.”

Lucas did have a point. Taxes? Ew. Jury duty? Who wanted to go to some hot and cramped court house only to find out you’re not needed—and if you are needed, you just sit around listening to some boring story about a traffic citation? Not Maya, that was for sure.

She guessed she took too long to reply, because Lucas had just sent his third text in a row.

Uh. I don’t know what I’m saying. I guess, it’s like… You don’t need to grow up Maya. I mean, not now. Not when this is supposed to be the time to learn about ourselves and each other. Uh, that’s not it. Ummm. Chimney, this is hard…

Maya couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And, oh crap. He sent another. He didn’t even give her enough time to respond!

Look. Maybe you passed out. Maybe you’re not going to read this until you wake up. Maybe you’re asleep and your phone died! I don’t know which one it is, but I’m trying to explain to you 1) don’t grow up too fast. and 2) you don’t have to change yourself for a guy. There’s gonna be a guy that likes you for who you are and will grow up with you. Trust me. He’s out there.

She smiled. He wasn’t very good at his words, but he was really trying.

And another one.

I like you, Maya. Just the way you are.

… What?

Yeah, you’re definitely asleep. Haha, well I hope you read this in the morning when you wake up and it cheers you up! Let’s not make this awkward when we see each other at school, yeah? Well… goodnight. :]

No! She wasn’t asleep! He just texted too fast and she was an over analyst—well, not usually, but tonight was a different story— and she needed to know what he meant!

“Screw the texting,” Maya grumbled out. She hit the green button on her phone to call him. Lucas picked it up immediately.

“Hello…?” He sounded super sleepy.

“Hey uh.. what was that all about?”  Maya bit on her lower lip, the phone pressed to her ear and her eyes trained on the ceiling above her.

“Just saying what was on my mind. I mean, I like Josh. He’s a cool fella’. I don’t know, I’m honestly not making any sense right now. My mind’s goin’ crazy cause I just came back from Texas and I’m supposed to be asleep but I can’t but I’m so tired,” Lucas just kept going on and on with no pauses in between, “I’m just… jet lagged. Sorry, haha. But hey, we should both try and get some sleep.”

Maya smirked on her end. She found delirious Lucas quite enjoyable. “Alright, Bucky McBoingBoing. Goodnight.”


She hung up and rolled her eyes. What a doofus.

Vrrr! Vrrr!

By the way. I do like you.

Jetlag, she reminded herself.

I mean it.

She stared at her phone, held in her hands, a smile dancing on her pink lips that matched the rosy hue of her cheeks.

****Sorry guys if all of the bolds and italics confused you there. Tumblr doesn’t let me underline. :( But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one! I had another ending, but I when with this one. Maybe I’ll put up the other ending a different time. I apologize if it seemed rushed or if they seemed a bit out of character. Or extremely. I just had this HUGE idea in my head and it’s 1:11 am and yeah. Okay. :) Goodnight everyone. 
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100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 92

“I want you to be happy.”

Requested by @fallenandinlovewithhumanity and @hunterskill :) Some Pre-college Destiel :)

Dean could tell Castiel was upset about something. He was more talkative than normal, ranting and raving about everything and nothing and he barely even looked at Dean, let alone let him speak.

“Cas?” Dean interjected quietly. “Cas, stop.” He told him and Cas ceased talking and looked at Dean for the first time that morning. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” He said glancing at Dean before returning his gaze to the floor. “Honest.” He replied but Dean knows that’s a straight out lie.

“Cas? Come on. I know something is bothering you.”

“There’s nothing wrong, Dean.” Cas told him shortly. “Come on. Let’s go out.”


“I don’t know, the park? The woods?” Cas forced a smile on to his face and got up from the sofa. “Come on!” He said.

“Okay.” Dean smiled and made a mental note to keep an eye out for Cas.

When Dean stops driving they’ve arrived at a small car park in the middle of a wooded area. They both like it here and have done this particular walk often. Dean locked his car and took Cas’ hand as they began their slow trek into the woods.

There was a bench about half way round the designated path and they both sit, there’s a small trickle of a stream nearby and they could hear the water running. Dean looped a hand round Castiel’s shoulder and pulled him in close to him.

“You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Cas nodded into his shoulder. “Will you tell me what’s been bothering you these last few days?”

“I got accepted into college to study medicine.” Cas mumbled into Dean’s jacket.

“That’s great Cas!” Dean congratulated.

“Yeah, it’s great but it’s on the other side if the country.”


“And I don’t want to go because that means leaving you and I… I just need you so much Dean.”

“Hey, hey!” Dean pulled Cas in tighter as he started to cry. “You have me, you can always have me okay. Go to college, go and study medicine like you’ve always wanted. I want you to be happy.”

“But I am happy, Dean. I happy when I’m with you.”

“I know. And I’ll come and visit as often as I can, and you’ll be home for the holidays, we can make this work, Cas.” He pulled Cas away from him and took his face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away the tears. “I just want you to be happy, okay. And you’re not sacrificing your dream job just because of me, you got that?” Cas nodded and sniffed, wiping away the excess tears.

“Oh…” Cas started and looked over at Dean’s jacket.


“I got your jacket wet.” He told him, chuckling a little.

“Well, that’s just not on is it?” He teased, kissing Cas.

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Pynch headcanon: Ronan actually getting into an Ivy League college and Adam being floored with how much he knew Ronan was always better than he thought he was and how happy he is for Ronan and jealous he gets when other Ivy students hit on his boyfriend lolol

Oh my god yes yes yes I live for this

  • okay so, Ronan gets the letter that he is accepted and he is so shocked because he didn’t even think they would consider him!!!
  •  but they did they did they did and ronan is so relieved because, yes of course Adam is better than him and Adam deserves better than him, but at least he can imagine that now he kind of deserves Adam, he can actually do something with his life
  • and of course he is sad that his father isn’t there to see how he got accepted but he. He pushes that thought away because he is going to college!!! And I wanted this for all my life!!
  • okay so, Adam didn’t know anything about Ronan even wanting to go to college but suddenly Ronan is just like “oh yeah parrish looks like you’re not getting rid of me in the near future”
  • and Adam’s like ???? I love you idiot ???? What are you talking about
  • and then there is then acceptance letter in front of him and Adam just. He literally jumps on Ronan and ronan tumbles back and Adam is so so so proud and he keeps saying it and he just. He kisses his whole face of my god!!! He loves him so much he is more happy about ronan getting accepted into college than himself and its! Gay and amazing
  • okay so. College life.
  • Ronan is extremely stressed and nervous also he like, has a mental breakdown on his first day because he wants this to work so badly he wants to be good enough for this. And Adam knows he wouldn’t take any comfort because he wants to seem though so Adam is all acting like he is super scared and all that and holds Ronans hand and hugs him and its mostly to relax ronan
  • :’)
  • also yes, everybody is hitting on ronan. Boys, girls, like sometimes Adam thinks even the teachers are but he figures he’s just paranoid.
  • and Adam is like, standing right next to him, and they are just flirting so obviously with him. And Ronan isn’t doing anything against it because he ( and I ) loves it when Adam gets a little possessive “excuse me this is my boyfriend
  • and it was all fun till at some point someone replied “why would he want to have something to do with you, trailer trash” and that’s when Ronan starts one of the biggest fights in his life and that person is scared for life.
  • and since then Ronan always makes sure to immediately introduce his beautiful, smart, magical boyfriend Adam parrish to everyone he sees
  • The flirting stops as soon as they are the number one couple and everyone knows about them?
  • like there was this new student and he was like “oh ronan lynch is hot” and immediately everyone was like. Ha ha honey LISTEN,,,,
  • I’m not saying anything, like I’m not saying anything really but just ? I guess the walls are v thin ? Poor fucker who is living next to their room
  • and even tho Ronan and Adam sometimes miss Henrietta, the Barns, their friends and Matthew ( and Declan. Ronan admit it. ), they can’t really say they’re homesick because really, they feel home around each other

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Can u do reaction in which exo finds out that you (their girlfriend) got A* in all subjects and will be accepted by the top college thanks.... (Loooool i just wana see how their reaction will be)




Luhan: You were hiding your intelligence all along, huh?

Kris: Oh damn… I already knew you’d do great, though. 

Suho: OH YEAH THAT’S MY GIRL *rich people dance*

Lay: How come you never told me about this before? *confused*



Chenchen: Cool, I always wanted a girlfriend who was as intelligent as me~

Chanyeol: OMO, how can a person be so smart like that??? *impressed*



Kai: And you were saying that you did bad on your exams….

Sehun: Well, that was the least I’d expect from my girlfriend.


Hope you guys liked it- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Part 59
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Life was just boring and depressing. There was no other way to describe it at the moment. I had hit a dead end and I had no motivation to do anything. I was so determined to come home and make up with Jack and make everything go back to the way they were, but it just wasn’t happening. I don’t know why I thought it would be so easy because it definitely wasn’t. He was just like a brick wall to me, emotionless and cold. I felt like there was nothing I could do to fix him. It was always so easy to reconcile with him before. I think that was because back then no matter how angry he was with me there was always a piece of him that cared. But now he couldn’t care less about me and I knew it.

As much as I was convinced there was no more I could do for us, I couldn’t help but hold on to a little glimmer of hope just in case. But I really feel like this time I pushed him too far. Why was I always doing this? Not realising what I have until it’s gone.

I was honestly beginning to miss boarding school. At least there I had real friends. I missed Courtney the most out of everyone. I missed having someone to talk to about things, mainly Jack. I couldn’t tell any of the girls here anything. They only pretend they care so that they can find out what’s going on from me. For the last few weeks I had been contemplating whether or not to call Courtney, but I wasn’t sure if she would want to talk to me after my abrupt departure.

But one night it just got so bad, all I could think of was all the bad things in my life and I decided to call her. It rang at least 3 times before there was an answer. "Hello?“ Courtneys’ voice said through the phone. "Hey Courtney, it’s me Kendall” I said hesitatingly, scared of her reaction. "Kendall! Oh my God I was starting to think you had fallen off the face of the earth or something" She said laughing. “Yeah sorry I hadn’t called, I thought you would have been pissed with me for leaving so suddenly” I told her. "What? No of course not! Kendall I told you this would happen. I was prepared, I knew you were going to stay there. It’s where you belong!“ She said in a chirpy tone.

"Yeah..I’m not too sure about that anymore..” I mumbled back to her. "What? Did something happen with Jack?“ She asked intrigued. "No that’s the problem, he won’t talk to me and when he does it just this outburst of pure hatred. I don’t know what to do anymore Courtney” I said putting my face in my spare hand. "Maybe he just wants you to fight for him, like really fight for him" She suggested to me.

“I’ve tried that and he completely rejected me” I told her. “Mhmmm” She said perplexed. "Kendall, I really don’t know what to tell you. All I know is that you and Jack are meant to be together. Just give it time, give him a little space, it will all sort itself out" She told me sweetly. Although I didn’t agree with her, I trusted her opinion more than anyone elses, so I as just going to have to trust her. "Okay give me some good news now!“ Courtney asked me. "Emmm..I don’t know” I said shrugging to myself. "Oh come on, there must be something. What college did you get into in the end?“ She asked. "Eh I got accepted into NYU and Brown” I told her. “What? Are you serious? That’s amazing Kendall” She squealed. “Yeah I guess” I told her.

“So which one are you going to choose?” She asked me. “I don’t know, probably neither” I told her. "What?“ She asked me in utter shock. "Yeah, I don’t know I just don’t know if college is for me” I told her. She sighed on the other end of the line. “Kendall..stop this right now. You’re feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t let all this stuff with Jack ruin your future, you’re too smart for that! Please don’t do this to yourself because of him” She told me. "I’m not I’m just…I don’t even know I just feel so useless" I told her. “Okay do me a favour and stop thinking about Jack for a few days and focus on your future okay?” She said. I sighed. “Okay, talk to you soon" I said before hanging up

School was borderline unbearable. It was only now I realized how consumed I was by Jack. Looking back he was my best friend and my boyfriend. We were always together and now that we were nothing. I had no one. Even Sam chose him over me. I would rather be alone though than be around Maggie and the girls. They were just the personification of a headache.

"I have to go” I said sprinting away from them as they stood by the lockers talking a bunch of mindless bullshit. “Shit sorry” I said as I shouldered someone accidentally. I looked up to see Jack glaring at me. He rolled his eyes. “Watch where you’re going, idiot” He spat before walking away in the opposite direction.

He hurt me, not physically, but mentally. Every day more that he was like this to me, it was killing me from the inside out.

Secret and Forbidden

“Are you having fun yet?” your friend, Dan, asked you.

“I guess,” you sighed.

Dan had dragged you to some football (soccer for American’s) game for your school. You didn’t really want to go, but Dan convinced you. He claimed there would be the hottest boys here from the private school. This really wasn’t your scene. You’d much prefer listening to the Arctic Monkeys by yourself in your bedroom on a Friday night.

“Ooh Hood number 42 is by the snack stand. I’m gonna chat him up,” Dan winked. You gave him a laugh before he ran away to chase down the cute boy.

You sat in the stands by yourself now. There wasn’t anyone to talk to, making you feel like even more of an outcast. At your school there were groups. You were either a slut, jock, or complete loser, and theres no in between. You happened to be one of the losers. Coming from a small school there weren’t many people to even befriend. That’s how you got stuck with your boy best friend, Dan. Dan was an outsider because he was gay, but it didn’t bother you.

“This seat taken?” A raspy voice asked.

You looked up to see “the heart throb”, Ashton Irwin. He had on a black trench coat and khaki trousers. His hair was nicely slicked back into a bun, making his hazel eyes stand out even from behind his glasses. He had the perfect amount of scruff, which was enough to make any girl at this school drool over him. “N-no,” you stuttered.

He chuckled slightly and took a seat next to you. You’d heard quite a lot about this boy and his reputation. Well, the one his mom set for him. Ashton was a senior at the private school, Mason preparatory academy. He was rich as hell, played the violin, and his mom was on some city council or some bull shit like that. Basically, every girl would throw themselves at him, but his mom would never let him date anyone. No one was ever good enough for her proper little boy. Ashton took his education very seriously. His mom would always stress to him that scholarships were number one before friends. Ashton some how still managed to be one of the most popular boys in this small town.

“Are you from the academy?” his thick accent asked. You assumed he wasn’t talking to you until you turned your head and his gaze was on you.

“Oh, sorry, erm no I’m from the public,” you answered shyly. You’d never been good meeting and talking to new people. Especially not people as handsome as Ashton.

“Ashton,” he held his hand out for you to shake. You placed your shaky palm in his and shook it. “Well, aren’t you going to tell me your name, gorgeous?” he asked, instantly causing you to blush.

“It’s (y/n),” you smiled.

“Lovely name for an equally lovely girl.” he complimented, making you blush once again. “Did you come alone?” he questioned.

“No, I came with a friend, but he ditched me to go chat up a football player,” you laughed.

“Good thing, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to come talk to a beautiful girl like yourself if you were with another guy,” he charmingly said. It was like every word that came out of his mouth gave you butterflies. You knew not to get too close. He was just mindlessly flirting. He probably didn’t think anything of it, and his mom would never let a girl like yourself even come near him.

It went silent for a moment between you two, besides the fans cheering. “I’d love to get to know you better. You seem very cool,” he said to you. You nodded in agreement. “I have a proposal,” he interjected.

“And what would that be?” you encouraged him to go on.

“As you know, we have off all of next week. I propose that we spend everyday together getting to know each other better,” he offered. Normally, you’d be weirded out by this, but something just felt natural with Ashton. You completely trusted a stranger you’d just met 10 minutes ago.

“I don’t know,” you hesitantly said.

“Why not, (y/n)? I think it’d be great,” he replied.

“I’ve heard things about your mom,” you said, trying not to sound rude.

He seemed to know exactly what you were referring to. “She’s uptight and controlling, but that doesn’t mean I’m like that. It’d just be some sneaking around and late night hang outs, but that’d be part of the fun. It’d be a Romeo and Juliet friendship,” he laughed. Even his laugh was cute. The way he scrunched his eyes and nose, but still managed to sound like a wild kangaroo was contagious.

You giggled too before giving him his answer. “Okay, fine,” you said.

You and Ashton exchanged phone numbers. He’d promised to text you as soon as he got home, but he had to leave early from the game since his curfew was nine o’clock.

Over the next week, you two spent every day together. During the day time, you guys would meet at the park or go bowling or something. Then at night, he’d sneak up your balcony and you’d watch movies until dawn. Within a week, he knew everything about you and you knew everything about him.

It didn’t take long for both of you to fall head over heels for each other. It was a month after that week of hanging out, when he accidentally admitted his feelings for you and you confessed to yours as well. You remember sitting on your bed at 3 in the morning telling him some lame jokes. He said “This is why I love you,” while shaking his head and laughing. You were shocked at first, but didn’t hesitate to smash your lips on his.

Now it was a month after you and Ashton started dating. It was still a secret and forbidden love, but that created all the excitement. “(y/n), I have great news!” Ashton squealed as soon as you answered his late night phone call.

“Well, get your ass over here and tell me,” you laughed.

15 minutes later there was a knock on your balcony door. “Come in,” you whispered. Ashton came bursting through the door. He tackled you onto your bed and started tickling you. He placed sloppy kisses all over your cheeks as you both laughed. “Get off of me,” you breathed out in between laughs. Ashton obeyed you and laid beside you on your bed, cuddling you into his chest.

“What’d you have to tell me?” you asked after a moment.

“Oh yeah. Your never gonna believe this,” he beamed with excitement. “I got accepted to the University of Cambridge! That’s the best college in the UK,” he squealed like a child.

“Oh my god, Ash, that’s amazing!” you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.

“They even want me to start early. If I accept their offer, I get to fly out next week!” Ashton added to his excitement.

“Oh,” you said, your arms untangling from his neck.

“What’s wrong, babe? I thought you’d be happy,” he asked. His excitement draining from his face too. That was a thing about Ash; he always felt the way you did.

“I don’t know. I don’t want you to leave me. You’ll be so far away, and long distance never works for anyone,” you sadly answered.

“I was going to go to college anyways. I’m a senior (y/n), you knew I’d be leaving for uni at some point,” he replied with sympathy.

“This was way sooner than I was prepared for. We would still have three months together if you weren’t going early,” you said.

“I’m pretty sure my mom won’t let me turn down this offer. I don’t think I have a choice,” he sadly said.

You nodded with tears filling your eyes, but you blinked them back. “We still have a week,” he reasoned.

“Let’s make it the best,” you smiled through your sorrow.

The week you had left together was spent recreating the week you previously spent together when you met. You did all of the same things and still had your movie nights, but something felt different.

The fact that Ashton would be leaving on Sunday crushed your heart. The one thing that you found in life that actually made you happy was being ripped away from you. You knew how beneficial this opportunity would be for Ashton, so you weren’t going to stand in his way. Besides, his mother would force him to go without his consent.

It was Sunday night; the night Ashton was scheduled to fly over to the UK. You couldn’t sleep at all. No matter how hard you tried the pain you felt wouldn’t go away. You were constantly wiping your wet eyes due to all the tears. Even though you were so depressed, you’d never tell Ashton. You knew he’d feel bad for leaving and try to come back home. You weren’t going to jeopardize his future.

You laid in your bed watching you and Ashton’s favorite movie to watch together; 50 first dates. Something about this romantic comedy always made you choose to watch it when Ash would actually let you pick. Even though this was your favorite movie of all time, you barely payed attention. It was hard to see because of your blurry vision and you couldn’t hear over your sobs. You stared blankly at a wall and cried until all hours of the night.

Around 3 am you finally fell asleep. There wasn’t Ashton’s usual small talk to keep you awake. However, you woke up an hour later to a soft knocking sound. It was coming from your balcony. Normally, you’d assume it would be Ash, but his flight leaves in half an hour.

You trudged over to the balcony door and hesitantly opened it. “Who’s out here?” you asked. You felt a strong pair of arms swoop you off your feet. You were startled at first, but you recognized that cologne.

“Ashton, what the hell are you doing here?” you asked happily. Happy tears were running down your face.

“I missed you already,” his raspy tired voice said.

“Your flight leaves in half an hour! Are you crazy?” you questioned.

“Yeah, crazy in love with you,” he flirted as he pecked your lips.

You pulled away after a few seconds. “Your going to miss your flight,” you reasoned with him.

“That’s kinda the point, (y/n),” he smiled.

“Really, what are you doing here?” you seriously asked.

“I can’t leave you,” he sadly whispered.

“We’ve been through this before. You don’t have an option,” you replied.

“Yes I do. I don’t want to leave you here. It tears me apart inside thinking about you crying over me,” he answered you.

“What about your mom?” you asked.
“I’ll have to tell her that I’m not going. There’s no way I can get on that plane and be miles and miles away from you. Where ever you are is my happiness and sanity, I’m not going,”he tried to argue.

“Ashton, you have to go. I’m not putting myself in between you and your future,” you said. You tried your best not to cry again, but it didn’t work out.

“You are my future,” he whispered to you.

“Stop. You need to go to college. You need to be on that plane. You need to forget your leaving me here. You need to just live in the moment. If we are meant to be we’ll find each other again,” you said as you gently grabbed his face in your hands and shared a passionate kiss.

“Hey, don’t let me stand in the way. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of girls there,” you tried lightening the mood.

“None of them will be you,” he looked down at the ground as a tear slipped down his face.

“You have to go now,” your sad voice cracked.

“I don’t want to,” he frustratedly sighed.

“I know, but you have to. Do it for me and your mom,” you told him. Both of your hearts were ripping at the seams.

“Good bye, Romeo,” you laughed through your tears.

“Don’t say good bye. I will find you again. I love you and true love is something I will not give up on,” he sobbed.

“Until you come find me, Romeo,” you corrected yourself.

“Until then, Juliet,” he replied.


There aren’t any words to accurately describe today, but I’m going to try,

On Wednesday, September 24th, I was contacted by TaylorNation and on Friday I received a phone call with details about “an exclusive event”.  My parents quickly made travel arrangements and on Saturday morning, my dad and I departed for Nashville, TN, fully confident that we’d be meeting Taylor the next day.

On my way to Nashville, I received a call that I’d been accepted to my number 1 choice for college, Belmont University, which was just a sign that this weekend was going to be better than anything I’ll ever experience.

Saturday and Sunday morning passed so slowly.  I picked up a gift for Taylor, wrote her a card, and printed my college essay out that I’d written about her.  After deliberating for hours about what to wear, my dad and I left and headed to our secret location.

About 20 other fans were already there when we arrived, and we quickly hopped in line.  We stood in the hot sun for about an hour, but it was so worth it.  I immediately began making friends, and recognized several people form Twitter (Cattie!  Teresa!  Nat!  Liz!).  

After going through several security checks (and turning in my gift), we loaded the buses and headed to an extremely special place: Taylor’s family home where they have their holiday celebrations!  It was gorgeous.

We were greeted with an array of food: pizza, burgers, sushi, chicken, kabobs - you name it!  After about 40 minutes, we were corralled inside and made ourselves comfortable.  I was about 5 feet away from where Taylor would be sitting and ended up in the first row next to Teresa.

Taylor came out and we sobbed.  She began calling people out by name and giggling about how happy she was we were there.  She pulled out her phone (that had pegacorns JUST LIKE MINE) and told us she’d be playing the entire 1989 album for us.  It was the best thing I have ever heard. That’s no lie.  The work she put into this is insane and I’m dying to hear it all over again.  It’s going to be the best selling album of her career thus far, no doubt.

After half of the CD, we took an intermission and she passed around cinnamon chai and chocolate mint cookies as well as homemade rice krispie treats.  They were all so incredible.

We then proceeded to listen to the next half of the album, all with candid introductions and background stories.  We laughed, cried, danced, and screamed.  It was unreal.

After the whole album was played, she played Shake It Off and we had the worlds largest dance party.  Dishes were falling off of shelves, the floor was shaking - it was INSANE.

We were then taken outside for a breather and everything was set up for photos.  After the long wait, it was my turn.

I walked up and immediately went “Hey!  I’m Sarah!” and she said “Oh my god I know!!!!” and hugged me.  She then said “Your outfit is amazing.  I love this necklace” (grabbed necklace) “and this color combination.  It works so well.”  I was dying and said “Thanks!  It took like hours to pick out so I’m glad you like it.  I have super exciting news.  On the drive here, I got a call that I was accepted into Belmont!  I’ll be moving here next year!” (high five) “OH MY GOD THAT IS AMAZING.  You will LOVE living here.  You’re going to fall in love.” “I already have!  It’s amazing.  Thank you so much because without you I never would have chosen this path or anything.  You’re my inspiration.” “Aww!  Now does Belmont have dorms?” “Yeah!” “See that’s so cool. And you’ll be in Hillsboro village which is incredible.” “I know!  Okay I know you haven’t been to college, but do you have any advice about growing up in general?  Like moving away from home is insane.” “Isn’t it though?  Wait do you want college advice?” “No just general growing up stuff!” “Oh OKAY OKAY hmmm…Don’t be too serious.  Have a sense of humor about everything.  If people say you’re lanky and geeky, be like HAHA YES I AM.  Be able to make fun of yourself.  Also realize that nothing is permanent.  The only permanent thing we have is ourself.  So love yourself and accept yourself.  It’s the only thing we always have, you know?” “That is so true, thank you so much Taylor.” “What should we do for our picture?!” “I want to look like BEST FRIENDS!” “okay oh my god hold a grammy since you’re going to Belmont.  Okay? And I’m going to hug you SUPERRRRRRR tight!”  (picture taken) “This is my dad!  He’s taken me to a show on every tour!” “Oh my god thank you so much for coming that’s amazing.  Let’s do a picture.” (picture taken) “I left a gift with your security!” “OOOOH PRESENTS!!!” “Yeah!  It’s in a pink sparkly bag.  I included my essay for college which I wrote about you.” “Wait, what?  Oh my god!” “Thank you so much for today.  This was beyond any of my wildest dreams.” “Thank you for coming!  It was so great to finally meet you!”

I am dead.

Never give up on meeting taylorswift, y'all.  Seven years was so worth the wait.

I’ll never forget this.

15 Years Later

A/N So I realized that after I posted it I had the title as 15 Months Later when it is actually supposed to be 15 Years Later. Oops. so anyway this might be the last part unless I can think of stuff to add for another part. Let’s get into it.


*15 Years Later*

You were just cleaning up the mess some of your students left on the floor. Sometimes being a teacher was annoying. Will these kids ever clean up after themselves? You heard the door to your classroom open. As you were turning around you dropped the trash you had just picked up in shock.


The last time you had seen him was when you said goodbye to him when he was just leaving for tour, 15 years ago. You had just found out you were pregnant with his child too. Or should I say children, you had twins. He tried to contact you but you had changed your number and moved. You couldn’t drag him into this mess. He crossed the room and stood 5 feet away from you, the only thing in between you was a student’s desk.

“Hi there,” he says smiling.

“I-I… Oh, um… Hi… Calum,” you said, fumbling for your words.

“Long time no see,” he says, walking around the desk to hug you. He hugs you tight. You reluctantly give him a hug back. He pulls back and looks at you up and down.

“You look great Y/N, where have you been all these years?” He asks with an accusing tone in his voice.

“Oh, well I got accepted into that college and, I had to move. My phone got stolen so I had to change my number,” you lie, trying not to make it seem like you left him on purpose. “Now I’m a teacher here in Seattle.”

“I can see that, the guys and I have been looking for you forever. We heard you were in Seattle so we scheduled a gig here, so we could find you,” he finishes the last part slowly.

“You guys did that for me?” You ask surprised.

“Yeah Y/N, we did. We really miss you,” as he says that, you could see the tears starting to well up in his eyes.

“I missed you too Calum, here come sit at my desk we can catch up a little,”

You lead him to your desk. You noticed you had pictures of your kids on the computer screen so you quickly pulled up a browser so he couldn’t see. You wiped the sweat from your palms, that had been accumulating since he walked in, on your jeans. You noticed he was wearing clothes much like he did when he was 19, ripped muscle tee and ripped black skinny jeans. He hasn’t changed much you could tell. 

“How have you been Calum?” You ask him.

“Oh I’ve been great, 15 years touring now, its amazing. Being on stage is such a surreal experience, I wish you could have been with us for it,” he says looking you in the eyes. You looked down guilty.

“How are the guys?” you ask changing the subject.

“Oh, they’re great!” He says grinning. “Ashton asked his family to come up here, so he’s been spending a lot of time with them. Michael is still like he was, always playing video games and browsing the internet. But he finally got a girlfriend and she makes him go outside more. Luke hangs out with me a lot, we go on adventures when we don’t have touring, lots of parties,” he says finishing the last part like he was tired. You had seen lots of headlines about the boys, especially Luke and Calum’s wild party ways, but it was his life so you didn’t worry about it. 

“That’s great Calum, I’m so happy to hear that,” you finish with a genuine smile.

You spend the next 20 minutes of your lunch break swapping stories with him. Just as he was mid sentence, telling you about how he fell on stage once, the door opened to one of your kids. Your eyes widened and you felt the anxiety creeping up on you.

“Mom?” your daughter asks.

“Mom?” Calum says surprised, “You didn’t tell me you had a kid.” He says looking from you to your daughter.

“Mom, who’s this?” She asks.

“Chloe, this is Calum,” you point to Calum. “Calum, this is Chloe, on of my children.”

“One of them? There’s more?” He asks looking more surprised by the minute.

“Only one more, my brother Noah, he’s at lunch,” Chloe says smiling.

“Yes, Chloe what did you need?” You say quickly looking at her with wide eyes.

She seems to notice your urgency and answers quickly,“Oh I just wanted to know if I could spend the night at Ashley’s tonight, because it’s friday.”

“Yes you can, now go back to lunch please, I will talk to you and your brother later,” you say waving her off.

She leaves the room and you turn back to Calum who has a hint of anger in his eyes, you give him a weak smile

“Surprise,” you say looking at Calum with an innocent face.

“Y/N why didn’t you tell me you had kids?" 

"It never came up,” you say looking at your computer.

“How old are they?” He asks.

“15…” you say slowly, reluctantly.

“15! What the hell? You never once told me you had kids all these years?” He says slightly angry.

“I couldn’t Calum,” you say looking down, trying to hold back the tears that were now coming to your eyes.

“Why not?" 

"Calum, I don’t think you can handle this,” you say warning him.

“Try me,” he challenges you.

“Well… We haven’t seen each other in 15 years, the last time we saw each other was when you left for tour after our one night stand… My kids are 15… I think you can put the pieces together,” you say feeling the tears slowly running down your cheeks.

“Wait… No, you’re not telling me, they’re my kids?” He asks in a loud whisper like he didn’t want other people to hear, even though it was only you two in the room. You nod slowly, looking down, trying to hide your tears.

“Y/N!!! Why would you not tell me something this important? I could have been here for you, could have helped you,” he says getting up and pacing.

“That’s exactly what I didn’t want you to do, I couldn’t take you away from your dream. That would be too selfish of me. I decided I could do this on my own, so I left. I did it though Calum and I’m fine, we are all fine,” you finish trying to calm him down.

“Y/N I don’t care! I would have wanted to be there for you, to help you through everything. These are my kids, I didn’t get to see them grow up, how could you do this?’ he asks sounding defeated.

"I did it to protect you Calum, I did it because I loved you and didn’t want you to have to give up your career for me. You love what you do, I couldn’t take that from you,” you say tears now flowing freely from your eyes. 

He notices you crying and goes around the desk and pulls you into a hug. You bury your head into his chest, not caring if his shirt got wet by your tears. 

“Hey, hey, it’s ok, don’t cry everything will be okay. I’m sorry for getting mad,” he consoles you. He holds you at arms length just as the bell for lunch being over rings. “Call me and we can have dinner, I want to be in your life now Y/N, all of your lives,” he says smiling wiping the tears from your eyes, then quickly writing his number down on the notepad on your desk.

“Okay Calum,” you say with a small smile.

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N,” he says walking out the door just as the students walk in from lunch. You smooth your shirt and wipe your eyes, looking in your mirror to make sure your mascara wasn’t running. You grabbed your assignments for the class and walk up to the front of the room.

“Okay class, everyone get out your homework.”


Part 3 maybe? Thank you for reading it really means a lot.

oH YEAH I GOT ACCEPTED TO THIS ONE COLLEGE I REALLY LIKE TODAY. i wont say which but omg. guys. im good enough to get into some college.