oh yeah i forget to post this xd

Oh yeah, I forgot to post this.

Back in February, I asked some friends for doodle prompts, and someone said, “The Drifter shoving 8 slices of pizza into his mouth at once,” and I drew this in like 5 minutes.
Then I forgot about it for months and colored it for fun like two nights ago.

I forget who gave me the prompt, but thank you. xD

I wish I could have drawn all 8 slices, but I was worried that it would be hard to tell what they were at that point… Also pizza duck lips was too tempting to pass up.

I feel inspired to draw 174648593027 things but there’s not enough time and energy to do them all. :,D

But this is a great feeling, regardless. I love having these creative bursts. So, I’m gonna try and make a list so I don’t forget. It’s come in handy, especially when inspiration/motivation and memories are fleeting.

I’ve been in a great mood the last few days lol

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Oh god the lj strikethrough. That's making me remember all kinds of things now. Like when fics were rated M for having a same-sex pairing even though all they did was hold hands. Or when adultffnet went from having pretty good fics to a shithole endless smut. Two page long disclaimers. A whole chapter dedicated to disclaimers. And there is so much more I'm forgetting atm ......Yeah, I'm feeling old af right now. Care to share your fandom memories through the years? xD

oh good lord hahahaha i never actually sought out slash when i was younger – well, at least, not around the time of strikethrough! but i was on fictionalley and livejournal, talking to my senpais, getting involved in baking competitions, crying over battlestar galactica.

then i heard stuff about people leaving lj for dw and i followed them, but i didn’t really ever post on dw… i then got into hetalia and that was probably the first time i shipped m/m pairings? and from then on i shipped a lot more m/m and f/f than m/f lolol

i was like a smol bean around this time, lying about my age regularly, and i never went onto adultffn – but i do remember disclaimers for days! and like, really funny disclaimers like the ones for this one Suefic parody: “we no own, you no sue, good for us, better for you” and having to go around various personal sites to read certain fics haha


the nostalgia

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I really like it when you show us random beautiful paintings like green and gold. Its like when you aren't just doing undertale its nice to just have a picture of something else than undertale.

Oh man. Yeah dude. I do color studies and random portraits all the time but forget to post that stuff. =D

Also I tend to sketch to sketch dump a lot but I’m not sure if that’s the sorta thing people would wanna see. It’s preeeeeetty scribbly XD