oh yeah i forget to post this xd

Oh yeah, I forgot to post this.

Back in February, I asked some friends for doodle prompts, and someone said, “The Drifter shoving 8 slices of pizza into his mouth at once,” and I drew this in like 5 minutes.
Then I forgot about it for months and colored it for fun like two nights ago.

I forget who gave me the prompt, but thank you. xD

I wish I could have drawn all 8 slices, but I was worried that it would be hard to tell what they were at that point… Also pizza duck lips was too tempting to pass up.


Truth or Dare

Hey hey !! Back again with @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9‘s “truth or dare” ! OMG, when I saw you had Suzuno I was like “hey, I just did a freaking diaporama saying that Suzuno have one of the worst hairstyle I could draw and- but he’d look so cute blushing…” and then I was drawing him xD

I hope someone will have a “truth” soon ! I wanna know about their first kisses and stuff ahah ! x)

Here is the original post :

The third letter of my last name is a consonant, so I get dare. And my birthday is on the 21st, so I get Suzuno (Not unhappy with the result at all ! xD)

TRUTH : Who was your first teen true love ?
DARE : Go tell Tachimukai he looks stupid but amazingly cute when he’s practicing with Endou’s tires and see how he reacts

Suzuno : Hey, sakka freak.

Tachimukai : You’re talking with me ?

Suzuno : Yeah.

Tachimukai : Hum… Who are you ?

Suzuno : Tss, how can you forget your old opponent ? *caress with anger his hair*

Tachimukai : My old opponent ? Oh yeah ! You’re Diamond Dust’s captain, Suzuno Fuusuke.

Suzuno : Finally, you remember me. You look so stupid, like always. How did Nagumo lose against you… *arms crossed against his chest*

Tachimukai : Stupid ?

Suzuno : Yeah. Stupid. Just like Endou Mamoru, you’re a sakka freak. *gives him a mocking smile*

Tachimukai : It isn’t nice at all *looks down with a sad face*

Suzuno :

Suzuno : But I like sakka freaks. I mean- *blushing a little, while caressing his hair, totally nervous* you’re… very cute… when you’re doing practicing with the other sakka freak.

Tachimukai : Cute ?! What do you mean by cute ?! *stammering with a red face*

Suzuno : You’re really stupid ! What could cute mean for you, eh ?! *his face heating up by embarrassment*

Tachimukai : Y-Yeah, you’re right. A-Arigato Suzuno-san.

Suzuno : And don’t call me by my name ! Gazel. I prefer people calling me Gazel. I didn’t give you… the right to call me Suzuno-san… *blushing even more* And *swallows hard while caressing his hair again*, you’re welcome T-Tachimukai.

Gosh, this one was pretty long ! I changed some lines so I could draw it easily, sorry ‘:x But still it was so nice and unexpected to see Suzuno saying Tachimukai he was cute ! <3 I’m glad you had fun and I can’t wait to see which chara’ll do your truth or dare ; they both seem so cool ! :D Thank you for your participation <3

Oh yeah, about that…
So, about my current situation, ya’ll know its allready 2 August right? (Pleas forget the reblog that says i can draw lol.)But i still cant draw till next week.
Considering i still have a bunch of work to do, maybe it’ll take time till im opened for request again. But yeah, i’ll let ya’ll know when i can take request again, even tho i dont think its gonna be soon ;-;

I feel inspired to draw 174648593027 things but there’s not enough time and energy to do them all. :,D

But this is a great feeling, regardless. I love having these creative bursts. So, I’m gonna try and make a list so I don’t forget. It’s come in handy, especially when inspiration/motivation and memories are fleeting.

I’ve been in a great mood the last few days lol

*Forgets to post this yesterday*

*slaps myself hard in the face*

Day 15: Jean and Luke if their souls were switched.  (My gosh, look at that cutie Luke~! And… WOW, Jean, what happened to your cutie face?? Oh right, Luke took that XD)

Oh yeah, sorry, I also forgot about day 14 *slaps myself hard again*, but it would probably be me, being as awkward as I am, being all cool at first that I’m talking to Undyne, and then feel completly awkward and say a pun or something about being “cool” X’’’’D

Ah, and this. (Yay, actually posts on time). Poor Ganz gets hit in the face with an expired mayo box XD (And for those who can’t see it, the expiration date was ½/03 XD XD XD)

Day 16: Grillby gives Ganz a box of (expired XD) mayo.

If you can’t read my handwriting: Grillby: “Here’s a random box of expired mayo!” Ganz: “Wow… Thanks Grillby…”

GZtale belongs to @golzy

GZly challenge belongs to @anrez-op-skele

@violentwhistles replied to your post  “Harry can speak Italian in TGC and Cantonese in the novelization and I…”

Give me fics with eggsy being weak for his Italian please because same

Eggsy would be so weak for multilingual Harry. It would blow him away. There’s just something fucking sexy as hell about that sort of intelligence. Plus his voice is already heavenly; it’s not like it needed the boost. XD

@roxyitsnowornever replied to your post 

Let’s not forget he can also speak Arabic in TSS. However I do feel like Harry speaks Italian because of Colin like why not

Oh yeah I definitely feel like Colin’s knowledge of Italian played a hand in that scene coming to fruition. Whatever the case tho, Harry can now canonically speak it and that’s beautiful!

@ibbywrites replied to your post

Mmmmmmm yaaaaassssssss(There is literally going to be a whole chapter basically devoted to this in A Gentleman’s Handbook :Q______)

Oo is this story out yet?? Or still in the works?

@gothiethefairy replied to your post

so far then, harry can canonly speak:english, arabic, italian, and cantonese.

You added in the tags, ‘#he could probably speak mandrian too if he knows how to speak cantonese,’ and god yes I am so here for that!

@teawithghosts replied to your post

I am also here for Harry knowing a rather lesser known language as well. I wonder how his Welsh is.

Imagine the irony if Eggsy is useless at Welsh and Harry picks it up very easily lol. XD

mimifoxy28  asked:

I really like it when you show us random beautiful paintings like green and gold. Its like when you aren't just doing undertale its nice to just have a picture of something else than undertale.

Oh man. Yeah dude. I do color studies and random portraits all the time but forget to post that stuff. =D

Also I tend to sketch to sketch dump a lot but I’m not sure if that’s the sorta thing people would wanna see. It’s preeeeeetty scribbly XD