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almost like the SECOND they get to the GCPD he already DOESN’T CARE

he’s just happy the game isn’t over and he gets to keep on playing

it’s so tragically destructive but oh so beautiful

☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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The Aftermath Addendums

Journal Entry 29/1/2017

I received a call from Adrien’s school today… apparently he disrupted class by offering one of his classmate a tampon…

…to eat.

Where did I go wrong?

As such, I am arranging for Natalie to have ‘the talk’ with him. Hopefully, a thorough education regarding the subject of how reproduction works will mitigate any further incidences. 

-Gabriel Agreste

So, @mr-hawkmoth​ and I had the idea of including reaction/response diaries from other characters in the ML universe to compliment the events of The Adrien Diaries. This series will be known as The Aftermath Addendums, and will include a variety of diary/journal/weblog reaction entries from numerous pov… whichever I think would react in the most hilarious way to poor Adrien’s shenanigans. I hope you enjoy!

*Please note, other add-ons to this weird universe I am creating (with the help of @mr-hawkmoth) will also be tagged using #The Adrien Diaries & #The Aftermath Addendums

It just dawned on me that my former “best friend” hasn’t made any attempt to talk to me or check in on me in ages lol so long I guess

Which one is the superior category? 

 There was someone talking about the men and women of DS, and everyone assumes WX is ‘male’? for some reason. While he is the character I play with the least, and the from which I have the least lore. I’m not sure he’s anything but a machine P;

 But…well, where was I going with all this ಠ.ಠ ?  . Oh yeah! that’s there the comic idea came from :v

 I think it may have a second part where WX-78 forces Wendy and Webber to compete so it can compare the data.


Imagine how pissed off you would be if you somehow ended up in Middle Earth in time to help, but you didn’t speak Westron. Or Sindarin. Or Khuzdul. All you have are proper nouns, and some random phrases like Mellon, and Amralime, and, oh yeah, the inscription from the One ring. because that’s going to go over well when you start spouting off long forgotten verse in the black tongue of Mordor….

So instead of eloquently explaining yourself and saving lives and falling in love with a character of your choice, you have to chase them around like a slightly more verbose Hodor, trying to learn a language and keep the dumb bastards alive. 

These are the thoughts that keep me up nights. 


I would like to quote the entire fucking comment I found on Youtube, because I have no originality and could not have come up with this myself.

Noah El wrote this on Boogie2988′s video about Trump winning. 

“ Oh for gods sake fuck all of you disgusting, worthless, spineless leftists.

 You didn’t see anybody sobbing their eyes out because Romney lost did you? You didn’t see anyone sobbing their eyes out when Mccain lost. For god’s sake no one cried when Bush got re-elected, people cried because of 9/11 

 You are all a bunch of absolute morons, who don’t understand how checks and balances work or have even the SLIGHTEST incarnation of how congress works. So let me give you a refresher. Trump won, that does NOT mean that you are all going to die. He still has to go through congress to do things like use our Nukes, declare war, etc. It’s not like he is an all powerful dictator. And what you idiots need to understand (and what I think you all do understand and that is why you are so sad) is that the time of handouts in this country is over. No more are we giving money to those who don’t deserve it. No more are people going to be able to come into this country, demand money, demand translators because they don’t want to learn our language. It. Isn’t. Happening. Anymore.

 For fucks sake stop whining and crying that “america is racist, sexists, a bunch of bigots, homophobes etc.” because we aren’t. We are just tried of the pussy fucking shit that these people are pushing. “Everyone needs to be more respectful of genders blah blah blah.” I care about two things, if you are working, and contributing to this country. If you are a jobless, wellfare otherkin tri-gender fluid nuetral fuck, I don’t give a shit about your gender, I care you are taking away my money from my job. That is why I dislike you. No other reasons. 

 I think the funniest thing here, is that you are all calling him a racists, and a homophobe. He is not racist and he is not against immigration. He is against ILLEGAL immigration. Big difference and I don’t feel I need to explain how that makes sense. Second of all, he isn’t a homophobe, he ACTUALLY SAID that he will do everything in his power to make sure you keep your rights because that is exactly what they are. Your rights and NO ONE should have the power to take that from you. What he wants to do, is keep out the people, who would come to this country from nations where being part of the LGBTQ+ society is seen as lesser humans, would SLIT YOUR FUCKING THROAT and walk over your dying body and not even give it  second thought. Just because you are gay. If that makes him a homophobe then I am a god damn radical homophobe because I want you to be safe. 

Holy Fucking Shit“

As you can see, it is very beautiful. 

Thank you, Noah El, for not knowing me so you can’t tell me to get rid of this.

Alex is such a great character, because yeah on the surface you’re probably gonna look at this line and roll your fucking eyes because “oh man another stereotypical meathead jock ugh” unless you realize how important it is for him to have one thing he’s proud of about himself given his abusive father who tore him down at every minute. Of course he’s going to want to let people know he has some accomplishments to his name. 

This is why I kinda disregard Alex opinions from people who don’t at least get a few hearts on him and learn his basic story because SO much about him changes once you realize he is an abuse victim with crushing self esteem issues. He’s not an ‘asshole’, he’s deeply insecure from the way he was raised. He’s a good person who apologizes for his own trauma because he realizes it’s not an excuse to be rude to other people, and just basically I have a lot of feelings about this guy, please don’t make him one dimensional when he’s really not. 

A combo of magical, weird and lovely. Collab with the mind blowing rubycurls​!

(I have loved every single moment of the process, every conversation as well as the very chance I got to work with you, Nims!) 

“You know, you really changed. The look in your eyes… What happened?”

A continuation to the previous ask

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I know right seriously people think because you can hack an official game with converting pure straight characters "yeah it can happen" give me a break....-_-

oh boy is this night gonna be the end of lightningbug-lane rip

I personally don’t mind people having a headcanon about a character being gay and drawing ships for them - I don’t like the idea of policing people around or being policed around when it comes to something so harmless as ships or fictional characters. But I do find it bothersome when people say a headcanon about a pairing or character is ‘canon’ or that it’s completely unacceptable to criticize the headcanon because that makes you hateful. I mean, almost all of the characters in Fates are straight, with Niles and Rhajat being Bisexual. Soleil’s confusing and frankly bad handling in the localization aside. That isn’t gonna change unless new canon information comes out saying otherwise.  But with how the fandom is, it’s a controversial statement when there’s nothing to be controversial about. Once again, having a headcanon isn’t going to change the original story. It never will. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have headcanons. Just… stop making it so certain headcanons are worshiped as fact. It’s not and it makes it difficult for there to be any new ideas or content in the fandom.

But I wish people would just accept that someone disliking certain pairings or headcanons based on canon information to the contrary isn’t some form of hatespeech.

Unless someone is a jerk and insults the people themselves who ship things or headcanon things. Then that’s something completely different. Cause I know some of you are gonna be thinking of what I’ve said before - but that was because the person in question was being hateful to the people themselves who shipped that certain pairing.

Honestly imo I’d rather people take this much time and effort for cool AU ideas or fleshing out characters rather then just focusing on romantic relationships or sexuality headcanons…

Hook tried to kill Belle

Regina tried to kill Snow, Charming, and Emma

Rumple tried to kill everyone except Belle, Henry, and Neal

Hook (arguably) tried to kill Emma

Regina tried to kill Hook

Snow killed Regina’s mother

Rumple killed Hook’s girlfriend and his own wife

Regina killed Emma’s potential boyfriend and her own lover

Archie killed Marco’s parents

Charming killed Hook

Arthur killed Hook

Emma killed Hook

Snow and Charming almost killed Regina

Emma almost killed Lily

Lily wanted to kill Snow and Charming

Henry inadvertently almost got Snow, Charming, Hook, and Zelena killed when he destroyed magic

Zelena indirectly killed Neal

pretty much everyone has injured, or tried to injure, each other, including True Love couples; Snow scarred Charming, Emma knocked Hook out, Rumple manhandled Belle

Emma locked Hook up, Hook locked Emma up, Rumple locked Belle up, Regina froze Robin, Snow trapped Charming in a net, Regina locked Emma up, Graham locked Emma up, Emma locked Snow up

in conclusion, no one should be friends with anyone, everyone should be alone and/or in prison forever, the only healthy relationship is Henry x the storybook and even that is slightly obsessive, the end

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Oh Maker! How do you make dem gifs? Is there a tutorial on your blog or somewhere else? Has this question already been asked before?

Hey nonny! I have THIS OLD ONE from about a year ago, but it doesn’t really go into a lot of detail about the actual gif-making process. But I use photoshop CS6, and I’m sure there are some tutorials out there that would explain the steps a lot better than I could! 

The post I linked above focuses more on the gif size (in pixels) as well as Tumblr’s 2MB limit (which has gone up to 3MB, but only if you’re creating the post fresh. I’ve found that trying to upload a 3MB gif in a reblog/reply doesn’t work). <3