oh yeah had a life

*The Sakamaki’s playing truth or dare*

Shu: Reiji, truth or dare?

Reiji: Truth.

Shu: What happened to Edgar?

Reiji: Dare.

kise better run ‘cause he’s gon get his ass whooped

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Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

anonymous asked:

I feel sorry for your kid that you regret having it enough to use it as a source of life troubles. Oh yeah I had cancer but I still moved out, oh yeah I popped out a kid but I'm still doing fine. Cus that child is just a burden right? Sick.

It has nothing to do with that. Maybe if you weren’t so damn illiterate you’d understand what I was saying. She’s 21, still living at her parents (like the rest of you dumb fucks that haven’t hit the real life yet and are still living with their parents and have no responsibilities but to sit on your ass and smoke) and she claims she’s in such a hardship but can’t do SHIT about it! Where’s the fucking initiative? If you make 150$ a day you should probably ALREADY be in your own place because my man makes half what she makes a week if that’s really the case. I’m saying I’ve been through hell and back, and I’m 19 with a baby and I STILL FIGURED OUT MY SHIT. We got own place, vehicles. A baby is a fucking responsibility. She has NONE. Why is it that I could do it and she can’t? Probably because you have to PRIORITIZE to get what you want. My family had to sacrifice a lot to get where we are now, and in order to get where we are. Try to quit smoking for a month, try selling some pieces, if you cat cost so much money to take care of, get rid of it. Like fuck people, for the 10th time today, you can’t just fucking beg people for money when you haven’t done a damn thing about helping your own situation.
Ps, don’t bring up my child to insult me. That’s my child, you don’t do that shit.

I see that some people are complaining about the way Sam treated Donna in last night’s episode. How condescending and short he was with her. 

But here’s the thing, if you pay close attention to what happens on the show, instead of listening to the spiel the writers (and fandom) give you about Sam being the nice, innocent, empathetic brother, then you’ll recall the many times he’s treated other characters the same way: especially his own brother, Dean.

It’s why Sam’s ‘caring’ routine has always rang false with me. He can be very short and dismissive with guest characters, but he does this on a regular basis to Dean. Sam is the Great Pretender. On the outside he presents himself as one thing, but really, he mostly cares about himself. 

Notice how ‘caring’ he becomes after he’s screwed up and unleashed unknown evil onto the world. Before then, he was perfectly fine with sacrificing Oscar. Oh yeah, he definitely knew that a life had to be sacrificed in order to do the spell that would remove the mark. And of course, all though he’s now preaching how they should try to save people, he told Dean he’d release the Darkness again if it meant saving him (Dean). And then earlier in the season, he was fine with risking that one guy’s life (the guy who ended up selling his soul). Not to mention how he sacrificed that nurse’s life back in S4. And of course in S3, he was ready and willing to sacrifice Nancy’s (the virgin’s) life. Sam has a history of being callous towards others. Do you recall how he left Kevin, Dean, and Cas hanging in the wind after the finale of season 7?

And don’t get me started on the one-off characters Sam has looked down on…(Ronald from “Nightshifter” being just one example.)