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What are your concerns overall? :(

As others have pointed out: Harry with Columbia, Louis with JGG and SJPR and god knows what label, Niall with SJPR and Modest are all business ties indicating that they are not free. Liam’s album being pushed back, a major magazine appearance so poorly displayed, and Chiam are less explicit but equally blatant signs that they are not free.

People have expressed the opinion that perhaps some of these choices were made as the best option available to each of the four. I have been insisting that even if that were true, that the ‘best options’ are with people who have not only treated them horribly in the past but currently treat them horribly makes me believe that they have not been free to choose, that they have been compelled to these results.

I think there’s been lots of hemming and hawing in the fandom because people have wanted to believe that to do well, make money, and keep the guys happy, these teams would still do a competent job and thus all could be swept under the rug and forgiven. I understand the impulse – that’s much less exhausting and worrisome than my position. But Harry’s being asked about girls right out the gate, Louis’s team has done jack shit, Modest is Modest, and now Liam’s promo is looking just as beleaguered as his actual release plans? Add in Elouno, Chiam, babygate, and any potential stunting we’re about to see from Harry?

Yeah, I have concerns. I’m not leaving. But I’m reconciling myself to the notion that it will take quite a bit longer than they and we have been hoping for all four to be majority shareholders in their own lives.

Fondu au Noir
Cœur de Pirate
Fondu au Noir

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 3. Song I discovered on Youtube/Tumblr

Fondu au Noir - Cœur de Pirate (buy)

And if it hurts it’s because he doesn’t understand
That nothing has swum in your heart for so long
And if it hurts it’s because he doesn’t see you
While your smile will eventually fade away. 
"Little Brothers, also known as life sized dolls." (OR "that time Lonnie and Evie got Jaylos together by putting Carlos in a skirt”)

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants
Pairing/s: Jaylos Jay/Carlos
Word Count: 4,882
Summary: Evie has always seen Carlos as somewhat of a younger brother to her, so she treats him like most older sisters would treat their own little brothers… By treating him like a life sized doll and dressing him up, of course.
Warning: first time writing these characters so i haven’t quite gotten the hang of the characters and therefore they’re likely gonna be kind of OOC.

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“Hey Carlos?” Evie said, breaking the comfortable silence that surrounded them as they walked back to the younger’s dorm.
“Yeah?” He replied, looking up at the girl as he usually did when she wore heels.
“So, the girls and i have been working on a little project of ours lately, right? But we’ve come across a few problems…” Evie trailed off as she turned her head to look at the boy properly.
“…and?” Carlos prompted her to continue.

“Well, we were wondering if you’d be able to help us out with them?” she asked.
“Uh, sure, E, what do you need me to do?” He replied.
“Oh, nothing much, just come to my dorm tomorrow and we’ll tell you what we need you for when we get to it, okay?” She said, seeming quite happy with the arrangement.
“Alright then.” Carlos said contently with a nod as he finally reached his dorm.
“Well, this is me, so, i’ll see you tomorrow?” He said as he unlocked the door. He half turned to look back at her for her answer.
“Of course, see you tomorrow!” She said happily before making her way down the hall to get to her own dorm for the night.


“Hey, guys!” Carlos greeted the group of girls as he walked into Mal and Evie’s dorm. In the room was Evie, Lonnie and Audrey, all sitting in various places around the room. Though it may seem strange at first to see Audrey getting along with any of the villain kids, it turned out that once she and Mal had gotten over their bad blood, she found herself quite content to talk to them, Evie especially once they both found out they had a shared eye for fashion. Speaking of said Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie sat at her desk with her Sewing machine and her work station all set up, ready to get to work, seemingly as soon as she saw Carlos enter the room.

At which she immediately jumped up, off her chair to rush towards him, holding out a piece of fabric towards him.
“Hey C! What do you think of this?” She said as he took the fabric, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger to get a feel of it.
“Is it leather? Are you trying to make something for Jay?” He asked.
“Oh, no, it’s a poromeric imitation leather. And it’s not for him either.” She explained. As she was keeping him distracted, Lonnie moved around the room to get to the entrance and silently locked it behind the boy’s back.

“It’s for you.” Evie clarified as she took the fabric out of his hands and set it back on the table.
“Ah, thank you! But you guys don’t…” He trailed off as he looked over the contents of her workspace properly. Metres of the fabric she held out to him were spread out on the table, in both red and black tones. Along side them was black belts with silver, circle buckles and what he recognised from his time with his mother as different types of boning and busks for corsets.

“Uh…this isn’t ALL going to be used for me is it?” He said hesitantly, now strictly keeping his eyes on the corset material.
“Well of course it is! We couldn’t buy all this for our doll and not use it! That’d be quite wasteful.” Evie replied, still very cheerily, in such a way that Carlos was definitely starting to get concerned as to what was happening.
“D-doll? I’m not a doll! Uh…” He inched back into the door and tried to open it, only to finally realise what Lonnie had been busying herself with doing while he hadn’t been focusing on her.

“Oh come on, Carlos, we got some great inspiration and found some amazing ideas, just for you!” Audrey said as she motioned to the sheets of paper lying next to where she sat. He hadn’t noticed the pieces of paper when he first came in but now that he had he finally realised that they were reference photos and patterns the girls had already found they liked, all they really needed now were his current measurements and for him to model it all for them once they’d put it all together.

“I’m not going to get out of this any other way, am I?” He asked the three older girls.
“Nope” Lonnie confirmed.
“Alright, i guess i’ll do it…” Carlos gave in begrudgingly.
“But Jay and the guys cannot find out about this.” No matter what else happened, he would not let his friend see him like this.
“Alright girls, let’s get to work.” Evie said as she clapped her hands together a few times and Lonnie dragged out a short platform before leading Carlos to stand on it for however long the girls would need him there.


A good 8 hours later found Jay and Mal returning to Mal’s dorm to find they could hear their friend’s voices from outside the room.
“Come on, C, it’s supposed to be that short!” Evie said as Jay and Mal looked at each other incredulously from the other side of the wall.
“Noo! Evie please! Can’t it be even a little bit longer?” Carlos whined in response to whatever it was he was arguing with Evie about.
“I don’t see what’s the problem anyway, it’s the same length as your shorts.” Jay and Mal were suprised to hear another voice, Audrey’s, they realised, coming from within the room to back up Evie’s side.

“But this is different! My shorts actually manage to cover things! This skirt can barely cover my ass!” Carlos replied, revealing enough of the situation to Mal and Jay that the two, who were about to try and open the door, were simply standing there in shock, Mal’s hand lingering limply in the air, not unlike Jay’s jaw.
“And that’s a problem, because…?” Audrey replied.
“Come on C, you know what i always do, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?” Evie tried to reason with the boy.
“No. No,no,no. I can barely stay here and let you see me like this, why would i try and ‘flaunt’ this?” He replied, voice rising in tone due to his predicament causing more and more stress.

“Because it’s such a shame that you don’t.” Lonnie said quieter than anyone else in the room had spoken at, almost as if she hadn’t realised she’d been speaking at all.
“Hey, i thought you said you weren’t straight!” Carlos pointed out.
“I’m not, but, it doesn’t mean i don’t have eyes and a good butt is a good butt, no matter what is on the other side of the person it’s hanging off.” Lonnie said in a normal volume now, with only a slight waver, showing that her words seemed confident, but she was probably as embarrassed saying it, and being caught having said what she had leading up to it, as Carlos had hearing it.

Finally, Jay got to his senses and decided to just open the door, finding that he couldn’t as it had been locked from the inside earlier. He heard a gasp from within the room.
“What? Oh god!” He heard Carlos say before he heard the sounds of the younger boy running around the room before another sound of a door shutting followed him into what was most likely Mal and Evie’s bathroom.

It was at this point that Mal had had enough of listening in on her friends and finally unlocked the door, letting it swing open to find fabrics strewn all over the desks and workspaces of the room as well as some pieces placed around a small platform at the centre of the room where Evie was standing next to, and where Carlos had presumably been standing on less than a minute before Mal had opened the door.

“Mal! You’re back!” Evie exclaimed as Audrey and Lonnie greeted Mal and Jay in a quieter manner while they stepped into the room.
“Of course, i said i’d be back around this time, didn’t it? So you guys look like you’ve been busy, what are you working on?” If he hadn’t known Mal since they were children, Jay would not have noticed the slight waver in her voice as she tried to act as if they had heard nothing of the previous conversation in the room, alas, Jay had known her since then and could tell she was having trouble hiding her shock and confusion.

“Oh well, we’ve been working on complete ensembles, you know? And we decided to go with an aesthetic none of us were really familiar to working with…” Evie said as she showed Mal a sketched picture of what she suspected was the outfit Carlos was currently wearing. And what an outfit it was.

The top was an underbust corset styled as a sweetheart necklined vest with multiple black belts crossing over the stomach that had been noted with a slightly dark reddish tone over a loose top with a similar neckline but markings to show a sewed line going down the centre from the point the neckline met at. The vest stopped short of the sketched body’s hip but avoided showing a large amount of skin with a high waisted, layered and ruffled skirt that alternated between black 'leather’, white fur and lace. The skirt stopped mid-thigh but once again avoided showing almost any skin with black thigh high socks that had small white and red shapes dotted around before being cut off by dark red knee high boots.

Jay leaned over slightly to look at the design, and for once Mal didn’t feel uncomfortable with someone looking over her shoulder because they were both too busy staring at the design, trying to compute in their heads that this was likely what their friend was wearing as he waited in the bathroom only a few meters away from where they were standing, hoping for them to leave so as to not be caught wearing this get up. But unfortunately for Carlos, they were far too interested in this situation now to just let it go.

“Huh, the De vil look then? Didn’t expect you guys would be interested in this particular style.” Mal commented.
“Well, she may be evil but when it comes to a fashion empire, the lady sure knew what she was doing. Despite How ethical her means were.” Evie explained, but at this point, no matter what could be said, the tension in the air was getting thicker and much too obvious.

“Speaking of De Vil, have you seen Carlos at all today?” Jay asked, trying futilely to pretend he didn’t already know the answer.

“Oh well, he was here earlier for quite a while, he was a big help actually, he hides it well but he knows what he’s doing. I’m not entirely sure what he’s up to right now though.” Evie was good at bending the truth, but unfortunately for her, Mal and Jay had been raised as thieves and so were able to notice and pick up on people’s habits and body language. Which means Jay’s assumption that Carlos had ran into the bathroom was confirmed when he noticed her eyes rather discreetly focus on the bathroom door, off to the side a bit behind them.

“Ah, okay, guess i’ll go see if he’s back at our dorm now.” He said as he turned, but a split second decision made him bring up the courage to do one more thing.
“You don’t mind if i use the bathroom before i go, though, do you?” He asked as he walked over to the door and turned the handle.
“Oh but-” “it’s free, BUT, it’s a little messy in there because we used it for some extra workspace” Lonnie cut off Audrey as she and Evie shared a discreet look over Mal’s head to show they both knew what was happening.
“Yeah, it’s fine, go ahead.” Evie affirmed as he nodded and opened the door before slipping in and closing it behind him, not catching the looks on Lonnie and Evie’s faces that turned into matching, knowing grins.


Carlos stood behind the door as he tried to slow his erratic heart beating so he could hear the conversation that had started when whoever it was walked into the room.

“Mal! You’re back.” He heard Evie greet their friend loudly as he heard Audrey and Lonnie greeting- Dammit. Jay. Exactly the person he didn’t want seeing him like this. As the conversation outside the bathroom continued on, Carlos slowly manoeuvred around the room over the fabrics and materials scattered on the one clean floor space so he could hide somewhere within the room better.

He stepped into the basin of the shower and drew the curtain behind him to obscure him from the view of anybody who could perhaps try to go into the bathroom. hopefully the next person who did was Evie, Lonnie or Audrey telling him it was safe to come out now, but that would be wishful thinking, and he knew that had never worked on him before so why would it start now after 15 years of nothing?

Of course it wouldn’t. That would be why he heard Jay outside the bathroom door asking if he could come in. And he obviously got what was an inaudible yes from one of the girls since Carlos then heard his friend opening the door, but with his natural skills as a thief, he didn’t hear Jay’s movements after that. Though his pounding heart probably wasn’t helping the matter.

He waited a few moments, hoping that Jay would just do his business and leave, without ever knowing he was there or in such an embarrassing situation as he was. But as stated before, there’s been no day where wishful thinking had worked for him, and today was to be no different. Which meant Jay was completely aware of what Situation Carlos was in, and that he was there. And now the shower curtain has been pulled back and there Jay is.

What Carlos had been expecting was a knowing smirk and teasing words and the knowledge that Jay had blackmail fuel for days. That was not what he got.
Instead, While Jay had had a smirk on his face when he drew the curtains, it quickly fled his face in place of the mixed look of shock and something Carlos wasn’t entirely sure of as Jay looked him over and that funny feeling Carlos sometimes felt around the older boy had found it’s match with that look in Jay’s eyes.

Of all the looks he would have expected to see on Jay’s face in reaction to him, it wasn’t that one, but Carlos wouldn’t say he didn’t like that he’d managed to do that to his friend, especially when Jay had been managing to do that to him since the first time he made the older boy laugh.

Carlos’ anxious and embarrassed tendencies came back full force as he looked down at himself, hand playing with the bottom layer of the fur on his skirt, just to rub in the situation he found himself in a bit more.

“Shit.” He heard Jay say under his breath with a light but noticeably awkward sounding chuckle which made him look back up at his friend again. What he saw was Jay looking him over with that look on his face that Carlos had seen on his face multiple times, in fact, he’d seen that look directed to all of the girls standing on the opposite side of the door at one point or another.
Granted he’d never seen it work on any of them the way it intended to. He wasn’t too sure as to why it never had though, because it was definitely doing it’s job in turning his insides into jelly. It also maybe sort of helped that it seemed like Jay was actually having trouble not being able to look away from him and didn’t even seem to be aware of the way he was looking at Carlos at that moment.

“what are you doing to me? Do you even know you’ve been doing it?” Jay mumbled as his eyes openly drunk in Carlos’ facial features, noticeably flickering to Carlos’ lips more than once. He also seemed to have developed a slight yet noticeable blush, though it certainly couldn’t have compared to Carlos’ which would undoubtedly be bright and have already trailed down his neck under the neckline of his shirt.

“You’re adorable when you blush.” Jay whispered. It was at this point that Carlos had realised they were both a lot closer to each other than they had been when jay opened the curtain, coming to terms with the fact that they had both been leaning in unconsciously.

“Jay, i-” Carlos started to speak with an understandably slightly squeaky tone before he was quickly cut off by the other boy again.
“Shh. Just let it happen, this once.” Jay murmured just before he connected their lips lightly, a mere brush of a connection, but it was still enough to make Carlos gasp, breaking away a little before he was being pulled back into a kiss again, both by Jay’s lips and the sudden press of his warm hands at his waist physically pulling him closer, at the same time making the kiss deeper and prompted Carlos to react in someway.

Carlos awkwardly held his arms in the air for a second before draping them over the taller boy’s neck, allowing him to balance on the balls of his feet and push up into the kiss on his own accord which earned him a light, breathy laugh as Jay had to pull away to quickly let air back into his lungs before diving back into the kiss, this time adding the presence of his tongue as it licked lightly at Carlos’ bottom lip, trying to silently get across that he was asking for Carlos to allow it to enter his own mouth. Something he eagerly accepted as he opened his mouth and Jay’s tongue quickly went to work trying to map out his mouth.

When it seemed like Jay had memorised Carlos’ mouth enough he quickly turned his attention to getting Carlos’ own tongue into the action a well, twirling around it so as to prompt it into action like his own. Carlos moaned and complied which was the moment Jay realised he wasn’t able to get any closer to Carlos with the shower basin in the way of their legs.

This prompted him to quickly move his hands to the younger boy’s thighs, once again trying to silently communicate what he wanted from the boy, and once again getting him to comply as Carlos swiftly pulled his legs up, around the other’s waist as he gripped his upper thighs to stabilise Carlos’ position, enough to move him away from the shower and place him on the quickly cleared cabinet the sink was attached to. He did all of this without breaking the kiss for longer than it took to take in a breath.

Once he knew Carlos was settled on the counter, he moved closer, hands falling to where the edge of Carlos’ skirt ended and the thigh highs began. Jay slowly pushed his hands upwards, skimming over the little touches of warm skin before he stopped at the touch of an unfamiliar material wrapping around one of Carlos’ thighs. He moved his hands around the area slightly to come into contact with thin pieces of cold metal melded together in a square with rounded edges and a half line running through it. A buckle.

Jay pulled back from the kiss properley for the first time since they started to look down at the younger boy’s lower body to find what he had felt was a black leather garter holding up the thigh highs, noticing that there was an identical one on the other leg as well.

His head quickly snapped up to look Carlos straight in the eye with a new look taking control of what Carlos saw on his face. It wasn’t that other look. That one felt warm and fuzzy and happy. This one, though. This one was burning hot with passion and made Jay practically growl as he reconnected their lips once more, with a new force behind him that earned him another audible moan, this time louder and desperate.

Carlos’ legs tightened around Jay’s again, this time to pull him closer. At the same time it pushed the rest of Jay’s body forward too, and with his hands moving further up Carlos’ thighs by the action, so came the edges of Carlos’ skirt, giving Jay better access to the area below carlos’ belt… Well, belts, in this case.

Jay rubbed Carlos’ upper thighs as they continued to kiss, tracing unseen and nonsensical patterns on the younger boy’s skin and pulling more moans from his throat, this time, though there was more moans, they sounded gentler, and well, with a person like Jay you can’t really expect them to stay that way for long, especially when he realised his hands were dangerously close to Carlos’ pelvis and had yet to come into contact with any form of underwear.

With this new thought popping into his mind his hands quickly went to light and caring touches on his thighs to groping with a new strength to it, all the way up to where Carlos’ thighs met his hips and he came into contact with a band of fabric covered elastic. Jay pulled the band away from the skin as he held it between thumb and forefinger, noticing an unusual texture on it.

“Are you…?” Jay trailed off as he let go of the band, taking small delight in the snapping sound of the elastic making contact with skin again and the sound Carlos involuntarily made in reaction to it. Once the elastic had settled back in place he moved his hand higher to feel more of the fabric covering the younger boy’s crotch, absentmindedly registering the boy’s soft moans at the contact. Once he had done so and quickly flicked his eyes down to take a discreet look at what he had felt, it didn’t take long to confirm that what he suspected was true.

“You are!” His face broke out into a cheeky grin before turning back into that flirty smirk from earlier, clearly pleased with what he had found.
“You’re wearing lace panties.” His blunt way of stating it made Carlos’ blush grow ever deeper, reaching to new levels that would soon reach non-human levels if Jay didn’t stop soon, not that this fact would.
“I had no choice, my boxers got in the way and it was either this or…” He trailed off.
“Or what, Carlos?” The tone of Jay’s voice was deeper than usual and that, coupled with him saying Carlos’ name like that just resorted in turning even more of Carlos’ insides into restless butterflies.
“Rd stng” he could barely hear Carlos’ mumbling and prompted him to repeat it.
“A-a… Red G-String…” Carlos answered audibly. Jay paused for a moment as he looked in the other boy’s eyes, trying to figure out what to do next. When he finally did he acted quickly.

Jay flipped Carlos’ skirts up, moving all the layers out of the way so he could work with, and see all of Carlos’ crotch area.
“You know… They say when a girl wears black panties it means she expects for someone to be seeing it.” Jay commented. He looked back up at Carlos only to find, rather than the adorable blushing face he was anticipating, a rather confused one in it’s place. Though it was no less adorable.
“It means, she wears them with the intent she’ll be having sex with someone who’ll see them.” He said, bluntly this time rather than suggesting, finding that it got better results when the blush reappeared on Carlos’ face again.
“And look, there’s even a little bow on them, like a present.” His teasing grin appeared for a split second before it turned into something more devious and even a little dominating as Jay leaned into Carlos again.

“Just.For.Me” his tone dropped lower as he stated that before swooping in and crashing their lips together, making the both of them moan in unison at the strong force of the kiss. Jay’s hands also dropped lower, quickly moving down Carlos’ outter thigh before stopping and holding his place on Carlos’ ass, giving it a quick squeeze to pull another moan out of him before relaxing his hands, but refrained from moving them away from the boy’s butt.

Carlos tried to get closer to Jay by pushing himself further to the edge of the bench he was sitting at, but hadn’t quite expected the contact of their crotches when he made them brush against each other. This drew gasped moans from both of them before Jay pulled Carlos closer again to make more contact, taking the chance to grope Carlos’ ass a bit from behind as he rutted into Carlos from the front. The dual action forced a very loud moan out of Carlos.

It was, however, this moment when Carlos’ brain had caught up to the situation, thus causing him to open his eyes, though he hadn’t realised they were closed in the first place, and then place his hands on Jay’s shoulders, pushing him back and out of his immediate space so the two of them could properly breath.

“Jay…what is this?” Carlos asked, slightly hesitant to find out at the prospect of the possibility that this was the moment it would all end, both the friendship they previously had and whatever else it was that was between them.

“I…” Jay started but quickly turned silent for a moment to properly gather his own thoughts. “I want you.” He said, with a slightly hesitant tone.

“Do you only want this now? Or more?” Carlos asked him.

“I want to be with you.” Jay clarified, this time with a notable air of confidence which made Carlos sigh out in relief.

“I don’t think i could have done this if it wasn’t more.” Carlos told him.

“Honestly, i couldn’t either.” Jay agreed.

“Now, let’s get back to this” Jay said as he pulled Carlos back towards himself once more, only for Carlos to one again stop him with his hands pressed to Jay’s shoulders.

“Not that i don’t ever want to do this, but could we maybe not do it when we’re in a bathroom? Particularly when our friends are literally just outside the door?” Carlos explained himself.

“Fair point. Now, how do we get out of here?”


When the boys walked out of the bathroom, they did so holding hands lightly and were met with smirks of varrying ranges of victorious and satisfied between them.

“So, had fun boys?” Asked Mal who now seemed completely on top of things, as she should be then.

“Oh definitely, but just one thing. I asked you guys to not let Jay see me like this.” Carlos said with a mock frown, as if he had a problem with the way the day’s event panned out in the end.

“Well i hadn’t thought of the possibility entirely through until Lonnie decided to do what Mal and I haven’t done before.” Evie explained.

“Why is that, by the way?” Audrey asked the asian girl who stood next to the chair she was currently sitting at herself.

“Well, you all know i’m not exactly straight, but even then i’m not likely to pass off a little flirting with guys here and there, especially when they look like Jay. But, i already thought Jay and Carlos were together, and if the looks i’d seen Jay give Carlos when he thinks no one else is looking weren’t enough to convince me, then Carlos’ face when Jay hit on others was easily enough of a deterrent, otherwise.” This time when Lonnie spoke, she did so with a confidence that showed she knew exactly what she was talking about.

“And if Jay didn’t make a move while Carlos looked like that i don’t think he’d ever will, so i saw the chance and i took it.” She finished. The two boys looked at each other, slightly stunned that they were caught and even more so that Lonnie was putting it out there in front of the both of them, much less their other friends.

“Hang on, you act as if my dressing like this was a one time thing.” Carlos pointed out.
“Well i mean i assumed so, unless…”
“It’s not so bad once you get used to it, besides, the rewards are definitely worth dressing like this more often. Just, maybe only in front of you guys..for now.”
“Or you could just do it for me?” Jay countered cheekily with a grin.
“Hang on, now, you can’t hog Carlos’ adorableness all to yourself!”
“Why not? I’m his boyfriend.”
“Cause i’m practically his sister and i’m the reason this managed to happen in the first place!”
“Excuse me, you’re the only reason?”
“Oh not you too, Lonnie.”


The Guy shorts of oh yeah cartoons

Fit In (ChrisMD x Reader)

Request/prompt: Could you please do a ChrisMD were you spend time at his and his family loved you and you get really on with his sister and he gets a bit jealous about it but very happy that they like you? I love your writing btw!! 😊💕 have a lovely day (@itsfootballnotsoccer1923 )

A/N: I’m setting this at the Lake District cabin place in Jersey. You know. The one from that forfeit where he was shirtless and had to belly flop into the lake with Kelly. That one. I will also add a gif tomorrow. Not on a device I can do that on rn.

Originally posted by christophermichaeldixon

(Y/n) rang the doorbell, shifting her suitcase back up on her shoulder. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She was going on vacation to The Lake District with her boyfriend, Chris, and his family. This would be the longest time she would spend with his family thus far. The longest time she’d spent with them before was only a day and a night.

“Hey!” Chris said opening the door.

“Hi!” (Y/n) said hugging Chris as a greeting. He took her bag off her shoulders and set it on the floor near the door.

“Chris? Is that (y/n)?” Chris’s sister Kelly asked from the kitchen.

“Yeah!” Chris said walking into he kitchen to join his family with (y/n) following close behind. Kelly walked up to (y/n) and hugged her.

“Hey! How are you (nickname)?” She said. Chris scrunched his eyebrows in response to his sister having a nickname for his girlfriend.

“I’m great, Kelly! How about you?”

“I’m good.” Kelly said smiling. Chris stood silently next to (y/n) as his family struck up a conversation with her. It was a little strange for him to not be included in the conversation but he was satisfied that everyone was getting along.

“You’re sure it’s fine that I come with you to the lake?” (Y/n) asked as everyone gathered their bags to put in the cars.

“Yeah! You’re basically a part of the family now. It wouldn’t be right to leave you out.” Mr. Dixon said clapping her on the back.

“Aw, thank you! I appreciate it, sir.” (Y/n) said. 

“Call me dad.” Mr. Dixon said. (Y/n) laughed as Chris visually cringed.

“Dad!” He whined.

“Just being friendly, Chris. Don’t worry about it.” Mr. Dixon said smiling. (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend. Chris hesitated before smiling back and bringing her head in to kiss her on the forehead.

(Y/n), Chris and his family sat around the fire laughing and talking. Chris was sitting next to (y/n) editing a video on his laptop. (Y/n) snuggled up next to him, talking about the announced transfers for the January transfer window. “Yeah. Chris was telling me about Kevin De Bruyne’s agent warning that Chelsea player not to go to the Chinese Super League.” (Y/n) said rubbing Chris’s thigh, trying to get him back into the conversation.

“What?” Chris said looking up, “Oh yeah. De Bruyne’s agent offered Oscar, like, £60 million to not go. I just find that strange.” He closed his laptop and wrapped his arm around (y/n) as she put her hand on his chest.

“I don’t really know much about the league if I’m honest.” (Y/n) said.

“Neither do I.” Chris said.

“(Y/n) do you want a smore?” Mr. Dixon said after a moment, putting a marshmallow onto one of the marshmallow roasters and putting it over the fire.

“I can do it for myself!” (Y/n) said holding out her hand, offering to take it for herself.

“No, I got it.” Mr. Dixon said.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes.” Chris’s dad said.

Overall, Chris was kind of jealous of how easily (y/n) fit into the conversations his family had. They would always ask her good questions and she would always have amazing answers. Nevertheless, he couldn’t be happier with the way his family got along with her.

“Chris you struck gold with (y/n). You know that?” Mrs. Dixon said.

“Yes I do!” Chris said confidently before kissing (y/n) on the lips.

“When are you going to become part of the family officially?” Mrs. Dixon said smiling.

“That’s not up to me!” (Y/n) said causing the family to laugh. Chris squeezed her shoulder smiling.

Aozora Alright/青空Alright
Muranaka Tomo/村中知
Aozora Alright/青空Alright

キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード sweet etude 3

Takaburu kodō jōnetsu no iro
Dareka no mane ja tsukamenai mono
Day by day egaite Starting

Itsuka moraeta daijina kakera
Amai jerāto mitai ni tokete
Stand by me hashire Going

My way tojita me no mama ja
Sōda tsumazuichau desho
My way mune wo hatte sā mae wo muite yukō

Tsukisusume Oh Yeah ima wo utaou Alright
Hibiku yō ni Wo-oh Wo-oh mirai e
Chikara komete Oh Yeah kakenuketara Alright
Aozora e to Wo-oh Wo-oh jiyū ni habatakou yo

Yes shippai nante osorezu Try again
Ki ni shite cha hajiman'nai yo
Hito no me kara nigeru dake tte tsuman'nai
No genkai nante shiranai Anything
Jōshiki ni torawarenaide
I’m here I’m here koko kara

You say tada omou mama ni
Sōda sakebi wo agetara
You say doko ni itemo sō jibun rashiku nareru

Tokihanate Oh Yeah atsuku nareru Alright
Todoku yō ni Wo-oh Wo-oh kibō no
Mukau saki de Oh Yeah tōku tōku Alright
Kumo wo koete Wo-oh Wo-oh ashita ni tobikomou yo

Taiyō wo kakusu yō ni kumorizora hirogatte
Namida no ame ga afurete mo
Kokoro ni tsunaida shiawase ga kitto tachiagareru yūki ni naru Wo-oh

Mō ichido tsukisusume Oh Yeah ima wo utaou Alright
Hibiku yō ni Wo-oh Wo-oh mirai e
Chikara komete Oh Yeah kakenuketara Alright
Aozora e to Wo-oh Wo-oh jiyū ni habatakou yo
Ashita ni tobikomou yo


Here are some more screenshots from Memory of the Forest!  I’m very close to finishing the game and I’ll probably have to miss a lot of school this week because of stuff n’ things, so I’ll try to unlock the rest of the events in that time.  I’ll be sure to share the rest of the illustrations with you!

Also the writers REALLY seem to like Yuna/Karin.  They get a ridiculous amount of ship tease in this game.  So if that’s your thing, lucky you.


“Wake up sleeping beauty. We’re here,” Harry lightly purred into your ear.

No response. Your neck lay awkward and crooked against the car seat and your knees were tucked underneath you. You had been in this position for a few hours; it would take much more than some gentle coaxing to wake you up.

Letting out a lighthearted sigh, Harry swung open the driver side door of his Range Rover and walked over to your side. As soon as he opened your door, you felt a light gush of wind fan across your face. Still, you only stirred. Harry pressed his lips at your ear and began to nibble.

“Baby, I said we’re here. It’s time to wake up,” he said again. You moaned but your eyelids remained closed. Smirking to himself, Harry’s lips dragged down to the sensitive spot on your neck. The delicious combination of swipes and bites awakened your senses, each making you feel more and more alive. And awake.

“Okay, I’m up,” you surrendered easily, sitting upright.

Harry’s lips were pulled into a cocky side grin. “I swear, Y/N, it’s easier to wake the dead.”

Rolling your eyes playfully, you threw your hands around his neck, pulling his all too willing body closer. “Shut up and kiss me, Styles,” you demanded.

The second his lips touched yours, your hands flew to his hair, kneading your fingers through the long curls. Harry moaned as you tugged on the strands, the sound a heavenly reward. Your lips parted as you struggled to keep your breath and Harry wasted no time sliding his tongue into your mouth. It routinely explored the crevices it knew so well before you lost all control and wrapped your lips on his tongue, sucking lightly. You could feel Harry’s body tense in front of you. As if your touch was poisonous, he loosened his grip on your hips and stepped away.

“Not now, Y/N,” he said, his deep voice hot and husky. “Someone could see.”

Your lips mashed together as you willed yourself not to cry at his rejection. You don’t know why it still bothered you. But it did. The way Harry always pulled away from you after a few steamy moments. But oh, did it bother you.

“Hey, Y/N,” Harry said softly, lifting your chin with his finger. “You okay?”

His face was sincere and concerned. He didn’t even know he was hurting you. And nothing good would come from him knowing.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you said, wiping at your eyes. “Let’s just get our bags. Your parents are probably waiting.”

Harry let out a frustrated sigh and ran his hand threw his hair. “Oh yeah, my parents. Are we crazy for doing this? My mum and her new husband with my dad for the weekend?”

“Hey, I’m sure they’ll all be on their best behaviour,” you soothed. Harry’s hand was on your back as you walked up the long driveway to his house but he didn’t seem convinced.

Harry’s father was sitting on the porch, a serious expression on his face. But when he saw you walking up the steps, his face immediately lit up and he took two long strides to join you.

“Harry, Y/N,” he said, engulfing you and Harry in a simultaneous bear hug. “How’s my son and his better half?”

You giggled despite being certain that Harry was truly your better half.

“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Styles,” you said politely.

“We’re fine, thanks,” Harry grumbled. “Where’s mum?”

Des’ smile faltered. “She’s inside,” he said quietly. You and Harry exchanged a glance. That would explain why he was outside. He cleared his throat. “Why don’t you go put those bags inside? Then when you’re done, Harry, come back outside. Your mum wants us to chop some wood for tonight’s fire.”

A quizzical expression overtook Harry’s face, which you noticed but didn’t comment on.

“Okay,” he said simply.

Harry followed his father’s footsteps through the backyard towards the small but dense forest their house backed onto. The light squish of Harry’s rain boots on the damp grass was the only sound. Once they were hidden within the trees—and away from any prying eyes—Des stopped walking. Harry spoke first.

“So what did you want to talk about, Dad?” Harry asked, his hands shoved into his jacket pockets. His father stared at him blankly in response. “We got rid of that fire pit two summers ago, so I know that whole chopping wood thing was an excuse.”

“Geez, your son travels the world for a bit and suddenly he’s smarter than the old man,” Des said dryly. “But you’re right, I do have something to say.”

“So say it,” Harry said a little too sharply. He didn’t mean to sound disrespectful, but something about his father’s demeanour was making him nervous.

Des opened and closed his mouth before he spoke. “Y/N, she’s a sweet girl,” he began.

“She is,” Harry said in a clipped tone, already on the defense.

“I like her a lot, she’s good for you.” Des paused and smiled. “But something tells me that even if I didn’t think that, it wouldn’t make a difference.” He looked at Harry knowingly.

Harry shifted. “I like her too. A lot. And yeah, don’t get me wrong, I care about your opinion Dad, but I’m sure about Y/N. I don’t need anyone else’s approval.”

“I know you don’t. You’re a grown man and you make your own decisions. But you’re still my son and I want the best for you. And Y/N. I just hope…you guys…” He sighed. “You’re being careful right?”

Harry stared at his dad, whose face was now red.


Des shuffled his feet nervously. “Yeah, careful. When a man loves a woman, sometimes passion takes over and if they’re not, you know, careful, they can get into a situation they’re not ready for.”

Harry forced a smile, digesting his father’s words. He was worried about you getting pregnant, but there was no need.

“That’s not really a concern right now,” Harry said carefully, not wanting to disclose your personal business.

“So you’ve been using protection and stuff?”

“Not exactly,” Harry said slowly.

Des’ head snapped up. “What? Are you kids crazy?”

Harry’s hands dug deeper into his pockets. This wasn’t something he wanted to share with his father. “We haven’t…we haven’t…yet.”

“Oh,” Des stated plainly.


Des looked at the ground as he took in what Harry was saying. Something about the conversation was getting to Harry.

“Is that what you think of me?” Harry asked in a bold tone.

“What?” Des was taken aback.

“You think I sleep around that much that just, of course, I’d have to have bagged my girlfriend by now?” Harry hated the way the words felt coming off his tongue.

Des blinked a few times before speaking. “What? No, of course not. But come on, Harry, I was once your age and you and Y/N seem pretty serious. That’s all. If I’m completely honest, I’m a little surprised.”

Harry sighed, knowing his father made complete sense. “I want to. I want to be with her in that way. But she won’t just be another shag to me,” he admitted.

Des walked over to Harry, a proud smile on his face, and clapped his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Sometimes the one you want the most, is the one you wait the longest for. That’s what makes it special.”

It would have been a good time for the fire. You lay cocooned in Harry’s arms, your head against his steady heartbeat, but not even his body heat was enough to make up for your thin long sleeve t-shirt. When you and Harry had joined his parents and sister in the backyard, the weather had been a little more forgiving. Now, the wind had picked up and the sound of the crickets was unmistakable. You shivered against Harry and snuggled closer into him. Although considering that you were practically on top of Harry sitting on one lawn chair, it wasn’t possible to get any closer.

“You cold?” Harry asked in a hushed tone.

There was no teasing in his voice, only concern. You didn’t listen to him about taking a jacket, and now you were paying the price. Your teeth chattered in response. Wordlessly, Harry sat upright and removed his grey hoodie in one swift motion. The t-shirt underneath had ridden up, exposing his back. You ran your fingers along the exposed skin, eliciting goosebumps. Someone cleared their throat, reminding you that you weren’t alone. With a blush on your cheeks, you met the eyes of Gemma, whose eyebrows were wiggling suggestively.

“Won’t you be cold?” you asked Harry, his sweater in your hands.

“Take it,” he insisted. “I have you to keep me warm.” You smiled shyly as Harry lightly kissed your forehead.

“Get a room,” Gemma teased, causing Harry to flip her the finger.

“Hey, hey, none of that,” Anne scolded good-naturedly. Really, she was just happy to have her family together.

Snuggled in Harry’s sweater, you wrapped your arms around his waist and listened to the easy chatter of his family. The family that felt like yours.

As the sky darkened and the conversations faded, your eyelids began to close. You were so relaxed and at peace you couldn’t help but drift off.

Anne and Des had finished blowing out the outdoor candles when Harry quietly announced that it was bedtime. Ever so gently, he lifted your body into his arms and carried you bridal style into his house. Awkwardly, he opened the door into his bedroom and placed you gently onto his childhood bed. The sight of you there nearly knocked his breath away. Somehow you managed to make the space that was so familiar and ordinary to him special. He briefly wondered how comfortable you’d be sleeping in your jeans, but he didn’t dare wake you. With an innocent kiss to your lips, Harry left you alone. His mother had requested the separate sleeping arrangements. Though it nearly killed him to leave you alone.

Closing the door quietly, he stepped into the dark hallway. He was met with his mum standing a few feet away, a smile of pure joy on her face. Harry cocked his head to the side in question.

“You love her,” Anne said simply.

Harry’s breath caught in his throat. A chill crept up his spine before a feeling of warmth spread in his stomach. He knew he loved you. Of course he did. But having the woman who knew him almost as well as he knew himself say it out loud made it all the more real. The only person who didn’t know was you. Harry could only nod, emotion had caused his throat to tighten.

The light pouring into the room from the small crack in the window was dark. It was the middle of the night, but you had woken up, surprisingly alert with an uncontrollable ache. You were warm in your clothes, and figured a glass of water and a change into your pajamas would do you some good. The shorts were short, barely covering your bottom, and you weren’t wearing a bra, but you didn’t expect to run into anyone on your way to the kitchen.

The cool water helped to neutralize your body temperature, but the heat in your core was still burning strongly. There was only one thing that could quench it. You might not be able to touch Harry at the moment, but maybe seeing him would suffice.

You quietly crept to the living room, expecting to see Harry’s large frame sprawled on the couch. But instead, he was sitting upright, hands on his knees, awake as ever. His eyes were glued to the floor, and you could tell he was concentrating. He was wearing only his briefs and his gold necklace. You wanted him. More than ever. You wanted him.

“Hey, what’re you doing up?” He asked you. You were caught.

“Couldn’t sleep,” you shrugged, sitting next to him on the couch.

“I know the feeling.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. He winced as he came into contact with the sore muscle.

“Let me,” you suggested as you began to knead your fingers through the knot. Harry’s eyelids fluttered with relaxation. Bending forward, you pressed kisses along his shoulder and collar bone. Harry moaned lightly, causing the ache to pound even harder.

“Kiss me, Harry,” you begged.

Harry licked his lips, his eyes locked on yours as he inched closer. When your lips connected, a fire ignited within your body. Harry’s hands went to your hair, guiding your head to gain perfect access. Much too soon, he pulled away, scooting as far away as possible from you on the couch.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry,” he said in a gruff voice.

You sighed, and let the lone tear fall. There was no use holding it in anymore.

“This won’t work Harry,” you told him.


“If you don’t want me this way or are not attracted to me, then this relationship won’t work,” you explained.

Within seconds, Harry was on his knees in front on you. “You think that? That I don’t want you? That I don’t find you attractive?”

“That’s how it feels,” you admitted.

Harry stared at you incredulously. How could you feel that way? How could he let you feel that way?

“I want to be with you, Harry, you know, really be with you. But every time I try, you pull away from me,” you bit your lip to keep from full on sobbing.

Harry’s heart broke as he took in the distressed girl in front of him. But you had it wrong, so wrong.

“Y/N, I am so sorry,” he said. “But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I want you so badly you have no idea. But I don’t know if that’s what you want. The last thing I want to do is push you to do something you don’t want to or pressure you. I can only handle your body in small does. Any more than a taste and I’m ready to combust. Then I won’t be able to stop. But you’re not just another fuck to me, heck, it’s not about me at all.”

You pressed a finger to Harry’s full lips to interrupt him. They parted and you leaned in, removed your finger, and kissed him.

“I want you, and I’m ready. And I don’t want you to hold back anymore, I want all of you,” you told him. “I’m ready.”

Now there was no way he could turn you down this time. Frustrated, he looked around his home, realizing that he couldn’t possible take you with his family present, asleep or not. But he knew some place he could.

“Come on, Y/N, we’re going for a ride.”

Harry couldn’t keep his lustful eyes on the road as he drove down the empty street. His hand was permanently placed on your thigh, squeezing gently every now and then. The energy in the vehicle was magnetic. There was a lust and a love and a passion in the air that made your bodies buck with desire. His eyes darted to your face, trying to take in the fact that he was about to have you. All of you.

“I bought this place a few years back. No one except my mum and sister know about it. It’s for when I’m home but need complete privacy. Somehow my home address had become somewhat of a tourist destination,” he shook his head sadly.

You nodded, twirling your hair in anticipation. Minutes later, Harry pulled into the stone drive of a small, picturesque cottage. The place was beautiful and serene and yet somewhat mysterious in the moonlight.

“Ready?” Harry asked.


As soon as Harry had closed the front door behind him, he gently backed your body against it, devouring your mouth with his own. His hands cupped your backside and lifted you so that you could wrap your legs around his waist. Lips never breaking contact he led you to his bedroom. The design was simple, with nothing but a king sized bed and a chest of drawers. But it was exactly what you needed.

Your legs were spread open, an invitation for no one other than Harry. His large cock strained against the fabric of his underwear and you knew he needed release soon. With a rumble in his chest, be tore himself away from you and retrieved a small foil packet from a box in the top drawer. The hairs stood on the back of your neck.

“Everything okay?” he asked as he tore open the wrapper.

You swallowed. “Am I special to you?”

Harry froze, his nightmare interfering with his dream. “Yes, yes you are.”

“The box was open,” you commented quietly.

“Gemma stayed here with a boyfriend last summer. My aunt was visiting and they wanted privacy. I swear you’re the only girl I’ve ever brought here,” he insisted.

“Okay.” You believed him. Trusted him.

Harry was positioned at your entrance and your heart was pounding in anticipation with what was to come.

You could feel his tip on your inner thigh as he spoke. His lips were at your ear.

“I love you,” he whispered. “I won’t be able to handle being inside of you without you knowing that I’m in love with you.”

Your eyes shone with unshed happy tears. “I love you, Harry.” It was a night of firsts.

Harry smiled and kissed your lips, the corners of your mouth and your nose before he pressed into you.
“I’ll go slow,” he promised.

As he filled you completely, you felt pain, then pleasure and then this deep seated connection to the man you were in love with. But more than anything, you felt special.