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Goomar (Pt. 6)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Mafia AU, Smut (Not in this chapter), Angst (Heavy), Fluff (Kinda)
Chapter Length: Medium


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*Warning- Strong Language, Explicit Sex, Explicit Sex Talk/References, Gang Violence, Talk of Gang Violence*

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New place, new name, new life. Unexpectedly living in a completely different culture is hard as hell. Even harder when you’re not with the man you love. Luckily, you’re accompanied by people you know and trust.

The air. You never knew you could fear a place just by the air you breathed, but it felt different than the air in Korea. It was crisp, the smell of everything that existed went through you, and you trembled at the unknown. What to expect of such a new place. 

You don’t understand their culture, and you definitely did not know how to speak Italian. Your English was manageable but you were not confident. These were all just gathered reasons as to why you should stay on this jet, and go back to Korea.

“Mrs. Min, the jet has landed.” Yoongi’s uncle looked down at you, his face easily reading the fear on yours. “I…I don’t think I can go out there…” You shook your head, looking down at the ring that sparkled against your skin. You needed Yoongi with you. It hurt to be by yourself in a place he knew but you had no idea about. “Mrs. Min, may I say something?” Yoongi’s uncle sat across from you, his hands gripping the armrests. 

“I know you may be scared. This is a completely different area, and you have no idea how to get around, or what to expect out of the people here. Understandable, but, you have to try. Yoongi is doing this for your safety, because he cares about you and does not want you to be murdered by his family’s enemies. So while he is working hard to keep you safe, you need to work hard to keep your head down, your name in secret, and to be around people who will protect you.” He grabbed your hand and you looked up at him with teary eyes. You nodded in acknowledgment at his words before getting up

“Okay…I think I’m ready.” Just as you said that, you heard a familiar voice from outside the jet. “Yah! Be careful with her bags, Namjoon-ah! You break everything why did I think you could handle this…” Seokjin’s voice rang through your ears and you were quick to open the door and quickly go down the jet’s steep stairs over to the six members carrying your luggage. 

They set your bags down carefully, all at once hugging you in a tight embrace. “Seokjin! Namjoon! Taehyung, Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook…I missed you guys.” You smiled wide, seeing all their bright faces brought you comfort, and you instantly felt safer seeing people you were so familiar with. 

Jungkook wrapped a coat around you and pulled up the hood so it would cover your face. “Here…it’s cold and we don’t know who could be out here.” He zipped up his jacket. You smiled, saying thank you. Hoseok shivered. “Come on, it’s cold and we gotta get to the house.” He quickly walked over to a long sleek black car and got inside. 

Jin followed, sitting in the driver’s seat. The rest of them carried your luggage and put it in the trunk, which was bigger than you thought, and you quickly got into the warm car, and small shiver leaving you as all the cold chills left your body.

Italy was better than you had imagined. The pictures taken did not do the place justice. The buildings were nice, and the people walking around were so stylish, it was a shock. The bakeries looked like they sold amazing food just by how the smell traveled to your nose and the restaurants looked lively, with people drinking and eating what looked to be delicious food. The fear that was seeping inside you earlier was slowly being replaced with excitement, and you couldn’t believe that you were actually here.

If only Yoongi was here, too.

Those words ran through your mind constantly, and it didn’t help your painful loneliness. You just wanted to talk to him. To hear his voice. That was all you wanted.

“What are you thinking about?” Jimin’s voice cut you from your thoughts and your head snapped up to look at him. His eyes showed concern but his warm smile helped keep you calm. “Um..I-I was just thinking about Yoongi. I…I miss him already.” You looked back down at your ring, twisting it around your finger. “I understand…but he’ll be here soon. I just know it.” 

Jimin’s kind words comforted you and you hummed, a small smile spreading on your face. “Thank you Jimin…I just…I miss his voice.” You rested your head on Jimin’s shoulder, looking back out at the buildings of Italy as you moved past them.

“You’ll hear it soon, you just have to wait.” He patted your arm, reassuring you that things were going to be okay. You sighed, nodding.

The house that you’re going to be staying in is a lot bigger than you had thought. The large brown walls towered upward and several windows indicated how many rooms there were, and there were many. “Yoongi doesn’t believe in small living space?” You joked. Seokjin walked past, carrying two of your bags. “Do you?” He asked, smirking and you huffed, raising your arm as if you were going to hit him. “Come inside, we don’t want anyone unwanted seeing you.” Jungkook nudged you a little, carrying your bangs up with you following closely behind. You walked inside to see a beautiful, warm interior.

“Yoongi always picks such beautiful things.” You sighed, instantly feeling a home-like embrace from the walls surrounding you, and the sweet smell of pastries circled the air. “Oh hell yeah, there’s cake in here.” Seokjin’s loud voice exclaimed excitedly and you giggled, following them to the kitchen. You saw a chocolate cake with a few berries on top in the middle and a note. 

You opened the note and immediately recognized Yoongi’s handwriting. “A “Welcome to a New Place” gift. P.S. Seokjin hyung, do not eat it until after dinner.” You read out loud and you heard the other members laugh out loud as Seokjin stood with his mouth gaped open. “Yah! What is he talking about?”

Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jungkook helped carry your things to your bedroom, which was larger than you had expected. You said thank you to them as they left before starting to unpack your things. You were folding clothes and putting them in drawers before you opened your closet to hang clothes. As you started to hang clothes, your eyes came across a black box with your name written on it. You kneeled down, picking it up. It wasn’t heavy at all, but you knew there was something inside it. You sat on your bed, the box right in front of you.

This must be a gift from Yoongi…

You slowly opened it, seeing a grey laptop surrounded by black gift wrap paper. You took it out and sat it on your lap before looking back inside the box and seeing another note. You quickly opened it.

I know you were concerned on how to talk to me, so I found a way, though it may not be what you may want.


A way to talk to Yoongi…

You quickly opened up the laptop, turning it on. You watched the blue desktop pop up and you saw a file that said ‘Open Me’. You clicked on it, the file loading before a pop up come up and you saw a little recorder with the number 1 on it. You clicked on it and you instantly saw a video pop up and Yoongi’s face on display. our heart raced. It seemed like forever since you heard his voice, and you knew you couldn’t wait any longer, so you clicked the play button and watched, twirling your engagement ring around your finger.

You watched as Suga looked at the camera. His eyes looking around as if he could see you. “(Y/N)…my love. How I miss you.” His deep voice felt like honey to your ears, and you smiled unconsciously. “I know you were so sad that you had no way to talk to me, but it’s okay because I would do anything for you…didn’t I say that? Here’s the thing though, you can’t send anything back. I made it so the computer can only receive these messages. You can’t send anything, look anything up, nothing. I made it so there is no way to track you. The computer has no location either so if my laptop happens to be hacked, they’ll see that these video messages go nowhere. I know you may be upset, and I’m upset too. I wish I could see your beautiful face right now, and hear your voice. I’ll just have to wait, I guess. But knowing that you’ll see these messages brings me comfort. Though I am concerned. You’re in a new country, in a completely different culture and language. But I know you’ll be fine. Namjoon and the rest will take care of you, you just have to stay strong for me, okay? I’ll send you a video message every day at noon so you can be updated on what’s happening, until I’m there to hold you in my arms, myself. See you tomorrow, my sunshine. I love you.”

The video cut off and you felt tears pool around your eyes. You loved this man like crazy and the fact that he wasn’t here was slowly ripping at you, but you knew you had to be strong for him. You sighed, closing the laptop and finishing your unpacking before going downstairs to see the other members all putting on hats “Where are ya’ll going?” You raised an eyebrow, curiously.

“Grocery shopping.” Jimin replied. “Can I come with you guys?” You looked up at Jungkook who looked at you as if you were stupid. “You’re supposed to be in hiding, remember? We don’t need you getting caught just because you wanna get groceries with us.” You huffed, crossing your arms. “I may be in hiding, but I’m not a prisoner. I can’t stay in this house every day for 24 hours straight, I’ll go crazy.” You were not about to lose this argument, and the rest of them knew that. 

“Fine, but wear these.” Seokjin handed you a black hat and a small mask to match and you put it on before looking at them. “That should be fine, put on a coat and put the hoodie up, he most likely knows your hair color and length.” Namjoon handed you a coat and you quickly put it on.

“That should be fine, let’s go.”

The store was bigger than you thought. You expected to see an outside food market, which you knew they had, but this was a market you didn’t think would be in Italy. “Even though we’re in Italy and we should eat Italian food, my love for Korean food is too big so we’re just going to get groceries to make Korean food. Seokjin grabbed a cart and started to grab meats. “Go and get some vegetables.” Namjoon and Taehyung nodded at Jin’s words before going off to get vegetables. 

You followed behind, looking around. Your curiosity got the best of you and you found yourself no longer in the section where the vegetables were. You walked past body washes, grabbing some and putting them into your little basket you were carrying. You went aisle to aisle, grabbing anything you and the boys may need.

“Hair…” You grabbed shampoos and conditioners, looking at the boxes and bottles that had names in English and Italian. “Hair color…” You mumbled, looking at the hair colors just as a thought popped into your head. Namjoon said that the hitman most likely knows your hair color and length, so why not change it? 

You looked at the colors before coming across a blonde color and you picked up the box. “(Y/N?)” Taehyung’s voice startled you and you quickly dropped the box of hair dye into your basket. “Are you ready? We’re about to get in line.” He looked at you curiously and you nodded quickly. “Y-Yeah, I’m ready. Y-You scared me.” You walked past him as he shrugged and walked towards where the others were.

You’re doing this. You’re doing this.

You repeated this over and over as you stood in your bathroom, a pair of hair cutting scissors in your hand as you hand your hair against the blades.You needed to do this. You need to stay safe, and changing your appearance slightly can help, even just a little. You sighed, closing your eyes. You’re doing this for Yoongi. You held your breath as you cut, your long hair falling to the floor. You exhaled, looking at the length you started to cut. Your mid-back length hair was now started to fall just at your shoulders and you sighed. “No turning back now.”

You cut the rest of your hair the same length, making sure it was even before looking at yourself in the mirror. You’ve never had short hair in your life, so you weren’t sure if you would like it or if you would hate it. You sighed, running your hands through it. You grabbed the hair dye, looking at it. “For Yoongi.”

“YAH! You’re burning the eggs!” Seokjin yelled at Taehyung, who forgot to turn over the eggs. “Ah, sorry hyung…” He quickly turned the eggs over. “It’s still edible, it’s okay.” Jungkook patted Taehyung’s back. “Can someone go wake up (Y/N) and tell her that breakfast is almost ready?” Jimin looked around as he scooped rice into small bowls.

“Already here.” You walked down the stairs and the whole kitchen filled with silence as the members stared at your hair. You walked through, grabbing a piece of bacon from Hoseok. “Cooked to perfection.” You put the bacon in your mouth, humming happily, “Y-You dyed your hair last night?” Jungkook was in shock. “And she cut it too.” Taehyung was first to reach out and touch your hair. “It’s not a wig.”

“Of course it’s not a wig! I dyed it last night after dinner.” You looked at them, slightly worried of what their reactions may be. “It looks amazing, you look beautiful.” Namjoon smiled warmly at you and you returned the same smile. “Thanks guys…I just wanted to kind of make things easier for everyone so we won’t have to go to so many extremes to keep me hidden.”

“Well you did well. If we can, we can look for other stuff. Maybe change your makeup a bit, get you some fake prescription glasses.” Taehyung took off his glasses and put them on you before looking at the other members. “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Hoseok nodded.

“Well we can figure all that out later, I’m hungry so let’s eat.” Seokjin started to put plates and bowls of food onto the table and everyone sat, grabbing their chopsticks and eating.

A new place, a new appearance, a new temporary life. It was still hard, but you knew you could do it. For everyone. For Yoongi. For yourself.

Author’s Note

I am back from the dead to bring you a new chapter xD

I’m also gonna be doing a part two to What Am I To You (Jungkook smut) and I Hate You (Hoseok Angst) in the span of today and tomorrow ;) since I’m finally on break and I don’t have classes anymore to fill my schedule till next week.

I’m back, and i love all of you for patiently waiting for me. You guys are honestly the best. I love each and every one of you, forever and always, my sunshines <3

Birthday Cake (Inner Circle)

Anonymous asked: “ Mor & Rhysand baking a cake for Cassian’s birthday… and everything going horribly wrong.”

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“How much baking powder?”

“Uhh… One tablespoon? Or was it a teaspoon… Shit, I can’t remember what Elain said!” I groaned, and Mor dumped a heaping tablespoon of the stuff into the bowl I was holding. “We should never have been given this task.”

“We’re doing fine!” She insisted, snatching the bowl from my hands to whisk in the eggs and milk. “It’s the thought that counts anyway.”

“Yeah but Cass is going to want to actually eat the cake, don’t you think?” I turned on the oven, setting it to 350 degrees before leaning over Mor’s shoulder. “I read you aren’t supposed to stir it so much or it’ll go flat when you bake it.”

“Rhysand, please. It’s still lumpy. See?” Pulling the whisk from the batter, she let it the chunky mix drip back into the bowl. I shrugged, leaning back against the counter to let her take charge.

“Your fault if it doesn’t turn out.” Mor’s only response was an icy glare, and I shrugged. “I’ll decorate it once it’s ready, but I claim no responsibility for the actual baking.”

“This is gonna be the best cake the world has ever seen.”



I leapt off the couch at the sound of the timer, tripping over my own feet in my haste to pull the cake from the oven.

“Is it done?” Mor asked, peering over my shoulder. I shrugged, setting the hot pan onto the stovetop.

“How do we tell?” I said, grimacing at the oddly shaped creation. “And why is it so… Tall?” I poked the center, which rose a few inches higher than the rest of the spongy mess. “That’s definitely not how it’s supposed to be.”

Mor pulled out her phone, typing something rapidly into Google. “Mmm,” she hummed, showing me the screen. “Too much baking powder.” I cocked my head to the side and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Gee, I wonder who’s fault that could’ve been?”

Huffing out a sigh, she ran a hand through her blonde hair. “We can fix it. If we frost it, it won’t look so bad.” She opened the cupboard, pulling out a tub of chocolate frosting. Then she rummaged through the drawers for a small spatula, grinning triumphantly when she found one.

“Let’s get going,” I said, and rolled up the sleeves of my black shirt.


The apartment door flung open and Feyre rushed inside. “He’s coming!” Immediately, everyone shushed and hid behind couches, tables, anything they could fit behind. Elain stifled her giggle in her hand, Azriel silently chiding her from his spot across the hall.

All eyes flicked to the door as it creaked open, Cassian’s hulking frame blocking most of the light from the hall.


Cassian let out a strangled sound and dropped his keys, staring at us with a look of complete shock. After a moment, he regained his wits and bent to retrieve his keys.

“Geeze, warn a guy!” He grinned, walking through the door and into Nesta’s embrace.

“Then it wouldn’t have been a surprise,” she said, hugging her arms around his middle.

I clapped a hand on his shoulder and handed him a drink. “Happy birthday, brother.” He nodded his thanks, turning to accept hugs from Elain, Feyre and Mor. “Where’s Amren?”

I shook my head. “Varian.” All it took was that one word for Cassian to put up a hand, and I laughed.

“Enough said.” He was smiling from ear to ear, completely ecstatic about the gathering his girlfriend had put together.

She caught my eye and mouthed, “You got the cake, right?” I nodded and chuckled to myself, earning a suspicious look from Nesta. Oh yeah, we made the cake, alright. I made no promises as to how good it would be, though.

Mor bounced on the heels of her feet excitedly and clapped her hands together. “So! Cassian if you would please take a seat at the table, Rhys and I have something for you.” Cassian quirked an inquisitive brow and reluctantly moved to sit.

“Should I be worried?” he asked me as Mor retrieved the cake from the kitchen.

“Maybe.” I laughed, running a hand through my hair. Feyre looped her arm through mine and promised that Cassian would still like it, no matter what. She had come over when I had been hard at work attempting to decorate it, and had burst into laughter when she saw the creation. She offered to walk to the store and buy a new cake, but Mor wouldn’t let her.

Elain dimmed the lights as Mor reappeared, balancing the flaming monstrosity of a cake on her hand and singing “Happy Birthday.” She set it on the table in front of him, and was clearly questioning it’s edibleness.

The chocolate frosting had bits of cake mixed in, since I hadn’t waited for it to cool completely before decorating it. With the center all puffed up, it looked more like a mountain than an actual cake. Wax from the twenty-three burning candles dripped onto the shaky writing that read ‘YOU’RE OLD. HAPPY 23RD.’

“We tried,” I said, thankful that the low lighting hid my embarrassed blush. “Mor and I have never baked a cake before.” Cassian only stared, either concerned or awestruck, I couldn’t tell.

“Cassian? Are you alright?” Nesta whispered, rubbing a hand over his broad shoulders. He nodded, finally breaking his stare to glance at Mor and I.

“No one has ever baked me a cake before.” Though it was surely a hard thing to admit, a smile cracked across his usually stoic face, and he gulped a huge breath before blowing out the candles. His hazel eyes glittered as he looked at Mor and I each in turn and thanked us.

“Ah, it was nothing,” I said, stuffing my hands in my pockets when he hugged Mor.

“Though I’m not sure you should actually eat it,” Mor commented, pecking his cheek. Cassian poked it with a finger, and the whole thing jiggled. Everyone laughed, and Cassian grabbed a knife to cut himself a piece.

“May my gravestone read: ‘Here lies Cassian, killed by his own birthday cake.’”


🍟 Have you, a family member or friend ever thought, “it’s cheaper to feed myself [or my family] at a fast food restaurant than it is to cook a meal at home.” If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to eating habits, a couple of potential barriers to making positive changes are: 

1. I don’t have time 

2. I can’t afford it . 

🗒 Both are legitimate concerns. I’ve been trying to address the first topic by posting ideas for making healthy meals in a hurry, and I’ll post more of those over time. Today, however, I want to address the second matter. . 


👉 It can for sure, but it doesn’t have to. For example, you’ll definitely pay a premium for organic products, gluten-free options, free-range chicken, shopping at certain stores, and so forth. Now if those are things that are important to you and you find it worthwhile pay a little extra, I completely understand. . 

� � On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget and you just want to make overall better choices, there are still lots of ways to make positive changes without putting a strain on your finances. .

🍽️ Here’s a sample meal that cost just over $2 per plate. That’s less than the cost of the average fast food value meal. Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying a value meal from time to time, because there is absolutely room in an overall healthy diet for occasional fast food. . 

🍜 But I hope this helps to illustrate that home-cooked meals don’t have to cost a ton. Meals don’t need to be fancy, organic, expensive, or complicated to be a healthier choice. Small changes count for a lot. So if you’ve been holding off on making a positive change because you’re afraid you can’t afford it, I hope this helps. . 

🍫 As a side note, this plate cost less to make than the price of your average protein bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with protein bars either. (I appreciate the portability and convenience of bars, and adore Birthday Cake Oh Yeah! One bars.) Still, I thought it was interesting that something I’d usually think of as small and inexpensive, such as a bar, can actually cost more than a whole plate of food. 


summary: richie struggles with the not-so pretty side of his adhd, he struggles even more because nobody really understands.

pairing: this turned into a lowkey stozier fic i’m screaming

a/n: whaddup i’m ben, i’m 14. and i never fuckin learned how to cope with my mental illness

“i’m bored.” richie whined, not for the first time on the hike. he wanted to enjoy the hike, he really did! but there was no change, just birds chirping and the quiet rustling of leaves. just boring shit.

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stonky-gayngst  asked:

Could you do a drabble about Peter asking the reader to prom? 😀

“And who can tell me how to find torque? Anyone?”

Peter sat in physics class, trying his hardest to pay attention. Okay, so maybe he was staring into space, a random scenario playing out in his head. He vaguely heard his teacher in the background, and easily knew the answer. You, on the other hand, were paying attention, and amid the timid hands that raised at the teachers indication, yours rose confidently.

“Yes, Y/N?” Ms. Alver smiled at you. 

“It’s radius times force times sin of the angle.”

Peter looked up as you spoke, not-so-subtly placing his head in his hand and bringing his dreamy gaze to you, the subject of his daydream. He wanted nothing more than to take you to prom, or on a date, but there was no way you’d be interested in him.

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Welcome Present | Namjoon, You

Photo Cred: adelio

Scenario based off this prompt by @otpprompts

Sometimes love matters more than comfort

Namjoon lugged his last box into his new apartment, sighing as he finally put it on the counter. Looking around his living room, he slapped his hands together, wiping off the dust.

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Celebration Day- Rich Clune

Originally posted by craigsmiths

Ok so this one is sweet and cute, but does dance around the issues of alcoholism and addiction. It’s fluffy though! Also I don’t own ‘Shake it out’ by Florence + The Machine, just using some lyrics! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Anon Request: Could i please get a Jacob trouba and Rick clune one please! Thank you lovely (sorry for 2 im in love lol)

PS- I took this as two separate requests, but if you wanted one with both of them let me know!


              You were dancing around the kitchen, making Rich’s favorite dish. Your iPod was on shuffle and blaring throughout your apartment.

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I rly can’t believe how unapologetic jjong was bout that rainbow cake he rly was like looOk at ME eating this rainbow CAKE wait which cake again? oh yeah ITS ~THIS~ RAIIINBOW cake woWie it sure is delicious and raiNBOw *giggle* 🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈 he knows EXACTLY wat he doing good lORD

tblastermaster  asked:

Oh yeah cake how could we forget what's your side of the story I mean cake girls story took a lot of " liberties " with what happened

Ah, Cake.

She tried to COOK live ANIMALS!!! IN MY YARD!! It was horrifying!! I’m glad I caught her in time, but- That? On top of all the other creepy shit she did to me? It was the last straw.

She used to try and take over my performances, and boss me around, and REFUSED to work!! The longer she was my assistant, the… Weirder she got. I actually got LOCKS put on my bedroom door.

I don’t know what she told you all, but it’s probably not the truth. I wish her well, though.


listen on youtube / 8tracks / spotify

“masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of the season / and if i claim to be a wise man, it surely means that i don’t know”

oh yeah yello / distance cake / keep the car running arcade fire / everyday superhero smash mouth / hurry hurry air traffic controller / don’t stop believin’ journey / carry on wayward son kansas / kids mgmt / frontier psychiatrist the avalanches / through the fire and flames / dragonforce / la devotee panic! at the disco / time to pretend mgmt / just can’t get enough depeche mode / the safety dance men without hats / once in a lifetime talking heads / dancing with myself billy idol / closing time semisonic + bonus tracks (youtube + 8tracks only)

cover art (thank you!) 

#8: instead of squashing cake into each other’s faces, after enduring that hellishly embarrassing ceremony and being heckled by all their friends all day, dave & karkat simply step up to the cake, exchange knowing glances, arm themselves, turn around and fling it all their gathered friends and family

fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you, and especially fuck you

it’s chaos

jane is horrified you are wasting my cake which was crafted lovingly for a special occassion

callie otoh is fucking delighted

everyone else’s opinion falls somewhere in between but what matters is: chaos reigns


Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

🍓strawberry soda🍓

cutepanda000  asked:

Lol since i can't draw me will make Cake apear =D *ehem* CAKE COME HERE U LITTLE POTATO!! -- Cake: what? -- DON'T U HAVE TO GO SEE UR FRIENDO? -- Cake: Oh yeah! I'm going now! *rushes to the door* i'm comming Knox!

Hhhhhhhhhh my friendo are you starting a roleplay?? Me likeyyy~
Knox: ?