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I imagine Eponine being shy when it comes to expressing her feelings to Cosette. Or trying to express anything actually. Imagine Eponine trying to say “hello” and sounding cool and relaxed but instead accidentally speaking like a choking duck. Or Cosette beating Eponine and asking her out on a date first, whilst Eponine only blushes and nods. Even when dating, oh my god, imagine her buying cinema tickets and just throwing them on Cosette because she can’t speak??? And Cosette just knows and finds its cute. Yeah.

[The newly reformed RWBY walks up to team RNJ]

Ruby - [conciliatory tone] Jaune……

Jaune-  Ruby ? [turns around] What’s going on {Looks over WBY] 

Ruby - We’ve had good times right ?

Jaune - [gapes at Ruby in confusion]

Ruby - Remember the bunny sweater ? Remember how dumb you looked ?

Jaune- Only what you TOLD me….repeatedly

Ruby - Yeah….=)

Weiss- Oh for dusts sake ! [shoves past Ruby] [looks up at Jaune threateningly] She’s mine, BACK OFF

Blake - Don’t you mean ours  ?

Weiss- It’s cute that you think you’re in the running

Blake- [glares] 

Yang- Look [pushes to front] We’re glad that you kept my little sister company

Weiss - [eyeroll]

Yang- Buuutttt [spreads arms to envelop Weiss and Blake] We’re back

Weiss- Now shoooo 

Jaune - What about team JNR…..

[Weiss nails Jaune in the head with a dog biscuit] 

Weiss- Go on now ! Don’t make me get the spray bottle

Jaune- You three left, and we needed a 4th 

Weiss- We had her first [grabs Ruby’s arm] 

Jaune- Well we have her NOW [grabs at Ruby’s other arm]

Nora- You’re tearing this family [falls to her knees, pulling her hair] A-PAAAAAAAAART [sobs loudly]

[Ren crouches next to Nora and pats her on the back sympathetically]

[Ruby pulls away and jumps on Weiss]

[Weiss smirks]

Jaune - RUBY ! What about the team !

Ruby - I don’t play second fiddle Jaune. 

Jaune - [gasps]

Ruby - That’s right [pushes cheek against Weiss’s] I remember you pushing JNRR

Jaune - That’s because it was the better name !


Weiss- [satisfied tone] Well [turns around] It’s been fun…..but we really must be going. [backs up, keeping her eyes locked on Jaune’s] Have fun JNR 

[Team RWBY strolls away]


Ren - Now where are we going to get a 4th that will make out Team name an actual word =(

Writing Requests OPEN

  • V: Luciel, I think there's someone suspicious outside my house..
  • Seven: What?! What are they doing??
  • V: I am not sure. I can only see something yellow-ish..
  • Seven: ???
  • Yoosung: [outside V's house banging pots and pans with a huge signboard - 'V SUCKS AND I HATE HIM!']

*sits bolt upright in bed at 12:30*

That Galra stranger Keith helped in the Weblum didn’t have a pod since it got blown up… so where TF did they go. They’re in deep space where did they go without a pod.

  • interviewer: so you two are against each other. does that affect your relationship at all? add tension? cause fights?
  • victor: oh, well I'm rooting for yuuri. he better win.
  • yuuri: no, victor has to win. he's the one who would truly deserve it. i mean look-
  • victor: okay, but yuuri is going to win??? idc what he says?? he has to win??? like-
  • yuuri: victor is going to win??? sure i might win gold, but he will too? what's your question here?
  • victor: yeah what are you trying to imply? that we won't win gold?
  • interviewer:

I just called to say that I’m sorry for last time.  Oh. Um… It’s okay.  No, but I didn’t mean to get angry with you. It wasn’t your fault at all.  Yeah, but… You were probably worried, so I understand.  Mhm. And it’s not your fault that Even is depressed. He’s bipolar and…
                               Well, it’s not your fault, okay?

“Mizar, would you like a tasty Reptilink?”

Yes give foob. Om nom. Mine.

“Uh, you’re going to want to eat that longways. Do you want some help?”

No, dis my foob I eat it. No take. Mine.

“Yeah, I don’t want to take it away, honey. It just won’t go down sideways, you’ve got to turn it.”

No take, I eat. My foob I eat it. Good foob is mine.

“… Uh. Sure, whatever. You’ll figure it out I guess.”

Yes, mine. I eat it. Om nom.

“Oh, Mizar.”