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for the anons who are wondering how my convo with taylor went regarding her seeing this post, here’s the tale: 

ok so we hold with both hands and make eye contact.. (THESE CAPS + PARENTHESES ARE MY INTERNAL THOUGHTS)

me: first of all thank you for writing treacherous (2012)
taylor: *giggles at 2012 meme*
me: i have to ask, have you seen my post where it’s like “you: let’s fuck, taylor swift, an intellectual: then the first first of treacherous??”
taylor: *smiles* oh yeah!! didn’t i like that??!
taylor: idk i might have been too nervous to like it! (DORK) but it’s the one that’s like taylor swift, an intellectual: put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t touch…(DEAD SHE’S VERBALLY SPEAKING THE FIRST VERSE OF TREACHEROUS TO ME) and then everyone started adding their own spin offs?? (OK SO THIS PROVES SHE WASN’T JUST PRETENDING TO KNOW) yeah yeah i know that!
me: *beaming & nodding aggressively* YASSS

intp on intellect

INTJ: Is there anyone you consider as intelligent as you? This might seem like banter but I am completely serious. 

INTP: Appart from lacking modesty, yeah, I think it is a very serious thing and I’ve thought of it way more times than a normal person should.

INTJ: Any conclusions?

INTP: Well I consider ENFP as intelligent as me, but only because her train of thought and deduction is similar to mine. When I first met you, I thought the same happened to me with you, but then I realised that our way of analysing is quite different, as much as our conclusions are often alike. 

INTJ: What about ISTJ?

INTP: Well, yeah, I consider ISTJ intelligent, but in a different way. Practical, very pragmatic intelligence. Not so interesting. 


INTP: Oh no, let’s not talk about emotional intelligence. Makes me feel dizzy. 

  • Aaron: No prizes, but guess what Jimmy spent his compensation money on.
  • Robert: Oh, what, you mean that fur coat? Yeah, it's quite something.
  • Aaron: You not think of joining him? I can see you in a mink. Anyway you gotta spend that golf course compensation money on something.
  • Robert: Look, if it's gonna be a problem...
  • Aaron: No, no, it's your money. Just cos I told 'em where to shove mine. Anyway, does Rebecca know you've got him?
  • Robert: Funny. Yeah, she's got her hands full with Chrissie. You know Lachlan's done one?
  • Aaron: Good. Our Belle's better off without him, the little creep.
  • Robert: Chrissie's blaming me, of course. Something else to add to the list, right?
  • Aaron: If only she knew the half of it. You better pray for your sake she never does.
  • Robert: What a mess. I mean, the only thing that matters now is being a good dad for him.
  • Aaron: So be one. If you wanna be in the kid'S life, Robert, you're just gonna have to live with what you've done.
  • Robert: Every time I look at him, all I can think about is how much I've messed up.
  • Aaron: Good. Maybe it WILL be the making of you. You can't change what you've done, but you can change who you are, so be the dad the kid deserves.
But Stan and Steve being the Dad's of the group like:
  • Steve: god kids am I right?
  • Stan: try having 6.
  • Steve: oh my god, I'm so sorry honey,
  • Stan: It's ok really, you know how it goes, one crying about gazebos, the other is hitting demonic clowns with a baseball bat
  • Steve: I highly suggest to stick some nails in it, really ups the damage.
  • Stan: good to know... oh! Gotta run! One of the kids are going to win a poetry contest,
  • Steve: yeah me too, one of mine needs some more hairspray, see you at Sunday brunch!

if you scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE END of the recommended blogs in the genreaper tag YOU CAN FIND MINE and that’s really all that matters to me.

the painful thing about enjoying uncommon/rare ships is that there’s not really any content of it so if you want any you better make it yourself. the good thing? any scraps that canon gives you that you can use to link those characters together is a godsend. even if it’s just ‘yeah genji was in blackwatch’ THANK YOU blizzard that’s all i needed. that’s all we really need to create fifty new fics. god bless. have a good night folks

Yuuri Katsuki is Demisexual

First off a real quick definition of Demisexual for those who may not know about it:

Demisexuals are characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction.

Reasons why I think Yuuri is Demisexual:

-The entire show is advertised and described partly as ‘a sexual awakening ‘ for Yuuri

- at 23 years old  he has not dated or had sex or really put much thought into actively having sex appeal

- when presented with a sexy routine , he doesnt know how to define sexual attraction

- laments and repeats the definition of sexual attraction over and over again to the point he associates ‘losing all senses of reasoning’ with the gluttony of eating his favourite food dish

- honestly tries to equate craving food with craving sex because thats how far out there sexual desire is for him (which from all of the rampant ace cake jokes in the asexual community this is a pretty common expierence)

- privately scolds himself thats hes a man and 23 and should be able to have sex appeal ….if he only wanted to (which screams toxic masculinity and societal expectations of everyone being interested in sex , something of course the show explores and rectifies at least in the aspect of gender roles via Yuuri’s genderfluid eros outfit and mindset towards performing in a feminine way not masculine because hes more comfortable in that role )

- eventually figures out how to channel sexual desire into his routine by imagining seducing a playboy (a.k.a Victor who he is romantically attracted to)

- blatantly states that he wants Victor to watch him perform this routine , in a way that makes it clear hes thinking only of him/ only cares about his response

- Victor specifically helps Yuuri perfect this routine by stating things like ‘skate like youre trying to seduce me’

- as he gets more comfortable with Victor he becomes more receptive to Victors affectionate advances as well as his suggestive ones like look at episode 2 compared to episode 8:

- which is really important because a lot of the early part of their relationship is spent with Yuuri rejecting Victor , which confused a lot of fans because they are obviously romantically interested in each other

-but when you look at the specific scenes scenes Victor is rejected there is always a sexual element involved (Wanting to sleep in the same bed together , The offer to be whatever role Yuuri needs him to be , specifically be his boyfriend : in the context of power dynamics of coach and student its pretty easy to allude he means he’ll sleep with Yuuri to motivate him. ) versus the advances Yuuri accepts is more comfortable with and grows to repricate (hugs , affection touching , holding hands)

- the more time passes , and the more evident it is that Yuuri is falling in love with Victor , the more natural his Eros routine gets for him (and more intricate we go from flirty eye contact to licking his lips to blowing a kiss as his opener) :

- Yuuri establishes with words and gestures before every Eros performance that he specifically is performing and thinking about Victor.   and this evolves as he gets more in his element of his sexuality , not for the audiences consumption , but for Victors

- Its obvious even looking at how Yuuri interacts with Victor before he performs the Eros routine at different points of time in the show , sexual awakening indeed:

- last thing that really clinches the idea of Demisexual Yuuri is the Eros routine itself compared to other ‘sexual’ routines ( Specifically Seung Gil-Lee and Christophe Giacometti’s.  )

- Chris’s routine is overtly sexual in the body language that its clear he is sexually interested in anyone who will provide him sexual gratification , the routine is very ‘come hither ye who dare’

- Seung Gil-Lee on the other hand is much more so a focus on being a conduit of peoples sexual desires , but having no agenda himself in his performance except to win presentation points (his body language and face tell very different stories , and he establishes the audiences reaction means nothing to him)

- Yuuri on the other hand no matter what he uses as a story bases for his routine , ultimately thinks of Victor , of seducing him and only him , and the audience just happens to get to watch that seduction. This is visually established with the opening of the routine where Yuuri turns and looks at Victor and only Victor before dancing

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In conclusion : Yuuri is Demisexual , have a nice day.