oh yeah and some random guy named

Hahah hey, remember that time this green haired guy was possessed by a computer virus and slit his own throat with a knife after carving a happy pumpkin on Halloween and then everything was fine again and the next year the same guy was possessed again by the same virus but this time at a convention with lots of people screaming the virus’ name and it was like “oh yeah I’m always watching you” and we were like oh that’s cool and then months later some random red light appeared in said guy’s videos and he started talking weird again and the whole community was set on fire? hAHAHAH funny you mentioned it cuz I never forgot

The Hunter and The Witch Chapter 6- Run For Cover

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: :Reader is anxious after Cupid incident  .
Warnings: Swearing, explicit language.
Word Count: 1276

A/N: Thank you for the amazing feedback everyone!  I hope you’ll like this part too, and please make sure to tell me what you think! I love feedback, it makes me so happy! I’m hoping the tags will work this time :d Kisses, Dream :*

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So as it turned out, every love song ever was right about everything and you were now beginning to realize that.

You didn’t know whether it was because of Cupid’s unwanted comment on your situation or because the object of your desire seemed more and more attractive to your hormones every second passed, but there was one thing for sure; you needed to keep your distance.

After all, whose love lasted forever?

No one, that’s who.

So when it came down to logics, love was as annoying and temporary as flu.

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I needed you.

Requested by the lovely @amiablestyles

When Harry is the popular guy in school and asks y/n for help in class.

Hope I did your request justice, and I hope you enjoy :)

All the love,



Y/N was a very shy girl- social interaction scared her.

Harry was the typical popular guy in school- he thrived in social interaction.

Y/N didn’t know Harry but Harry knew Y/N.

They say next to each other in math class of course harry never paid attention to what’s being said so he heavily relied on Y/N notes, he would copy them at any chance he got then go home and use google to help with homework.

This method proved effective, Harry was just about passing maths- however finals were approaching and Harry had no idea what to do. He had all the notes that he copied from y/n but he has no idea what they mean or how to solve a quadratic equation.

He needed to pass the finals- if not he will be held back a year and that was the last thing Harry wanted.

He was running out of options- he needed to find a way to learn the content of the exam. He could try to learn it on his own but even Harry knows that’s not a good idea.

Harry sighed and stared blankly at the teacher teaching in front of him. He had no hope passing this exam.

A sniffle broke him out of his daydream, Harry turned his head to the sound and was greeted by a very sick looking y/n. He watched her for a moment- she was listening to the teacher and taking notes. Harry was mid stare when the idea struck him.

He could ask y/n to tutor him it’s clear that she knows what she’s doing and that she knows what to do. Harry grinned to himself, his plan was set all he needed to do was ask y/n.

Harry reached over and poked y/n’s arm, making her jump slightly.

“Hey, y/n right” Harry asked the clearly nervous girl.

“Um-yeah-er- my name is y/n.” She timidly replied.

“So I’ve noticed that you’re some sort of maths wiz.” A small blush crept onto y/n’s cheeks at Harry’s observation of her.

“Oh um yeah I guess am.”

Y/n was so nervous. Talking to anyone terrified her let alone taking to the most popular guy in school.

“ I know this is really forward and totally random as we’ve never talked before but um could you please tutor me.” Harry internally cringed at his forwardness, that was quite possible the worse way he could of asked her to tutor him.

“ I don’t know, Rachel over the other side of the class room could tutor you, she’s tutored some of your friends I believe.”

Harry looked over to the direction y/n was pointing. He stared at Rachel for a moment thinking about what to do, should he go over to Rachel or beg y/n to help him. He decided the latter.

“ oh um you see I don’t really get on well with Rachel so could you help me, please y/n I’ll even pay you”

Y/n was silent which made Harry nervous, he was praying that she didn’t see right through his bullshit lie.

“ um… you don’t have to pay me”

Y/N finally spoke. Harry was relieved, he didn’t know if this meant yes but it wasn’t a outright no.

“So does this mean you’ll tutor me”

“ um-er yes I’ll tutor you, it will be at your house though”

Y/N was terrified- she mentally kicked herself for agreeing, there’s a reason she doesn’t tutor people and that’s because she hates social interaction, and the idea of saying something wrong haunted her.

“ Great thank you so much y/n I’ll wait for you after school and we will start from there”

And with that Harry was off leaving a very nervous y/n behind.


The week passed very quickly a bit to quickly for Harry’s liking. Y/n went round his everyday after school to tutor him.

For the first few days that’s all they did, go through the topics and y/n would help Harry with anything he was struggling on, then she would go home.

However as the week progressed, y/n got more and more comfortable with Harry, so they started to have more converstions not about the work.

Harry liked the fact that y/n was slowly coming out of her shell, she was actually really cool to hang out with and not to mention she was an incredible listener.

Harry couldn’t quite understand why she wasn’t one of the populars, she fitted the role well- Harry was glad that she wasn’t popular though, he knew that popularity would ruin her quite like it ruined him.

The week was over and it was the day of finals. Harry had tried his hardest to find y/n beforehand so he could wish her luck- even though he knew she didn’t need it. But he couldn’t, she was nowhere to be seen.

Harry went into the exam with a heavy heart- he hated to admit it but he really missed y/n over the weekend, her super cute contagious laugh, and they way she would blush and stare at the ground when ever he complimented her.

Harry needed her- and she wasn’t there.


A week passed, and harry had come to the conclusion that y/n was avoiding him. He didn’t know why and quite frankly it really annoyed him.

The worst part is that Harry passed finals, but he couldn’t celebrate. Celebrating without y/n felt wrong- she was the reason he passed after all. It was driving him crazy- she was driving him crazy.

Y/n had completely shut down. She loved spending time with Harry she really did but she couldn’t be his friend. They are two completely different people. He was a social butterfly whilst she was a social recluse.

She hated herself for avoiding him on exam day- she desperately wanted to wish Harry good luck.

Y/n knows Harry passed she was there when the teacher announced it to him,the look on his face made her heart beat quicken and her stomach fill with butterfly’s. He look so happy the smile on his face was the first genuine smile y/n had whitnessed.

Y/n wanted to run to him and hug him, he deserved this, he worked hard alongside y/n for it. However y/n didn’t do anything but smile to herself and leave the classroom.


Another week passed and Harry made it his mission to talk to y/n.

It was Friday when he finally caught her walking home.

“Y/n” Harry shouted desperately trying to get her attention. But to his dismay she kept walking.

Y/n heard him though, she couldn’t bring her self to turn around and face him- she knew he was angry and disappointed and she hated herself for causing his pain.

Harry ran as fast as he could to catch y/n up. When he did he grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him.

Y/n was crying, not because of harry grabbing her but because she was so incredibly sorry for ignoring him.

“Why.” That’s all harry could ask her.

“I don’t know Harry I don’t know”

Y/n was staring at the ground- to afraid to look in Harry’s eyes.

“ what do you mean you don’t know y/n you must have a reason to avoid me.”

“ I’m sor-”

“ No let me finish, I needed you y/n I needed you so much but you weren’t there. You left me a lone when I needed you the most. All I wanted was a good luck from you and I would of been okay”

Harry look at y/n awaiting her reply, when it didn’t come he sighed and stared at the ground.

“ I passed”

Y/N looked up at him, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“I know”

Harry looked into her teary eyes.

“Did you pass”

It was a stupid question but harry needed to here her voice.

“ I did”

“ I’m happy for-”

Y/n cut him off.

“I’m so sorry Harry. Friendships terrify me, social interaction in general terrifies me, I was scared of what we had so I did what I usually do, I ran from my fears.”

“ I don’t want to be your friend”

Y/n heart sank her eyes began welling up, how could she be so stupid of course someone like Harry didn’t want to be her friend.

“ I wanted to be more than friends y/n”

Both their hearts began racing. Y/n couldn’t believe what she just heard and harry couldn’t believe he just said that.

“You-you did”

“Yes, and I still do”

“Why me harry, you could have any one you wanted why go for the social awkward nobody”

Harry chuckled at her obliviousness.

“ You’re so much more than that y/n, you’re amazing, you’re a math genius and I envy you for that, you have the most amazing laugh I’ve ever heard, you’re the best listener I’ve ever incounterd. You’re an incredible person. But most inportanly.”

Harry paused and took y/n’s trebling hands in his own.

“You’re the girl who stole me heart”


“I don’t know what to say harry”

“ Say you’ll be mine”

Y/n paused, taking everything in. Before saying the words that she’s never had the confidence to say.

“I’m already yours harry”



Stay (part one)

A/N: I haven’t written anything in a good bit, but I’m back and ready to write some good ole Bucky x reader fanfic. Hope you guys enjoy this! Feel free to message me if you want tagged in this new series I’m doing.

Summary: College AU where Bucky and the reader meet at a party. A drinking game gives Bucky a choice and well…you’ll see.

Word Count: 1,621

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, unprotected sex (wrap your willy before you get silly) language, some fluff, seriously…if you’re under 18, don’t read this…

Bucky x reader

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Request: “Can I ask you for jealous Jin imagine?💚” -Anon

Genre: Fluff Angst

Pairing: You x Seokjin

Word Count: 1556

You had friends. None of those friends you kept a secret from anyone. Some were older, some were younger. Some you had known for years, others a few months. And today was just another day with you going to have coffee with one of them. 

You had told Jin about the new guy at your work who you had to show around and you hit it off with. However, Jin didn’t see it the same way you did; platonic. He saw this new boy as a threat to your 2-year relationship. He didn’t say anything when you told him, he just smiled and turned away whenever you said something good about the potential threat. Then, when you told him that you had scheduled a ‘coffee date’ with him, Seokjin’s jealousy sparked. Even then he didn’t say anything.

“I’m leaving!” You called out as you took your coat off of the hook and shoved your keys in your jean pockets.

“Okay.” Was the only reply you got from the kitchen.

“I’ll be back in about an hour!” you yelled, this time earning silence. Closing the door, you walked to the coffee shop about 5 blocks away.

As you arrived, you spotted the taller man leaning against the wall waiting.

“Haneul!” You called as you approached. His head snapped towards you and his –beautiful- face broke out into a smile.

“Hey!” He smiled and pulled you in for a hug. You gladly hugged him back, as you would with any of your girlfriends, and then entered the café with him by your side.

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[Jason and Percy arrange a dungeon and dragons game to cheer Nico up.]

Jason: I understand Nico has his character Ducane who he’s playing as for years. So I made these for you guys. Take your time choose your character carefully they each come with their own strength and weaknesses.

[The seven all grab random sheets]

Percy: Shouldn’t there be a board or some pieces or something to Jenga? 

Jason: No this is a roleplaying game.

Will: Ooooh Nico! *nudges Nico* 

Jason: Frank it’s your move how do you wish to proceed? 

Frank: Ummmm….

Jason: You’re slowing this down, Hazel? 

Hazel: I would like to introduce myself my name is Zippadidoo.

Jason: Yeah I’m not good at making up names.

Annabeth: Oh hey I’m Maaar…wow you weren’t kidding.

Percy: Hello Maaar, my name is Bing-Bong the archer, I’m an archer and such.

Piper: I’m ewww Hector the well endowed!

Jason: I didn’t know you’d just grab one at random I made that character with Percy in mind

[Percy & Jason fist bump]

Hazel: Yeah I bet you did…

fan imagine #2


(no this is not the last part)(sorry)


You were never really a dare devil, always following the rules, never really having a boyfriend and sucking at flirting.

So one day you just thought ‘fuck it’ and left your phone number on a paper at Starbucks. Yeah, I know: “Oh my god, I’m such a rebel!!”

Okay, no, that is definitely not what you are thinking.

Your friend told you to do it, quote, “You should calm your tits and live a little,” end quote. So that is why you’re talking to a random guy, who you don’t even know how he looks like, and shares the same name as a guy from the group you are absolutely obsessed with.

You decided to meet him for the first time today, well actually the second time but we decided not to talk about it because he basically stood you up. Some people might say that it is a stupid idea because:

First of all, it is a stranger. A person you have never ever seen before and nor talked to on the phone. It could be a 56-year-old paedophile and you’ll never know it.

Second of all, it might be the actual Park Jimin. Wait, that would be an amazing idea to meet him then, but it can never be the real Park Jimin.

Lastly, it could just be the friend who is pranking you, thinking it is just a hilarious prank.

You decided to meet in front of Bighit, close to the Starbucks where you left your phone number, because going to a public place is the safest option. He could be a murder, but fluffy Jimin could and will never be a murderer. Standing in front of the company waiting for Jimin was incredibly awkward. Seeing people walk in and out looking at you like you were a homeless person. Not a confidence boost as I might say.

You look around to maybe spot him, and you saw a guy standing alone, so obviously it would be him. So you obviously ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Oh my god, hi Jimin!”

You saw the guy turning around, his mouth full of the sandwich he was stuffing in his mouth. He opened his mouth to say something to you, but all that came out was bits of the sandwich flying to your face. Making you scrunch your face is disgust.

Well, you can not judge a person based on first impressions.

“I’m so happy we can finally meet; you were such a dickhead for letting me wait there for two hours!”

That guy standing across from you finally swallowed his sandwich and just judged you.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

There goes the last bit of confidence you had.

“I’m Y/N! We decided to meet at Bighit remember?! Are you not Jimin?”

“No, I’m Bob, now fuck off please!” he said while turning away and just left you standing there.


Turning around to look for Jimin again, you saw a guy standing there alone, with his back facing you. He looked like he was searching for someone. He turned around and you saw the actual Park Jimin from BTS. Having an internal shock, you quickly pulled your phone out to text Jimin.


You looked at Jimin again and saw that he pulled out his phone too to start texting. You were too shocked to walk up to him, that you were pulled out of your daze when you felt your phone vibrate.

Jimin 2:29pm - WHO?!!!?!??!?!?!??!!?!

Y/N 2:30pm - THE ACTUAL FUCKING PARK JIMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you sent that to him, Jimin started to look up from his phone to look around and he saw you looking at him from afar. When you caught his gaze you quickly looked away to not seem like a stalker. You looked back at him to see Jimin slowly walking up to you with a small smile on his face.


You froze, not knowing what to do. You couldn’t even scream, that’s how shocked you were. You saw his mouth move again, snapping you into reality again and seeing his unsure face. The face of ‘I-am-not-sure-if-it-is-you-but-it-probably-is-you-because-I-met-you-at-the-fan-event".


“Are you Y/N?” he repeated.

“Ummm, I am. You’re Park Jimin from BTS, right??”

He started to sigh in relief when you said your name and just nodded.

“I’m not trying to sound rude or something, but how do you know my name, did you remember from the fan event?” you said still confused and started becoming even more confused when he chuckled.

“We planned to meet in front of Bighit, right?” he said while raising an eyebrow.

That’s when reality hit you, hard. Like a fucking rocket just slammed into you. The fluffy bunny Jimin was the actual Park Jimin where you fangirled about, in front of the actual Jimin who you thought was not Jimin. You just became silent and Jimin slowly started becoming nervous. He started moving his weight from one foot to the other.


“YOU’RE PARK JIMIN?!?!??!?!?!!”

He started laughing out loud, and when you heard his laugh you just calmed down.

“Aren’t you glad to meet your bias in real life, who you always fangirl about?” he said with a cocky tone and wiggling his eyebrows. Your cheeks turned red and your natural response was to slap his chest lightly.

“Shut up, dickhead.”

He leaned in close to you, while smiling his cute bunny smile.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.”


here’s something dumb i just wrote and most of it doesn’t make sense and it changes tenses like 40 billion times OH WELL it’s just for fun ok i’ll shut up now ~~

au where zayn is cursed by an evil warlock jealous of his extreme beauty. the warlock says that when zayn comes in contact with his soulmate, he’ll slowly turn to gold. true love’s kiss will reverse the curse BUT part of the curse is that he will not look desirable in the eyes of his soulmate. they will not see zayn’s true face, but an average face - meaning he’d have to find true love without his vast beauty to help him. zayn feels helpless due to it, always assuming his looks were the only desirable thing about him. he can’t imagine anyone actually falling in love with HIM, not without the
help of his face. therefore he never actively tries to find love because it would only end up with him as a fucking gold statue.

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So bitchcallmebucky wrote this piece of amazingness for my prompt: 

civilian!Bucky secretly dating Cap!Steve and getting jealous whenever he sees people on TV fawning over his boyfriend

Bucky had almost mastered the art of tuning out the low hum of the TV by now, after working in the bar for 7 months. He’d gotten real good at drifting away inside his own head while he cleaned glasses to be re-racked, or when he was heaving empty kegs out to the drop-off point.

Tonight however, the show hosts voice catches his attention, “Tonight we have Captain America joining us live! Give him a warm welcome everybody, show our hero some love!”

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