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# she’s so adorable here, bye!

both aaron and robert need some serious communication and actual therapy otherwise they will always end up destroying each other until there’s nothing left of either of them


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

I have a bad habit of being sucked back into older fandoms.

Today we have a quick Yu-Gi-Oh Puzzleshipping Headcanon:

I have a real problem with uke!innocent!cryingvirgin! Yugi and seme!sexualdeviant! Atem. And here’s why.

Yugi has outwardly talked about porn with his friends, drooled over girls’ panties and been overly clear about his crush on Anzu/Tea. He’s a teenage boy with what is considered a typical teenage boy sex drive. There’s no doubt in my mind that he knows the intimate details of what would feel good. Just because he looks innocent doesn’t mean he is.

If you want innocence, really you can see it in his other half. Just because you radiate sexual energy doesn’t mean you know it. And tendencies towards violent situations have nothing to do with sexual behavior. As Pharaoh, he didn’t have much time to explore the more sexual side of himself; he was too busy running a country and fighting off people looking to kill him! 

Sure, Atem’s had his moments of teasing and making it clear he’s at least a little knowledgeable in human sexuality, but all of them are as an outsider looking in. He doesn’t notice when the affection is pointed in his direction.

Atem is very wise and full of advice when it comes to a long list of things, but I believe he’s a complete ditz when it comes to anything sexual. He probably gets free things from someone drooling all over him then walks away with the thought “what a nice lady,” not realizing her eyes are dead set on his leather clad ass.

And sharing body or not, Yugi would facepalm and guide Atem away from her undressing eyes.

In other words, while Atem protects Yugi from bullies and bad guys, Yugi protects Atem from people looking to rip his clothes off.


Your head was throbbing and you groaned softly as you attempted to open your eyes. God it seemed like you had been out forever, basically dead to the world. You could remember the last thing you saw, that brute of a mans fist coming at your face in slow motion. And then nothing.

Your eyes felt like they were glued closed, and you fought to blink them open, not expecting the excruciatingly fluorescent lights that greeted you when you finally did. Everything was white, and you squeezed your lids closed tight thinking you might still be in an unconscious dream. 

A shadow passed over you and suddenly a man was standing there, over you, his bright green eyes staring at you like you were something out of a horror movie. You saw his eyebrows knit as he leaned in closer and you tried to shrink away, opening your mouth to tell him to get out of your space but what came out of your mouth was a dry and shriveled “help”.


  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *lounging on the sofa watching TV in her pyjamas*
  • *knocking*
  • Molly: *lazily* Yup?
  • Sherlock: *outside* Molly.
  • Molly: *sits upright* Shit... *hurries around scattering tissues on the floor; puts on a mock sick voice* Just a minute *forced coughing*
  • Molly: *wraps a blanket around herselfand goes to open the door; smiling weakly* Hi, Sherlock... *coughing* I'm sorry I couldn't come in today but...I'm really sick.
  • Sherlock: *looking at her from head to toe*
  • Sherlock: *pushes into her flat* Then I should take care of you.
  • Molly: That won't be-
  • Sherlock: *disappointed* Oh. You're avoiding me. You're displeased with yesterday's...occurance.
  • Molly: *frantically shaking her head* No, I'm really sick *coughs*
  • Sherlock: I thought you wanted me to kiss you.
  • Molly: *forgets the 'sick voice'* What? I kissed you!
  • Sherlock: *smiles in satisfaction*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; shrugs off her blanket* Alright, fine...I-I'm sorry I kissed you *folds her arms*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Yes, you said that before you ran out. But...if anyone should be sorry about that kiss, it's me *pauses* If I am.
  • Molly: *smiles*
  • Sherlock: *looking at the ground* I don't how, erm, 'sorry' I am. How sincerely I mean it. The apology.
  • Molly: *shuffling on the spot; also looking at the ground* Oh. I, um, I'm not that sorry...myself.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Ah. Neither of us are sorry, then.
  • Molly: *shakes her head* No.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Oh, sod it *grabs her face and kisses her*
  • Molly: *smiles against his lips* Ouch.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I'm not apologising *kisses her again*


Yay for productive mornings :D

I’ve had a quick tidy up, taken out the bins, made food for the day, had my meds, checked in with the bf and had a quick workout :D Not to bad on three hours of sleep 

So now im gonna go shower and see about a bit of food, and then i’m gonna start on uni work

I leave for a few days with no wifi and so far:

  1. Phil did a liveshow
  2. Dil proposed
  3. Dan did a liveshow

Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 


Guess what (who) my new obsession is.

Still gotta adjust the style a little bit.

god i just really want some of the runners to spend their off-hours forming a punk band. except, only using whatever mishmash of instruments they were able to salvage, so it’s also kind of a junk band.

as of like a quarter of the way through s2, i don’t know enough of the characters to assign all the parts with confidence, but like possibilities include:

  • runner 5 on drums, let’s assume. drums for a possible value of “hitting whatever drumlike objects are available with a pair of long-handled paintbrushes” (i am enjoying the mental image of 5 just WHALING AWAY on the drums and everyone going, “…yeah well, we all know that 5′s got a lot of pent-up rage.”)
  • the guitarist probably has to go acoustic given the cost of electricity, and/or oops maybe actually they just have, like, a child’s toy keyboard
  • somebody plays harmonica?
  • runner 4 on bass, which is maybe, like, a somewhat broken cello. she is by far the most musically talented in the group, and the only one to sometimes be embarrassed by how bad they sound (at the end of every song she shouts “sorry!”)
  • there is a tambourine player separate to the drummer?
  • they’re so short on real instruments that if somebody can play, like, the saxophone, probably that’s rock n roll enough.
  • the band draws the line at kazoos. maybe.

they are required to play only in areas that have been heavily soundproofed, and even then, only at about mid-volume. and even then they can only practice when the major’s away.

whatever ok it is VERY punk


Soooo here’s week old pics of my blue pearl cosplay ,, unfortunately I didn’t take any selfies or pictures when I put the face paint on wtf


Well, it’s 2am and I can’t sleep. Have this W2H thing I just drew. At 2am.