oh yeah! i forgot

*hears katie cassidy is coming back to arrow*

*remembers what this show has done to katie & her character in the past*

I’m really happy that Katie is coming back because she was my favorite character when I started the show and remains my favorite, but I’m worried. I do wish she was coming back as our Laurel, but I can settle for Black Siren. I guess I’m just worried the shows gonna screw her over again. I’m hoping they give Katie a good storyline and flesh out Black Sirens character. 

Also to all the people hating on the Queen:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, just because you’re bringing Katie back doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you Arrow writers for killing off Laurel in the first place. 

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

about once a month steve abruptly remembers he isnt allergic to peanuts anymore, binge-eats a whole jar of peanut butter, then forgets again

me trying to romance Jaehee after doing Zen’s route.

I'm morbidly curious...

Context - We were looking through our inventories to see how much food we had left.

Druid: “Oh yeah, I forgot about these weird mushrooms I picked up forever ago.”

DM: “OH MY GAWD. Just EAT one already, I’ve been waiting forever for that.”

Druid: “But I still don’t know what THEY DO.”

DM: “If you don’t eat them soon, they’re going to HATCH.”

Entire Party: “….. W A I T.  W H A T????”

OH YEAH! I forgot to post this on here, but here’s my ween-pic! HOHOHO jokes. Anyway, happy belated Halloween :)

(feat. from left to right: Mark, Cry, Pewds, Marzia, Jon, me, Holly, Ross, Sam, Jack, Starexorcist, Wiishu, Arin, Cranbersher, Suzy and Danny)

ive decided that Mr Soaps is my new Fallen London OC, based on a dream I had about it. here are some facts abt Mr Soaps: 

  • its in charge of soap. thats all. 
  • currently in a one-sided dispute w/ mr fires over whether or not it gets candles as well. 
    • the dispute is one-sided because fires Does Not Care
  • dresses in lavender robes 
  • is trying to make a business deal with mr spices so it can expand its business to include scented soaps 
    • spices only agrees to provide it with nice-smelling things so it will go away
  • has no concept of what smells good to humans. cumin soap was not a good idea. 
  • mistakenly thinks that soap made out of the rendered fat of tomb-colonists is in high demand. 
  • gives out free soap samples to people it likes. this isn’t as great a reward as it thinks it is. 
  • is of the opinion that the good people of London want to buy soap figurines of the masters/other important people. 
  • is it an actual master? is it just mr wines in a funny hat? how on earth does it make any money? the world may never know. 

“And I’ve got an accordion!”

Of course you do, of course


I forgot this one


He had another one in his room

“I hope you’re always smiling”

Happy Birthday Kanan!! <33 02/10