Calling Anyone Who Loves Music

So me and cliffordsrsly have had a great idea. remember when Halsey tweeted this:

Well, we figured, why can’t we do that? So here’s presenting the Music Sanctuary! The description on our website best describes what we’re trying to do: “ Hello! We are Reagan and Mollie, two teenage girls with a dream to help other kids around our age who are struggling. We want to make a way for these kids who might be depressed or struggle with any mental illness, but are still alive and fighting because of a band or artist. We know that music can really influence someone’s life for the better, and we want to give these kids and teenagers the opportunity to meet these people who have influenced them that much.”

But, as we all know too well, none of this is free. We need some donations to kickstart this. We are going to contact some places to see if they want to sponsor us, but i don’t know how they’ll respond to two sixteen year old girls. 

If you want to donate, we have a gofundme here. If you want to visit our website/blog, you can here. If you want to contact us and find out more what we’re about, our email is

Even if you can’t donate, it would still be amazing if the word was spread. please tell people who could potentially donate. Help us make this dream a reality! 

And one last thing, this is for any artist. It’s not just for one particular genre of music. All kinds of music saves lives and we want to show the world.

*this is our unofficial logo but i think it looks good lol*


More moaning…oh my god.


“You …. may …. now …. kiss … “

Who decided having sloths as priests would be a good idea? I mean yeah Zootopia where everyone can be anything. But really?



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