oh yea thats me

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How do you write so much so fast?? Seems like every time I blink you've put out a flawless 9k chapter of something, and I'm over here s u f f e r i n g to get to at least 4k,,, (My current theory is that you are a robot- Evidence A: You type a million words a minute. Evidence B: You fail at 'I'm not a robot' security tests). Anyway, pls teach me your ways, O Master of Fics

Haha awww thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

I’m not really sure!! I do type fast and unlike a lot of people (maybe?) I don’t do much/any planning beforehand. It’s sort of just chug and go. I also don’t have any padding for my fics (I never write ahead) and don’t have a beta. I usually type a chapter in one night (6-10k) and edit in another night and that’s it! My pace has kind of slowed down recently bc of work/school/responsibilities but the process hasn’t changed much hahaha

ALSO DON’T CALL ME OUT FOR THE ROBOT SECURITY TESTS lolololol I’m not good under pressure ok??? ok??? and as for your Evidence A:

My aunt took me school clothes shopping, when we got home i was showing of the outfits and this happened
  • Me: *twisting around happy in my new outfit*
  • Grandma: like that, youll have the girls and the boys following you around
  • Me: *yes because i like both so please get me a girlfriend or a boyfriend*
  • Grandma: cause the girls will want to know where you got the clothes and the boys will be falling all over you
  • Me: *oh yea.... Thats why.... Theyll want to know where i got the clothes from ;-; *

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since ur birthday falls during StarCo week the conspiracy theories prove tru sav is the StarCo child sent from the future to save us all

Oh yea thats me lol