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((so.. here it is.. i really do hope this helps and i hope i did a good job with this im never really good at making tutorials??? and stuff but i hope this helps and let you guys know what physical features i use to make them distinguishable

if you are confused on anything just let me know and i will gladly help))

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Ah, hello male me~! You're prettier than I am! ♡ just wanted to stop by and ask, do you get teased about your broad shoulders as much as I do? (ask-momma-jin) ((P.S. This is Mel and you're one of the blogs that inspired me to make my blog so thank you <33! We can be sinning 14-year-olds together))

Jin: Ahh I’m pretty alright~ But you’re pretty too! ‘Cause we are technically the same person??? Ok but to answer your question, no I really dont. My shoulders are useful for many things… and Jimin likes to sit on them

Jin: And get off of me

Jimin: WOAH! A female version of Jin hyung?! Wow she’s really pretty…

Jin: Oh thats, @ask-momma-jin and yea she’s pretty.. just like me.. NOW GET OFF OF ME AND GIVE ME BACK MY GLASSES!

{ [eyes emoji]

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6,14, 20, 34 and 40 for the handwriting asks!!

thank you for the ask minnie! <3

send me a handwriting ask

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hey can you write rfa+v+saeran reactions to mc in labor and shes really in pain screaming and begging the baby to get out (in a good way pls) like rachel in friends yk

like rachel from friends omfg



  • he really thought he was ready
  • yay!! childbirth :DDD
  • :DDDD
  • MC was a bit loud on the way to the hospital, but nothing he couldnt handle
  • but things got worse when the actual delivery process started
  • why is she so scary
  • Yoosung was ready to be Supportive Father #1™ but now he’s


  • he cant believe this is happening!!
  • his princess is giving birth! creating new life! maybe even a smaller princess will enter the world today!
  • he was really not expecting all the screaming
  • he just kind of stands there dumbfounded
  • “arent you the father??? encourage her!!”
  • “oh, shit yea i’m the father thats me”
  • he clumsily takes MC’s hand and tries his best to encourage her
  • “this will be over soon”
  • honestly he’s encouraging himself as much as he is MC


  • emsc/KJAEF fFFfuckkk??
  • Jaehee is not good with loud
  • or panicked
  • she kind of wants to leave the room this environment is stressing her out
  • but in the end she really wants to be there for the birth or her child
  • and Jaehee is not one to back down from a challenge !!!!!
  • she stays in that room and encourages the heck out of MC and is so comforting even thought she can barley hear her thoughts over MC’s shouting!!!
  • everything is fine :)


  • he has never seen MC like this
  • she’s always gentle and angelic and sweet
  • childbirth must be just….bad
  • yea Jumin its like REALLY BAD
  • he is so lost??
  • but he cant help that he’s never had to do anything even remotely close to this in his life
  • but!! this is not about him!! its about MC!
  • so he stays with her despite how horribly frightened he feels! :)


  • he cannot control what comes out of him, ever
  • as soon as MC starts yelling he just yells back out of habit
  • “what the hell are you doing?? dont yell at her!!”
  • “what? are we not just all yelling right now?”
  • “sir please lower your voice”
  • Seven pouts for a split second before MC needs more attention
  • from then on, despite his protests, Seven consoles MC in an inside voice
  • its just not fair


  • V is the most comforting being on this earth probably
  • MC starts spazzing out and raising her voice
  • as soon as it starts to happen, V would let MC squeeze his hands tightly and speak to her in a soft, gentle voice
  • “sweetheart, dont freak out. i’m right beside you, just look at me-”
  • its not working
  • she’s still yelling
  • not even V smooth voice can overcome the pain and stress of childbirth
  • and he’s just kind like…welp,
  • learn somethin new everyday


  • STOP
  • but he cant say any of those things because he knows MC is allowed to scream
  • cause childbirth sucks ass
  • since when is MC so loud he’s really shocked
  • later on he makes fun of her for it

thanks for reading!!! ^^ <3 hope u liked itt

My aunt took me school clothes shopping, when we got home i was showing of the outfits and this happened
  • Me: *twisting around happy in my new outfit*
  • Grandma: like that, youll have the girls and the boys following you around
  • Me: *yes because i like both so please get me a girlfriend or a boyfriend*
  • Grandma: cause the girls will want to know where you got the clothes and the boys will be falling all over you
  • Me: *oh yea.... Thats why.... Theyll want to know where i got the clothes from ;-; *