oh yea help me

i have a new thirst for art memes pls send me some


Commission is open!

all prices are in USD, i accept payment by PayPal only! email me at aileen.leenh@gmail.com for ordering!

I basically draw anything from fan arts to OCs except for these:

  • NSFW
  • Mecha / robots
  • furry
  • animal (negotiable)

Important note:

  • i’m quite busy now and i’m pretty slow at coloring so it’ll be around a week or so that i can finish the commission.
  • Show me a reference to what you want me to draw, what pose, with simple BG or without, etc. Be as detailed as possible.
  • Simple BG is free and I can’t draw too complicated BG, but it’ll cost more depending on how hard it is.
  • I can reject your request if i’m uncomfortable with it.
  • Please note that I will only draw your commission after a full payment (and I’ll try to draw it ASAP)
  • What I draw for you can only be used for personal work so don’t try to sell it.
  • just ask me if you’re unsure of something! :D

Well I guess that’s it. Even if you’re not commissioning it’ll help if you give me a signal boost. Thank you so much <3

more of my art can be found here


Uh yea
So I decided to try and pull off a cosplay (is partial cosplay even a thing?)
I’ve seen ppl drawing him like he’s wearing g a turtleneck and winter coat and even though its not my religion it s. J u s t s o c u t e

Deadass I’ll be real like I mix up most of you guys like 90% of the time 

Like theres like 1423436 englands, americas, japans, and russias following me each and everyone’s url and mun gets mixed up in my head so like

if i mix u up with another rper im so sorry