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I think that Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order is a turning point in Anakin & Obi-Wan’s life. When Ahsoka left, Anakin’s courage to hope went away and Obi-Wan senses it. Obi-Wan does his best to comfort Anakin but at the same time he knows that he is never going to be enough to undo the damage done. 

I also thought of something Stover wrote:

Oh, this is a redo of my old attempt: here yay

Sometimes I take my meds and I’m like “Yeah getting work shit done. Fuck distractions.” But then sometimes I take them and I’m like “oh yay now I can be more focused on the things that already distract me….”

Kou Mukami [Dark Fate-Manservant End]
Kou Mukami [Dark Fate-Manservant End]

I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to summarize the whole route… but you can’t even imagine how busy I am lately  ヘ(。□°)ヘ Anyways, I felt like adding audio somewhere… so this is my first try w (there’s some weird noise at the start, but then it’s just fine-ish)

Spoilers ahead! And now there’s only Vampire End left, so stay tuned!


Yui: If he doesn’t wake up… No, I can’t take this. Kou……!

Kou: …Nng.

Yui: Kou!?

Kou: Eh…? Just what happened to me?

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Oh, and still about that "heart of a chief, soul of a dragon" scene: do you think - in terms of character+animation analysis - that Hiccup looks more and more scared as Valka tells him who he is? Love reading your stuff, mate:)

Finally got around to answering the second part of your ask yay. :)

Analyzing Hiccup’s facial expression closely during the funeral scene? Gods this hurts. I thought I was done crying during this scene. So wrong.

There is a world of painful emotions screaming through Hiccup’s eyes in this scene, and it’s hard to find the words to say exactly everything that’s in his head. There’s fear and shock and raw grief and confusion and numbness and despondency and self-questioning. Some of those emotions, I think, come out more than others. So while I think there is some fear in there, I think what Hiccup mainly is doing here, beyond grieving, is grappling with the understanding of his personal identity. While there is worry in there - he’s doubting himself and fears he’ll mess up and fail again - there’s an enormous amount of shock on his countenance. There’s shock as the meaning of who Hiccup is sinks into him. It’s a combination of horrible grief from Stoick’s death and the absolutely astonishment of what Valka is telling Hiccup.

Hiccup has grown up with Daddy’s disappointment. While it is true Hiccup more recently has heard Stoick call him “the pride of Berk,” it does not mean all of Hiccup’s insecurity issues have been fixed. In fact, I feel as though this scene really pulls them out nice and raw. Valka tells Hiccup his identity, and this brings out both his personal questions about his own identity, as well as that part of him which has always struggled to garner his father’s approval.

When Valka first starts talking to Hiccup about when he was a frail baby, he frowns, as though trying to puzzle why she would bring this information up now of all times. Then his eyebrows move up slightly and his eyes widen as soon as she says, “But your father. He never doubted.” There is a bit of surprise in Hiccup’s face hearing that Stoick had such confidence in his baby boy. You can see Hiccup still carries some doubts that his father had such pride in him at a young age. This is news to Hiccup, what he hears from Valka.

And Valka’s words increasingly boil out more emotion in her son. It’s despondency and self-doubt in the forefront here. Hiccup’s eyes drop downward and to the left when Valka says, “He always believed you’d become the strongest of them all”. According to eye movement research, this means that Hiccup’s thoughts are primarily dealing with… emotion. Yeah no of course. Stoick’s death causes a huge emotional battle. His mother telling him his father believed he would become strong hits an even stronger emotional point. Thinking about his father’s pride is going to hurt in so many ways… it will bring up how Hiccup failed to reason with Drago and Stoick died, it will bring up his now-broken bond with his dad, and it will bring up the hard questions Hiccup has asked of his identity.

And then his eyes become wider after Valka says “He was right.” This is where you start to see fear. I can read it there, too, now that you mention it, though I have always read the primary emotion to be shock. This is not just a story about a father’s pride now. This is a story about how Hiccup has grown and succeeded.

It’s not what Hiccup would expect to hear at this lowpoint in his life. If anything, Hiccup probably thinks he has just proven to be the opposite of strong. He is questioning himself and his identity more than ever. Just think about the first thing Hiccup says in the ceremony. “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m not the chief you wanted me to be, and I’m not the peacekeeper I thought I was.” Hiccup is announcing that he is more lost than ever before. He might not have known who he was at the start of HTTYD 2, but at least he had some ideals to fall back on. But now everything has been taken away. Hiccup’s ideals of peace have led not to a better life, but his worst nightmare. The little shard of identity he knew about himself has led him to failure.

So for Valka to announce that Hiccup is the strongest of them all is an enormous, shocking blow to him. That’s how I read those huge eyes. “What? How can I be ‘strong’ after what just happened? After how I failed?” For Valka’s statement indicates both parents find Hiccup strong - something he most certainly does not see in himself right now. Not at all.

Then comes the big line. “You have the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon.” He’s staring at her with even more astonishment than before. It’s an enormous compliment, and I think he realizes that Valka is not wrong. But there’s fear in that, too. Hiccup has not been thinking about the future and where to go during the funeral thus far… he’s been wallowing, despaired, in the recent past, and how everything he thought he knew about himself - such as being a peacekeeper - has been “wrong”. But I think at this point Valka says “chief,” Hiccup realizes where he’s headed next in life. Who he is. He’s chieftain of Berk now. So while I see a lot of surprise, I can say, “Yes, he’s scared, too.”

Who wouldn’t be, after a failure like that? This is a huge identity to live up to. He’s probably wondering if he can actually do it.

But he has to. He’s Berk’s new leader. Eyes wide, he steps away from Valka, and tries to process about what he has just learned about himself. Because what Valka says is already true… Hiccup has room to grow, but all these statements are true of the present. He is strong, and her words help counter that self-questioning he has been fighting, and gives him an answer to his direction in life.

The answer to his identity has been solved at an emotional time, and his verbal response indicates that he’s still processing the information. It takes a long time before him to speak up again, but when he does, it’s all about how he relates to his father in the position of chief. “I… uh… I was always so afraid of becoming my dad, mostly because I thought I never could. How - how do you become some that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess… you can only try.”

That is the moment his facial expression changes and he steels himself for what is next. That is the moment he accepts his identity and his responsibilities as chief. He might still have some doubts, since he says he’ll have to “try” to be a great leader, but he’s going to give it his best shot. That’s the moment he takes his insecurities and fears and turns them into determination.

So yes, there is an element of fear there. I think he’s afraid he’s going to fail, just as he has during “Hiccup Confronts Drago.” But it’s such a painful torrent of emotions in his eyes, and so I never really thought of fear as the forefront there. I always saw the pain and shock more. After all, in a moment that Hiccup has been doubting his identity, here is the answer, coming from a proud mother, and it’s a lot to take in - even if he knows it’s true.

Now I’m just going to go and cry in a hole after staring at Hiccup’s tear-torn face for that long. Hope you’re happy. Actually, no, I hope you’re crying too.


OH HEY GUYS COVER REVEAL FOR THE NAMELESS CITY BOOK 1!!!!!! YAY! Entertainment Weekly has the scoop, as well as a short interview with me right here

Oh my sweet lord, this cover. It nearly killed me. We went through a massive design process, I think I literally broke one designer, because I’ve no idea what happened to her, and at one point (in MAY) we thought the cover was done, but then marketing sent it back and was like “make it better.” Which is fine! I wanted the cover to be the very best it could be, it was just an unusual experience for me. For my past books (Friends with Boys, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), we did like 3 cover mock ups, one was picked and there were maybe a couple revisions and then it was done. Doing the cover for The Nameless City was something like a 6 month process. Crazy! But I’m happy with it, and more importantly, my publisher (and marketing ;)) is happy with it too.

I’m going to post cover process stuff later (today or tomorrow), so you can see the insanity that was designing this cover. XD 

Cover colours are by Hilary Sycamore (my interior colourist, Jordie Bellaire was too busy to colour the cover). Oh, and the two interior pages are non-sequential (colours by Jordie Belliare).

YAY IT”S DONE. Oh my this took me forever, this file is HUGE. To scale with an actual move poster. Loved Chille Tid and love all the development that is happening in Steven Universe at the moment. When I saw the gems in the little raft I thought of Jaws immediately thus this was born. I hope you guys like it! It was a labor of love that I am proud with :)


My experience meeting Jared Padalecki - Asylum 14

So as y’all should know I mwent to Asylum 14 this weekend just gone. You might also know that Jared means a hell of a lot to me. Last May I met him at Asylum 12, but I completely let myself down and barely spoke to him - I didn’t even say hello when I came into the photo op!

Anyway. Asylum 14.

My first photo op of the con was with Jared and I was crazy nervous. I’d just joined the queue for Misha’s autograph but checked my phone and found that my group had been called for Jared’s photo. Hence I ran to join that queue instead. 

The queue was long and so there was a long time spent watching photos being taken which was really nice. There were funny poses, Jared goofing around and a few children got photos, all of which Jared was great with. His interaction with the kids made me melt he was so lovely.

Eventually I was near the front of the queue. Nerves were getting the beter of me but I was like, its okay, there are two more people ahead of me, I have time. Until those two people went into together. So I was next. Cue panicking.

My turn came and I forced myself to say something, I wasn’t having a repeat of last year. So I walked up to Jared and told him “I’ve kept on fighting for this hug.” Sounds dramatic, but since finding out Jared was coming back to Asylum, the thought of getting a hug from him was one of the only things keeping me going. Instantly Jared pulls me into the closest, tightest hug and says “thank god.” It meant so much to me because it was so genuine, so honest and I truly believed that he was relieved and proud of me for keeping on fighting. I’d heard so many stories about how Jared makes you feel important and valued, how amazing Jared is with everyone but my low-self-esteemed self never believed that would happen to me, whether because I was too shy to say anything, whether the queue was being so rushed that Jared wouldn’t have the chance or whether I just didn’t come across as that special, I don’t know. But I did feel important to Jared and it meant everything. I was scared I was going to lose it right there and then.

I could barely breathe he was hugging me so tight. After the photo was taken he looked me in the eye and said “you keep fighting”. I can’t remember if I answered or not, but I remember exactly how he said “keep fighting” and I keep replaying it in my head over and over. I was so close to crying by that point but I kept it together and thanked him. As I walked to get my bags Jared then said he loved my cosplay (I was dressed as LARP Charlie), but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even look back to thank him, which I feel rude for. I just needed to escape and cry. I ended up hiding in the toilets and crying my eyes out for about five or ten minutes.

[for those wondering no I’m not a giant, Mr Padalecki knelt down a bit for the photo]

Then I had my autograph with him later on and got my photo op with him from A12 signed. I was so nervous as I was giving him my #AlwaysKeepFighting book, and I was going to thank him for everything. 

The moment that Jared said hey I started to thank him and oh my god I babbled. I talked so fast and did miss things I wanted to say out because I was panicking so much about having enough time. I was like “I just want to thank you so much for evrything (Jared did thank me back but for the life of me I can’t remember what for) you’ve helped me through so much and I started university last year and Ive been freaking out about that so bad and you’ve helped me so much.” or something like that. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d been like babes..stop talking. But he didn’t, he just listened, I’m sure he’s used to people being nervous and babbling. I’m slightly disappointed in myself but my pride that I actually spoke to him and thanked him does overshadow that. Then I got the book out. The shock on his face is something I remember well. A few friends were halfway down the queue and saw his reaction too. He looked properly taken aback. I explained the book, that it was people from all over the world telling him their stories and thanking him for the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign. He flicked through it and kept saying wow, and told me it was really awesome and cool. Then he raised his hand as if to high five me but the moment my hand touched his he held onto my hand for a few seconds, I can’t remember how I reacted but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d just grinned like an idiot. He was so touched and flattered and I don’t remember what happened in the next like ten seconds but I remember thanking him several times before leaving and he thanked me back. (Then I realised I’d forgotten to get Jensen’s autograph and had to go back inside, congrats, me.)

The next day I got my J2 op which I was so nervous about. Anything involving Jared made me nervous anyway but then add Jensen to the mix and I was even more terrified. Jensen AND Jared, Sam AND Dean both looking at me at the same time?! WHAT?! This was originally meant to be done on Saturday but as Jeffrey sadly had to leave it was moved to Sunday so they could get the J3 ops done. This relieved me as if I’d had the J2 that day, I’d have had nothing involving meeting Jared on Sunday and that’d make me sad. So anyhoo. 

I was freaking out the whole time in the queue and was going between “awww”ing at cute photo ops/photo ops involving kids (they’re seriously cute with kids), saying “Omg they’re so beautiful” for like the 500th time, giggling at Jared’s perfect timing at smiling in photo ops (he wouldn’t smile until like the second the photo took) and thinking oh shit that’s going to be me soon. About halfway down the queue I thought of a funny pose to do: Me and Jared be like YAY WE’RE TWINSIES (I was dressed as Sam) while Jensen looks 500% done like “there are two of them nooooo”. I was all for doing that. Until I got close to the front of the queue. Then the nerves REALLY kicked in. I was shaking and so nervous, despite having already met both of them the day before. It got to my turn and I was saying “i’m scared, I’m scared” over and over which they probably heard me. Instantly I just went straight to Jared and hugged him. Jared is my safe place when I’m scared or feel down. I can watch Sam or gag reels or panel videos that feature Jared and feel safe and calm. Not often I can literally go to my “safe place” and hug him when I’m scared. So I definitely felt a lot calmer and safer though I felt a bit bad as I pretty much blanked Jensen (its okay he got a hug in his single photo later), but Jensen hugged us both. As I went to leave Jared said “I love your shirt!”, as I was wearing his Always Keep Fighting one (he was wearing the Squirrel&Moose one!). I got courage out of nowhere and suddenly said “thanks, I wonder where I got it from?” to which Jared laughed and was like “I know, right?!” So I left the room shaking, close to fainting (lack of food all weekend&omg I just hugged J2), and strangely proud that I had just sassed Jared Padalecki himself.

[yup, I look like a hobbit]

Later I had the Coffee Lounge with Jared that I did a post about. I didn’t say anything so we didn’t really interact, except he laughed at me one time :P 

So yeah, amazing amazing experience meeting Jared this time around. He is a total sweetheart and I’m so grateful to look up to someone who is having such a positive impact on not only my life, but many many others. He truly made me feel special and important and I’ve made a huge list in my scrapbook to help me when I feel unimportant, anxious or generally low, most of which is reminding me of things that happened when meeting Jared. 

Thanks for reading, and #AlwaysKeepFighting <3

Prompt Fic Continued

anonymous asked:

They slept together after Ryan’s wedding but never talked about it. Kate finds out she is pregnant but doesn’t know how to tell him, especially after the events of 47 seconds.


post 47 Seconds and The Limey


previously on prompt…

“I’m so sorry,” she rushes out. “Oh, God. That is not what I meant to say.”

Sorry really doesn’t fix that kind of - and well, now he gets it, right? “But you make some good sense,” he says, offering a smile. It’s hard to pull off. He’s not sure he did pull it off. “That’s a really good point. We’re still pretty - our communication isn’t so great. And getting married when we’re already this messed up…”

Well this just sucks.

This is not beautiful or joyful or anything. This is just one wound after another, and you would think he’s figured it out by now. That he would just stop risking himself for love because the hurt is just - it sours everything.

After his messy divorce with Gina, he really ought to have learned, but instead he turned around and fell in love with the first woman to test him. A detective whom he has knocked up and is all wrong for and yet-

“Okay, yes. Yes, Castle, marry me.”


She holds her breath.

His mouth opens and then slams shut, a grim determination in his eyes. So she opens her mouth to salvage what she’s blundered into, but he holds up a finger.

“Wait a second. Wait right here.”

And then she’s gaping after him as he extricates himself from the couch and runs off, back towards his office (his bedroom?) and away from her.

Well, that was really stupid.

She just - basically told him he’s terrible at marriage and then demanded he marry her anyway. She is so bad at this, so fundamentally bad at this. Her therapist could have warned her, could have said, Kate, think about perhaps not opening your mouth; write it down first. Not that writing it down would have given any better idea what to say.

I’m pregnant, it’s yours, I want it, do you? That was really the extent of her thinking. That was all she had to go on, because he’s been so hurtful lately, because he’s been acting like she’s nothing to him-

Because he’s been trying not to love her, he said. Because she lied about what she remembers and she ran away that night before the dawn even hit her face, and because putting those two things together seems pretty bad, pretty dire, actually so no wonder that’s what he thought.

So they’re a wash. Is that it? They tried it and they don’t work, and unfortunately, this kid will have to bear the consequences. Or - well, she will. Because he’s a good father and she would never keep him from his kid, and she’ll have to see him every day of this kid’s life, see him and know she messed it up, that it could have been really great because they did love each other, they do, but it’s not enough.

It’s not enough. She should leave.

She half stands, but her legs are wavering as she remembers the whole point of this.

She can’t leave. There’s a baby. And that has to be - settled somehow. A schedule or a calendar, a tentative agreement or some kind of truce. She’s already set the next appointment and she should at least tell him when it is, even if the idea of listening to the heartbeat with him there is about as soul-crushing a thing as she can imagine.

Rick Castle there but not in any way she can have.


She glances up, swiping at her eyes, and she knows that she must look a huddled, pathetic mess on his couch. She feels pathetic. She feels like the character in one of those melodramatic Gothic novels who can’t seem to fight for herself or her love or anything.

And that is not her. She’s not that person. So no more. No more.

Kate jerks to her feet, and her old instinct to run is so finely ingrained in her muscles that she actually makes a faltering step to the door before she can manage to stop herself. No running. Running is actually impossible now; she’s anchored to him in a way that neither of them can refuse.

She twists back and paces towards him, and she grabs his hand in both of hers (momentarily startled by the width of his palm and the thickness of his fingers, sense memory of a night in a hotel, time stolen out of time-)

“Kate? I was just going to-”

“Stop,” she rushes out. “I’ve done a really terrible job of this. And I think I-” She shakes her head, squeezes her eyes shut, promises herself she’s going to stop prevaricating, stop padding her sentences with all these conditions and concessions and hesitations. She’s just going for it. “I know that I hurt you. I’ve hurt you. You hurt me too; that’s life. But - but it’s a life I want. It’s better with you, even when it hurts me, and that was never something I thought I would ever say and mean. So - well, yay for therapy, right?”

His fingers flex in hers, a little relieved laugh in his throat. “Yay for therapy.” His smile starts up again, and with it, her heart.

With it, her heart.

All the ways he’s touched her. Before she ever met him, he touched her - those novels, the words he wrote, the way good shined and evil was dragged into the light. And then as her partner these last few years, doggedly sticking by her side. And so whatever else they’ve done, there’s this. There’s-

“Oh, my God, Castle, I’m pregnant.”

He laughs then, eyes brighter, and he’s so happy. She’s made him so happy. “Yeah, so I hear.” He dives back into his pocket and pulls out the ultrasound photo and that smile of his just gets absolutely ridiculous.

He could break her whole heart with it.

“I love you,” she blurts out.

He drops to his knees. Literally.

Kate lets out a noise, grabbing for him. She misses and winds up hanging tightly to his one hand in hers, as if to soften his landing, and then she realizes he meant to do that.

And he’s holding - what? - some kind of ring, something shiny-gold and flat-band - up with the ultrasound photo in his hand. “Katherine Houghton-”

“How do you know my middle name?”

He laughs and leans forward, his forehead pressed into the back of her hand, his laughter spilling across her fingers. “Of course, you would. You would ruin my moment. Our moment. Detective Kate Beckett, you have been the most frustrating, intelligent, maddening, beautiful woman I’ve ever known, and I already feel honored to have made a baby with you - don’t laugh; I do - and you have already made me the happiest man, twice over, once when you told me we should get a room and now twice-”

“This is sounding sordid,” she mutters, narrowing her eyes.

“Hush, Beckett, I’m doing something here.”


“Pot meet kettle.”

“Ouch,” she says, but she doesn’t feel it. Doesn’t at all feel it. It’s not a sting, it’s comical and sweet and poignant; it’s them, and he’s proposing to her. “But don’t let me stop you. Get to the point.”

“Finally, woman. The point is - we are great together, I think we both know we’ve wanted this, and as crazy as it might have seem to jump ahead, I’m asking you - please, will do me the honor of saying yes just one more time?”


He lets out an explosive breath - he must have been expecting her to fight him - but he pushes the band down over her finger and it doesn’t really fit, but it’s pretty sweet. Actually, she thinks it’s the band from the middle of a flashlight.

“Where’d this come from?” She spins it with her thumb as he gets off his knees, but he doesn’t give her a chance to speculate.

Castle wraps her up in his arms, sweeping her off her feet so that she grunts and winds an arm around his waist to hang on. “I love you, Kate. I do - oh, look at that, practicing already. I do.”

She bites her lip, tilting her head back to peer at him. She just - they just - they’ve had one night (after which she ran off in the pre-dawn gray) and now they’re going to get married. And have a baby.

“This is going to be great. And you know, I don’t care when - fast or wait until after - but I want you to have your dream wedding, Kate. Or whatever you want. But you’ll - move in with me, right? And we’ll work on our communication, because I never want a repeat of the last few weeks-”

She ceases his overflow of words - with her mouth. She takes them right off his lips and they taste clean, like water bubbling in a fountain, and she swallows the groan he releases as well.

He moves to cradle the back of her head and she suddenly loses his support. She slides slowly down his body, fists clutched in his shirt at his waist. His fingers tighten at her skull and his nose nudges into her, lips moving to skim her own. She gasps for breath, awareness flooding through her, and he presses her back, his mouth on hers as if diving deep again.

She clutches at his back and feels his hand at her shirt, skimming open buttons, one after another, her heart thundering under his fingers.  

He touches the hollow at her neck, bare now, and then trails down her sternum.

They both startle when he gets to the bullet scar, and his palm flattens between her breasts, covering the place. His mouth parts from hers, his forehead against hers, their breath fast and mingling in the twin thud of heartbeats.

Slowly, he uncovers the wound, the puckered skin she’s stopped trying to hide.

His thumb traces a half-circle around it, and she remembers, vividly, the look in his eyes that morning as he hovered over her, when his hand first touched the spot and came away with blood and he knew.

She remembers that knowledge on his face, pale and drawn, the urgency of his voice.

“I’m sorry,” she breathes between them. His hand is heavy at her breast, the eroticism of his touch making her tremble. “This it the worst timing. I don’t know what this looks like, I don’t know that I can even - keep this baby safe. The sniper is still out there, and there’s no reason at all for them to let me live-”

“Kate,” he croaks. “Kate, I should have said - I should have told you before now. Oh, God, there’s something you should know.”

She freezes, her fists tightening in his shirt, and he runs his hand up to her neck, cups her jaw. He doesn’t let go of her.

“Kate, I’ve done something. I made a deal for your life.”


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OKAY but Jehan and Montparnasse baking together????? *0*

Oh my godddd

I thought about this the whole way home, okay, here we go (good morning, it’s 1am here, yay)

  • Parnasse gets a call at, like 2am. It’s Jehan’s ringtone, so he immediately wakes up, and Jehan sounds vaguely upset? So Parnasse is on his doorstep, like, two seconds later and lets himself in
  • Turns out Jehan has decided that the mastering of any art is best done through procrastination and sleep deprivation, and he’s laying on his kitchen floor, surrounded by eggshells, and playing Billy Elliot really loud
  • “I have to bake a cake for this Pride event, and I don’t know how to bake, but I get the feeling you do, Parnasse, help me.”
  • “When does this have to be done by exactly?” “Tomorrow.” “What the shit, Jehan.”
  • The main issue is that Jehan has spent waaaay too much time on Pinterest and wants to make one of those fancy rainbow cakes, but it’s a lucky thing he hasn’t burned his apartment down yet, and he’s almost out of eggs.
  • Montparnasse knows the absolute basics of baking. He can turn on an oven and follow directions, and he eventually strong-arms Jehan into making an easy chocolate cake instead of that monstrosity of food coloring he wants to fool with.
  • Thank god Parnasse works well on little sleep because Jehan is an unhelpful, giggly mess.
  • “Where did that egg go?” “Egg? What egg?” “You know what egg.” “America. The birth of a new nation.” “This is the third musical you’ve managed to quote at eggs, just give it to me, I swear.”
  • (Those would be Something Rotten!, Starship, and now 1776)
  • Flour fight
  • “Some poweder for your hair, Monseiur?”
  • Parnasse looks like a pied raven, save him
  • Cake finally gets done, and Jehan INSISTS on being the one to decorate it. He has twelve different colors of icing, and he is going to use all of them.
  • Parnasse made the mistake of trusting Jehan to do this on his own and took a nap on the couch. Woke up ten minutes later to Jehan drawing a mustache on his face in pink icing pen.
  • By the end of everything, they’re both covered in sugar and flour and need a shower badly. Jehan texts Feuilly to pick up the cake in the morning, the door’s unlocked, and apologizes because he will be late. Definitely. He’s bringing a guest, though; they both just need some sleep first.

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

Cross-Posted to FF.net | Past Chapters

Author Note: EEK! I’ve been waiting for this chapter for so long, you guys don’t even know! I really hope you enjoy it you might need some tissues for some happy tears. I hope to figure out my schedule soon so I can get on a set posting schedule again.


Lucas glanced down at his phone as it vibrated in his hand, he saw his best friend’s face pop up as he slid his thumb over to answer, “What’s up Zay?”

“I’m calling to tell you not to go back to your place first. Just go straight home to your wife and daughter.”

Lucas shook his head, “I have to get my mail I have to get something from my closet.”

“Lucas, trust me just go to Riley’s place. Trust me.” Zay chuckled.

“You didn’t use my apartment for something did you?”

“Just go home to your wife, go in the backdoor as always yell out Honey, I’m Home or whatever cheesy thing I know you do.”

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My Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 initial thoughts and reactions

Bran Stuff:

-Wow, you’re growing up dude. You’re so tall now!

-Aw Lil Hodor!!! He talked!! Old Nan! Lyanna! Ned! AWWWWW BABIES!!!

-Did Child say Bran is gonna leave that cave eventually? Excuse me? Really?!?! YES PLEASE.

The Wall:

- Woo! Go Wildlings!

- AH. FUCK. Giant did a Hulk Smash. Gross. 

Kings Landing:

- Oh drunk dude. You need to shut fuck up.

- Oh hey thanks HBO for showing some dick… I guess? Did it have to be peeing? I mean yes #freethepenis and all… but ::sigh:: this show will never not show a dick for the sake of laughs. I mean would it kill you to show a sexy dick- OH GOD THE MOUNTAIN JUST. OMG. OMG.


- Jamie, I wish you would. Just gut that dude. ::sigh:: Why are you even at King’s Landing. What the fuck are you doing? 

- Oh shit… Cersei got Tommen back. Interesting.


- LOL Tyrion. “I drink and I know things.”  That’s a nice change from the “You know nothing” catchphrase from this show.

-Tyrion nooooooo… don’t do it. Quentin did this in the book and it didn’t turn out well for him. Pls no.



-OMG They like him? The Dragons like him?!?!

-I’m so relieved!!!

-Oh Dragon hugssss! Awwww! Big kitties.

- I guess I gotta make some How to Train Your Dragon fanart with Tyrion soon.

- I wonder if this means Tyrion might get to be the 3rd Rider. Hmmmm.


- You do you gurl.


- Oh Ramsey kills his dad? Not surprised. Okay. Roose needed to die anyway. Wish a Stark would have done it though.

- Ohhhh I really don’t wanna watch Walda and the Baby die.

- I really really don’t.

- I know Ramsey is a monster. Can we not please? 

- Ugh.

The Adventures of Sansa and Brienne:

- Oh yay they are talking about Arya! My Stark girls omg. <3

- Ok Theon. Sansa may forgive your shit. But I don’t. Boy, Bye. Get the fuck out.

Iron Isles:

-… I thought this guy was dead. Didn’t he die back in like season two? Fell off a bridge during a hurricane? No?

- Oh I guess it was just the books then cause you’re obviously doing that now.

- I seriously have ZERO interest in the Iron Born. Give no shits.

The Wall part 2:  

- Davos… you’re the one asking her to do it?! OKAY. FINE.

- Gurl….

- This isn’t going to work. They aren’t just gonna let this work. It will probably not work and then he’ll come back when they burn him.

- This totally isn’t going to work.

- Gurl no… I almost feel bad for you.

- Ugh show… stop dragging this out it’s not going to work. You never give me what I want so you’re not going to trick me now.

- See. Didn’t work. Wait—is Ghost just sleeping there? Wait.

- Wait.

- Fuck- this going to work isn’t it?

- Oh shit. Oh shit…. Oh shit….


- omg omg omg YESSSSSSS.

- (Wait, why are you playing the scary zombie music at the end. This should be happy awesome music. FACK.)

THIS EPISODE CERTAINLY FELT LIKE ALL THE STARKS ARE ABOUT TO START SOME SHIT YES? YES? I need some time to collect my thoughts better about all this stuff. Hmm. Yes. 

Really looking forward to Jon walking around Castle Black like: