oh y god my childhood

For NotFamous!5SOS by hectichoods

You arrive at the campus of your university, without knowing anyone because you moved to the other side of your country to study at one of the top universities for your degree. You make your way to the building where thousands of students live, reminding yourself you would live with over one hundred people for as long as necessary.
After going to your room at starting unpacking your stuff, you hear My Chemical Romance playing from the other side of the wall. You look at you MCR shirt and decided that making new friends through music wouldn’t really hurt you.
Making sure to look the slightest bit of “okay”, even if you had sweat running down your face from moving your things alone, you knock on the the person’s door and are greeted by a tall boy, with white bleached hair, wearing black skinjy jeans and a “Iron Maiden” shirt.
“How can I help you?” his voice has a sweet welcoming tone to it.
“Well… Heard My Chemical Romance and decided to bond.” you say shyly, pointing at your worn out shirt, almost glued to your body because of the sweat.
He raises ans eyebrow and smiles widely. “Sure, come in!”
His room is filled with unpacked boxes just like yours, but two guitars are already placed in the corner of the room, one electric and one acoustic. Also some cd’s stacked on top of each other.
“So you like My Chemical Romance?” he wonders.
“Liking seems like an understatment. I love that band with all my heart.”
The boy, who still hasn’t introduced himself sits on the bed and rubs his sleepy eyes.
“Sorry, but what’s your name?” you ask.
He changes the song and clears his throat.
“Michael Gordon Clifford, at your service.” he laughs but you don’t. That name clicks in your head and your mouth hungs open.
“Wait, are you serious? Michael Clifford? Michael ” I used to think dragons were real" Clifford?“
He looks confused for a second and opens is mouth because he is about to talk but he doesn’t, since he is too surprised by your sudden hug.
“Wha-what are you doing? How do you know that?” he eyes are wide and he’s in shock.
“It’s me! Y/F/N Y/L/N! Your childhood besfriend! Oh my God I can’t believe this, I missed you so much!”
His cheecks turn red of the thought of how he said goodbye to you when he was about to move more the five hours away. You were both thirteen and awkward, anti-social nerds, who spent a lot of time together. Before he left, he confessed his love for you and kissed you, but ran away from embaressement. You never heard of him ever since, oddly.
“Well this is unexpected!” he hugs you back and burries his head on your shoulder. “I missed you so much as well.”
The silence settles for a while and the soft voice of Gerard Way breaks it suddenly.
“I can’t believe I’m neighbours with my first love. What are the odds?” you admit.
He blushes hard as you break the hug to look at him.
“I was your first love?”
“Of course you were.”