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oh my god, imagine pta mom steve getting into a fight with another soccer mom. she made a bitchy comment about idk, peggy or kat, and steve was like, this is fucking war. but he's soo passive aggressive about his grudge. like "susan, it's /such/ a pleasure to see you at the kindergarten graduation ceremony! it's a shame your husband couldn't make it. or your boyfriend. xoxo steve."


bitchy queen Steve Rogers is, look, it’s the one thing in my veins. 

[8:54:20 PM] kelsier: looks @ game pic
[8:54:22 PM] kelsier: squints
[8:54:25 PM] kelsier: ……..marsh?
[8:54:27 PM] kelsier: is that u?
[8:54:29 PM] The Master Commander: yes
[8:54:36 PM] The Master Commander: he burns people instad of metal now
[8:54:38 PM] The Master Commander: surprise

Dear girlfriend,

I put your drunk ass to bed, taking the fact that you passed out hard after sex to mean I am a god of all things sexual and you are also welcome.

Take the asprin and wake me up so I can rub your temples or something, since I’m sure you’ll be hung over all to hell.

PS. You are super cute when you’re drunk, I clearly made the right decision to date you. How much does sober you want to sleep with one of the Fabray sisters? I’m just curious.  Not that you can, because I am a jealous, jealous man, but it would be fun to think about when you are not here and I have to take matters into my own hand.  In which I mean masturbation.  You clearly made the right choice in dating me too, look at my epic romantic gestures.


Oh lord. How bad was I? Thank you for taking care of me. 

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just wait till you hear goner- if you think the original is haunting, just wait. I burst into tears as it played- it made me almost want to throw away my suicide plans and live.. and fight. it's phenomenal- it's the perfect end to a great album. it's not quite vessel but it's still pretty special xoxo

oh gosh Goner is the one im most looking forward to ngl, the last one stuck with me and oh gosh i’ve heard there’s lyric changes and different instruments but oh gosh, im so glad that it did that for you, i cannot wait to hear it |-/ x

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on the subject of age, i'm not sure how old you are, but do you know of any people in the jess fandom who are like over 20? most of the people i've seen (esp the more popular blogs) are teenagers and i'd just like to find some older poeple? xoxo

oh yeah. i’m twenty-one and get messages all the time from fans who are my age and older. i couldn’t tell you the ages of all the people who run the popular jess blogs, though. comment/reply below if you’re one of these blogs that fits the age criteria. geriatric jess fans represent.

Code: Oh Fuck! || Synchronized Minds

The night after coming back from New York, seeing the man she did, Cassie was sent into a confusing panic. She’d spilled some of it to Camilla the night before, needing to talk about something while the peroxide stung her cuts. Seeing Barney had shaken Cassie, and not in her normal way. Now, she was furious. In all honesty, it was probably a good thing Cassie saw Kitty walking through the court yard. The decision to tell her had been flying around her head until the moment she saw her. Then, the blonde’s mouth just took over.

“KITTY! KITTY PRYDE!” she shouted, starting at a run to catch up with her mentor, her rather bulky bag (thank you, finals) swinging against her back, “KITTY! Kitty! Code ‘Oh Fuck,’ seriously, slow down, code ‘Oh Fuck!!’” 

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How old are you? Are you into males or females? Are you taken? You are very pretty. I think you are extremely sexy young lady! I would love to see a very sexy picture of you! Are you dominant or submissive? What's your sign? What are your sizes? XOXO


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Seungri proves one more time how sweet and nice he is by not only reminding the audience it's his hyung birthday tomorrow, but by making Monsta XC's day by doing their choreo. You know they fanboyed like crazy about a BB member noticing them. I still remember the over 90 degrees bow one of them did last time hehe. Also you're the nicest person i've met on this site and your gifs are amazing, so keep doing what you're doing here, it's very much appreciated! xoxo

oh my god yes! yes! so much love! thank youuuu!!!!:D <3 i love you!