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i am so proud of what you've accomplished. you're on an amazing journey that'll opening lots of doors, and i know you're headed to something huge and it's wonderful to watch you go. you are a joy and i'm very happy i am aware of you.

AWWWWW!!!! Oh my goodness, what a beautiful thing to say!!! Wow, I am so honored you would say that!!!

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Concept: Lance yelling "That's my girl", whenever Pidge does something awesome. Depending on the situation he kisses her before or after.

Pidge, walking down the wedding aisle

Lance, in awe: ..That’s my girl!

Development of Celeb Crushes
  • Me: Wow what a classically beautiful person.
  • Brain: Uh-oh...
  • Me: No it's fine, they're not my type. Ha. I can appreciate a beautiful person without having to watch their entire back catalogue of work y'know.
  • Brain: You don't have time for this!
  • Me: Relax, it's just one film.
  • Brain: It's one film now, but then there's the three hours of Google Image Searches afterwards!
  • Me: Nonsense! I just want to make sure I'm immune.
  • Brain: Oh boy...
  • Me: It's fine. I can look at them and feel nothing.
  • Brain: ???
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: Why have you spent 45 minutes looking at their pictures?
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: You're imagining lazy Sunday morning cuddles with you as the little spoon! This is it. You're gone.
  • Me: I feel nothing. Maybe I am incapable of love now.
  • Brain: *eyeroll* Batten down the hatches, lads, she's gonna go - in three... two... one...
  • Me: Shit!
  • Brain: Here we go!
  • Me: They really are beautiful! Like oh my god look at them it's like they were carved by angels!!! Oh no no no no no!!! Not this! This can't be happening! Oh no! I thought I was immune! Why you play me this way, Brain?! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?!?!?
  • Brain: *facepalm*
I Kinda Have A Crush On You

Pairing: Dave x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1434

Author’s Note: This is my first Dave fic and I really hope people enjoy it. It’s kinda how I feel around cute guys. Thank you to my babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for meeee.

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ACNL dream tours on YouTube be like

YouTuber: oh wow what a beautiful town, they obviously put a lot of time and effort into making this town!

~5 minutes later they notice some abnormal tree placement~

YouTuber: never mind they hacked, still pretty I guess.

Just because people use hacks doesn’t mean they didn’t put in the effort. Hacking takes a long ass time. You try importing and exporting files all day. And if you’re like me, I placed everything I hacked in BY HAND. We know it’s takes a fuckton of effort. Let’s not shame hacking 💜

Jinyoung Imagine - Princess (Smut)

A/N - Prince!Jinyoung aka the end of me bc oh wow what a beautiful image. Couldn’t really think of a way to incorporate the angst part of the request but hope you enjoy regardless~

i would like to request a prince!jinyoung scenario + smut + angsty please!! but y/n is also a princess. thankyou

Night had fallen over the castle and it was time for you to sneak into the prince Jinyoung’s room. He had whispered in your ear and told you to be at his room so he could finish what he had started. All through the dinner, his hand had been gradually making its way up your leg, tracing the slit in your floor length dress. Your family was visiting his for the first time in years and you hadn’t realised how handsome Jinyoung had grown up to be. Knowing him since childhood would normally have made you see him more like a brother but for some reason, Jinyoung felt different. There were magnets between you pulling the two of you together. Those same magnets were now guiding you to Jinyoung’s room where you knew he’d be waiting for you. 

 Adrenaline pumped through your veins as you got closer and closer to the large wooden door to his sleeping quarters. Luckily for you, Jinyoung didn’t have any guards standing there watching over his bedroom else this would have been extremely awkward and embarrassing for you. Even though you were sure of your feelings towards him, you still didn’t want the guards, or anyone really, knowing that you had snuck off into his bedroom and not left until the following morning. Knocking on the door, you fidgeted a little, a rush of nerves flowing through you. The door opened but you couldn’t see Jinyoung standing there. Cautiously, you stepped into the bedroom and looked around. The door slammed behind you and you spun around to see Jinyoung had been hiding behind it and now had his back pressed against the wood as he looked at you seductively. No words came out of your mouth and instead the two of you just acted on impulse. 

The two of you met in a deep and passionate kiss, arms and hands roaming all over each other. Jinyoung’s lips were soft and plump; they felt heavenly to touch and you wanted nothing more than for time to freeze in that moment so you could continue kissing Jinyoung forever. The prince clearly knew what he was doing as well. He broke the kiss to mumble against your lips, “You look beautiful tonight, princess.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, prince.” You then kissed him again, deeper and harder. Both of you stumbled to the bed in a fit of passion and desperation to not break the kiss. Jinyoung’s body on top of yours felt like you were finally getting something you had been waiting for, as if you’re body knew just how much you had needed him up until this point. His fingers deftly untied the laces on your corset, the material falling from your body. He quickly worked your clothes onto the floor all while maintaining eye contact with you. His gaze was intense and full of lust, especially after seeing the beautiful curves of your body. Needing to fill his skin against yours, your hands also moved up his body, quickly removing the barrier to his skin. His chest against yours was driving you crazy; his muscular chest was heaven to touch and his strong arms filled you with delight. Jinyoung left kisses down your neck, gradually travelling down your body, his hands delicately moving across your skin to keep you fidgeting and on edge. His tongue glided across your skin as he moved further down your stomach. 

Once he had reached your thighs, he spread your legs open and began to pepper kisses on the inside of your thighs, getting dangerously close to your now dripping core. 
“I’ve barely even started and you’re already dripping for me, princess.”
“Just shut up and fuck me, Jinyoung. We haven’t got all night.”
“Oh, a little impatient are we, princess? Well maybe we can make this last longer then.”
“No please, Jinyoung.”
“Hm, alright, princess,” he said as he slipped two fingers into you, pumping them in and out, curling them to hit your sweet spot. Your moans filled the room and you were glad there were no other rooms at this end of the castle save for Jinyoung’s. As much as your families might have approved of you both being in a relationship, they definitely wouldn’t appreciate what he was doing to you right now. Jinyoung’s fingers were just so damn long and giving you a pleasure that no other man had every been able to give you. And that was just with his fingers. Who knew what else he was capable of. Soon you felt yourself edging closer and closer and Jinyoung noticed it from the way you tensed around his fingers. 
“Come on, princess. Let it all out, baby.” The sound of his deep voice, sent you over the edge and you released all over his fingers, chest rising and falling from breathlessness. You watched amazed as Jinyoung out his fingers in his mouth, wanting to taste you. The sight could have easily sent you over the edge again. Before you could recover from the intense pleasure, Jinyoung positioned himself at your entrance and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “You ready, princess? To scream my name so loud the whole castle will hear you?”


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

A/N: Lets see if we can get this show on the road shall we? ;) 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Part 2

‘I…uh…thank you for watching over me-uh, my things…whilst I was sleeping.’ You murmur to him as the two of you turn onto the campus, Jin slowing as you enter the gates, but continuing to shuffle alongside you as you continue towards your dorm building.

‘I…uh…I have a confession to make about that.’ He responds, the awkwardness as he reaches up to scratch the back of his neck making you frown as you look up at him questioningly, not being able to help the thought that springs to mind as you think about how wonderfully tall he was next to you…just the right height to kiss on tiptoe…


‘I…I was kind of watching you.’

Your heart stutters in your chest as you catch his eye, seeing the worry and fear there and realizing that he was scared to tell you this, his pink cheeks backing up this fact, and you have to look away to stop him from seeing the smile that was pulling at your lips, bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could hide it, before turning back to him when a sudden thought comes to you.

‘Does that mean you really are a stalker?’ you ask, intending on playfully mocking him for his confession, but instead of him laughing like you expected, his eyes widen and he quickly begins to shake his head, his hands appearing in front of you as he waves them frantically.

‘No! No, no! I just meant- I was trying to say…I mean- You’re really beautiful, and I did genuinely want to make sure your stuff didn’t get stolen, but when Jungkook said to get the Ahjumma to watch over you, I just- Well, I wanted to…cause I was hoping-well I was hoping to talk to you…’

He trails off nervously after his ramble, raking his fingers anxiously back through his hair, and before you can go to reassure him you were just joking, already begin caught up in what he’d said about you being pretty, you find yourself being transfixed by the absent-minded movement of his hand, losing the words you were about to say as you try to restart your heart.

‘Aish…I…Im sorry, I’ll go-‘


You don’t know what made you do it, but when he’d begun to turn away, intending to leave, you’d reached for him, grabbing his arm to stop him, before proceeding to timidly look up at him, pulling him back to face you as you drag in a deep breath and smile slightly at him.

‘I don’t really think you’re a stalker. I was just joking with you. But-…do you really think im pretty?’ you ask, needing to know he wasn’t just playing with you in your deliriousness, and wanting to hear him say the words again, biting your lip as you watch him look back down at you dumb-foundedly, his expression slowly contorting into a look of shy disbelief.



‘You’re not pretty…you’re beautiful.’



His expression of sincerity doesn’t leave his face as he waits for you to respond, and when you struggle to think of any words at all, you watch a steeliness enter his gaze, his hand suddenly rising to cup your jaw, bringing you close enough together that you can feel his torso brushing against yours, and you can hear the quiet breaths he takes.

‘People always tell me to just do these things before the time leaves…I hope they’re right.’ He mutters to himself, his eyes flickering between yours and your lips, and before you can really think through what he’d said, he’s leaning down towards you, and his lips have touched themselves to yours.

You’re stunned by the sudden action, not knowing what to do and simply ending up freezing in your shock, feeling your whole body flame hotly before he’s stopping just as suddenly as he’d started.

‘Oh…I cant believe I just did that. I’m sorry- I….’

You bite your lip as second-hand embarrassment overtakes you, watching him become more and more flustered at his own actions, continuing to look anywhere but at you and burying his hands in his pockets as he huffs aggravatedly at his inability to come up with the words he wanted to say, before you put him out of his misery.

‘You’re really cute.’

Saying the words made you hear the truth in the statement as you said it, a smile pulling at your mouth as you take in his shocked expression, and his pink cheeks, before giggling as you see the shy smile pull at his lips.

‘Aish, I don’t know what to say.’ He murmurs, folding his arms and tipping his head back to look up at the sky, the long column of his neck helping to emphasize the broadness of his shoulders, and you cant help biting your lip as you take him in, before saying the first thing that comes to your head.

‘You could say that you’ll meet me at the café tomorrow…say… 7 o’clock?’

The words tremble slightly as you say them, and you grip tightly to your bag on your shoulder, nervous for his answer, but even though you were anticipating him saying no, you hadn’t realised you were still holding out hope until he’d actually said the words;

‘I can’t.’

You look up at him quickly, seeing the regretful expression masking his features and being unconscious of the frown that twists your features in response, before he’s suddenly reaching out to capture your hand in his as he goes on, ducking his head into your vision.

‘I don’t mean I don’t want to-…really…I want to. I-ahh, I mean-‘

‘Don’t worry, its okay.’ You murmur, hating the fact that he was trying to find words to cushion the blow of his rejection, and wondering how you’d misunderstood his advances, but before you can get lost in your thoughts, he’s quickly speaking again.

‘Do you think you’ll still be there by 10? I know that’s when it closes…but I don’t get off of work till 10:30pm- however, I should be able to get off early so I could meet you-‘

‘You have work?’ you ask, the question being the only thing able to escape you as hope fills your chest once more and you realize he really did like you the way you thought he had, not being able to stifle the smile that grows on your face and squeezing his hand lightly in your excitement as he looks down at you with a bemused, and slightly confused, smile.

‘Y-yeah…that’s why I cant meet you at 7.’ He explains, smiling when he realizes that the reason you’d been so upset was because you thought he didn’t want to meet you, and grinning wider when you continue to smile to yourself.

‘So…do you still want to meet up?’ he asks again, his tone nervous where you still hadn’t answered him, and you quickly look back up at him with a huge grin.

‘Of course! I expect I’ll be there till they close again anyway.’ You say, watching his smile contort into a slight frown at your words.

‘Do you always stay there that late? Surely its not safe to always be walking back from there by yourself.’ He comments, tightening his grip on your hand, the action making you smile, before you pull on his hands to bring him closer to you and grin up at him with his mildly surprised, yet pleased, expression.

‘Well, I’m brave…and besides…if you were to walk me back, I’d have a handsome knight in shining armor to keep me safe.’ You quip, hearing him scoff, and chuckling quietly in response, before feeling his fingers touch beneath your chin to tip your face up toward him so that you could see his cheeky grin.

‘I prefer the term, ‘Prince’, like ‘handsome prince’.’ He smirks, laughing when you cringe at him, before he suddenly pulls you into him, and presses his lips gently to yours again, blushing once more as you pull away, but managing to smile happily this time as you look up at him.

‘I’ll meet you at the café tomorrow at closing time. Okay?’ he murmurs quietly, his smile filling your vision, and you bite your lip shyly, looking down for a moment, before flickering your gaze back up to his and nodding gently.


He couldn’t help but watch her as she walked across the concourse toward her dorm room building, seeing her pause at the door and look back, and feeling a smile bigger than any he’d worn before stretch across his face, waving at her when she waves timidly at him, and chuckling as she turns and walks into her building, before turning around and finally making his way home, not looking forward to the questioning he’d be put through when he returned to the dorm at such a late hour…

…However, he finds his thoughts skipping the interrogation, in favour of his meeting with the beautiful girl the night after…


Reunion Sex

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Prompts: Please write more Gadreel smut! AND Please I rlly need more of your amazing gadreel x reader one shots, I neeeed them so bad, your way of writing is beautiful!
Summary: Gadreel comes back from a weeks long hunting trip with Sam and Dean and can’t wait to be with his girlfriend.
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Word Counter: 2,030
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, dirty talk, unprotected sex, doggie style sex, oral(female receiving), and I think that’s it….
Authors note: I’m not sure what to think about this fic because I’ve truly had zero inspiration to write, and I sort of forced myself to finish it since it’s been sitting in my drafts, but I’ll let ya’ll be the judge of whether it’s good or not. Please let me know what you think!

Edit: I know there are grammar errors and I’m very sorry for that, I’ll get this to a beta and then update it:)


“You are holding me very tight, _____.” Gadreel said as your arms squeezed his waist and your head rested on his chest. You sighed as you heard the muffled thump of his heart.

He had just come back from a hunt with Sam and Dean, and it had been weeks since you had been able to touch him like this. Now that you were back together in your own private bedroom you didn’t want to let him go. 

“I know, I’m sorry, its just… have you ever loved someone so much that you feel like your heart was going to explode from all the love you feel?” It was the only way you could describe it.

“I can say that I have recently felt that exact way, ever since I met you.” He admitted, a smile lighting up his face as he looked down at you. He leaned over a bit and you closed your eyes as he pressed his lips to your forehead, giving you a lingering kiss.

“I love you,” He whispered, then pressed another quick kiss to your temple. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, and I love you more.” You replied, looking up into his green eyes.

“Oh, I got you something!” He remembered, and you reluctantly unwrapped yourself from him.

He shuffled some things around in the bag his clothes were in before finding what he was looking for and bringing  it to you.

What was in his hands was a small gold box, your heart jumped in excitement and then fear. What if this was a ring, was he going to propose? You loved him more than anything but you don’t think you were ready for marriage. 

“I saw this in the window of a jewelry store and I thought of you, and I wanted you to have something to remind you of me, as selfish as that sounds.”

“It doesn’t sound selfish at all.” You said as you took the box from him, you hesitated to open it but only so you could take a deep breath before you did.

You gasped when you saw what was inside.

“Oh, my gosh, wow, this is beautiful!” You exclaimed, smiling up at the angel.

“It is, but it would look even more beautiful when it’s radiated by your beauty.”

“Aw, stop that, you’re making me blush.” 

He chuckled at your sudden shyness before taking the necklace out of the box and carefully placing it around your neck. The weight of it was comfortable and it sat on your chest perfectly.

“Thank you, my angel.” You spoke, looking into his perfect blue/green eyes as his hands traveled, one to the small of your back to bring you closer and the other to cradle your head.

“No need to thank me, my love, you deserve the world.” His voice was low, making the cadence of it smoother than usually. 

“I don’t want the world, just you.”

“Then you have me forever.” He affirmed, and with that he finally pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss started slow, as did your need for him. You let out an involuntary moan as the kiss deepened, his tongue touching your bottom lip, asking for entrance, and you gladly opened to him. 

You gripped his jacket as his mouth seduced yours.

“I missed you so much, you haven’t any idea how hard it was to be without you for so long,” he gave you no time to respond back before his lips were on you.

His soft, warm lips pressed feather light but heated kisses to your neck and it took your breath away while arousing you even more.

“I missed our love making, I missed that almost inaudible gasp you make when I push myself into you, I missed the low moan you make when I fill you, the way you cling to me.” He growled into your ear and your pussy walls contracted just from his description.

“Fuck, Gadreel,” You whispered, your breathing in a pant as his hands lifted your shirt over your head then took his own jacket and shirt off.

He suddenly got on his knees to get your pants off, your panties getting caught in the fray. You looked down and shivered at the look your angel was giving you, the love and adoration for you shone through making you bite your lip.

His hands gripped your hips and his lips pressed softly to your navel. 

You let your hand drift to his head and run through his hair, the moment was calm and loving before thing got heated again. 

“The boys were good company but I missed my best friend.” He spoke earnestly, almost having you cry.

You were snapped out of the moment when he stood back to his full height to kiss you, all the while, undoing your bra.

You let the contraption slide off of you onto the floor and you stood naked before him.

“You are always more beautiful in person, my wildest dreams and imagination cannot compare,” He breathed as if in awe of you. 

“Come, will you allow me to pleasure you?” He asked, he always asked and since the beginning your answer had been the same.

“Yes.” You respond, nodding. 

He smiled, took your hand, and led you to the bed. As you laid back against the pillows while he straddled you, his hands gently slid down your body until they stopped just under your breasts.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered, finally moving his hands up to palm your peaks, his fingers rubbed over your nipples and made you shiver in pleasure. He leaned over to kiss your neck, he pressed soft and lingering ones to your hot spots, making you even more wet.

The soft gasps of his name from your lips had the angel close his eyes as he continued to slowly lavish you in kisses, he loved when you said his name with such love. The love you had for him was true, it was pure, it was something he hadn’t felt from anyone in a very, very long time and he thanked his father every second for bringing you into his life.

Gadreel opened his eyes to see the look of pleasure on your face but it wasn’t until his tongue licked along your lips and up to your clit that you started squirming around, his thick finger teased your entrance before he pushed it in and soon you took two of them in your dripping canal, your juices covering his digits. He knew exactly what you liked and kept up the motion of his tongue and fingers on you until your climax hit you, his strong hands held your hips down and continued until you fully rode out the aftershocks and were sensitive. 

He climbed up the bed next to your shivering body, brought you flush against him into his arms and kissed you. You moaned into his mouth as his tongue breached your mouth, the taste of yourself being shared between the both of you. 

While you kissed your body was recuperating and as soon as you were ready again you took control and pushed him back on the bed, you helped to get him out of the restricting jeans and boxer only to be met with his hard cock. You licked your lips as you watched beads of pre-cum gather at the tip and run down his shaft, but you weren’t just going to go for his dick, no, you were going to give him the same loving treatment he gave you. 

You moved up to press a gentle kiss to his forehead then traveled lower, you smothered his toned chest in kisses as your fingers rubbed over his nipples, you knew they were sensitive, more sensitive then your own, so you spent extra time on them until his breathing reached a pant. You moved from there to his navel, the cool material of your necklace that gently skimmed his skin was a sharp contrast to your warm mouth and hands. You then began kissing, sucking and lightly breathing on the skin around his length. 

“_________, please…” he groaned, his hips lifted just a bit, and his cock leaked an abundance of pre-cum, the head was red and he looked ready to blow his load then and there.

“What do you want, Gadreel?” You asked, you finger lazily traced the length of his cock and it twitched, making you giggle. You loved teasing him but he obviously had something else in mind because you were quickly maneuvered by the angels strong hands and pushed down onto the bed, but not on your back, no, no, you were flat on your stomach, a pillow elevating your hips, with Gadreel over you.

This was one of your favorite positions and he knew that.

“I want to bury my cock in your wet, little pussy,” you moaned wantonly at his words, lifting your ass up just a bit to rub against him “Do you want that ______, do you want me to fill you up?”

You loved when he talked like this, he was usually always so proper but when it came to dirty talk and him asking your consent in the dirtiest way he was a pro at it.

“Fuck, Gadreel, yes!” 

Those words were all it took and he slowly pushed the head into you, it had you gasp lightly. He held himself up on his forearms but tangled his fingers with yours as he sheathed himself fully in you, extricating a moan from you.

“There’s that little gasp and moan that I love.” he groaned in your ear as he began thrusting, he left no space between your bodies and you could feel every inch of him against you. 

You whimper and squirmed beneath him as he burrowed himself in your moist canal. You could feel his quickened breath on your neck and hear every deep grunt in your ear, you felt like your heart was going to burst in your chest from the many feelings you felt. 

The angel above you hissed out your name as your walls clenched around him and that was his undoing, you could feel his wet, warm seed fill every crevice of you as his hips stuttered. He continued to thrust into you, not slowing down at all, but it wasn’t until he got his arm underneath and around you, which shifted your positioning just slightly and had his cock hit that sensitive, erogenous zone inside and your orgasm came crashing down on you.

The hand of his that was still tangled up in yours got squeezed tightly as the heat from the pit of your stomach traveled all through your body, your toes curled and an involuntary cry of pleasure escaped you. 

Your body trembled and shook more violently than when you had your first orgasm and Gadreel enjoyed the sight and sounds which signaled your release. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, kissing your flushed skin.

“I-I’m sure you’re glowing right about now, t-too.” You laughed, your voice shaking. 

He chuckled, kissed your back and neck a few more times before he eased out of your sensitive pussy. You gasped as he exit you and your walls clenched, searching for his cock.

“I’ll be right back, my love.” He said, rising from the bed and making his way to the bathroom. 

He returned not seconds later with a warm, wet flannel and helped you turn over. He gently wiped your mixed fluids from between your legs while you bit your lip at the soothing feeling.

When he was done he made sure to throw the flannel into the dirty clothes hamper then hurried back to lay in bed with you. You moved the pillow that was under your hips and pushed it off the bed, Gadreel pulled the covers over the both of you and you laid your head on his chest. His arm wrapped around you and you laid there contentedly, that is until Dean banged on the door. 

“Next time you two want to have sex, warn us!!!” 

You blushed cherry red but your angel only laughed.

“Sorry!” You yelled back

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What makes a person beautiful, in your opinion?

oh wow. this is long for me to type..
um but their energy, the way the give themselves (fast and all at once or you have to ease into it with time) what they put into the world, what they contribute to conversation, the way they handle situations, the way they speak about others, the way they speak, they way their eyes light up talking about something they’re passionate about or laugh or move their hands. There is a lot to love.

Rap line reacting to Their girlfriend being a rap god

SUGA:*cocky lil shit* WOW jagi you’re almost as good a me oh well you can improve.

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RAP MONSTER: Oh my you’re beautiful and can rap, wow girl what else can you do *genuinely surprised*

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J HOPE : *JUST SCREAMS WHILE YOU RAP* YESSSS JAGI YESS                   * after he calms down* lets have a rap battle now

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I got bored haha :v
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