oh wow that looks like shit

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i fee like if local did find out about mess & d, polar would be like, in a very calm, persuasive voice, "wow, i cant believe your own best friend didnt tell you he was dating someone, especially someone like message. secrets between friends isnt good.. i dont have a best friend, but if i did i wouldn't want them to keep a secret like this from me. what kind of best friend does that? looks like you've been replaced.." and just walks away, leaving local to think

oh shit

I was going through old pictures to delete and I found this and it just made me laugh. This was my hair for prom (which is just funny in general because I now hate the guy I went with 😂👏🏻.) I remember when she finished it and showed me I said “Wow I feel so Christine Daaè” and tHE WOMAN HAD NO IDEA WHO THAT WAS. Naturally, I started quoting Phantom because I’m an ass 😂

bioware in dao: 

me: oh, nice. good stuff wow impressive the very best. deserves everything nice in the world

bioware in da1: 

me: o H - N o ! whAT IS THA

bioware in wot: 

me: oh. okay, here we go. who would have thought that this is the same perso-


me: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s my confession for the day: when I was younger I used to write myself hogwarts acceptance letters and then stick them through the letter box and I’d come back 5 minutes later like ‘oh look there’s a letter I wonder who it’s from? hoLY SHIT IT’S FROM HOGWARTS WOW WHO’D’VE GUESSED IT?? THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! LOOKS LIKE I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS SEE YOU LATER LOSERS’ 

My favorite thing about Lexa is that whenever Clarke challenges her, she just gets really really close to her face. Its like she is asking “you sure you want to test me?” and Clarke always looks a little flustered because she knows Lexa could totally kick her ass but she’s also kind of turned on? Clarke is like “Oh shit I should not have said that, wow she’s really pretty, wait what?” and I feel like Lexa knows she has this effect on Clarke. So she steps closer with a dual purpose of dont test me but also now you’re thinking about kissing me.

watching hamilton with my mom

alexander hamilton

  • “wow”

aaron burr, sir

  • “who is that”
  • “who are they”
  • “What are they doing”

My Shot

  • “he’s not throwing it away so he’s not giving up?”

the story of tonight

  • “so they’re buddies”

the schuyler sisters

  • “hey i know this song”
  • “what are they saying”
  • “wow”

farmer refuted

  • she is very confused

You’ll Be Back:

  • “oh yeah i like him”
  • “look at his face!!!”
  • cackling 
  • “he’s good eh” 

right hand man: 

  • “that’s george washington?" 
  • "so they’re just basically getting organized now?" 


  • "so is this when alexander meets the youngest one?" 
  • at alexander’s happy dance she screamed 
  • laughing bc herc is the flower girl 


  • laughs at anthony’s "alright alright!!!" 
  • looking very confused at choreo 
  • "why? SHE’S in love with him???" 
  • "so they’d be together?? but he’s poor?" 
  • (at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life) "ooh" 
  • "wow" 
  • "that’s pretty cool" 

the story of tonight (reprise) 

  • "are they all drunk?" 
  • (oh shit) she is laughing 

wait for it 

  • "i like this song" 

stay alive 

  • "look at them!" 

ten duel commandments 

  • silence 

meet me inside 

  • "isn’t the bald guy in charge?" 

that would be enough 

  • "is that his wife? she’s pregnant" 
  • "oh that’s good eh?" 

guns and ships 

  • she’s just smiling so much 

history has its eyes on you 

  • "oh he’s giving him a battalion that’s good" 


  • "so they’re getting all pumped to fight?" 
  • me: they’re fighting 
  • "ok" 
  • "that’s awesome, eh?" 

what comes next 

  • laughing as soon as king george starts walking 
  • just 
  • laughing 

dear theodosia 

  • "he had a kid with the british officer’s wife?" 

laurens interlude 

  • "who is that?" 
  • "who’s dead?" 
  • im crying


  • "oh the war’s over right, the world turned upside down" 
  • "what" 
  • "he’s trying to build the constitution?" 
  • "was he a president?" 
  • "he still has that connection with angelica" 
  • me: yep
  • "so…he’s pretty brilliant" 
  • "he keeps leaving" 
  • "wow" 
  • "its really good" 

 what’d i miss 

  • "oh is that devanay or–" 
  • me: daveed 
  • "yeah" 

 cabinet battle #1 

  • *whispers* "slaves" 

 take a break 

  • "he’s writing a letter to angelica? what about his wife?" 
  • my mom really ships alexander and angelica omfg 
  • "so he loves angelica" 

 say no to this 

  • "she’s a hooker?" 
  • she’s mad at hammy

 the room where it happens 

  • "its so good" 

cabinet battle #2 

  • laughs 
  • "who’s daddy? 
  • “oh, washington." 

washington on your side 

  • "so they’re getting together against him" 
  • "oHHH they’re going to find the affair" 

one last time 

  • "wow” (same)

i know him 

  • “oh god" 
  • she loves him 

the adams administration 

  • what just happened 

we know 

  • “wow” 


  • she looked very confused and offended when i explained the reynolds pamphlet 

the reynolds pamphlet 

  • shaking her head in disbelief (same mom) 
  • my mom loVES KING GEORGE 


  • "poor girl" 

blow us all away 

  • "oh" 
  • "ooh" 
  • "shot him at seven that’s not fair" 

stay alive (reprise) 

  • im crying 
  • "wow" 

it’s quiet uptown 

  • me: isn’t that upsetting? 
  • "YES." 

your obedient servant 

  • “passive aggressive” 

best of wives and best of women 

  • "they’re back together?”

the world was wide enough 

  • me: she’s the bullet 
  • “oh" 

who lives, who dies, who tells your story 

  • again im crying 
  • "wow" 
  • "wow" 
  • "i was choked up" 
  • "that’s neat”
  • “yeah i really like the king. he’s funny. what did he say? ‘jesus christ that’ll be fun’?”

I just watched Elena come out to Penelope (with my mom) on One Day at a Time and holy shit. She came out in the same fucking way I did. I’d been watching the show with her and my sister and they kept saying how much Elena sounds and dresses like me and then she came out and my mom looked at me and said, “just like you” and I shrugged it off but now I’m typing this and oh my god. This is what representation feels like. It feels amazing.

What Would Dating Luhan Be Like

aaah, luhan 💕💖  the reason I found kpop in the first place (one day I googled celebs born on the same day as me & this beautiful boy popped up so I decided to investigate & nearly 5 years later, I’ve never looked back)

yixing version: here

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  • first of all, he will always avidly avoid q’s about his age
  • “oh, lu, how old are you this birthday again?” you try to tease
  • before being picked up & thrown on the bed
  • and as he’s littering your neck with open mouthed kisses, you’re thinking ‘shit, was I saying something? I guess not if I can’t remember??’
  • impressing you with his rubix cube skillz
  • also, them finger skillz tho
  • sometimes wondering who luhan loves more; you or minseok
  • trying to make lu jealous by praising minseok like “wow, he looks so cool playing football” or “wow, his coffee tastes so great”
  • and luhan’s like “yeah, minseok is really great, isn’t he?”
  • you’ve even walked in on them watching tv, with luhan’s arm thrown over the back of the couch, that’s quickly removed when he sees you
  • “am I interrupting something?” you wonder
  • tbh they’re probably just watching a football game
  • or just some sport in general
  • no matter how much he adores minseok, he’ll always love you more
  • and shows it in little ways
  • like making you wear his hats
  • or complimenting your cooking since his is crap lol
  • he’s not quite ready for kids yet, but he would like them in the future. so he settles for getting a cat in the meantime
  • and to practice
  • this cat is SPOILED lemme tell you
  • he makes sure to buy her lots of treats, pets her all the time, and all around just loves her
  • which shows how good of a dad he’ll be
  • some day
  • if you’re unafraid of heights, please don’t drag him to rollercoasters or something like that. he’ll probably go to keep you happy & look “manly” but inside he’s oh so scared & terrified
  • so please don’t make him
  • but, if you’re like me, then you two will have lots of cute dates on the ground
  • because nope to heights
  • just nope
  • well, cute dates are whenever possible of course
  • as he’s always busy
  • you make special appearances on his youtube channel, most likely on ‘The Theater of Running Lu’
  • alongside your spoiled cat hahaha
  • he has so much patience
  • so fights are rare
  • but explosive when they happen, esp if he thinks he’s right
  • yet, he’s usually still the first to apologise
  • not having you by his side at night is too much for him to handle
  • his family already consider you family
  • also, side note: he smells so good
  • like, really, really good
  • the greatest
  • it’s a masculine cologne/spray type of scent that lingers when he leaves
  • 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
  • pulls funny faces to make you laugh
  • his derp face is everything lbr
  • so if you want to annoy him just say
  • “ah, but you’re still so pretty!”
  • and find yourself once again on the bed, manly marks being left on your neck, thinking ‘was something happening before this? I don’t think so’
  • lu’s the type to be like
  • “look at my beautiful human” and show you off everywhere
  • not shy about PDA
  • it makes him feel manly
  • calls you his ‘queen/king’
  • asks your advice a lot, since he cherishes your opinion and you giving earnest opinions that are all in order to look after him, just makes him melt inside
  • night routines of brushing your teeth together then cuddling in bed with the cat at your feet
  • overall, the relationship is filled with adoration, trust and devotion
  • with a healthy dash of smut and cuddles

Imagine a ghost coming into Amity park and literally everyone is freaking out but Wes is just there like “See. No sign of Fenton. Anywhere.” Then Phantom comes into the sky and everyone cheers like hell yeah and Wes is STILL going on like “LOOK HERES PHANTOM BUT NO FENTON” Then Danny being the little shit that he is planned all of it and walks up behind Wes and is like “Oh wow Phantom is really kicking some ass” and Wes just screams.

Me: oh hey wow Killing Stalking is on the top 10 tumblr tag list thing. I didn’t know it got so popular! Wonder what happened?


Top post compares Killing Stalking with YOI, focuses on YOI being “healthy” and KS not being healthy, and links them to Korea and Japan as if those two works of fiction represent their entire nations

Me: (looks at the camera like I’m in the Office)

Me: The fuck is this shit

  • Keyleth stalls her talk with Kashaw by pretending to tie her boot in front of him.
  • Kashaw: "You're like 5 feet from me, am I not supposed to see that?"
  • Keyleth: "Oh! Oh my god, Kash! Oh wow, I didn't see you there!"
  • Kashaw: "Really?"
  • Keyleth: "No, no. What-what are you-
  • Kashaw: "It was the looking at me that threw me."
  • Keyleth: "Sorry, I've had something in my eye ever since this scrying spell earlier."
  • Keyleth: "Shit's been blurry."

When people are confused about the designated visual, it’s not because a member is MORE or LESS attractive. Hell no. It’s because you see one member and you’re like “They’re attractive WOw”. Then you see the other members and you’re like “wOW OH SHIT”. It makes you so overwhelmed because wow everyone’s so attractive. Which leads you to the question: “HOW TF THERE A VISUAL WHEN ALL OF YOU LOOK AMAZING???”














Bitch DID it again oh my gOd

I can’t believe she shoved herself into a FUCKING box

Like d a mn son

Oh wow this was solved faster than I thought m



Aww they look so cute good bless
This makes me so happy oh god

This was not a 40 minute special tho.


oh man. i was going through my brother’s ipad (which was honestly a huge part of what made me get into art, just the ability to use it to draw even if i only had my fingers to use as pencils cause ipad styluses are expensive ) and found this gem from 2014 which is probably one of the first things i ever drew and was very proud of and oh boi. 

i remember drawing this while waiting at the airport and the plane was taking forever and when i finally finished this i was like “wow, this is pretty good". it took me an hour just to finish that, mainly cause of that dual colored background you can see i put a lot of effort into. 

so i was just looking at it and i thought, well, what could i achieve now? (so naturally, i doodled yamaguchi.) i mean, i always bring myself down because i see my art and i see other peoples art and i’m like, “holy hell, i’m shit”, but never think about how much i’ve improved along the way and this was a great eye-opener for me. 

i still think my art has long ways to go but i’ve definitely walked a long distance since i started too. i guess this is just me trying to say don’t give up doing what you like to do!! perseverance pays off (yams is a great testament to that - that’s why i love him). don’t expect to become great overnight, if it were that easy, everyone would be an artist.

tl;dr: don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself with yourself.


It sounds very… sultry. And calm.

Let’s see her please.


Wow she… looks quite different than what I imagined. That neck.

Also her voice is strange but awesome.

Oh that’s just sad. She’s been used to people calling her THE Peridot in the last few weeks and now she’s reminded that Homeworld doesn’t differenciate between gems.

I like how much authority this lady commands without saying a single word. The simple act of raising her hand must quiet everyone in the room.

She commands a lot of presence.

Shameless 7x09

I think tonight’s episode was great. I’m partial to Sheila (one of the writers) she super cares about Mickey and does periscopes with fans about anything really. But I think tonight was great.

Best part? Mickey full Name DROP and Ian looks like how he looked seasons 1-5 wow amazing. And gallavich reunion is COMING NEXT WEEK.

Now onto reactions over all.

I’m still annoyed as shit that V chose Kev second this whole episode, and basically the whole season. Like oh my god Svetlana is horrible. She used to be amazing but now she has taken advantage. V didn’t care and doesn’t care Kev is uncomfortable and unhappy. It’s annoying. Like Svet just bought the bar so hopefully V can see she’s being unfair.

I am so worried about Lip. His family can’t really see he’s slipping completely and I’m so worried. He deserves the world and he thinks he deserves nothing and I just want him to be okay.

I like him and Sierra. And Sierra telling him he needs help broke my heart because he does.

Monica is dying. Figured with episode spoilers for future episodes. But my heart broke when Frank cried in her lap.

DEBBIE GOT THE BABY BACK. Yes. Derek’s family was wrong to kidnap her.

I like Ian and Trevor as a couple sometimes. but they feel so forced even their fight tonight felt forced. And Trevor defending Monica was just like wtf.

Other notes: -“Ever hear of suck a dick?”
-Answer at own risk
-frank protecting Liam from Monica aw br> -Fiona shitting on the yelp reviewer was hilarious
-Fi is letting Debbie work for her aw cute yes
-I love Lip and Fiona porch talks
-V was concerned Monica was back at the bar and was being very protective aw.
-Lip’s professor still wants to help him and still wants him to be successful MY heart

Good lovely episode. MICKEY IS COMING.