oh wow it reached 1k


1K Followers Appreciation Post

Oh wow okay so I reached 1K followers and I honestly have no idea how that happened! You guys are amazing and so encouraging and just wonderful! So my friend has convinced me to do this and since I have loads of homework which I’m just going to skip anyways, I thought why not :/ 

Since I haven’t seen much Indians on Tumblr (yet), I decided to maybe answer any questions that you guys might have about this country of mine! So go ahead and leave an ask in my inbox asking me anything you want to know (Some answers will honestly surprise you). You can ask me about the many different traditions of my country, about arranged marriages (yes that is still common here), the languages… well the list is just endless :)

Or just go ahead and send me a ⭐️ and I’ll post a random wtf fact about myself 

Okay I just love you guys so much, kay? So stay awesome and kind!

Dear mutuals,

You guys mean a lot to me!! Thanks for all the supporting messages and if you’re wondering if this dedication is for you, it probably is :)

Snamione Shipper has reached 1,000+ followers!

Oh my goodness!! WOW!!! We’ve reached over 1k!!

Thank you so much to ALL you lovely shippers who’ve decided to follow Snamione Shipper! Whether you’re new around here or have been a follower for some time, I hope you’re enjoying what’s being added daily to this blog about our lovely OTP.

Snamione for the win!!! :)