oh wow i hate you


What does he think of me…? I always had that in mind. Even if he had a good opinion, i couldn’t feel happy. I can’t, because the person he sees isn’t Goro. This isn’t me. Me… Who am i? I don’t know. I can’t think. No. I don’t want to think. I don’t want for him to like me. Not this. Or maybe i do…? I just want to feel loved. Does that mean that anyone’s fine? No… It’s not like that. It’s not like that at all…

It’s stupid. I’m stupid. It wasn’t supposed to end like this… So cliché. I feel sick. If i talk to him as a friend, it’ll only be worse. I’d fall, deeper, deeper in a spiral of horror and pain. I have things to do. Things i MUST do. No matter how i feel. No matter how other’s feel. Isn’t just natural to ignore all these meaningless thoughts, if they’ll only make the end more bitter? I’ve never met kindness. I’ve never met love. If i do… If i let it be… If my soul reaches at least a fragment of yearning… I’ll miss it. I’ll miss him. I’ll feel hopeless, more than i can imagine. I don’t want that. I… Don’t.

I’m not in love. Love is pure, sincere, beautiful, healing. Love isn’t selfish. Love isn’t a martyr. Love isn’t something you’d want to run away from.

I’m not in love.

I’m in pain. ”

dick, on the batfam’s comms: hey oracle can you contact red hood and remind him of tomorrow’s meeting?

steph: you already put it on the groupchat seven times, i think he got the message already

tim: he’s not on the groupchat though?

duke: wait what? i never noticed he wasn’t there..

dick: yeah when i wanted to add him he told me he doesn’t do groupchats

steph: … he’s in a groupchat with robin and me..

dick: .. why would you have a groupchat?

steph: uh. we talk about. you know. dying.

dick: you have a dead robins club?? red robin and i died too, you know

steph and damian, simultaneously: Nightwing-

duke: i swear i saw him talking in that groupchat once, this is like some next level mandela effect

tim: maybe you’re so powerful you’re getting memories from the duke of another universe.

dick: tim, duke, hold up a second– so spoiler, you’re trying to tell me red hood LIED to me?

damian: that’s correct. if it’s of any consolation, spoiler and hood are as insufferable texting as they’re online

Stephanie: oh shut up-

Duke: red robin don’t even start, I’m still not over that alternative universe bullshit from last month-

Dick: I cant believe hood would do that. He also told me he lost his phone on his last mission so he wouldn’t be able to answer my texts, was that a lie too?

stephanie: oh ‘wing..

tim: you really believed that? Nightwing, he was visibly texting when he told you that

duke: are we sure this is the guy who’s gonna become batman, greatest detective in the world, if B kicks the bucket?

tim: if

steph: don’t be silly, batgirl is gonna be batman if B dies, isn’t that right bats?

cass: yes

dick: jesus, i thought you weren’t linked to the comms, how long have you been listening??

jason: i assume the whole time, like me

dick: HOOD why did you lie to me??

jason: because I hate you.

duke: oh wow. now THAT’S a comeback

jason: listen now, you yellow fuck-

oracle: are you guys really still fighting about this during an arkham break out


tim: are we really not gonna talk about “if“bruce dies?

BTS reaction to another member walking in during sex

AAAAAAND guess who’s back with her 3rd reaction hell yeah. and what a great subject, yep, you guessed it: SEX :) you can probably guess what’s coming

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the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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tumblr feminism :

using words like “misogyny”?  glittery “kill all men” gifsets?  👌 ok but watch yourself

employing actual feminist theory and analysis, including but not limited to :

  • understanding sexism as part of a cultural hierarchy of male supremacy : the male sex class dominating and exploiting the female sex class
  • naming & describing sexism, even if it contradicts some male people’s egos/senses of self (i.e. using the term “male” to refer to members of the male sex class)
  • understanding gender identity (an individual’s sense of masculinity and/or femininity) as a personal relationship to cultural gender (the social roles imposed upon the sex classes) & not a sacrosanct spiritual vocation or an unquestionable personal declaration
  • recognizing forced pregnancy (an issue of bodily autonomy 😱😱😱) as part of the core of male dominace

??  oh my god…  wow…. so hateful.  so exclusionary.  i should’ve known when i saw you use terms like “bodily autonomy”

BTS reaction - their idol crush having an ability to change their eye color based on their mood

I’ll do only BTS okok? Also sorry it took me couple of days

Jin: *moves closer and smirks* “Let’s test it. What color will they get now?”

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Suga: “Oh wow how did you get that? I hate wearing lenses, I want that too.”

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Rap Monster: From now on he watches her eyes carefully to find out what colors they change and which mood they match.

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Jimin: It’s freaky! But that doesn’t mean he likes her any less

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V: *confused for life*

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Jungkook: “And I can change my tongue!”

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Wait, so was max living in arcadia bay for a while before the game?

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“Y/n! I thought you wouldn’t answer!” Lance gasped, grabbing at the sides of his laptop screen and bringing his face closer to it. He was over the moon that you had answered him!

“Hi Lance!” You grinned, grasping at a purple blanket off screen and placing it over your lap. You sat your daughter on it, and wrapped her in it lovingly. Your daughter tilted her head, staring at the screen in confusion. Why was her father inside that? It’s only right she’s confused, this is the first time her father has been across the country. Especially for such an important event to celebrate the anniversary of their return. Unfortunately, though, she and you had stayed behind due to taking care of the house and it’s bills.

Despite your child being two years old, she hasn’t spoken like any of the other kids. She really only says things when she wants someone, or something. Though, the two of you didn’t mind at all. As long as your baby girl was safe and sound.

“How’s my baby Lucy?” Lance smiled with content. His eyes gazing happily and lovingly at the two people he loved most. Though, he was unfortunately 2,223 miles away from the two of you. But, he believed being here would be a great trip, here being Washington D.C. of course!

“Amazing.” Lucy said, lacking a fair amount of enthusiasm that caused the two of you to burst out laughing. And of course, these burst of laughter caused more faces to appear on your screen.

“Is that Lucy!?” You heard Keith shout.

“Lucy! It’s your uncle Shiro!” I assume you know who said this.

“Hi!” You and Lucy said together, watching the faces appear hurriedly on the screen. Keith almost knocking his head into Lance’s just so he could get a peek at your daughter. It filled you with joy to know that you were all on Earth and safe. Though, as much as you all had aged. Mentally as well. It didn’t affect you. You felt young again now that you were home. Now that you had a family.

“Hunk and Pidge are in the arcade so they’re not here right now. But if you want to I can call them up?” Lance said, setting up his laptop on the coffee table to fit him and the other two hooligans into the screen. They were beyond excited to see Lucy, obviously. You nodded, wanting to show all of them something.

“Where’s Dominic?” Shiro asked, wondering where you and Lance’s son was.

“He’s having a sleepover at his friends house. He’s really loving 4th grade by the way!” You spoke fondly of your adopted alien son, just as you spoke fondly of everyone you knew. Lucy still stared in confusion at the screen, still wondering how they got in there. Weren’t they in D.C.?

A sound of a door opening and closing caught your attention and made you smile. And in came Hunk, his hair shaved at the sides. Pidge sitting on the floor diagonal from the laptop, her long hair pulled into a ponytail.

“Lucy!” Hunk and Pidge shouted, grinning at the child who was still quite confused.

“Alright, now that everyone is here…I’d like to show you something! Lucy, show them.” Lucy was confused again, lifting up a small drawing she made that day of all of them. She held it up with her chubby hands, and thus a wave of aw’s and wow’s erupted from the group of 5. Shiro almost began to cry and didn’t move from his spot on the couch. Though the others launched toward the screen to get a closer look. They were still rambunctious!

“That’s not it hun! Go ahead, show them..” you encouraged, fixing her position on your lap and looking down at her. Her face was red due to her shy personality, she mumbled something, but no one could hear.

“Everyone! Shut it! My daughter speaks of prophecy!” Lance shouted dramatically, arms stretched out wide to silence them with…flair.

“Do I have to do this? Can’t I just have a drumstick?” Now, that’s not what you expected. You expected her to introduce herself, and then say all their names like you’d taught her. This is probably the first time she’s said such a long sentence, and it shocked you so much you kind of just ignored it and went on with your conversation.

“Oh?” You and Lance said at the same time, shocked but amused greatly. Perhaps you should get her a drumstick! By the time you had gotten one and came back, the others were gone, and according to Lance they decided they’d get some food and hang out in the arcade.

“So, anything else new?” Lance asked, shutting the door behind the others as they shouted goodbyes. You nodded, placing Lucy in her playroom while bringing the laptop into the kitchen with you.

“Yeah…there’s something~” you teased, continuing to take out some ingredients to make meatballs.

“If it’s the meatballs, then how dare you. You know those are my favorite you can’t just…make them when I’m right here.”

“Nope! That’s not it.” You grinned, becoming quite nervous. You held up a finger to indicate you’d be back in a second. When you did come back, Lance was looking curiously at the package in your hands.

“Well, I got it yesterday. And ordered it a few days ago. And, since we haven’t been able to talk until today, it’s the perfect time to show you.”

“Oh, is it for me?” He asked.

“Well, if you like it then I guess it could be for you. It’s for all of us really.”

“Oh, ok! Show me!”

You nodded, sliding a small knife through the taped top of the box and opening it slowly. You stared down at what was inside and smiled with content.

“Here we go! Got any names?” You asked, holding up an article of baby clothing. Lance’s mouth dropped open wide and he almost dropped the laptop, he scrambled across the couch and grabbed his phone and immediately dialed the others.

“Hey guys! I’m a dad!” You heard muffled speaking and laughing on the other end.

“No…I meant…oh wow I hate you guys. I meant that I’m having a baby!” He placed the phone on speaker and soon hung up in anger at Keith’s response. Though, you grinned nonetheless and laughed as well.


“Oh so you’re pregnant? Lance I don’t think that’s how it works.”

  • me, minding my own got damn business: i like jasper
  • jasper hate club: wOw oh My I can't believe you support emotional and physical abuse why does tumblr romanticize such horrible abusive characters that killed my crops and punched my dog. honestly the su fandom is so toxic and-
While watching Wynonna Earp 2x09




-Oh my poor Nicole T_T

-Oh WOW Waverly’s booty!






-Wynonna in apron is so cute and badass at the same time



“You actually know, that this is all in your head, don’t you?”

Sherlock reluctantly looks up from his book about bees.

Moriarty’s face is calm. But there’s something playfully in his eyes. Sherlock hates this look. It means, that Moriarty wants to mock him again. He didn’t do that for three whole days now. Apparently, he’s bored.

“Yes. I do,” he says tiredly and takes his eyes away from the unnerving grin that spreads on Moriarty’s face. “Why does it matter to you?”

“I’m just … wondering. Don’t you want to wake up sometime? Don’t you think they are concerned? Gavin - or was it George? - Hudders. And Johnny boy …”

“Shut up,” Sherlock says and closes his eyes.

Moriarty chuckles darkly. “Darling. It doesn’t work like this. You make me talking. You can make me shut up. But sadly, you seemingly forgot how to do it.”

Sherlock growls and presses his thumbs against his temples. 

He has a headache.

He can hear the beeping again. It’s annoying.




Won’t stop. Won’t stop like the endless rain outside of the windows of 221B Bakerstreet.

“Why don’t you want to wake up?” Moriarty again. Curiously.

“They don’t need me,” Sherlock says with his eyes still closed. “They need each other. I only make things worse.”

“Ugh,” Moriarty makes. He sounds disgusted now. “Oh wow. You really hate yourself, don’t you?”

Do I? Do I hate myself?
Maybe. Yes.

“Shut up,” he says again. The headache gets worse. Moriarty begins to laugh and Sherlock can’t stand it. He takes the gun, which was lying on the table the whole time, in his hand and points it at Moriarty’s head. The gun trembles. 

Moriarty raises his hands. “Woah, easy there. Do you really want to make a mess on your carpet, dear?”

“It’s not real,” Sherlock says coldly. “There won’t be a mess. But maybe I will feel better, when I see you with a hole between your eyes.”

Moriarty shrugs. “Do what you want. I’ll be back in a minute.” And he winks.

Sherlock lets the gun sink with a sigh.
Because it’s true.
Moriarty will be back and will continue to torment him.
It’s a circle.
At least the beeping is more quiet now. 

Sherlock takes his head into his hands.

He really misses John. And the others.
But he can’t go back.
He will make everything worse again.
People always get hurt in his presence.

And John needs … a better friend.
A friend, who doesn’t make him that upset and angry.

Surely John was angry about the overdose … but he will understand eventually.

He will.

And the world outside seems to go a bit darker.
He doesn’t know, how much time he has left.
But it will all end, eventually.
He just hopes, that he won’t have to bear the mind palace Moriarty for very much longer now …

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Wow, you are creepy. Writing about real people the way that you do is extremely unsavoury and disturbing. Just because these people perhaps don't know about what you're writing about them doesn't make you any less cowardly. Hiding your obsession behind anonymity and the protection of the internet doesn't mean you aren't a stalker.

Oh wow, I was waiting for my first piece of hate! Thank you so much for being #1!! Looking forward to more :)

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I just wanna thank you for writing that post about Sheith. I love Sheith, and to see you, someone who ships Klance, open to it, is just. It's really amazing, thank you. Because I'm honestly pretty open to most ships because I'm just really sick of the hate. Seriously thank you.

oh!! wow!! uhm no problem, i didn’t really think anyone would notice that tbh, but yeah antis just?? really annoy me??? it’s like,

me, a klance shipper: *likes a cute sheith fanart*
anti: ur a pedophile

i really don’t understand the point of ship wars, it’s like,, you know people can ship different things, right?? you guys have to deal with so much shit, am i just *done* with this fandom so i’m glad i could help

D: Man, Obama’s gonna be mad because he forgot to take away all our guns and institute Shariah law. He left it ‘til the last minute and he ran out of time.

C: Oh, wow, I hate when that happens. You have something you really want to do and then it slips your mind.

D: And he forgot to turn us all gay.

C: Wait, he didn’t do that?

D: No.

C: Was that just me?

D: It might be just you. You think it was Obama that turned you gay?

C: It might have been him.

D: You’re gay for Obama?

C: I’m gay for Obama.

iKON Reaction To Their Girlfriend Pranking Them By Dressing Up As a Guy And Acting As If She’s A New Member

I’ll write it as them finding out, it will be easier for me ;3;
Thank you!

[Monsta X Version]


“No way… It’s you? Why?”


“This is weird, but at least you looked like a real man, so I give you a B+”


“I knew your chest muscles weren’t just from working out”


*Looks at manager, then at you*
“Explain please?”


“Oh! You were manly though! Wow!”


“I hate everything about you at this moment”


“I’d like to say I’m mad, but this was impressive. Don’t do that again though”

I hope you liked it~
feel free to request more!

Icing Kisses (Chen)

Another early update! I’ve been writing a lot lately, so I’ve managed to get a bit more posted for you guys. Thank you for the request, anon! It’s so cute~

A little mess never hurt anyone.

You’d never been particularly good at cooking, but even you liked to dabble in baking every so often. Jongdae, however, was a wonderful cook (thank goodness, or you’d both starve to death). His cooking was to die for, and he was always unbelievably attractive as he manoeuvred around the kitchen, shaking his butt and whistling as he goes. Something about him at work, the concentration on his face and the pleased grin when you praised his creations. So whenever he offers to bake together, you jump at the golden opportunity to experience it all up close, tying his apron for him at the back and kissing the tip of his nose.

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If I have to pick a fun part of bpd (if fun is the word) it’s when you split and hate someone for the smallest reason and no one believes you that they’re Bad™ but then it comes out they were giant shitbags all along and you’re sitting on top of your mountain of hasty conclusions just soaking in the new gossip being delivered