oh wow i hate you

Antis: spend all the day on the Billdip Tag for annoy the shippers and write under their posts

Still antis: “Oh wow Tumblr why do you suggest me Billdip blog? Are you serious?! I hate that ship!!”

Lol i wonder why

D: Man, Obama’s gonna be mad because he forgot to take away all our guns and institute Shariah law. He left it ‘til the last minute and he ran out of time.

C: Oh, wow, I hate when that happens. You have something you really want to do and then it slips your mind.

D: And he forgot to turn us all gay.

C: Wait, he didn’t do that?

D: No.

C: Was that just me?

D: It might be just you. You think it was Obama that turned you gay?

C: It might have been him.

D: You’re gay for Obama?

C: I’m gay for Obama.

iKON Reaction To Their Girlfriend Pranking Them By Dressing Up As a Guy And Acting As If She’s A New Member

I’ll write it as them finding out, it will be easier for me ;3;
Thank you!

[Monsta X Version]


“No way… It’s you? Why?”


“This is weird, but at least you looked like a real man, so I give you a B+”


“I knew your chest muscles weren’t just from working out”


*Looks at manager, then at you*
“Explain please?”


“Oh! You were manly though! Wow!”


“I hate everything about you at this moment”


“I’d like to say I’m mad, but this was impressive. Don’t do that again though”

I hope you liked it~
feel free to request more!

If I have to pick a fun part of bpd (if fun is the word) it’s when you split and hate someone for the smallest reason and no one believes you that they’re Bad™ but then it comes out they were giant shitbags all along and you’re sitting on top of your mountain of hasty conclusions just soaking in the new gossip being delivered

  • Person: Oh I'm so gay!
  • Me: Oh, really? Well I-
  • Person: Gay as in happy! I'm so very happy!! Definitely not homosexual!!!!!!!!!
  • Me:
  • Me: Leave this plane of existence