oh wow i don't even know

  • Maryse: Okay so-
  • Alec: Oh sorry just got this text from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Well we're going to-
  • Alec: Oh this is so funny, sorry just got a message from my boyfriend, Magnus Bane
  • Maryse: Izzy can cover the-
  • Alec: Wow my boyfriend Magnus Bane is so f-
Okay real quick - Melissa Chase is an inattentive-type ADD kid and here’s why

 - the high stakes in the math book episode are literally nothing but “THE PRINCIPAL IS GONNA THINK I’M IRRESPONSIBLE” and Melissa is losing her shit over it

- apparently CONSTANTLY forgets her stuff at school

 - frames the repetitive frantic lost-thing search as a quest to make it less awful; insists that Zack also call it a quest

 - thing in science class makes a weird noise. immediately picks up and inspects, no second thought

 - “a tremendous portion of my self esteem is based on my grade point average”

- “hang on let me get my notepad” - proceeds to hustle every single kid in her homeroom

- knows every president’s blood type but forgets february doesn’t have a 30th

 - “melissa said she had to study” - shot of melissa spacing out in a kiddie pool

 - well meaning friend tells her to make a list of things she has to remember - “i tried that. lists don’t work.”

 - “wait where did i put down that key literally one second ago”

 - wanted to be a journalist/queen of the universe when she was little; continues saying that’s what she’s going to be because fuck you i can be whatever i want

 - that science project on the first day of summer. either it was assembled FAST (hyperfocused) or she had been working on it for days already (overdue school project). both are evidence

 - analyzed the FUCK out of Dr. Zone in under a day

 - VISIBLY ENRAGED when changes to her favorite event are sprung on her with no time to prepare (tenses up, limbs go stiff, death glare, clenched teeth) - she cannot stand the idea of being made to look stupid at something she’s really good at

 - witty as fuck bc hyperdrive snark brain

 - haha wow this wasn’t quick at all was it

 - i just feel very strongly about this

 - i love melissa

I watch you sometimes. And I just let the entirely different person that you are now settle into the spot in my heart that held the you I remember. It’s strange, almost nauseating, to see how the words that come out of your mouth now are the filthy things you were careful to never say around me. The pride and the arrogance lacing your walk, and even the way that you sit down, are completely and utterly repulsive to me. And I just have to ask myself.. Was this the man that I was once so ready to give myself to?
—  🖤
  • Summer: Qrow. Tai. I have a confession to make. *Summer said as she teammates play a video game.*
  • Qrow: We know you are banging my sister.
  • Tai: We are cool with it.
  • Summer: Wha-WHAT!? H-how did you know!?
  • Tai: Raven sent out an email to the entire school saying you two are banging and threatening anyone who even thinks about trying to ask you out.
  • Qrow: Plus, Ozpin gave her detention for flying an airship round with a banner saying, "SUMMERAVEN FOREVER!"
  • Summmer: *Summer's face turns bright red and pulls her hood over her head to hide it and to muffle her screams of embarrassment.* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?
  • Raven: *Suddenly Summer feels a pair of arms wrap around her waist and pulls her into a hug as Raven appears behind Summer through one of her portals.* Because I want the whole world to know you are my little rose. *Raven the turned Summer's face towards her to give her a kiss on the lips leaving her team leader speechless and proceeds to pick her up and carry her away.* We are going on a date don't wait up.
  • Tai: Have fun.
  • Qrow: Wear a rubber.
  • ~~~
  • Ruby: Oh. My. God.
  • Yang: Wow... I mean, woooooooow.
  • Weiss: This is just-! How does that even-! She wouldn't-!
  • Blake: Guys. Calm down. This mirror only shows alternate universe. None of this actually happened.
  • Tai/Qrow: *Look at each other and at the same time open their mouths to say Raven and Summer DID sleep together once, only for Raven's sword to appear at their throats.* ... That's right./Yep. *Raven and her sword disappear*

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Hi, Hello there! I saw you follow me and I couldn't believe it because its been almost 3-5 years since I've even spoken to you or seen your page! You were such an inspiration to me when I was younger. I don't know if you'd remember me, but I came to a lot of your livestreams as Poulterghiest way back when in the Portal 2 days haha. Anyways, don't mean to bother, just got some nostalgia and wanted to say hello and I hope you have a great day!

Oh, my God! I DO remember you!

Wow, has it really been that long? Crazy! It’s awesome to see you still drawing. Keep it up! And thank you for the hello! :D

The CMC have skipped school
  • Applejack: Cheerilee says they never came in this morning.
  • Rarity: I just don't know what would possess them to do this.
  • Twilight: Don't be so hard on the girls. A nice spring day is tempting for any filly. Even I skipped school a few times in my school days.
  • Applejack: You?
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh wow.
  • Twilight: Sure! I'd sneak into the Canterlot public library or to the park for some bird watching.
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh no.
  • Twilight: One day I even went to the History of Magical Science Museum.
  • Rainbow Dash: I've got to stop getting my hopes up over your stories.

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Another one of those late bloomers here, I just finished binge watching myself through all three seasons for the first time a couple of days ago and omg. Am I okay right now? I don't even know :O Now I'm listening to this one song on repeat - For Real by Okkervil River - because it gives me so many Hannigram feels. Do you know it?

Hey dear non!

Oh wow - I wish I could experience it again for the first time - what a wild ride!

Welcome to the fandom - I don´t think anyone here is okay after watching Hannibal haha…uhm…

Originally posted by byk23

I think my biggest WTF moment was when Hannibal used the bone saw on Will. Followed by the guy that ripped himself out of that eye mural and of course Mizumono *sob*


A few miscellaneous drawings from my trip.

I was surprised to hear the French say “wee-fee”. I find it so cute omg.


Somebody treated my family to some very nice Portuguese food in Paris. Therefore I bring to you — mussel man. [Why did I even think of this.]

Oh I’ve also passed through Belgium at some time.

  • Akamatsu: 'If there is anything anyone of you need to get off their chest, please do so. I'm your leader and I'm always here to listen to your problems and solve them.'
  • Ki-bo: 'Well, actually...'
  • Akamatsu: 'Is there something you want to say?'
  • Ki-bo: 'When I was still very young my life was already ruined...'
  • Akamatsu: 'Oh, that sounds really awful and I don't know if I can help with something tha-'
  • Ki-bo: '... When my creator revealed my existence to the public they asked the audience if they have any questions about my abilites...'
  • Akamatsu: 'Uhm yeah, but tha-'
  • Ki-bo: '... And then this little guy stood up and asked: 'That's all fine but does it have a dick?' and I was so embarrassed...'
  • Akamatsu: 'Wow, that's rude but-'
  • Ki-bo: 'And even the magazines wrote about that I'm an awesome robot but it's still unknown if I have a dick!'
  • Akamatsu: 'Uhm.. Yeah... But-'
  • Ki-bo: 'The audience was supposed to learn my creator's genius when he showed me for the first time. I mean, I am a robot with a lot advanced functions and a growing self-aware AI, just everyone only talked about my dick!'
  • Akamatsu: 'I'm so sorry about that but does anyone have a real, solvable problem that doesn't lie like a decade in the past?!'
  • Kokichi: 'Actually, I have a really recent problem. I feel kind of guilty...'
  • Akamatsu: 'Oh really, Kokichi-kun?'
  • Kokichi: 'Yeah. So when I was still smol, I was soo fascinated in robots...'
  • Ki-bo: '.... Don't tell me...'
  • Kokichi: 'So I went to this public conference...'
  • Ki-bo: '.... No....'
  • Kokichi: 'And there was this Professor and his really cool new robot...'
  • Ki-bo: ' NO '
  • Kokichi: 'So I wanted to know if he has a dick-'
  • Ki-bo: 'I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!'
  • Akamatsu: 'Can you two just shut up for a moment?!'
  • Kashaw: *snores loudly*
  • Vex: He snores.
  • Keyleth: Wow.
  • Vex: Ya know, my brother doesn't snore.
  • Keyleth: No, I know.
  • Vex: ...
  • Keyleth: ...
  • Vex: ...
  • Keyleth: No. I mean I don't -
  • Vex: No.
  • Keyleth: not that I -
  • Vex: Don't. Just don't.
  • Keyleth: Don't worry about it.
How I ended up being fucked over by Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Friend: Hey look at this girl from an anime I wanna cosplay!! *shows me picture of Mami*
  • Me: Oh wow that's awesome
  • Friend: The anime is really good, you should watch it! Look at all the other characters! *shows cute photo of all the girls*
  • Me being bored: Well this actually looks pretty cute, I'll watch it
  • Me five hours later after binge watching the whole season: *sobbing* WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! *more gross sobbing*
  • Friend: Mwahaha... okay there is a sequel movie on netflix trust me it'll make it better
  • Me stupidly: Okay then *sniffles*
  • Me another two hours later after watching Rebellion: *sobbing harder* WHY DID I TRUST YOU I HATE YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD BE HAPPY OR SAD
  • Friend: Well your ships came true didn't they?


Me: oh hey wow Killing Stalking is on the top 10 tumblr tag list thing. I didn’t know it got so popular! Wonder what happened?


Top post compares Killing Stalking with YOI, focuses on YOI being “healthy” and KS not being healthy, and links them to Korea and Japan as if those two works of fiction represent their entire nations

Me: (looks at the camera like I’m in the Office)

Me: The fuck is this shit

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I just don't know how in a matter of weeks the writers managed to change such a good, loved thing so completely, and keep beating it down each episode. Honestly wish I could know their mindset to understand whatever logic is behind it, and then maybe suddenly I'll think 'oh wow it all makes sense?? What an amazing idea!!1!'. Lol I just feel drained. I hate that it's having this effect on people who used it as an escape/comfort :/ I miss enjoying the show tbh I want that feeling back so badly

Yep.. all of this, anon. </3

I really think what’s most baffling about all of this is the ‘why??’ like there’s no possible good explanation for what’s unfolding right now and it’s just such bad decision-making and bad execution on ED’s part imo..