oh woow

So, I just remembered something that happened to me and my mom a few weeks ago. We were at a tanger outlet and we were looking at the map, and this white woman who was also looking at the map said, “where the hell are we, I have no idea,” so my mom said, “excuse me, we are here,” and pointed to the map that was labeled as “you are here.”

Then, the white woman started making like these weird gestures with her hands and she changed her tone of voice like, “OH WOOW, THANK YOU, you’re RIGHT.” It was almost like watching a kindergarten teacher speaking to one of the kids in class, and I was like, wtf is she doing, why is she talking like that all of a sudden, what’s with the gestures, then she turns to ME and says,“ English REALLY good!" 

There you have it. So that’s why she made all those alien gestures and spoke down to my mom like she was a fucking baby with those exaggerated expressions and tone. So my mom was just about to leave and I was pissed so I just went, "next time, why don’t you read the map more closely, since you seem to think that you know how to speak English better than us.” Usually, I just glare at white people who do this and just leave because it’s nothing new tbh, but this woman was really pushing my buttons. 

This is not the first damn time white people thought we couldn’t speak English and spoke to us like we were children, but this woman had to be the most ridiculous by far. 

It looks good on you - Namjoon

32) It looks good on you

Chances like this weren’t common for you and your boyfriend. Since Namjoon is in famous band you couldn’t get out and have regular dates or take a walk by Han river holding hands. You mostly saw each other in your house or his dorm and sometimes in the agency, but you still wanted more, you wanted to take your boyfriend’s hand and show to the world how much you love him. So tonight’s opportunity was rare and you wanted to make most out of it.

Babe are you coming soon? -Namjoon texted you fifth time in the last 30 minutes.

Yes, I’m on my way Joonie.

What took you so long? I’m bored here without you. -You smiled at your phone, imagining Namjoon sitting alone in the club waiting for you.

I wanted to look nice for you.

You always look beautiful babe, I wouldn’t care even if you showed up in jeans and white t-shirt.

His words were sweet and you knew he meant it, but you spent hours today on getting ready so you felt little disappointed. After all, you just want to show your boyfriend that you can wear something more than just jeans and converse.

Your taxi stopped in front of the club in Gangnam which Namjoon’s agency rented for tonight’s anniversary party. You were so excited that you can finally experience some normal situation that other couples in their twenties do all the time.

You step out of the taxi carefully, your dress too short and it’s easy to reveal more than you want. You flatten the material with your hands, check your hair and decide to enter.

You were wearing strappy nude colour high heels that made your legs longer that they actually were, paired with beige clutch that even it looked beautiful, it could barely fit your phone and some money. The tight black mini dress was hugging your curves in all the right places and you felt so powerful wearing it.

First person you see as you enter is Jungkook, isolated from the crowd and you guess the shy maknae needs some time to adjust to the surroundings.

“Hello Jungkook” you wave at his directions.

“Hello noona… oh woow” Jungkook says and you notice his eyes escaping and glancing all over your body. You giggle a little, finding his action cute and Jungkook immediately lowers his head in embarrassment .

“Umm.. Hyung is in the booth in the corner at the very end of the club” and with that he leaves.

You smile once more and head through the crowd to get to your boyfriend.

Loud music doesn’t allow you to talk to people so you just wave at those you know. On your way you see almost all of Bangtan and they all look impressed. Jimin even had the nerves to shamelessly wink at you, but you would be lying if you said that all this attention doesn’t feel good.

You get to the booth but Namjoon is nowhere to be seen. You look around you a few times but still nothing. As you reach in your clutch to get your phone out and send him a message, you feel someone’s weight on you.

“Oh babe, you’re so sexy. This dress is doing things to me, it looks so good on you” you hear Namjoon practically growling into your ear.

You try to turn around and kiss him but his firm grip on your hips doesn’t allow you.

“I guess I’m staying at your place tonight” Namjoon says pressing you harder against his crotch.  

Neo Genesis Yearbook 2006
  • Reita: I want to get a dog.... But I guess I can't get them from those fish bait vending machines you talk about, right? But I don't think I can do it...I mean- Whenever I get back home after a tour I'm always out cold. I dont think I can take care of a dog.
  • Ruki: The word is 'neglect'. You'd probably end up sending the dog to your parent's house.
  • Reita: Lol no. I definitely won't neglect the band and our tours. I mean- I won't be at home for 24 hours so...
  • Kai: Are you saying that if the dog won't die in 24 hours, you'd keep it?
  • Uruha: Y'know, you can just bring the dog along with us during the tours.
  • Aoi: I don't think the hotels are going to let the dog in lol
  • Manager: Eh wait wait wait. Whose going to take care of the dog when you guys are on stage?
  • Uruha: Oh woow- won't it be super awesome if the dog can stay near the stage wings and see us perform? That would be soooo cuutee!!
  • Ruki: Lol, that would really get the crowd riled up!
  • [Translation by hakitarun.livejournal.com]
Exo seeing you for the first time and being very attracted to you. (request)

Xiumin: she… *points to you* she is beautiful

Luhan: oh woow *says staring at you*

Kris: hey gurl come over here *says smoothly*

Suho: *gets caught staring at you*

Lay: *Approves you*

Baekhyun: Her yes guys her now shhh *says to members*

Chen: Here is my phone number *holds up his phone*

Chanyeol: *tries to make a heart but gets nervous and fails*

D.O.: *wonders if you will rule the world with him*

Tao: *stares at you nodding*

Kai: *smiles at you getting your attention*

Sehun: *does not know what to say or do to be nice*

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