oh woops i said it


i….. i just like her a lot… she charmed me with her inconvenient to draw face and delightful to write character…. and ford keeps appearing in the background every time i do anything with her, dunno why

How to Avenge 101 [Part 15]

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A/N: So here’s Part 15! Thank you to everyone who’s been messaging me, I LOVE talking about your ideas for How to Avenge 101. I’m sorry this took a while to write – I got stuck at a certain point and couldn’t get the right words down for aaages. It’s another long chapter, and not as action based for now, but there’s a lot of tension going on for the Agent!

Word Count: 3,923

Warnings: Mention of previous injuries, language, fluffinessssss.

You woke up somewhere very clean.

You blinked your eyes open, blearily trying to focus on your surroundings. Yep – very clean room, slightly uncomfortable bed, a soft beeping from the heart monitor – You’d made it to a medical room. Your right leg felt strangely numb, but you ignored it in favour of searching for the button or string or whatever device it was that would tell the medical room you’d woken up.

“At ease Agent.”

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