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Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss Alternative Episode Names:

Episode 1 - Wait What.

Episode 2 - Biyomon please stop being such a bitch


Episode 4 - YOU GET AN EVOLUTION AND YOU GET AN EVOLUTION. EVERYONE GETS AN EVOLUTION! (or: Are we drowning? Have we drowned? Wtf is even going on anymore?)

Everything that makes me love sehun even more
  • the lil scar on this cheek
  • he has the cutest laugh ever
  • his braces
  • his lisp
  • his canines
  • When rests his head on other members shoulders
  • “I’m the youngest” ™ 
  • e.x.o
  • Airport fashion !!
  • His bubble tea love
  • That he made alot of selfies with fans in concert
  • that one clip of sassy 14 year old sehun dancing
  • “I’m gonna be a star” - 12 yr old sehun
  • his pre debut story about running away and hiding in a bathroom
  • Baby photos
  • His long legs
  • Vivis dad !!??!
  • The rap in lightsaber ohhhhhhh goood
  • yehet ohorat ™ 
  • That he had the most lines out of all of them at exactly 1:20min in Love me right  !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I’m not lying ok look at the line distribution and fast forward to 1.20 ,,, he had the most)
  • His dancing
  • #sebooty ™ 
  • When he performs Baby don’t cry
  • His hands ( i lov hands okay )
  • rainbow hair ™ 
  • broccoli hAIR ™ ™ ™ 
  • His habit of sticking his tongue out
  • sebaek
  • That one time he was hosting that one radio show with chen and the fan said she likes chen the most no he went like “the call has been disconnected due to bad signal”
  • Overall that time he hosted that radio show my little bub did such a great job !!he also looked really cute that day
  • *points at his socks* “This is the main point of my fashion”
  • Whenever he tries to wink
  • “should we make this a 19+ brodcast”
  • “ I’d like to do a 19+ concert”
  • His freindship with all the members
  • especially the cute friendship with suho
  • and the dumb and dumber ™  kind of friendship with chanyeol
  • His instagram updates w/ the members
  • His acting in Exo next door
  • The posibility that he might be a lgbt member as he said suggestive things
  • His selfie with lgbt icon hong suk chun
  • the “do it together” rap
  • when he wears pink !!!! Soft sehun is !!!!!!!!
  • Hes sassy
  • When he hugged the air the becuase the fan couldnt be there but asked for a hug
  • “Thats right my type”
  • Whenever he speaks chinese and then looks at yixing to ask if he was correct and he allways is (I’m such a proud mom)
  • when he hits the person next to him and stomps on the ground when he laughs
  • That he can be super serious and professional
  • That hes always confident and pleased with himself
  • Handsome Model!hun
  • abs
  • “If there was an angel in this world………. it would be me”
  • arm and neck veins
  • That he took ksoo to jeju after he couldnt go to hawaii
  • sesoo
  • 11 MINUTES !!,,,!!!
  • his little pink nipples
  • That one time on the airport where he had his jacked over his head looking like a turtle
  • When he wears a suit
  • His 50cm shoulders
  • “ U like orange??”
  • His favorite colors are black and white and I think thats relatable
  • He said that he likes to cry and I think thats even more relatable
  • His beautiful natruAL NON WHITEWASHED SKIN
  • Pinku pinku
  • When he makes that one particular face,,,you know what i mean
  • When he said “ Hello I’m sehun” in english and then clapped for himself
  • When suho asked why he hugged the blanked when he slept last night and he got offended like “How could you ask the youngest member something like that?”
  • Chapstick ™ 
  • His perfect eyebrows ( i cry)
  • “how are you.. ?
  • cola, coke coke please ? yah yha yha thank you
  • chocolate icE CREAM ? yahahy ah thank u
  • PIZZA PEPERONI yahhh thank U “
  • When he meowed cutely and then angrily
  • ik i mentioned that before but !!! hiS SMILE!! HIS LAUGH!!!
  • he,, half man half cat,, everybody loves cats
  • When he was gossiping on The Viewable Sm
  • Hes so tALL
  • “you should ALLWAYS ask for MY opinon”
  • Hes super clingy and thats adorable
  • w/ grey hair he looks like zen from mystic messenger ngl
  • eomAYYAAAA
  • He has rly pretty eyes
  • okay but his personality, i think he would be such a fun person to be around with.
  • He said that we do not have to buy the albums if we can’t afford it, all we have to do is like them and he’ll be happy
  • He’s honeslty just so sweet!!!! he’s an angel okay!!!!
  • How he really always tries his best !!
  • His fluffy hair ahhh i really want to tuch his hair !! it always looks so nice
  • When he read that “Damn good advice” Book
  • He’s such a meme
  • (fun fact: every sehun stan i kno is a meme hoe)
  • When he copy and pasted “byebyebyebye..” like 1000 times because thats #mood af
  • His angelic voice in sing for you !!!! AHhhhh
  • vegetable ???
  • i lov my lil bub so much
¿Es cosa mía o Samuel estaba muy emocionado y nervioso cuando descubrieron que podían tener un bebé? Y he de decir que Willy no se quedaba atrás.


“¡Tener un bebé! ¡tener un bebé, Willy!”
“Oh, dale, dale. Vegetta me ha preguntado si quiere tener un bebé.”
“Sí, sí, sí. Dale, dale, dale ya ves que si lo tienes.”
“Esperate un momento.”
“Willy estás echando pancita, ya sabía yo que…”
“No, no, no que le he dado que no.”
“¿Tú eres tonto o qué te pasa?”
“A ver, tener un bebé.”
“Pos claro que tenemos un bebé. Y lo tiene Willy… y es un hombre ¡Es un chico, Willy!”
“Es un varón ¿cómo le vamos a llamar?”
“¿Guillemuel? Guille muel… Guimuel…”
“No me convence mucho.” 

Yo pensé que lo llamarían Zeus <3

look not everyone likes folk ballads and that is fine but willie of winsbury is 100% worth a listen because a plot point is the king finds this guy so damn attractive he just forgets to be mad at him and then offers him half his kingdom because he is just so hot

anonymous asked:

Everyone keeps mentioning the Hiddleconda and stuff.. am I the only one who thinks that his willy is not so big? I mean, looking at the gif where Oakley (in Unrelated) is running naked to the pool and at those cring-worthy pics with the grandpa white panties....I only saw rainbows and lies.. :( will Tommy boy disappoint us also in terms of willy size?

Oh my, are we opening this can of worms?

Personally,I think it has to be noteworthy because I have never in my life been able to see the bulge in every pair of pants a dude wears like you can with Hiddles. Maybe we need other visual aids?

It was someone’s job in “Kenneth Branagh’s Thor” to blur this monster bulge.

The blessing of the slo-mo snake hips + his hatred of underwear shows a clear and impressive dick print.

He sits like a man-whore because it’s uncomfortable for him to smush his considerable junk together in his tight ass pants.

Notice here how his hand bounces from the movement of the Conda?

We can’t forget the blue suit of Cannes!

In his favorite jeans

Another vision in  blue

And I’ll just end with this pic- which MAY be a manip but who gives a fuck.

I rest my case LOL


Min 3:53

Willy: Pico, un pico por favor para mi… un piquito.


Vegetta: Un pico para willy y un pico para vegetta… dos picos para vegetta.

Willy: Bueno, bueno, bueno…

Vegetta: Luego te lo pago… te lo pago en carnes.

Min 5:43

Vegetta: Oh… hay que dormir willy. Le decimos a Alexby que duerma?

Willy: Eh… Hay una cama para mi aquí?

Vegetta: Eh… no. Pero creo que vamos a poder hacer una… te hago una willy. Madre mía, vas a tener una camita en mi casa eh…

Willy: Que bien la verdad. Estoy… Aquí estoy contento eh, digo ¡ostras! Esto ya es un pequeño paso, es como cuando dejas el cepillo de dientes sabes?

Vegetta: Exacto! Anda duerme ahí.

Min 13:05

Vegetta: A ver… Media horita soy tuyo y media horita eres mio.

5+1 - William Nylander

the five times willy gets in your space and the one time you get in his

requested: yes | no

word count: 2487

warnings: cursing

a/n: this wasn’t the most specific of requests and i am in every way a sucker for 5+1 fics, so tada! i liked it a lot so i decided to move it up in the queue while i work on this other sad(ish) willy one. i’m also still accepting responses about which imagine that i’ve written so far is your favorite as i continue examining my writing style! hope you all enjoy xoxo

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you shivered in the cold toronto air. before your eyes, your breath turned to fog. even willy’s arms around you weren’t enough to keep you from quivering like a leaf.

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