oh wilfred


Wilfred: “I think I want to stay here.”

Ava: “Oh…”

Wilfred: “I’m happy you’re back and you’re safe. But I want to be here with Penny and Jake and my mum and dad.”

Finley: “But we are your mum and dad.”

Wilfred: “I don’t remember you. What I remember is Ruben tucking me in at night and reading me stories and Elizabeth hugging me when I had a nightmare or making me a hot chocolate just because. I know that you are my parents, but so are they. This is my home. I want to stay here.”

Ava looked close to tears and a part of Elizabeth wanted to comfort her whilst it swelled with pride at the words of her brave boy. But the other part, the angry part that knew of the sadness their departure had caused stood its ground. 

request finished anon! tbh I’m having WAY TO MUCH FUN making memes about Ed and his garden cause I can totally see him being upset, but making him this way makes me laugh…so yeah hope you like it :D RUN FAST ROBBIE!!

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Could you please make a sequel from kbtbb the guys want to try win MC back but she don't care about them anymore and ends up with someone from bmp please?

A/N- Sorry for the delay ^_^  I hope you guys like it!  I tried something different this time.

Thanks again @sakura-tsubaki for the help!



Prologue-  I ran my fingers nervously as I looked around the crowd.  This was the last place I expected to end up at, the Tres Spades Hotel.  I left Japan to get away from this secrets hidden at the top of this hotel, I did not want to come back.  After announcing that the prince and I would be headlining an event for wedding planning, everyone decided to keep the actual location of it a secret from me.  They thought it would be a brilliant surprise for me to come back to my old place of employment, but it sucked if anything.  They knew nothing about the secrets hidden behind the scenes.  For some reason, I had no interest in telling anyone about it.

I knew my ex-boyfriend was still around here somewhere, and I prayed to the gods above that I would not bump into him.  I have yet to see him since we broke up and I quit my maid job.  Obviously, with my luck, I would bump right into him.  I smiled to myself as I thought about how he would react if he found out I was engaged to an actual prince.  It will be my last act of bittersweet revenge.

I let out a small sigh as I walked through the crowd in search for my fiance.  Due to last minute work on his part, I ended up coming here before him.  He should be here around now.  That is when I heard a familiar voice call out my name.

Eisuke- My eyes widened as I met with Eisuke who still had his permanent smirk glued to his face.  I felt my expression pale at the sight of him.  I obviously knew I would see him eventually; however, I did not expect to see him before I met up with my fiance.

Eisuke walked over and I said, “hello.”

Eisuke looked around before asking, “are you here with anyone?”

“Yes, but he is not here at the moment,” I stated as I looked down nervously.  It has been so long since I have seen him and I could not help but feel anxious in his presence.  He just had that kind of aura around him.  To him it probably looks as if I am lying, but I did not care if he believed me or not.  Eventually, he would find out the truth.

“Did he leave you?” Eisuke asked, “not all men are enthusiastic about the idea of getting married.”

I rolled my eyes,  “no, we are meeting here after he finishes his work, and it is none of your business anyway.”

“I’m sorry,” Eisuke stated as he avoided my gaze.  He turned to look out the window at the beautiful night sky view.

“Sorry for what?” I muttered as I turned away toward the crowd, “if you are talking about ‘it’ then it has been months and I am over it.”

The two of us stood there in silence for a few seconds before Eisuke said, “I missed you.”

“It’s too late,” I muttered as I searched for my fiance.

“It’s never too late,” Eisuke said as he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him, “I am way better than whoever you are with now.  I may have done stupid things in the past, but I changed.”  I pushed his hand away from my face before taking a step back.  The two of us glared daggers at each other.

“No,” I stated in a firm tone, “now if you excuse me, I am going to–”  I began to walk away and Eisuke grabbed my shoulder.  I turned around and became taken aback once I looked into his eyes.  They lost their confidence and seemed more vulnerable.  He looked innocent.  I had the temptation to wrap my arms around him and comfort him like a mother would do to her child that just had a nightmare.  I held myself back as I turned away from his hypnotic gaze.

“I am sorry,” Eisuke said before letting go.

A familiar voice called toward the two of us, “what is going on here?”  I turned to see my fiance walking over with butler shadowing behind him.  Like usual, Wilfred did not seem amused at all.  Wilfred had a mischievous aura to him as he gazed at Eisuke.  It seemed as if Wilfred was planning all the ways he could have the hotel owner killed for touching me.  When he reached us he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me toward his body without taking his eyes off of Eisuke.  “Who are you?” Wilfred asked.

“The owner,” Eisuke said as his expression went blank of emotions, “and yourself?”  

“Prince Wilfred of Phillip,” Wilfred stated, “I am MC’s fiance.”  Eisuke turned toward me with a blank expression, but his eyes betrayed his sorrow and shock.  I thought I would feel better after doing this, but now I just feel guilty.

Baba-  “Baba?” I said.  My voice was noticeably higher as he walked over with a huge smile on his face.  Were his ears ringing or something?  While I stood there in shock Baba wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tightly.

“MC, I can’t believe you are here,” he said as he let me go, “I was just thinking about you actually.  It’s as if fate was bringing us together once again.”  Before I could say anything he took my hand and kissed the back of it.  He winked at me as he let go of my hand that flopped back to my side.  “What brings you here anyway?” Baba asked smiling.  I felt my cheeks redden as I thought about what just happened.  I took an anxious step back from him as a nervous smile appeared on my lips.  My heart pounded painfully in my chest.  Baba was such a womanizer.  His effects on me will never fade.

“Umm…” I responded as I tried to put words together to form a sentence.  His enthusiasm threw me for a loop.  Baba’s expression turned to confusion as he looked around the room.

“Are you engaged to someone?” Baba asked curiously and I nodded my head, “where is he?”

“He is heading here now,” I responded nervously, “he had to do some work first.”

“Do you still hate me?” he asked as he took a step closer to me.  I was going to say yes until I looked into his eyes.  They looked like the eyes of a young child asking if Santa is real.  My heart broke as I looked into his eyes.  I do not love him, but I do not think I hate him.  The feelings have faded with time.


Baba leaned down toward me with a mischievous smile, “would you hate me if I tried to steal you?”  My eyes widened as I gazed at him.  “I’ll never repeat what I did, I still love you MC,” Baba said as he gently caressed my cheeks, “we can sneak away into the night.”

“Baba…” I muttered as I took a step away from him, “I can’t.”  Baba’s let his hand sadly drop to his side as a voice called my name from the crowd.  I turned to see violet eyes staring at us angrily.  I watched as Joshua walked toward us and my breath felt like it got stuck in my throat.  Baba gazed at me with a confused look before turning to see what I was staring at.

“Prince Joshua,” Baba muttered to himself as the prince walked closer, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  Joshua did not look interested in Baba in greetings as he glared daggers at the two of us.

“I have been looking for you Joshua,” I said, “Joshua this is an old friend of mine.  His name is Mitsunari Baba.  Baba this is my fiance Prince Joshua.”

Baba’s expression turned to pure shock before asking, “you’re going to marry an actual prince?  You’re going to be an actual princess?”

“Yes,” Joshua stated with an emotionless tone, “she is the future queen of DresVan.”

Baba forced a fake smile as his expression still showed his shock “congratulations.  I never thought our little maid would be a queen of an actual country one day.”  Me either.

Ota- “Ota,” I gasped as the angelic artist walked toward me with a smile on his face.  His amber eyes looked bright as he walked closer to me.  I calmed myself as he stood in front of me in all of his glory, “hello.”

“Hello Koro, it’s been a while,” Ota said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to see you here.  Did you come here to see me?”

Ota winked at me and I replied with an annoyed tone, “no, I am here with my fiance.”

“Your cheeks are red Koro,” Ota laughed and I turned away from him, “you don’t have to lie to me.  It’s cute that my Koro has come back to see me.”

“I’m not lying,” I replied.

“Then where is your fiance?”

I looked around the room, “he is heading here from work.”

Ota tilted his head, “does he have an office job?  That sounds boring.”  I was tempted to laugh at the comment as I thought of my fiance’s job.  I would not call it boring.

“He doesn’t have a boring job,” I stated.  Ota shrugged his shoulders as he called a waiter over for a drink.  He took two cups of champagne and handed me one before taking a sip of his own.

“Are you happy with him?  If not, you can always leave him,” Ota stated and I rolled my eyes as I heard a familiar voice talking.  I turned and my gaze caught with the periwinkle eyes of my fiance.  I felt my heartbeat increase as he walked over with a smile on his face.

“Ah, the goddess has led me the right way,” Edward smiled as he walked over, “I have been searching for you everywhere my beautiful rose queen.”  Edward took my hand and kissed the back of it as my cheeks began to burn.   I turned toward Ota who looked shocked.

“What the fuck is wrong with this man?” Ota asked as he looked at me.

“This is my fiance,” I began, “his name is–”

“You ended up with a flower?” Ota asked and busted out laughing, “oh god, Koro is a rose queen?  That is hilarious.”

“Koro?” Edward asked with a confused look as he ignored the rest of Ota’s comments.

I glared at Ota as he slowly stopped laughing and smiled at me, “since when were you into flowery men?  He sounds like he jumped out a damn Shakespeare play.”

“Ota, this is Prince Edward,” I said, “my fiance.”

Ota’s expression paled before turning toward Edward in shock, “prince?  You’re getting married to a prince?  You’re going to be a princess?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Ota Kisaki?” Edward muttered to himself wide-eyed, “the angelic artist?”

Mamoru- “I don’t think you are able to smoke here,” I stated as the familiar detective walked toward me with a drink in hand and a cigarette trapped between his lips.

Mamoru did not look amused as he walked up toward me, “it’s been awhile kid.”

“Yeah,” I said as I involuntarily crossed my arms across my chest.  I have not seen Mamoru since I left his house the day I found out the truth.  Mamoru took his cigarette out of his mouth as he blew smoke into the air.  Mamoru looked me up and down with a smirk on his face.

“I am actually happy you are here,” Mamoru stated and I was taken aback.  Why would he be happy I was here?  Is he also engaged or something?  “I was just thinking about you,” Mamoru continued as he took a sip of his drink, “it’s stupid, but I have missed you kid.”  I stood there in silence as I looked down at the ground.  I could not help but wonder what my fiance would think if he ever saw us.  “I guess you are engaged or something?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said as I ran my fingers through my hair, “I am waiting for my fiance, he has some work to do first.”  Mamoru nodded his head as he leaned on the wall beside us and downed the rest of his drink.

“Does he treat you good kid?” Mamoru asked as he raised his eyebrow.  I nodded my head awkwardly as I turned my attention toward the crowd.  “is he a workaholic or something?”  I laughed at the question, workaholic he is not.  I shook my head no as Mamoru took another puff from his cigarette.  “I’m guessing you also haven’t forgiven me kid?” he asked and I shook my head no, “so there is no chance of us getting back together?”  My eyes widened as I turned toward Mamoru who avoided my gaze.  Did he really say what I think he said?

“No, there is no chance,” I stated.

“Understandable.  My feelings for you have never changed,” Mamoru stated as he turned toward me, “and they never will.  If you ever do I will be waiting.”

“Thanks,” I stated awkwardly.  I do not know what else to say.

“MC!” a voice yelled and before I could respond I felt hand cover my eyes, “guess who?”

“Roberto?” I laughed as he let go and I turned to see Roberto smiling down at me before turning toward Mamoru.  He gave a forced smile as he studied the detective.

Mamoru looked at the scene in shock before muttering to himself, “they really are damn kids.”

“Mamoru, this is my fiance Prince Roberto,” I stated and Mamoru’s expression turned to pure shock as he stared at the prince up and down, “Roberto, this is… my ex Mamoru Kishi.”  Roberto wrapped his arms around me from behind as I finished my statement.

“So, you are engaged to an actual prince?” Mamoru muttered, “fairy tales are real.  Princess MC?”

Soryu-  “It’s been a while,” Soryu said with an emotionless expression as he walked toward me.

“Yeah,” I muttered as I felt my posture stiffen.  Even though I knew there was a chance I would see him today, but I was still surprised.  I did not expect to see him so soon, and the mobster looked out of place in this surroundings.  The two of us stood there awkwardly as I avoided his gaze while he scratched the back of his neck anxiously.

“How’s Inui doing?” I asked.

“Good,” Soryu responded, “everyone misses you.”  I let out a sigh as I looked toward him to see him staring back at me.

“So…” I muttered, “how have you been doing?”


“That’s good,” I stated.

The two of us stood there in silence until Soryu finally spoke, “do you still make your famous omelettes?”

I felt tempted to laugh as I said, “yes.”

“I missed them,” he said, “I miss you too.  I am sorry, I never actually had the chance to say that before.”

“It’s okay,” I muttered.  I always thought I could never accept his apology, but now that he is standing in front of me, my feelings have now changed.

“You are engaged aren’t you?” Soryu asked and I nodded my head, “is there any way I can steal you away from him.”  I hesitated before shaking my head no.

“It’s too late,” I stated.  Soryu smirked as he opened his mouth to say something but was stopped when someone called my name.  We both turned to see the Prince of Liberty walking toward us.

“Is that your fiance?” Soryu asked confused.

“Keith,” I said with a smile as he walked over and kissed me hard on my lips, lingering a few seconds longer then needed.

Keith turned toward Soryu with a smirk before asking, “who is he?”

“Keith this is… an old friend of mine.  His name is Soryu Oh,” I stated, “Soryu, this is my fiance Prince Keith Alford.”  Soryu stared at us in shock at the word prince.

“So, you’re a real life princess now,” Soryu muttered as my cheeks reddened, “you will always be Ice Dragon royalty to me though.”

“Ice Dragon?” Keith asked as he turned toward me.  I avoided his gaze at the question.

“I’ll speak to you later,” Soryu said as he walked away, “I need to ask Baba a favour.”

“MC?” Keith asked as he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.  There was an annoyed look on his expression as I groaned.  “Friend?  You two seemed close,” he stated, “and the way he looked at y–”

“That shade of green is not your colour Keith,” I stated as I grabbed his jacket and pulled him toward me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

  • Claude: Where is Prince Wilfred?
  • Luke: He’s in his room feeding MC tacos.
  • Keith: And we ain’t talking bout the hard kind.
  • Luke: Allow us to spell it out for you.
  • Luke and Keith: S A W F T ….SAAAAWFFFFT!
  • Claude: Master Wilfred is most definitely not soft!
Stress Relief

Author’s Note: Inspired by a random dream I had - which quickly morphed into working at Starbucks for some reason. Eh.

Flicking through documents, he raked his fingers through his hair and sighed. There was no end to them and he could feel his face still fixed into a deep frown.

Claude had left him with this work to do, and - although not urgent - it was difficult. He had tried working in his office, but found himself relocating to his chambers simply to be near his wife, finding her presence soothing. Well, usually.


There was no mistaking that voice. His princess, sounding none-too-pleased behind him. He could just picture her face, brows knitted and lips pouting. Her arms folded across her chest.


A smile came to his lips automatically, and he fought to wipe it clear as he turned to her. She was exactly as he’d pictured.

“My darling princess, what’s the matter?” He queried, rising from his armchair and smoothly making his way to her, his hands grasping her shoulders. Green eyes met blue, and she sighed at him.

“Has his Highness forgotten how to tidy up after himself?” she chided, huffing a little. Wilfred frowned, his head tilting to one side.

“I don’t quite follow, have I left a mess somewhere?” He was pretty sure he hadn’t, but she seemed genuinely annoyed…and it was making him doubt himself.

“Bathroom, Wilfred. Now.”

He knew better than to argue with that tone in her voice. Quickly, he marched into the bathroom and stood stock-still in the middle of the tiled floor. His sharp blue eyes scanning the room for whatever could have offended his lady. A stray sock? Some hair on the floor? The Royal Underpants?

But he found nothing.

“My love, is this perhaps a jo-” he began, but as he turned to look behind him, he was hit directly in the face with something. Something white filled his vision, and he heard a shutter click followed by raucous laughter. Baffled, and a little angry now, he wiped his eyes and saw the love of his life there, a basket at her feet full of little balloons - a camera in her hands.

“Oh Wilfred!” She cried, gasping for air. “Your expression is priceless! It’s just whipped cream, dear.” Licking his lips, he knew she hadn’t lied. In one quick motion he had grabbed a balloon from her basket and popped it over the top of her head, using his hands to smear the cream around.

“Payback…” he murmured, dashing back into the bathroom with a few more balloons and hiding behind the bathtub.

A war quickly ensued in the Royal bathroom, and although Wilfred was low on ammo - he gave as good as he got.

Balloons and energy spent, the royal couple sank to the tiled floor, covered head-to-toe with whipped cream. She stared at him, he stared back - and both burst into fits of laughter. He wasn’t sure why his wife had decided to go against her normal no-mess policy to do this, but he was pleased she had, no longer tense and over-focused on his work.

And she looked a real treat, he admitted to himself. Crawling toward her, he leaned in and licked her cheek, and was positive he saw a blush spread where his tongue had passed.

“Delicious…the cream wasn’t bad either.” He whispered.

“W-Wilfred, what are y-” He kissed her, deeply and passionately before giving her a suggestive look. “Shall we get cleaned up, then?” he queried, sliding his shirt off in front of her. She giggled.

“Awoke the beast, have I? I suppose it can’t be helped…” she sighed, removing her blouse also.

He wrapped his arms around her with a mock growl, and they toppled onto the floor from their seated position, Wilfred nipping and licking at her neck and earlobe as she squirmed beneath him, giggling and gasping.

One thing was certain: they were going to get a lot messier before they ever got clean…

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Hi, can I request a Be My princess where MC takes care of princes when they're sick?

Wilfred: “Oh Wilfred, you have a fever.” She said as she held a spoon to his mouth, “Just eat something before you go to sleep.” He loving nature and her worried filled eyes left the prince feeling incredibly loved as he took bite after bite of her homemade food. It was good to get sick once in a while.

Roberto: “Of course I’ll take care of you!” Elizabeth said as she tucked Roberto into bed, “I’ll give you all the attention you need.” Her statement left he prince flushed, although it was masked by his already red face, due to her unnoticed boldness. He savored her constant attentiveness every time he moved or spoke. Being spoiled by his wife was the best thing in the world.

Joshua: “Joshua I swear try to get up one more time..” She trailed off as Joshua tried to go back to his office to work. He refused to believe he was sick. He was a prince, he had duties, he had important documents- “If you behave I’ll make you some rice balls.” She bribed. Instantly the prince fell into bed, covers pulled to his neck as she laughed to herself. She always got him this way.

Glenn: “I’m not a kid.” Glenn pouted as she took his temperature. “You have a fever Glenn just bare with it.” She said as she brushed his hair back lovingly. Granted he hated being babied, he didn’t mind if it was her as she ran her hand through his hair. The gesture instantly putting him to sleep.

Keith: “Your going to take care of me?” He asked, eyeing her as she came in with some medicine, “Of course I am your wife silly.” She said proudly. The statement caused him to blush as he tried to keep his cool, “Well then go on…” He said as she happily went to his side, wiping the sweat from his body, “You know I’ll always take care of you.” She said with a smile on his face all the while Keith tried to keep his cool.

Edward: “You are to kind.” Edward said as Elizabeth fed him some soup. “I just want you to get better.” She said as she gazed at him lovingly. The sight of her, so focused on him, set his heart aflutter as he gripped her hand, “I am forever grateful.” He said, causing his wife to blush, “Just get some rest so you get better.”

Yakov: “Your sick?” She asked as she walked into Yakov’s room. Sighing he shook his head and held out his hand. Elizabeth went over to grab his as he pulled her into bed, “I need you to warm me up.” He said, nuzzling into her hair. She nodded happily as she wrapped her legs with his, her arms slowly wrapping around his back. She would indulge in him for a while before bringing him something to eat.