oh when

this is a dumb hc but when allura does cute lil tennis player grunts when using her whip and keith impersonates her every time they spar together


Because sometimes when times are tough, people just need to be reminded.

(Request from @bri-doodles-art)

  • merle when he arrives at an ipre family get-together: okay guys i brought my new paramour, as the kids are calling it
  • lup: first off no one calls it that you old, old man, second off holy fuck you have a date???
  • john hunger, appearing from behind a corner, avoiding eye contact: hello
  • taako, amidst the shouting of Everyone Else but merle who looks vaguely confused by how upset they all are: well well well, if it isn't hungry john the vore man................let's get one thing clear. i am Not calling you dad