oh what is quality tho right

im rewatching some quality red team moments from s4 and i live for donut and simmons bickering with each other oh my god

katiekun  asked:

What's your favorite drawing you've ever done? You can post runner ups as well! But what's your all time fav piece?

Oh man, that’s a hard one.. I usually end up hating everything after a few weeks so let me see what I hate the least right now…


 In all honesty I still love this one. As much as I hate how much I could have pushed it, i still love that it turned out more visually stimulating than I had planned.

2nd would be this little vent work, just because of the line quality.

3rd definitely belongs to knight girl tho, I have a colored version coming up, so be on the look out for that. 

Honorable Mention!

This was fun, thank you Katie!

anonymous asked:

ey, ey you. i read on tattlecrime, right, that susanna is well chuffed at having hannibal quotes flung at her, that it hella brightened up her work day and that she was extremely disappointed none of her coworkers got it. i heard she's planning to eat some livers with the biggest of amarones but you didn't hear it from me, right?


seriously tho i was so not expecting that my dumb tweet of me holding a cookie to hugh dancy’s face would become such a thing (view the THRILLING SAGA HERE so many notes this is quality content) and i thought it was all over and done yesterday with sainsbury’s none the wiser as to what i was really doing, but then YOU PICKED IT UP AGAIN THIS MORNING AND I HAD A FREAK OUT WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER FANNIBALS AND IT JUST MADE OUR DAY LOOK AT OUR CHATS

anyway thanks @byk23 @fluegelschatten @loki-god-of-thunder-and-mischief @c-ash-tiel @i-just-wanna-be-a-superhero and everyone else who helped me think of responses in the sainsbury’s twitter cookie saga!!