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Misguided Ghosts

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Mafia!au; Wonho

Two souls from opposite sides. 

Caution: Smut ahead.

“Hello sweetheart.”

You turned to come face to face with a familiar face. It was Shin Hoseok. The heir to your families rival mafia family. You shot a glare in his direction. “I see someone doesn’t care about his own safety.”

Hoseok entered into your bedroom through the window, a cocky smile spread across his face. “Please,” he chuckled. “You couldn’t hurt me if you wanted to.”

You took the gun that was placed under your vanity, lazily pointing it towards Hoseok. “You really wanna bet your life on it?”

Hoseok continued to saunter over towards you, not concerned about the firearm pointed at him. He took your hand that held the weapon to make the nozzle press against his chest. “Then do it,” he breathed.

You rolled your eyes as you withdrew the pistol. “You seriously have a death wish.” He shrugged, but that smug smile never left his face. “So do you wanna tell me why you risked coming here? You know that if one of my fathers men catches you they’ll kill you without a thought. Especially with you being in my room.”

Hoseok took your hands, pulling you up and into his body. His arms snaked around your waist. “I like to live dangerously,” he whispered into your ear. The breath hitting your sensitive skin, causing chills down your spine. His head dipped to leave a teasing kiss on your neck. You closed your eyes, tilting your head to allow him better access. “Tell me love, how much did you miss me?”

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Drabble #2 - Diary of adventures with a Kooknut Head Fuckboi

PAIRING → Jungkook | reader

GENERE → fluff | comedy | suggestive

COUNT → 1.6 K

Drabble #1

❝I made you dinner and— Yes, well I followed the instructions on the box.❞

“I hope you have a really good reason for pestering me ALL DAMN day and making me come all the way here right after classes when I have been running around all day or I’m gonna chop your favorite appendix off” you ranted as soon as you stepped into Jungkook’s apartment right outside of the campus.

The boy had a private apartment he shared with two friends, Taehyung and Jimin, because apparently, they were too cool to live in a two square dorm room like the rest of you.  

When he had opened the door he had a stupid smirk plastered all on his handsome face because he knew that even if you had told him to go to hell during his last phone call -the 5th of the day if he had to be specific- you would have come. You both knew, you always did.

“Don’t get mad babe aren’t you happy to be here with me?”

You scoffed loudly at his words and tied your hair up in a ponytail. Your neck was covered in cold sweat and you immediately cringed your nose.

“Well, I am here now. But it was too damn warm today and I have no intention to stay in these clothes any longer”

“Babe it’s been 2 minutes and you are already voluntarily taking off your clothes? Damn, I didn’t know I was that good”

“Fuck you Jeon Jungkook. I am borrowing some clothes and the bathroom” You stomped out of the room too annoyed to care if you sounded like a child throwing a tantrum. It had been an incredibly long day and you honestly just wanted to go home and relax in your pajamas watching some low quality show on TV. But noooo the great Jeon Jungkook had to ruin your plans.

You made your way to Junkook’s room first picking up some random sweatpants and classic white muscle shirt from his wardrobe. You had been in Jungkook’s house more times you liked to admit. Both drunk and sober. Even tho more frequently in the former state. The apartment was silent so you assumed Jimin and Taehyung were not around. It was Friday night to be fair. You went to the bathroom, hearing Jungkook shuffling around in the small kitchen, and you locked the door for good measure.

It was almost scary how comfortable you already were around his apartment, but you quickly pushed the thought aside and stripped of your dirty clothes.

You had chosen some baggy pants and a big shirt, something far from sexy and that covered you up well, so hopefully, that dumb idiot wouldn’t try to make a move. He had bothered you all day calling and texting for you to come straight to his apartment after you were done with classes but never told you why. He was so persistent you ultimately gave in, but you knew he had to be up to something. And you were determined not to fall into his trap. Not too easily at least.

When you went back to the kitchen an unexpected scene unfolded before your eyes. A pot was on the stove, the microwave was making some weird noises and the small table was set up for two. Puzzled, you stood by the door wondering what the hell got into the boy who was currently taking two beers out of the fridge.

“So. It was your birthday last weekend, right? I know you had exams and stuff and, yeah, I am sorry I went to that party and forgot to wish you happy birthday so I made you dinner and— Yes, well I followed the instructions the box, don’t worry” he declared, a proud smirk adorning his face.

You couldn’t believe his words. Since when did Jeon Jungkook cook? And above all, for you? You stared him down your gaze turning quickly from one of surprise to one of suspicion.

“What’s the catch?”

“Nothing! Oh my god, can I not just be fuckin nice?”


He scoffed and started to serve the food. He sat down and said no more shoving food into his mouth like the pouty child he was.

You suddenly felt bad because he seemed genuinely upset about your reaction. But who could blame you? Jungkook, well-know fuckboy, smug playboy and your current fuck buddy had cook you -well, cook was a strong word but still- dinner because he didn’t wish you happy birthday. The idea alone was terribly wrong, but oh so endearing. Even though you were kind of friends you honestly didn’t expect him to remember and you weren’t upset. Your relationship was kind of fucked up anyway so you were really surprised he felt the need to do something like that for you.

Slowly you sat down in front of him and start eating in silence. The food was no first class meal but it surprisingly didn’t taste that bad. Jungkook had carefully been watching you from under his bangs, almost scrutinizing you to gauge your reactions.  

“It’s uhm, it’s good. Thanks” you mumble feeling your cheeks warming up under his stare. You felt bad for reacting like a bitch, but all your worries faded away as Jungkook’s lips spread into a warm smile all bunny teeth and sparkling eyes. Damn, he was cute.

“I-I’ll do the dishes, You know as a thank you” you said after you were done.

Having dinner like that with your fuck buddy didn’t exactly feel right, but with Jungkook nothing was quite normal. The boy had turned your life upside down and you knew you were already in too deep to escape this, whatever it was.

You tried to suppress your thoughts and started doing the dishes. Jungkook calmly collected the bowls and brought them to you. He stopped right next to you, bowls in hands and looked alternatively at you and the bowls.

“Babe, can I lick the bowl? You said I could lick the bowl”

“First, don’t call me like that. Second, what the fuck, I’ve never said anything like that”

“I swear I heard those words” he muttered under his breath,

You shot him an incredulous look before taking the bowl from his hands and putting them in the sink. You wonder when will this man-child grow. Well, at least being around him was never boring.

Jungkook sneaked behind you and you let out a tired sigh when he trapped your waist in his embrace. He stood like that for a while just watching you do the dishes and you were sure that anyone coming into the room right know would have mistaken you for a cute couple. The scene was so domestic you actually fooled yourself for a couple of minutes, thinking he wouldn’t be an ass for one night.

But of course, you were wrong. When he pressed his hips gently but firmly against you, you knew he was up to something. And when he started to move them is regular motions against your ass you had a pretty clear idea of what.

“Are you serious?”

“What can I say, babe. Seeing you going around so comfortably in my apartment with my clothes on made me feel some type of way”

Jungkook nuzzled his the tip of his nose on your neck and the small action made you shiver. He caught it and you felt him smirking against your skin.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me”

“Don’t be like this babe. I didn’t even get to give you my birthday present”

His whispered those sultry words right into your ear and then gently nibbled at it.  Your breath hitched but Jungkook continued his journey along your jaw and down your neck. At that point, you turned around leaning on his forearms as he hands never left your waist.

“And that would be?” you asked feigning innocence.  

When he started to leave small feather like kisses on your shoulder your body betrayed you and you left out a soft whimper. He chuckled lightly making you want to disappear into thin air. It was incredible how no matter how many times the two of you hooked up, Jungkook was always able to rile you up in a matter of seconds.

“You have to come with me to find out” his voice was full of promises and you gulped involuntarily.

Jungkook’s hands traveled from your waist under you ass and he tapped your thighs, but not without squeezing your cheeks with his strong hands. You automatically lifted your legs and he caught you in one fluid movement. Your lips connected with no hesitation and his tongue slipped into your mouth, hot, needy and familiar.

Jungkook blindly made his way to his bedroom and when he couldn’t even wait to reach his bed and slammed your back against his door, hips digging restlessly into yours and hot breath against your skin, you knew you were in for a wild night.

meena47  asked:

Kagami falling in love at first sight? :)

Happy birthday Kagami!

Combining the idea of Kagami’s birthday today (2nd August) and the prompt “two miserable people meeting at a wedding AU”.

“But it’s my birthday today!”

Kagami hated sounding like a whiny kid, but that was exactly what he was doing, and somehow it felt very liberating to have his dad sigh back at him like having to deal with an unruly child.

“Taiga, it’s your cousin’s wedding. It’s only your own fault that you forgot it was on your birthday. I don’t care what plans you have, at least show up for the dinner and to wish her well.”

“But the game with my friends is tonight!”

“Then reschedule it.”

“It’s my birthday!” Kagami repeated again.

His father only sighed. “I can’t help you either, Taiga. I’m sorry. You’re going to this event and it’s final. Oh, and do wear something presentable.”

To show his extreme discontent for his very distant cousin, Kagami went with a simple black blazer over a white shirt and jeans, going with a very casual and “I really don’t want to be here but I was forced to” look.

He had to admit that he accidentally ended looking better than he had planned to be, but oh well, he was out of the house already.

Kagami didn’t even bother fixing his hair on his way to the wedding event, and rather he kept mussing it up to make it look as unkempt as possible. If I have to be miserable on my birthday, then you have to be miserable on your wedding day, he thought devilishly to himself, then immediately felt guilty because what if they had good food?

That thought remained in his head even as he walked through the reception lobby and into the main hall, casting his gaze unseeingly for the happy couple and upon not seeing them, making a beeline for the buffet table before stopping himself within reach of the plates.

Get it together, Kagami. Damnit, not everything’s about food, it’s your freakin’ birthday.

“Um, excuse me.”

“Wh—” Kagami spun around, plates in hand, and froze, realising that he’d said that out loud, but that thought was whisked out of his mind as he glanced down at the person in front of him.

You were staring up at him, mouth slightly open as you saw how tall the man was. Your hand was trembling a little, the empty plate in your hand shaking with shyness.

“I, uh, I’m trying to get to the,” you murmured, averting your gaze and pointing blindly. “—sushi.”

“Oh, uh…sorry.” Awkwardly Kagami moved out of your way, feeling heat burning up the side of his neck. Did he just fall in love with someone at first sight?

Was it because of the look on your face that was kind of…sad?

Upon loading your plate up with sushi rolls - Kagami had to do a double take because how the heck would someone as tiny as you were be able to finish that mountain of sushi rolls? Even Kagami blanched a little at the sight - you turned around to face him again, blinking.

“…Happy birthday.”

“Eh?” Kagami’s eyes widened as he recounted what he had said out loud. Not everything’s about food… “Oh. Oh! Thanks.”

Great. Now this random (cute) stranger knows that he’s miserable because it’s his birthday but he’s stuck at a wedding with crappy food. Kagami munched moodily on a mini burger as he cast his gaze around for somewhere to sit, but everywhere seemed to be occupied by screaming kids and unrecognisable relatives, so maybe it was better to stay put next to the food.

…You were still standing next to him, eating your sushi rolls slowly but showing no signs of stopping, your shoulder brushing his arm.

Okay, dude, you can do this. Kagami cleared his throat. “Uh…which side of the family are you from? I haven’t seen you around before.”

Oh, yeah, great job, seriously. Kagami almost cringed so hard that he wanted to just melt away in a hole. Even Kuroko would have been disappointed with that last line.

You laughed, making Kagami’s ears flare with embarrassment, but it was a cute laugh - musical and soft. “I don’t suppose you have. I’m not a relative, I’m just a friend of the bride.” You introduced yourself and Kagami tested the name out in his head, feeling a strange floaty joy in his chest.

Yep, he was definitely in love.

“I’m Kagami Taiga,” he told you with a smile. “And, well, yeah, today’s my birthday. I completely forgot it was my cousin’s wedding and I had everything planned, so…not a good day for me.”

You nibbled on the edge of the papery seaweed. “Me neither.” When Kagami gave you a questioning look, you averted your gaze again, unable to make yourself look at him for too long. If I do, I might just go completely red. Red like his hair and his eyes…

“It’s my younger brother’s graduation ceremony,” you confessed. “From kindergarten,” you added for clarity. “I promised him I’d be there for it, but…my parents insisted that I come here instead. He’d be disappointed that I didn’t show up for it.”

You glanced up at the clock on the pillars, looking miserable. “It should be starting soon.”

Kagami opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. You seemed to notice the action and glanced at him with a sad smile. “It’s alright, I guess. It’s still someone else’s happy day, you know? So we should be happy for them.”

Ah…so he’s not the only one who’s upset.

And there he was, acting like a selfish child who didn’t get enough birthday presents.

“Yeah,” Kagami found himself saying, and when your smile widened, he chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

A second of silence passed, and you broke it quickly and easily. “Say, can I have your number?”

Kagami broke into a grin. “Sure.”

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad birthday after all.

The Hourglass: Is for his place and his achievements in EXO.

Wushu: Is for his skill for the sport, his talent and his determination to succeed.

Gucci: Is not for silly jokes, but rather for his expensive taste and great style.

The Panda: Is for his resembles of the animal, as well for his soft and loving side.

Water: Is for his hometown, Qingdao, and his love for the sea.

Happy Birthday, Huang Zitao <3

Other memebers: Baekhyun [x] Suho [x]

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are you still looking for prompts? Tony trying to be romantic and waking Steve up by kissing him. But Steve wakes up and freaks out, being so used to waking up in combat situations or capture that something being close to his face or covering his mouth while he is sleeping is not a good thing. After calming down cuddles and comfort?

Here you are <3 and happy birthday :)))

Tony stirred, morning sun shining in his eyes. He was warm and content, well-rested like he rarely felt. There was something heavy on his stomach, and he reached to push it off—

Oh. Oh.

Tony looked to his left and saw Steve, his eyes closed, his mouth stretched in a lazy smile. He was breathing deeply, his arm thrown across Tony’s stomach. Tony felt himself smiling back. It was a good view to start the day. He thought they should do it more often. A part of him was still waiting for Steve to decide Tony wasn’t worth his time, but Steve kept surprising him. A kiss in the morning when Tony stumbled out of his lab after an all nighter, a candle-lit dinner waiting for him after a long day of work—

Staying the night now, looking open and happy, still asleep in Tony’s bed.

Tony smiled again. He could wake him in a nice way. He reached forward and kissed Steve gently on the mouth.

The effect was immediate and not what Tony had planned. Steve trashed, his eyes wild. Before Tony could react, Steve was on top of him, his arm on Tony’s throat, pressing down.

Tony went absolutely still, his heart beating wild in fear. He wouldn’t be able to push Steve off anyway, and making him feel like he was being attacked wouldn’t help.

It was a few long, terrible seconds before Steve blinked, and then he looked at Tony with terror and scrambled away.

“I’m sorry!”

Tony wheezed, touched his neck. It hurt; he’d have bruises, but it didn’t matter. “You all right?” he asked.

Steve stared at him from across the bed. “Me? Tony, I—I didn’t want to hurt you, I’m sorry, I—”

“I should’ve known kissing you when you’re asleep wasn’t a good idea,” Tony said.

“I should’ve told you,” Steve countered. “And not—attacked you, God, Tony, I am so sorry, do you want me to go—”

Steve,” Tony interrupted him. “Steve. I’ll never—” He cut himself off. “I didn’t think. I’m sorry.”

The worry on Steve’s face slowly changes into something more amused. “Look at us,” he said. “Starting the morning with apologising.”

“. . . I do have better ideas for that,” Tony said before he could stop himself. “Um.” His neck still hurt. “Though maybe not to be acted out right now.”

Steve reached out, looking uncertain. “Can I touch you?”


Steve’s hand dropped. “Don’t say that,” he asked. “I hurt you. I—”

“You didn’t mean to,” Tony said. “Stop beating yourself up.”

It was so like Steve to worry about Tony. He must’ve woken up terrified—he was a soldier, Tony should’ve taken more care. He knew not to wake superheroes from nightmares, sure, but it hadn’t occurred to him that kissing Steve awake—well, Steve must’ve thought someone was attacking him, covering his mouth.

Tony moved across the bed, closer to Steve. He touched him slowly, gently, just his fingertips on Steve’s cheek. Steve leant into his palm, and Tony stroke his thumb over his face.

“I’m fine, okay,” he said. “Are you?”

Steve took a deep breath. “Yes.”

Tony closed the space between them, fitting himself against Steve’s chest. Steve’s arms came up around him, holding him close.

Tony leant down to kiss Steve’s shoulder.

Tony,” Steve whispered. “I …”

“Just hold me,” Tony answered. “I thought we agreed to stop with apologising.”

He felt Steve nod over him. Steve’s arms relaxed slowly.

Minutes later, he tipped Tony’s head up and kissed him gently.

They were fine.