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Hello! That last anon is absolutely stupid! You are wonderful and they obviously have no idea what the hell they're talking about. I recently lost two of my dogs and it's been rough but I am getting threw it. I wish you the best as well. I love you. 😊💕

Oh so so sorry for your losts. I know how hard it is :(( But i am sure they had a lovely life. Thank you and I love you too :) ♥

TMNT Soulmates AU! Raphael x Reader.

Raphael has always been independent.
He likes to make his own choices, his own decisions. It’s often been a cause of strife between him and his older brothers.
But it’s always the reason he hates his timer.
A little piece of metal that decides his soulmate for him?
It’s ridiculous. It’s scary.
He is scary. The timer doesn’t seem to realize that most humans run away screaming when they see Raphael. He doesn’t blame them. He is scary looking. Only the occasional human, like April and Casey, accept the turtle for who he is.
Shell and all.
How does the timer expect his “soulmate” to even do that? How does it know if they will? And…what if they don’t?
Raph doesn’t like to think about it, so he just doesn’t. He covers up the stupid chunk of metal with bandages and ignores it for the most part. Until one day, when those same bandages needed to be changed.
He had to acknowledge the thing but…he didn’t expect it to do this. Not so soon.
In neon red, it told time the exact time he had until he met…them. Seven days. One week. One week until he met the person who would either kiss him or run away screaming.
His heart dropped into his stomach, dear pumping through him. He didn’t tell his brothers of course, he couldn’t.
He wanted to but the words would just not come out. So Raph opted to instead ignore it, pretending that nothing was wrong. Until a patrol had the turtle making a U turn and running off despite himself. And once his brothers caught up…once they realized what was going on…once she spoke…
He couldn’t ignore it anymore.
Raphael had to face his fate and jump off of the roof top. He stayed in the shadows, too terrified to step into the light.
He watched her instead, soaking in every detail. The emerald dress, the black jacket and boots…the ruby red lips and bright eyes. She was beautiful. She was perfect.
“I’m Y/N.” she said softly, searching the darkness for him.
She had such a nice voice and a pretty name, he thought. And his heart did a backflip in his chest.
“Raph.” He muttered.
“It’d be nice if I could see you. Maybe say a proper hello?”
He paused. But deciding that he had to do this, Raphael stepped out of the shadows. He looked away, not wanting to meet her eyes. Not wanting to see her expression.
But when Y/N didn’t say anything, Raph had to look at her.
He couldn’t help himself.
And to the turtle’s surprise, she was smiling at him.
“God, I’ve waited forever for this moment!” She said, laughing a little.
“I wish I had something romantic to say. I was too busy freaking out.”
He laughed and said,
“I, uh, know the feeling. Been a rough week…”
“You have no idea.”
She stepped closer and, oh, her hand reached out towards him. Feeling more confident, Raphael accepted the gesture and took her hand in his. His thumb stroked the small hand softly.
“Personally,” Y/N said, “I think the week’s about to get a bit better.”
He really did think so.
Raphael’s fears were slowly fading away, being replaced with…well, with a lot of things. He was still nervous of course, of what his friends, family, and father would say. He was excited, thinking of every wonderful thing that could possibly happen. And…and there was something else.
Something soft and sweet that made his heart beat and knees shake. He wasn’t quite sure what it was or what this might be…but he couldn’t wait to find out.

After Ever after (Part 2)

Robert Small X MC Daddy
Part 1 | Part 2 
Warning: This part contains so much smut, I hope you’re all ready for this bad boy (dad).

To finally end our cleaning frenzy, we headed towards Robert’s room. He leads the way and opens the door “After you” he says with a suave voice; really hot I must say. “The final boss huh?” I said as I looked around the room with clothes (underwear), booze, leftovers, and clutter all over the floor. “Honestly, I don’t know how you lived in this mess.” I said as I started to pick up empty whiskey bottles and beer cans. “I don’t know either, but what I’m sure about is that I’m tired living like this” He sounded so dead serious and I’m sure he is.Slowly the guilt came in, I should not have made that comment. I decided to say nothing more and just continue cleaning. I’m sure Robert appreciated the gesture.

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Got7 | Their GF Being A Virgin But She Wants To Go Rough

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Hey~ Sweety. I just got my got7 feelings again… heh and I wondered if you could do a reaction to their gf being a virgin but wanting to go really rough for her first time? Thank you~

*slightly startled* “Well babe…maybe we should start out slow…I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

Just pretend JB isn’t there

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*Daddy mode* “You’ll get what you want…one step at a time.”

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“You have no idea what you’re trying to start”

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“I…I think you should think about that a bit more….”

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*Laughs* “That’s a good one…oh…you’re serious…um…maybe we should talk about this……………”

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“Jagi, this is…no…not the first time…we have plenty of time…”

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“Excuse me? It’s…it’s your first time don’t you think you could wait until at least round two?”

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La Duodecima (Marco Asensio)

a/n: this is nsfw (and rough so skip if you’re not into that) 

“Alright babe, I’m ready when you are.” Marco called from his side of the door.

You had no idea why Isco chose to have a costume party to celebrate Real’s win in the Champions League, but you weren’t going to question it. You loved dressing up, Halloween was one of your favorite times of year. The only problem is this was the costume you were saving to wear in October this year. Oh well, you’ll surely find another just as great.

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Is it a bit problematic that i spend like an hour or more on a single frame in an animatic? Idk why but i just cant draw kind of.. rough I guess. For instance your line art in your animatics looks like a kind of clean sketch and I love it but I can't draw it like that. Also I have this urge for the frame to be perfect as well and gods I can't please myself and eventually I have to tell myself it's good enough mate... please... move on

oh man i don’t do lineart in animatics lmao i’d die!! have you even seen how messy my frames are?? and listen animatics aren’t supposed to be perfect! they’re supposed to make you get the idea of what is happening but what should look perfect is the final project (rip all those all poor people that think i’ll actually ANIMATE (full on color and lineart and movement lmao) hamilton lmao)

it’s ok to have rough sketches in animatics! that’s what they’re for bruh >:O

Servamp: Never Annoy Jeje

Hey everyone! This is my first Envy pair fic! I got this request for them a while ago, but I was sort of nervous about writing it, since I don’t really know them that well just yet. But I did my best, and I really hope the Envy Pair anon loves this! The fic takes place when Mikuni worked in C3 for the little while! Oh yeah! And I should probably thank @pastenaga for making that inspiring comic called Rough Hands. If it wasn’t for that, I couldn’t have figured this out! So thanks! Also, I want to give thanks to @otomiya-tickles for giving me such wonderful ideas and helping me as well! So thank you my friend! So without further thanks….Please enjoy! :D


It all started after Tsurugi had left for the night after their “activity.” This happened every night for about a week now, and Jeje was getting sick of it. He hasn’t been getting the blood Mikuni had promised him since that damned C3 Brat started coming around. After the Brat would leave, his blonde Eve would go take a hot shower, while Jeje would take two of his bags off for the night. It’s not like it was Mikuni’s fault, but after every session, he got too tired, even though he wouldn’t admit it, the Servamp would notice it fast. Jeje was so surrounded by his thoughts that he didn’t hear the shower get turned off, and the blonde Eve stepping out in his hunter green long sleeve with his dark green plaid pajama bottoms. Looking at his Servamp, Mikuni could see how deep in his thoughts Jeje was, so with a sigh, the blonde walked over to the bed, and crawled on it until he was right on top of the Servamp. Jeje jumped slightly, and looked into the honey brown eyes that were staring into his red.

“Tired already? Well…If you want to sleep, why are you leaving that last bag on?” Mikuni asked, sounding generally curious. Jeje blinked behind the bag’s one eye hole, and stayed silent. Mikuni bit the inside of his cheek, and gently reached out to take a hold of the last bag. “Please don’t hide from your Eve.”

When the blonde lifted the bag up from his face, and kissed his lips, Jeje took a surprised breath in. Seeing that Mikuni closed his eyes, and deepened the kiss, Jehje relaxed slightly, and closed his eyes as well. Feeling their tongues roll around each other, Jeje slowly put his hands on Mikuni’s warm skin where his shirt had ridden up. Hearing the slight moan the blonde let out, the Servamp slowly pulled Mikuni away until both their mingled breaths could be felt on each other’s lips. Mikuni opened his eyes, and slowly moved his right hand to the back of Jeje’s head, and brought his neck closer to the Servamp’s mouth. Jeje opened his eyes, and realized what the blonde was doing.

“H-he’s offering me to bite…” Jeje thought, letting his thumbs rub gentle circles into the blonde Eve’s hips. Mikuni hummed contently, and Jeje felt his bloodlust peak slightly. The Eve hugged him closer, and Jeje’s mouth trembled slightly as he gave Mikuni’s neck a gentle kiss. “M-Mikuni…”

Even though the blood  is what he wanted, the Servamp could feel the ache and fatigue his Eve was feeling. Closing his mouth, Jeje bit back his bloodlust, and quickly flipped Mikuni, who yelped in shock, onto his side. The blonde blinked, obviously confused, and stared at Jeje with his hands up slightly. Blushing a little under his bag, Jeje rolled over until his back was to his Eve’s face. The Servamp could, however, still feel the honey brown eyes on his back as Mikuni silently questioned him.

“Y-you should probably rest…” Jeje quietly mumbled, looking at his other bags on the bedside table. Mikuni blinked again, still trying to understand waht the Servamp had said. “You must be t-tired from what that Brat put you t-through…”

“WHAAAT?!” Mikuni teased out, scooting closer to Jeje, who twitched, and tried to pull his bag down more. Mikuni stared at the back of his Servamp’s bag as pure glee, and some other emotion flood through his body. “I offer to give you blood, and you refuse it? Are you worried about me Jeje? Are you?! So, does that mean….you actually care about me?!”

Feeling Jeje twitch again, the blonde bit back the laughter that was beginning to rise in his throat, but when no answers or guns appeared, Mikuni couldn’t hold them in any longer. Hearing his Eve burst out laughing, Jeje growled as his body tensed. The laughing Eve remained oblivious to Jeje’s annoyed air, until the Servamp turned around fast, and pulled the Eve against his chest. Mikuni stopped laughing, and nervously glanced up at the glaring Servamp. A smile was still on the blonde’s face, but Jeje could tell he was obviously anxious. Grinning slightly under his bag, Jeje slowly squeezed his hands around Mikuni’s hips, and the blonde let out a strangled cry, and bucked.

“N-nohohohohohohoho J-Jeje!” the blonde squealed, shaking more when the Servamp’s hands went up to his sides, and rubbed them. Jeje felt his grin slowly fading into a soft smile as he stared down at his giggling Eve. Thrashing some more, Mikuni let out another laughing squeak as the smiling Servamp’s hands sprayed over his trembling tummy. Jeje drew circles all around the laughing blonde’s belly as they spooned each other. “P-plehehehehehehehehease!”

Shaking his head, Jeje moved his hands down Mikuni’s hips again, and squeezed his thighs. Kicking his legs hard, Mikuni struggled to try to get away from his Servamp, but when the vampire’s arm wrapped around his tummy, and his face buried into the blonde’s neck, Mikuni knew he was now screwed. Jeje took a deep breath as the blonde Eve chanted out laughing and snorting pleas for him to stop, but they fell to deaf ears as the Servamp blew the biggest raspberry he could without hesitation.

“EEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Mikuni cried out, jerking hard in Jeje’s hold. The Eve turned himself around, and laughed into the Servamp’s chest as tears made their way down his cheeks as a huge forced smile plagued his face. Jeje felt the kicks Mikuni used, but since they didn’t hurt, he continued to tickle him without a care in the world. “N-no mohohohohore! J-Jeje! I c-cahahahahahahan’t  breathe!”

Hearing this, Jeje slowly stopped blowing raspberries in the blonde’s neck, and gently turned his squeezing into small rubbing on the Eve’s thighs. Mikuni let out a stream of tired giggles, but was thankful for the oxygen that was finally getting back to his lungs. Bringing the tired blonde closer, Jeje slowly traced his spine softly, and smiled at the contented purr Mikuni let out as his breathing finally regulated. Seeing the soft smile, Jeje felt Mikuni’s hand reach over, and gently grab his. Looking at his Servamp in the eyes, Mikuni leaned closer, and pressed a kiss to Jeje’s lips again.

“My Jeje…” The blonde kept mumbling as they kissed a few more times. Jeje brought the blonde closer, and tucked his head under his chin as they snuggled closer together. Mikuni let their tongues meet again as the Servamp returned his warm, and soft kisses. “My Jeje…”

“My Mikuni…” Jeje thought as their last kiss happened, and Mikuni turned around to be the little spoon. Jeje pressed a soft kiss to his blonde hair, and slowly hugged his Eve closer to him. Their bodies fit pefectly together like puzzle pieces. Feeling the blonde’s breathing slow down into a calm melody, Jeje knew Mikuni must’ve fell asleep. “Goodnight.”

Leaning over slightly, Jeje turned around, and clicked off the small table lamp, and watched as darkness surrounded the room. Shifting closer to his Eve again, Jeje finally took his last bag off, and completely relaxed against the warm body of the sleeping blonde. Closing his eyes, Jeje fell into a easy slumber, not even thinking about the surprise Mikuni was going to get when he woke up to see the Servamp’s bag-less face.

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Your SU rant was fanTASTIC. Listening to your delicious voice for 40 minutes was a tremendous delight. Your video was well structured and you kept to your theme and complaints for the whole entirety of it, and while I think direct referencing for other works went a bit too long and with not enough variety that the wrong person might get the wrong idea that you are pandering another work. Other than that, I'd LOVE to see more like that. Oh also, some of /co/ really likes you now. Sorry not sorry.

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do more long form content for a while, so I’m glad that this vid went over so well!

a word for it

This is… rather loosely based on your prompt. Disclaimer: I don’t identify as ace – maybe a little gray – so if anything about this ficlet is inaccurate or offensive, let me know and I’ll correct/take it down.

“I‘m not saying you can’t have a relationship without it. I’m just saying it’s an important part of a lot of relationships.”

Nursey punctuates his point with a stab of the joint into the air, like it’s the tip of a sword. They’re high and on the porch of the Haus and hanging, and somehow the topic’s turned to sex. All Dex said was that he doesn’t think it’s that big a deal. Which is apparently the hill Nursey’s decided to die on tonight.

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learning curve [est. d/c]

on ao3

It starts with something stupid, as these things usually do. Well, it might be somewhat of a sacrilege to call Super Smash Bros. stupid, though perhaps the look of stupefaction on Dean’s face when he looses a tournament for the fifth time in a row to his smirking angelic boyfriend might make it appropriate after all.

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Supernatural--A long story about the Winchesters and the reader

I’ve read a lot of Supernatural fan fiction but I haven’t read an actual story from a beginning to an end. I don’t know how many chapters I am going to have but I am going to post them chapter wise. I would really appreciate it if you read it and tell me how you want the story to go as I write it because this is not a typical oneshot or an imagine. Also, this is my first time posting anything so I hope you like it! 


Last night was one of the longest nights of my life. There was food, alcohol and hot men. I’m no expert but when you mix the latter two together, you create an exhausting night for yourself. I woke up this morning with the light from the sun shining on my body. It smelled fresh- the sunlight or rather, I felt fresh after relaxing for almost seven hours. I could remember bluntly, there was dancing and kissing and maybe something more that I didn’t seem to remember. I laid in my bed for few minutes facing the window, breathing in the warmth of the room with a half smile on my face. 


Although, It felt like the bed was heavier than usual. I looked at the other side of the bed and I saw a body lying right next to me. “I had a one-night stand?” I thought to myself. I poked the body that lied beside me with a face that I tend to make when I’m stuck eating peanut butter and jelly going a week without grocery shopping. There seemed to be no reaction from the man that lied naked on my bed. Our clothes were all over my purple room and it disgusted me. “hey?” I poked him harder this time. He turned to the side where I could see his face and he moaned. I don’t know who he was but I had definitely seen him before other than the party last night. “Hey, who are you?” I stroked him again and this one waked him right up. 


He woke up like he had been sleeping in a coffin for centuries with all the dramatic getting-up-with-a-hard-breath thing and not knowing where he was and no memory what-so-ever of the past. I guess that’s what alcohol does to you. He seemed tall, I couldn’t really tell since he was sitting on my bed with his hairless chiseled chest shimmering in the sunlight. His face seemed so symmetrical and well proportioned, it fitted perfectly with Da Vinci’s idea of physical perfection. He had some facial hair that attracted me.  His brown hair  was short and would go perfect with almost any hairstyles. His green eyes stared at me for a second before he opened his perfect rough lips and said, 

“Who are you?”  

“Who am I? the person this room belongs to. Who are you?”

“Oh crap!” he looked at the ceiling and shut his eyes and took a deep breath. 

“Excuse you! Mister.” I put my index finger in the air getting all defensive,

“uh, I was very impressive last night!” I say,

“even though, I don’t remember anything” I told myself under the breath.

“Oh no! you were good. But I was supposed to be working last night instead of spending the night with a complete stranger”

He leaned forward with a smirk on his face and kissed me on my left lip corner. He got off the bed with the white bedsheet wrapped around his lower body. I had a surprised look on my face to which he came closer with his face only couple of inches away from mine and responds,

“Oh c'mon sweetheart, don’t act surprised. It’s just a kiss. We had sex together last night.” He tucked my hair behind my ear.


I thought that the kiss was very gentleman of him. “But who are you? and what kind of job were you on last night? and why were you at my party? I didn’t invite you” I quickly came to my senses as he pulled his face away from mine. 


Chapter 2