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Dating Mingyu would include

- “hey can you reach up and get me the- ”

“HA! Look who can’t reach! Short, short person, small, look how tiny, cannot even reach the cabinets, i, Kim mingyu, will save you-”

“Fucking forget it I got it myself.”

- mingyu always fixing ya damn hair, like you’ll get out the shower and he’s standing there all happy with some gel and a comb n ur like….

- kissing the underside of his jaw because he’s a cutie who deserves it, (and plus he always asks so who are you to deny him of it)

- holding hands everywhere, like mingyu will just take your hand while you’re chilling on the couch, where you’re in line at the supermarket, when you’re eating food, even if yours gets sweaty he doesn’t care

- bopping his nose when he’s asleep and waking him up, but then pretending you asleep too and he just rolls his eyes at you like anyways…

- mingyu the type to toss your cell phone when you’re on it doing something important and when you’re like hey!!! Wtf? He just kisses you and you don’t even care he made you hang up on your mom she can’t wait now lmao

- his shirts fit so well on you that mingyu kind of prefers you in them, and you don’t mind because they smell like his cologne and you’re always happy when you have his on

- wonwoo coming over on Thursdays for dinner, because you insist on feeding that boy but then him n mingyu leave you out while you eat your pasta but you don’t care because they’re so goofy you don’t mind at all

- making him little boxed lunches (well not necessarily little, that boy can eat) with small notes that mingyu always reads and replies to you in the mornings before he leaves

- waking up half asleep to throw yourself on top of mingyu and he doesn’t even care like he intercepts you and holds you tight and you fit on top of him like a glove

- buying him passion fruit candles because he says it reminds him of you and he loves it, and plus his stank ass room needs to smell better

- making him wash his hands for every meal because he’ll come in with dirt and sweat all over thinking he can eat like that and you’re like mingyu…no baby…

- he probably wipes his sneezes on your ass too, like you’re all blushing but he probably has boogers on that hand man smh

- seungcheol literally shoving you out the practice room because you have mingyu just laid out in the corner with you talking shit about everyone else and he’s like we are getting no wOrk doNE

- fighting with him over the radio station until you turn it off like now no one else can hear it and then you both start laughing 10 seconds later and let him listen to his weird songs

- one time mingyu found his photocard inside of your wallet and now he never lets you live it down and brings it up at every single public function

- taking Advil a lot cause this boy is gonna give you so many headaches but it’s worth it because you love his giant tree ass

- laying your head on his shoulder while you both chilled outside in the car and just drank little sips of lemonade and let the music play softy in the background because mingyu just wants to spend time with you away from distractions

- clambering on his back during concerts so you can see better while mingyu tries to balance because he wants you to have fun but he got a weak ass neck

- almost falling with him a lot because he clumsy but he’s like smooth clumsy so he the type to trip you but then save you halfway and act like it wasn’t his fault

- having to deal with the members complaints when he cries and whines because he can’t see you that day and you’re like oh well what can i do….I’m just that irresistible…

- Joshua probably rolling his eyes at you and mingyu but admitting y'all cute as hell

- mingyu is such a tall baby, but he’s your tall baby and he wants to be so much for you, like he wants to protect you but give you the world and let you fly but also shield you and keep you to himself because you are his world but idk being with him would be so…I can’t even describe it it would always be happy moments with him and just the constant feeling of unconditional love that fuels y'all for days bc lovebug mingyu is affectionate as hell

Okay I know y'all saw it on discord but let share this on tumblr.
So the meme with Danny in high heels. We made the joke about him walking/prancing in his room (because it’s big af) and has a built in mirror. And one point the Batfamily finds out that Danny’s been wearing these high heel shoes like it’s no big deal.

He can run in them without them breaking or breaking his own feet. Oh, he isn’t the only one who has suffered. Tucker and Sam were dragged into this as well. Well more of Tucker than Sam. It got to the point where “I never miss a day to do leg day” was more than just a joke. And they can trade shoes without a problem. Literally they are the same size in women’s.

So of course when either Danny or Tucker go to the shoe store and pick out a few pairs in high heels, they have the excuse to simply say gift for girlfriend. And they can just simply walk out of the store without a problem. However there has been times where cashiers throw a few questions/comments their way which they shrug it off and say “Yeah I dragged him with me.”

Hell Hound

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader, Crowley, Castiel
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1036

Y/N Your Name
Y/D/N: Your Dogs Name

A/N: Okay I wrote this one really quickly so sorry if it sucks! I’m just glad I got another out for you guys! So I’m suffering from a small case of writers block so sorry if this sucks… Enjoy!

Growing up as a Winchester was never easy, and still isn’t. Sure you have your brothers, and a few creatures looking out for you, but it always sucked when you couldn’t celebrate a holiday. You were usually the one making a big deal out of the tiniest of holidays.

You loved Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter you name it, you decorated the bunker and Cas always helped you bake. But when it came around to birthdays you never quite knew what to do.

With holidays like Christmas it’s easy, decorate the bunker with snowflakes, snowmen, red, green, silver and gold objects set up a tree and there you go. But birthdays what are you suppose to decorate?

You all usually just brush off birthdays, well you don’t make a big deal out of yours but your brothers? They act like it’s the single most important day in the world. I guess you can’t complain, they do treat you like a princess.

Although this time is different, because you’re turning fifteen, it’s not like you’re turning six. You don’t need a giant party, expensive presents or a whole bunch of food. You just want to spend it with your family.

You woke up to the sound of people singing, “Happy birthday to youuu!” You rolled over to see your brothers and a very confused Angel with party hats on and a birthday cake that Sam was holding.

“What the?” You sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, “What the hell are you doing?” You asked very annoyed.

“First of all language young lady you’re not eighteen yet, second of all it’s your birthday!” Dean cheered, you rolled back over and shoved your face into your pillow.

“And it will still be my birthday in a few hours.” You mumbled into your pillow. You heard them sigh.

“Fine have it your way, I guess we’ll just take your presents back then.” Dean said trying to persuade you, you may be fifteen but the sound of presents still gets you excited.

“Okay fine I’m up!” You gave in, your brothers cheered and Cas just stood there nodding.

“Get ready and come to the kitchen!” Dean instructed as they all left, you did as you were told.

After you got ready you went to the kitchen, when you walked in you saw a banner that said ‘Happy Birthday!’ your brothers and Cas, and food. Lots of food.

“I told you guys that you don’t need to do all this.” You walked over to the cake, “Bullshit!” Dean yelled as he walked over to you and gave you a hug.

“It’s our little sister’s birthday you better believe we’re gonna make a big deal out of it!” Dean gave you a kiss on the head, you were then smothered by Sam, “Happy birthday kiddo.” Sam pulled out of the hug.

“I was told to say the words ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.” Cas stated, Dean hit him on the arm earning a chuckle from you and Sam.

“Thanks guys.” You said with a smile.

“Well let’s eat!” Dean said eagerly, you all got food and sat down at the table.

After you ate it was time to open presents, Dean handed you his first, you unwrapped it, “A knife!” You exclaimed as you looked over it.

“Not just any, it’s a demon blade. Just for you.” Dean informed you, your smile got even bigger.

Sam then handed you his, you unwrapped it, “Awesome my new book! I’ve been waiting to get this!” You started flipping through the pages. “Thanks guys!” You said cheerfully they smiled.

“I uh, got you something too.” Cas said as he slid a card to you, you took it and opened it, “Ninety-five percent off all clothes at Target.” You read the coupon.

Sam and Dean shot Cas a glare, “Thanks Cas.” You said he smiled, “You’re welcome.”

“You’re forgetting about my present!” You heard a Scottish voice speak, you all jumped out of your chairs and saw Crowley standing in the door way.

“What do you want?” Dean asked as he stepped in front of you, using himself as a shield.

“I just want to give Y/N my present!” Crowley defended and put his hands up.

Dean sighed, “What is it?” Crowley smirked, he snapped his fingers and there in front of him stood a black mist that looked like a dog. Not just any dog, a Hell Hound.

“A Hell Hound? No, no way is she getting a Hell Hound.” Dean yelled, you didn’t care what Dean said, you ran over to it.

“Y/N!” Sam yelled, “Relax Moose, it’s not going to hurt her, it’s actually for Y/N to keep.” Crowley said.

“Really? Mine? What’s it’s name?” You asked as you rubbed your new pets belly.

“Name it whatever you want Darling.” Crowley said, you looked back at the Hell Hound. Correction your Hell Hound.

You thought for a moment, “Y/D/N. It’s name is Y/D/N.” You stated, Dean stared at you, “No. We’re not keeping it! No way in hell!” Dean argued.

“I mean Dean, it could come in handy… It could help us on hunts..” Sam commented, Dean’s head snapped to Sam’s direction.

“Are you really okay with her having her own Hell Hound?” Dean asked, anger laced in his voice.

“It’s not the worst idea…” Sam mumbled, Dean then looked to Cas for back up, “My apologies Dean but I believe Sam has a point.” Cas stated.

Dean sighed and looked back at you, you were on the floor still rubbing Y/D/N’s belly. Dean then looked at Crowley who had a smirk plastered across his face.

Dean sighed once again, “Fine you can keep it, but it stays out of my room!” Dean agreed. You jumped up and hugged Dean, “Thanks De!” You then hugged Sam and Cas.

“Thanks Crowley.” You gave Crowley a hug as well, “If that thing isn’t potty trained I’m going to kill you.” Dean threatened Crowley.

“Oh potty trained was not apart of the deal.” And with that Crowley vanished. Dean looked at you then Y/D/N, “You better potty train that thing or else it’s staying outside.” Dean demanded and walked off.

You chuckled, “Best birthday ever.” You whispered.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Hi can I have an imagine where Crowley gets the winchester sister her own hell hound for her 15th birthday just to screw with the boys.”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Vocal Unit Reacts to their S/O Singing Really Well


This angel ugh
Okay so Jeonghan would hear you singing quietly in the early morning, he would still be in bed and you would silently be shuffling around, getting ready for your day, quietly singing “20″ to yourself, when he would sit up on his elbows and harmonize with you, startling you. Jeonghan would get out of bed (wow) and intertwine his hands in yours and smile at you, encouraging you to sing with him in the early morning light, sun rays shining through the open window onto him, so how could you possibly say no to that? 

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okay our ray of sunshine alright
DK would be goofing off with you and the beagle line and they would want to play Sing It, and you were totally content with just sitting back and watching them have fun, but no, Hoshi had the idea to make a bet on which team would win, You and DK, or him and Seungkwan. You were admittedly hesitant, not having the vocal training that they had, but Sunshine DK reassured you that there was no pressure to do well, since Seungkwan was singing as well.(He chased DK around with a pillow for that.) What wasn’t expected was that you were good. Like, really good. When you first started singing all three boys jaws would drop, and stay there until you were finished. DK would start cheering and would come over and pick you up, spinning you around in a circle when your beautiful vocals caused the two of you to win, and gave you a big kiss, smiling into it when he heard Hoshi and Seungkwan gagging behind you two.


oh no my ultimate bias here we go oh boy howdy I’m gonna die
So. Woozi. This boy. This awkward smol bean. He would be working late late late on a new track, quickly losing steam and inspiration, and would be getting frustrated with himself when he called you to see if you were home, not wanting to go back to the dorm and deal with the rest of the members at that point. Woozi would go home to you, and you would be able to tell just by looking at him that he hadn’t had a great day. You would grab his hand and walk over to the sofa, settling yourselves down in a nice cuddle, him laying his head on your lap, you playing with his hair with one hand, and your other hand intertwined with his. He would absentmindedly be playing with your hand, eyes closed, when you quietly started singing “Simple,” not trying to be super loud or sentimental or anything, but just because it’s a soothing song, and Woozi’s eyes would pop open to meet yours. No words needing to be exchanged, he just had to listen to your sweet voice singing his song and he knew that you were the one for him, for always.
(i was correct I’m dead inside bury me to Mansae.)


this B O Y omg alright
okay so we all know how much of a meme he is with that damn guitar. Joshua would be playing his guitar, just messing around at your apartment when he started to play a song you knew. You would be humming along, reading or playing on your phone or doing homework if you’re a good studious person unlike myself, laying across the couch (partially on him lmao he comfy) when he would stop playing and ask you if you knew the lyrics to it as well. Startled, you would say yes and he would use his phone to pull up the lyric video to it, grabbing your hand and dragging you off the couch, Joshua would ‘force’ you to slow dance with him, softly singing the lyrics to the song with you, as he rested his forehead on yours, looking into your eyes as you swayed to the music.
(the song i had in mind is Livewire by Oh Wonder idk what about it reminds me of Jisoo but it does)


lbr Diva Boo is gonna make a big deal of it if you can sing really well. Showering? duet. Cooking? Duet. Using the bathroom? dUET TIME LADIES.
So Seungkwan would drag you out with the rest of Seventeen to one of those karaoke rooms for his birthday, and y'all would be up there getting turnt and singing your hearts out, Vernon dabbing and everyone being general memes. As the night gets later and people start getting tired, the soulful ballads come out, and you don’t really like singing in front of people, or your boyfriend, and especially not your boyfriend’s professionally trained singer friends. But, the pressure was high and you had no idea what to do for Seungkwan’s birthday present, so you convinced him to go into a Photo Booth and take pictures for his wallet, to go right next to the picture of his mom (lets be real he totally has a picture of his mom in his wallet.) when you would suddenly get a rush of confidence and grab the mic and after some arranging, you and him would start singing a beautiful duet of Shut Up & Groove, shocking him with your vocal power. Not shocked in a bad way of course, but Boo has some pretty impressive high notes so someone who can keep up with him is impressive. He would declare it the best birthday ever, and brag to all the members that he had the most amazing and beautiful girlfriend ever.

It’s like 1:00 am and i am an old woman this is late for me i hate being up this late but I’m gonna be away this weekend and wanted to get this done and it’s shite but here have this it was a struggle for my hoe heart. <3 you!

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