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will i ever find a comfortable chibi style to consistently stick to, that is the question

(the answer is no)

Flower Boy: Huang Zi Tao (EXO-M)

I finally finished it! I've been working on this for awhile now; work and school have consumed a large amount of my free time. It’s essentially a pencil drawing but I've added a lot of digital elements because I wanted to go for a more “artsy” sort of graphic look, I guess you could say. I tried a bunch of different textures but ultimately decided on a basic grainy one. I’m still a bit unsure about the flower placement, though; it seems a bit weird, but I found that I liked it more once I’d mirrored the image. Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it. 

Dedicated to exotaobias16 for no reason other than she’s as big a Tao stan as I am :)


anonymous asked:

Can u write some fluffy Jercy? Maybe like cuddling or just being affectionate?

The two empty pizza boxes on the coffee table were the physical proof that the two of them had both eaten way too much pizza. Now all Percy and Jason could manage to do was lay on the couch, groaning, too lazy to switch TV channels. When they had started eating, they were enjoying Dateline: Real Life Mysteries, a guilty pleasure. But now it was Say Yes To The Dress, and neither had the ambition to change the channel. 

Percy rolled his eyes, “A see-though dress, with a corset back? Your getting married in a church.” Percy had seen four different women try on the same ugly wedding dress, and he was tired of it. 

“I don’t know. I thought the second woman wore it well.” Jason said.

“Oh sure, take the dress’s side.” Percy teased. He turned and laid his head in Jason’s lap, tucking his feet under the blanket at the end of the couch. 

Jason took Percy’s hand and laced their fingers together lazily. Percy started drawing little circles on Jason’s hand - a habit he had that always made Jason smile. 

They both started dozing into heavy food comas, laying there. Jason adjusted so they were both laying down, squished up against each other on the couch, only moving to push the pizza boxes onto the floor to get a better view of the TV.