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Lysaedion kids HCs

I’M SORRY I KNOW I’M LATE (Let’s just pretend it’s still Saturday. OK? Thank you lovelies)(To make up for it I made this one extra long for you guys). So this is the next TOG kids HC list that I am releasing for my happy-fourth-of-July-but-also-apology-posts-for-delaying-the-Elorcan-high-school-AU-fanfic-I-promised-you-guys 😬(that took forever to type omg). Anyway, ENJOY DUCKLINGS. (P.S., if you can’t figure out the next TOG kids HCs that I am doing for tomorrow (technically today) based off of this one, then SHAME ON YOU (JK duckling, it’s OK if you can’t)). (P.S.S., Let’s just pretend that everyone is immortal in TOG that matters because that needs to be a thing in order for this HC list to work. Actually, why don’t I just add that to my HC list. Oh well, too lazy to change it now).

Lysaedion kids HC

  • After Lysandra finally agrees to marry Aedion, they both decide that they want to wait to have kids.
  • These plans go straight out the window once they see Elide’s firstborn. Within the first 15 minutes of meeting the little guy they both decide that they are through waiting to have kids.
  • Lysandra struggles to get pregnant at first, but when she hears the news that she is pregnant after ten years of trying, she can barely contain herself (she tells everyone she can (literally everyone) on her way back home from the confirmation meeting with the local healer).
  • Lysandra grows even more ecstatic when she finds out that she is having not one, not two, but three children. Aedion acts the opposite to this revelation, trying to fathom how he is going to handle three children at once; He also suspects that the chances of his children being just as stubborn as their mother is very high.
  • Lysandra gives birth to triplets: all girls.
  • The “eldest” daughter has Lysandra’s dark hair and Aedion’s Ashryver eyes.
  • The “middle” daughter also inherits Lysandra’s dark hair and Aedion’s eyes.
  • The “youngest” daughter looks just like her father; blonde hair and blue-gold eyes.
  • All of them are shapeshifters just like their mother.
  • When the triplets were babies, they proved to be quite a hassle for Lysandra and Aedion. Staying up all night caring for their daughters was not uncommon, but Evangeline’s help got them through the worst nights.
  • Evangeline loved her new sisters and always helped the lord and lady of Carraverre care for them whenever she could. Once the triplets grew up, they returned the favor to Evangeline, growing fiercely protective of the future lady of Carraverre. The triplets are compared to iron teeth witches for their fierce protectiveness of their heir; the sisters don’t mind the comparison at all.
  • As expected, the triplets grow up to become just as egotistical and protective as their father, and just as beautiful and clever as their mother.
  • As for pairings, let’s just say these girls are fairly content with just having each other (not in an incest-like way you nasty). They are stuck together like glue, inseparable from birth, and, besides Evangeline and their parents of course, never really let anyone else into their “circle.”
  • Not to say that they didn’t like flings or any of the such; they have needs after all 😏.
  • After 90 years, Lysandra becomes pregnant again (a surprise, but a welcome one none the doubt).
  • Lysandra gives birth to a boy: The only child that inherits Lysandra’s green eyes.
  • Evangeline absolutely adores the boy. She is constantly braiding his curly-golden hair and telling him stories about Terrasen: more specifically how their queen came to power and defeated both Maeve and Erawan with the help of her mate.
  • The triplets spoil the boy even more than Evangeline, buying him the most expensive gifts imaginable and shifting into his favorite mythical creatures just to keep him happy. 
  • He actually doesn’t inherit his mother’s shifting abilities, but he still becomes lethal in his own way.
  • While (most definitely) spoiled, he is raised with kindness and a respect for his people. Every year on “fire night,” he walks with his sisters through the neighboring villages and hands out gold coins to them.
  • His generosity and humbleness ends up attracting Elide and Lorcan’s youngest son. The two end up as mates, and spend their days reading and assisting their people in both Carraverre and Perranth.
forgotten date || Tim Drake

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Requested on Wattpad,
Summary; Tim comes back from his patrol, accidentally forgets about his date with you.


The sky was bright, almost no cloud was seen but you walked back to your home, excited for your upcoming date with Tim. The cute nerd of yours promised to bring you to a food festival in Gotham at night. What’s more perfect for a birthday date than a cute nerd and foods?

Grinning, you opened the door to your home a little harsher than intended. Startling both your mother, who almost dropped her tea mug, and father.

“I’m back!”

“God, (Y/N).” Your mother, Lois, breathed out as she cautiously placed the ceramic mug on the glass coffee table. “Careful.”

“Sorry.” You responded sheepishly, closing the door gently before sauntering towards them to kiss both of their cheeks.

Clark, your father, looked at you a little skeptically. It was probably because of how happy you looked, a smile that you couldn’t bite back, eyes reflecting your glee, and little giggles that came out of your lips gave it all.

Your father finally decided to ask, “You looked so happy, does something good happen?”

“Is gonna happen!” You corrected, running towards your room and bursting in.

Distant ruffling was heard from where your parents sat, then a creak from your closet door before a thud following after. Your father, being Superman, he could hear you humming your favorite song even after the door was closed.

When Clark turned his head to look at his wife, he found her smiling proudly.

“Why are you smiling too?”

Lois looked at her husband with an arched eyebrow, her hand moved to rest on his knee. “Are you seriously that oblivious?” Clark didn’t answer, he didn’t get it making Lois sighs. “Today’s her birthday and she told me that she’s going on a date.”

“She didn’t tell me that!”

You could hear your parents talking about you, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes when you heard how excited your mother was. Your father? Eh, not so much. At least he didn’t tell you not to go.

You picked a dress, it was simple and appropriate enough for a simple date. You always enjoy simple things life could offer, just like your father. He could be too naïve sometimes and your mother was always the one who had to take control.

You took your time, celebrating your birthday with your parents before finally getting ready. Slipping into your dress, your mother helped you with your hair. She gave you a cute necklace that fit your dress.

After that, you waited.

The time passed, you were still waiting for Tim in your living room, wasting the last minutes by watching TV. A happy grin still on your face.

Soon, the happiness faded. You looked at the clock and it was almost midnight. Did you wait that long?

You picked up your phone from the table and gave Tim a call but he didn’t answer. Worried, you told your parents you were going to Gotham. They opposed it of course but by the look on your face it was useless to argue so they let you, in exchange, you have to tell Bruce you were coming.


On the other hand, Tim just got back from his patrol. He took off his cowl, showing his sweaty and messy hair. Alfred offered him a drink when he got up to the manor, and Tim gladly took it. He muttered a tired ‘thank you’ before staggering to his bedroom.

As soon as he saw his bed, he gets out of his suit and lazily put on sweatpants not bothering to wear a shirt. He threw himself onto his bed, bouncing a few times.

His blue eyes were slowly closing, just before he could fall into a deep, peaceful slumber. He saw his phone, he didn’t think of it much at first until the thought of you came across his mind and he jolted awake, hand reaching for his phone.

The screen lit up the dim room, he unlocked the phone only to found 10 missed calls from you and 3 unread messages.

“Oh, for the love of-” he paused, reading your messages since he was wide awake. His heart beating loudly against his ribcage.

(Y/N); 2.21 PM
I’m so excited I can’t stop moving!

He didn’t open his phone at that time, he blamed himself for it. He was too emersed in his project. It was for his favorite class.

(Y/N); 7.55 PM
Timmy, you didn’t pick up my call. Are you busy?

(Y/N); 10.00 PM
Tim. I’m worried.

Now, he felt bad.

He fiddled with his phone, texting you back. He facepalmed when he realized how late it was but he had sent the message, you were probably asleep or mad at him. You must hate him for ditching your special day, you must-



You were there, in your Supergirl outfit. Panic lacing your face as you flicked the lights on. You might be Supergirl but you didn’t inherit your father’s vision.

Your eyes landed on shirtless boyfriend, he looked fine. No scratches, no broken jaw or nose, no blood. He looked exhausted though. Relieved, you walked in. Closing the door shut gently.


“Oh thank heavens you’re okay.” You pulled him into a hug, arms wrapping around his bare torso.

His head was pressed to your chest causing him to be able to hear your loud heartbeat that was slowly calming down.

“Why are you here?” He dumbly asked after you let him go, he gestured for you to sit down beside him.

The bed sank down as you did as you told, reaching up your hand to brush his stranded dark locks behind his ear.

“I’m here to check on you.”

“I thought you were sleeping.” He looked at you, a weary smile on his face before it dropped. Nervousness taking over his body and tired mind, gaze moving down, the floor suddenly looked interesting. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to forget about our date. I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

You took his larger hand in yours, his hand wasn’t soft. It was rough and calloused, strong yet gentle. It showed how hard he had worked, the thought made you beaming up at him to assure him that you weren’t mad.

He was confused but didn’t dare to ask.

“Why should I be mad?” You laced both of your hands together, giving him a light squeeze as you rested your forehead on his broad shoulder. “As much as I am worried, I understand, it’s kinda your responsibility. Bruce chose you not for nothing. All I want is for you to come back safe and sound.”

Tim relaxed upon hearing your words, with his free hand, he lifted your head up so he could place a kiss on your nose before his lips found yours briefly.

“How can I be so lucky?” He realized how cheesy he sounded but that was the only thing that he could ask, mostly to himself.

You laughed softly as he let his forehead rested against yours, noses touching.

“Can I borrow your clothes?” You asked.

“Sure, what for?”

“It’s night time,” You stood up from the bed, sauntering over to his closet. Pulling out shirts for both you and him before going back to the bed and handed him his plain red shirt. “I’m already tired, besides I’ve told my parents I’m staying, I’m too lazy to fly back to Metropolis.”

“Oh,” he let the words sank in then stood up as well. “Go change then I’ll show you the guest room.”

You took a deep breath, staring at your boyfriend with an 'are you serious’ look. You then walked away from him to change in the bathroom as you spoke, “No, I’m sleeping here because I didn’t get to spend a time with you today. Now you just lay down there on your stomach.”

Tim was confused but complied without another word after slipping on his shirt.

It didn’t take long for you to change, as soon as you got out of the bathroom, you made your way back to the bed. Sitting down, your hands immediately finding his back, giving him a massage.

You could see Tim was about to protest but you cut him off first, “nu-uh, if you want to make it up to me just be a good boy that you are and relax.”

Tim sighed, “it’s supposed to be your special day.”

“It is.” You hummed, working your way up to his tense shoulders. Your slightly cold fingertips loosen his muscle as you kept massaging him. “Tomorrow too.”


“Yup, I’m going to spend all day pampering you with my love and bring you somewhere with me.”

Tim chuckled, his chest vibrated against the soft mattress of his bed as his eyes slowly dropped. Tiredness washing over him because of your hands.

You kept on going until he rolled onto his back, he beckoned you to lay beside him and you did. He draped his arm around you to pull you closer, your hear now resting on his well-built chest. Hand finding his again and laced them together.

You ended up spending all night talking as you cuddled to each other, he told you how thankful he was for having you. He thanked you for making him feel relaxed than ever and you could only laugh at that.

Tim was the one who fell asleep first even though he tried not to sleep before you. You followed after.

Even though the date was forgotten, you were still happy. As long as your dorky, adorable boyfriend stayed by your side.

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What I'm pissed about is how they're like "oh mercy can (could) rez her entire team at once, it was too much of a game changer and too powerful" well so are all the other ults in the game! A full team Zarya grav? That's p fuckin powerful and definitely a game changer but they aren't nerfing that, only the people that the DPS mains don't like. Now all mercy does is stand and heal and make one meat shield rez every 30 seconds. But for 20 seconds, she'll do that... but slightly better

“I’m too lazy to counter this hero’s ult!”
“Change her.”

meet the parent

thanks to @eleanorfriar for the recommendation!!!!!!!

Riley tapped her foot up and down nervously while she bit her nails. She was meeting Lucas’ parents today, as his girlfriend. She had only really met Lucas’ mum one time when she came to pick up Lucas and although she seemed lovely that was when her and Lucas were just friends. Now that they were more than friends she didn’t know if Lucas’ mum would even like her. Considering that her own mum and dad were extremely over-protective when it came to dating and friends, because they had attachment issues and they didn’t want to leave their little girl, but still she didn’t know how Lucas’ mum would take it.

Riley felt a tap on her shoulder and flipped around straining her neck slightly. Maya looked down at her nervous friend and plopped down next to her on the couch. She slinged her arm over Riley’s neck and pulled the nervous girl into her chest.

‘Riley it’ll be fine, I mean I’ve met Lucas mum and she’s lovely. Plus you only have to meet his mum considering his parents are divorced and his dad’s in Corpus Christi for 5 months.’ Maya reassured and Riley nodded her head slightly. They sat in that same position for about 5 minutes before they heard a knock on the door. Maya stood up and kissed Maya on the cheek before standing up and walking back towards Riley’s room. Riley sat for a minute and took a deep breathe before standing up and opening the door. On the other side was her handsome boyfriend with a singular rose in his hand. He gave her a wide smile and kissed her, he then handed her the rose and strolled into her apartment.

'Thankyou for doing this princess, how you feeling?’ He asked while Riley took out a vase from the cupboard and placed the rose on the kitchen table. Riley shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her purse from the couch and moved towards the door. Before she could make it out a force grabbed her shoulder and gently moved her back. She looked up at Lucas’ concerned eyes and sighed.

'Hey what’s wrong?’ Lucas asked trying to get her to look in his eyes.

'I don’t know, what if she doesn’t like me. I mean I am…..quirky. Sometimes I’m too much for people.’ She uttered still not looking into his eyes. Lucas sighed and put his finger under her chin raising her eyes to meet his and kissed her again.

'Riley she will love you because you’re important to me, plus how can someone not like you. You’re sweet, kind, humble, funny and so much more. She will love you, I promise.’ Lucas ranted and Riley nodded her head and snaked her hand around his waist. Lucas smiled and slung his hand over her shoulder like Maya had done minutes before. He kissed her forehead and guided her out of her apartment. He waved behind him to Cory, Maya and Topanga who he knew were hiding behind the wall that leads to the hallway.


Lucas stopped in front of a red door and opened it. Riley looked around at the front garden, It was filled with rose bushes that were pushed againest the bricks. She smiled at the pleasing apartment building and wondered why she’d never been to Lucas house during the day when she could really appreciate. Lucas coughed to get Riley’s attention and Riley giggled before joining him inside. Riley bounced up the stairs behind Lucas, she was humming a song to ease her nerves and barely noticed when Lucas stopped on the second floor. Riley took a deep breathe and closed her eyes as Lucas knocked and unlocked his apartment. The smell of muffins hit her instantly and she smiled lightly before prying her eyes open. Right in front of her was Lucas’ mum hugging her son and Riley smiled to herself at the cute moment. Lucas stepped back and turned toward Riley with a bright smile.

'Mum this is Riley and Riley this is my mum Lily.’ Lucas introduced, Riley gave Lily a small smile and was quickly met with a warm embrace.

'Oh it’s so nice to see you and finally have you here when I’m home. Come on in you two I baked muffins.’ She prattled realising Riley and practically wondered into the kitchen. Riley smiled at the petite lady, she looked a lot like Lucas with her slightly blonde hair and tanned skin. She barely looked a day over 30 considering she had an amazing body and glowing skin. A loud bang crashed through the apartment and Riley was met with a medium sized dalmation puppy. Excited she ran over to the dog and started petting it and scratching behind it’s ear.

'Lucas you never mentioned you had a dog.’ She perked and continued to play with the dog.

'Oh we only rescued him two days ago honey, my stupid ex-husband wouldn’t allow me to have a dog, what a brat.’ Lily muttered and Lucas rolled his eyes stuffing a muffin into his throat.

'I wanted to surprise you. His name is Buddy.’ Lucas spoke through the muffin that he was chowing down. Riley stood up and went over to the kitchen counter and grabbed a chocolate muffin. The muffin oozed into her mouth and Riley swore she fell in love.

'Wow Mrs Friar these muffins are amazing.’ Riley groaned still eating the gorgeously made muffin.

'Oh Riley please call my Lily and thankyou dear, Do you like Butter chicken?’ She asked stirring a pot on the oven.

'I love it.’ Riley beamed and Lily smiled at the bright girl.

'Well good that’s what is for dinner. You two can head to Lucas’ room if you want, Door open!’ Lily joked and Riley giggled dragging Lucas into his room. Lucas picked Riley up and put her on his shoulder before throwing her down on her bed.

'Hah That wasn’t even a good move.’ Riley teased and Lucas placed his hands on his hips.

'Oh that’s not good enough? huh. What about this?’ He teased again and moved his hands to her sides tickling her. Riley tried to push him away but it was too late, she couldn’t stop laughing.

'Lucas, stop, stop.’ She yelled breathlessly but Lucas kept going. Somewhere in the midst of tickling Riley’s top had lifted up so you could see most of her stomach.

'Lucas do you want chip-’ Lily stopped as she saw the scene before her.

'Oh I guess I’ll come back.’ She finished and Lucas got up off Riley his face beat red. Riley grabbed Lucas’ pillow and pushed it over her face.

'Mum it’s not what it looks like-’ He started but Lily just put her hand up.

'I know Lucas. I trust you.’ She beamed before walking away.

'Oh my god.’ Riley cried from under the pillow, Lucas pulled the pillow off Riley’s face and looked down at her.

'Riley she knows we aren’t like that it’s fine.’ Lucas reassured and Riley shook her head.

'I know I just.’

'Riley it’s fine. Look I’m going to put on Zootopia.’ He ushered and turned on his tv. He jumped onto the bed and pulled Riley into his chest. Instantly Riley felt a lot more soothed and her eyes started shutting.


'Riley, Lucas dinners ready.’ Lily Friar called down the hall, Riley’s eyes shot open and she saw that they were almost an hour into Zootopia.

'Have a nice nap.’ Lucas asked and Riley slapped his chest,


'Well why didn’t you wake me.’ Riley asked.

'Because you looked so cute.’ Lucas joked and Riley stuck her tongue out and moved down the hall to the kitchen. She gave Buddy a quick pat before moving to help Lily set up the table.

'Oh thankyou dear, Lucas never helps he’s too lazy.’ She teased and Lucas facepalmed before grabbing a bowl and making everyone plates.

'So why the tickle fest.’ Lily provoked once they were all seated. Riley looked down with a red face and continued to eat her food.

'Riley said My moves sucked.’ Lucas sombered.

'Well it’s true son.’ Lily taunted and Riley laughed.

'Anyway Riley dear how is school going.’ Lily asked and Riley welcomed the change of subject.

'Yeah really good, I’m not really sure what I want to do yet so I’m just enjoying right now.’ Riley spoke honestly.

'And that bullying Lucas told me about that’s stopped.’ She continued, Lucas was shaking his head rapidly at her but she just shrugged.

'Yeah it’s gotten better.’ Riley whispered .

'Well Riley you’re a wonderful girl, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ Lily chorused.

'Thankyou, Lily.’ Riley smiled, Lucas’ heart warmed seeing his two favourite people bond together.


'It was so lovely to meet you Riley. You’re welcome here any time.’ Lily said hugging Riley, Riley returned the embrace and nodded her head.

'I will Lily, see you soon.’ She waved and followed behind Lucas.

'So not as bad as you thought.’ Lucas teased.

'Definetly not.’ She replied kissing him.


will i ever find a comfortable chibi style to consistently stick to, that is the question

(the answer is no)

Flower Boy: Huang Zi Tao (EXO-M)

I finally finished it! I've been working on this for awhile now; work and school have consumed a large amount of my free time. It’s essentially a pencil drawing but I've added a lot of digital elements because I wanted to go for a more “artsy” sort of graphic look, I guess you could say. I tried a bunch of different textures but ultimately decided on a basic grainy one. I’m still a bit unsure about the flower placement, though; it seems a bit weird, but I found that I liked it more once I’d mirrored the image. Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it. 

Dedicated to exotaobias16 for no reason other than she’s as big a Tao stan as I am :)


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Can u write some fluffy Jercy? Maybe like cuddling or just being affectionate?

The two empty pizza boxes on the coffee table were the physical proof that the two of them had both eaten way too much pizza. Now all Percy and Jason could manage to do was lay on the couch, groaning, too lazy to switch TV channels. When they had started eating, they were enjoying Dateline: Real Life Mysteries, a guilty pleasure. But now it was Say Yes To The Dress, and neither had the ambition to change the channel. 

Percy rolled his eyes, “A see-though dress, with a corset back? Your getting married in a church.” Percy had seen four different women try on the same ugly wedding dress, and he was tired of it. 

“I don’t know. I thought the second woman wore it well.” Jason said.

“Oh sure, take the dress’s side.” Percy teased. He turned and laid his head in Jason’s lap, tucking his feet under the blanket at the end of the couch. 

Jason took Percy’s hand and laced their fingers together lazily. Percy started drawing little circles on Jason’s hand - a habit he had that always made Jason smile. 

They both started dozing into heavy food comas, laying there. Jason adjusted so they were both laying down, squished up against each other on the couch, only moving to push the pizza boxes onto the floor to get a better view of the TV.