oh well they are still beautiful

city treks // not quite sure (what it means)

maybe it’s all just a lie we tell ourselves 

but oh well it’s still a beautiful thing

all of art is a lie, a tall tale, a fable, a kind of

love supreme

maybe it’s all just a game we play w/ ourselves

but oh well then who will beat us? who will try?

all of life is a game, so play for the sake of it

runnin’ thru a corridor at night

it doesn’t get better than this

find me on the other side

asking someone for a slice of bread

just to make it thru the night

as;kdfhkjasdhfkadjffsa whAT AM I READ???ING????

“Oh, Hi! It’s you again,” she said, her “you” laced with small amounts of intrigue and flirtation.

“Oh, hello. Still lost I see?”

“Well, you can’t actually SEEEEEEEE me can you? Otherwise this would probably be a lot easier. Actually, no, you wouldn’t want to see me now, I look like shit.”

Jason wanted to respond, Oh, I am sure you look beautiful, but what came out was, “Ha…um yea! I do too?”

She laughed at his awkward response, and her laugh bounced around his head like he was a spaceship orbiting the moon.

“I think I am in the right place now, I just need the direction of my hotel.”

“Ok, what is the name of it.”

“Why? Are you gonna come STALK me?” she asked playfully.

“Not all librarians are creeps, just some of us,” Jason said, trying to match her level of flirtation. He hadn’t engaged in any kind of chitchat or flirting for quite some time. He and his wife hadn’t flirted since high school.



  • Lena: There’s a reporter sniffing around. She’s smart... and sweet, and funny, and like really really beautiful, like somehow smoking hot while still being like the cutest woman ever. Oh and she has this smile that lights up the whole room as soon as she walking in. Not to mention she has such pretty hair and her lips look so kissable I just want to throw her on to my desk and... Well like I said she's smart and she's on to you

Hey there! YOUR COMIC STILL IS ONE OF MY FAV EVER so I made another fanart! Hope You like it!
Plus, I lost the recording, so no YT video ç.ç, only insta


@modooff Ahh it’s always a pleasure to see/receive art from you!! Beautiful. Wish I could’ve seen the speedpaint, but oh well. Thank you so much, friend! :’D

The List

Since the portal accident when he was fourteen, he’d been keeping a record of all ghostly abilities that he exhibited as well as a short explanation of each power. At age fifteen, with everything that had happened and continued to happen, Danny was still just as confused about his ghost-half as he had been a year previously.

Maddie and Jack had offered to analyze his notes to determine whether or not his abilities were finite or if they would continue to grow along with him, which Danny had refused at first. When Danny discovered that he was continuing to add to his ever-growing and ever-changing list of powers, the boy consented to letting his parents look at his recordings. His only question was: “Am I finished getting new powers, or should I expect more?”

This was why both adults were slack-jawed in their lab, Danny and Jazz upstairs with their own business to attend to, staring at the expanse of paper before them. This was his latest, most recently revised list and it was more than impressive; organized by the amount of energy spent on each ability.

Accelerated Healing - The title underestimates the actual ability. Mortal wounds become not-so-mortal when in ghost form, unless the central-core energy is specifically targeted to be harmed or weakened. When in ghost form and with enough energy, anything but complete disintegration would bring me little (real) harm. In human form, I can tap into these healing abilities to a lesser extent of my ghost self. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Enhanced Sensation - All of my five senses are much more sensitive. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Ecto-Location (Ghost Sense) - When a ghost is nearby, a cold puff of air from my core is sent out (usually through my mouth). If I focus just slightly, I can also determine the ecto-signature of the particular ghost (provided they are familiar to me, i.e. Skulker, Box Ghost, etc.…) (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Invisibility - Manipulating both myself and the light around me, I can make it so I am unable to be seen without special equipment. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Intangibility - I can become abstract in a way that means I cannot be touched by any human-world item not meant for catching and/or harming ghosts. Tied slightly to invisibility; often, when intangible, I revert to a more corporeal form that is difficult to see (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Flight - Probably because of the composition of ectoplasm in comparison to the Earth’s atmosphere, I can fly without accessories. (Energy Drain - Instinctual)

Body Modification - Includes (but probably not limited to): formation of a ghostly tail when flying at high speeds, ethereal fog materializing between body parts to stretch them, also I can shift to a rubber-like constitution at will. (Energy Drain - Instinctual to Low)

Ghost Stinger - If I react quickly enough, I can turn other ghost’s ectoplasmic energy against them and re-direct the energy. Often this produces an electrified effect on the ‘already-used’ (meaning the energy wasn’t mine to begin with) ectoplasm. If I choose to, I can use energy from my own core to amplify this effect. (Energy Drain - Low)

Ecto-Blasts - I can release energy from my ghostly core outwards in varying degrees of power (up to my control when coming to how much I want to release). (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Ectoplasmic Manipulation - Instead of unfocused ectoplasmic energy, I can dictate what the energy from my core does. Shields, ecto-weapons, and bindings (like chain or rope) are my most often used forms of ectoplasmic manipulation. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Cryokinesis - Same premise as Ecto-Blasts, provided I concentrate on cold energy rather than unfocused ectoplasm. (Energy Drain - Low to Moderate)

Telekinesis - By surrounding an object (or objects) with a light form of ectoplasm, I can move things around. Size and weight of the item are factors, but longer distances make it harder to move the object(s). (Energy Drain - Moderate)

Ice Fog - If I slowly release cold energy from my core and with it releasing minute amounts of raw ectoplasmic energy, I can create a dense icy fog that decreases visibility around a particular area. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Beacon - Using energy from my core, I can create a beacon of white-green light (from my hands) that attracts ghosts in the near vicinity-friend or foe. The stronger the beacon, the greater area the light reaches (meaning more ghosts the beacon calls to). They seem to be entranced by the light enough so that they’re unaware of their surroundings until I stop the beacon. (Energy Drain - Moderate to High)

Duplication - While making sure not to split my central core, I can manipulate the ectoplasm inside of me to create an identical copy of myself. The more core energy I use, the easier the copy is to maintain, the more durable they are, and the closer they are to. Side note, memory transfer is still a pain. Currently able to maintain 2 low-stamina clones, 1 moderate-stamina clone. (Energy Drain - High)

Ghostly Wail - Using the raw energy from my central core, I can create a series of ectoplasmic sound-waves that do severe damage to those in range of the attack. Also slightly inflicts damage on those not in direct attack but who are close enough to me that the screams penetrate their ears. (Energy Drain - High to Critical)

Arctic Howl - Using more central core energy with focus on its element of ice, a much more devastating effect to the original Wail can be achieved by the waves manifesting into a blizzard. The above effects of the original Ghostly Wail remain in place with the addition of the deep-freeze extending the attack radius. (Energy Drain - Critical)

Jack was the first to speak up.

“Heh… Who knew he was holding out on us this whole time?” He chuckled with an odd sort of smile, still unable to process that his fifteen-year-old son possessed the power that he did. Maddie was still gobsmacked as she flipped through the pages of edits that her son had done.

How he was doing abysmally in English class with this obvious mastery of the language was beyond her, for one thing.
For another; after his list of powers, Danny had composed several theories and hypotheses that could put other doctors in the Paranormal sciences to shame. They were well thought out and carefully laid down with just enough proof threaded in with his theories that made them seem credible. The woman seated herself and blinked. Who knew? She’d always thought that it would be her daughter to follow in her footsteps, even when Jasmine had proclaimed her love for psychology. Jazz had been the one with the book-smarts and Danny had been the boy with his heart in anything he does. The way his notebook looked, however, told her that Danny wasn’t letting on nearly how intelligent he actually was; and it also told her that he had a knack for the thing that her and Jack had devoted their lives to. Rather than her eldest taking over the Fenton family tradition of ghost-hunting when they were gone, it seemed that her youngest was more than equipped with the knowledge to step up to the plate now.

For once in her life, Madeline Cassandra Fenton was truly stumped. She’d thought that she’d have an easy answer to her son’s question, but she was absolutely, 100% baffled just by what Danny was stating simply in his journal as if it were nothing. Jack was too, if his calculating expression told her anything. Despite his tactless way of approaching situations and his general lack of common sense, Jack Fenton was truly a genius and had a wonderfully creative mind; it was one of the many reasons that she’d fallen in love with him. He was deep in his ‘scientist-mode’, as he said it to be. Brows drawn together, the man nodded and looked to his wife.

“I think that he’s yet to apex, as far as these powers go. From the looks of things in here,” he referred to the generous edits made to the notebook-including the changing ‘energy-drain’ levels, “the longer he has these powers, the more control he has. Probably even the strongest attacks he has now will be nothing if we give it a couple years.” Jack grinned like a child in a candy shop. “Who knows, Mads, he might just be the most powerful ghost ever! And he’s only halfway there!” Maddie found herself smiling at her husband’s eagerness.
“Maybe, Jack, maybe…” She trailed off in favor of looking over the book again while Jack began rambling about he and Danny teaming up to be a dynamic duo of sorts.
Through all of the questions that his notebook had left her with, one thing was clear to Maddie when she finally left the lab that evening; she had really only just begun to learn the double-life her son had been leading for the past year and a half.

And she was more than ready to continue learning, as any good scientist would be.

*bangs fists on table* ballerina Marco, ballerina Marco,ballerinaMarCO,BALLERINAMAR-

  • *in a cab; on the way to the christening*
  • Molly: *happily* Oh isn't this exciting? I bet she looks lovely. And John and Mary are wonderful parents...
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* Oh, her name is just beautiful *giggles* I always wanted to name my daughter Persephone.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Hey, I was eleven at the time and really into all that mythology stuff.
  • Sherlock: *still typing* There are worse names for a child than Persephone Holmes.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Why would it be Holmes?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I always assumed you'd take your husband's name.
  • Molly: *scoffs* Yeah, well, I'm not going to marry Mycroft!
  • Sherlock: *confused* We've been sleeping together and you think-
  • Molly: *giggles* No, I mean, I just thought you weren't the marrying kind.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Sex, Molly. I don't do that with just anyone.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You love me?
  • Sherlock: Obviously.
  • Molly: *smirks* I'm sorry? I didn't catch that.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I love you.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *coughs* So you'll...marry me, then?
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Of course I will.

andrew has so many ‘I’m So Gay’ moments when it comes to neil but when they move in together and he gets to wake up next to this beautiful boy who is soft with sleep, who still has pillow creases on his face, who’s hair is a tangled mess, he is so weak. neil catches him staring and andrew has said ‘yes’ before neil even gets the question out 

So after 1x07 am I the only one who thinks that, once everything gets sorted (i.e.: murder pedo guy is killed) and Lukas grows to be comfortable with his sexuality, he is going to be the most affectionate boyfriend in all of existence?
Like, come on, in last week’s episode he was literally all over Philip, and while obviously his relationship with Rose wasn’t the best, he was still very touchy with her, so what’s gonna happen once he gets to be publicly together with the boy he likes?

I’m talking about:
• hand holding all the fucking time
• like oh Philip wants to take a picture of that beautiful sunset while they’re walking together?
• Well he better learn how to use the camera one-handedly because Lukas is not physically capable of letting go
• Philip’s name is quickly forgotten
• in favour of baby, babe, love, sugar, and any other pet name you can think of
• sometimes idiot is also used as a pet name
• people would ask Lukas what’s his boyfriend’s name
• and he’ll just get this really wide smile and won’t be able to answer not because he’s forgotten it because he’s always calling him baby
• but because he gets lost thinking that Philip Shea is his fucking boyfriend and he still can’t believe it
• whenever they’re sitting, they’re just as close as possible without one being on top of the other
• and also somehow Lukas’ arm always ends up around Philip’s shoulders
• he doesn’t even know how his arm ends up there
• but it’s really comfy so like hell he’s moving
• stolen kisses whenever it is possible
• maybe they’re having breakfast with Gabe and then he turns to get another pancake
• and Lukas will just peck Philip’s cheek
• oh Gabe gets another another pancake
• here’s another kiss for you Philip
• and also Lukas sometimes just gets lost while looking at Philip
• he just can’t help it
• they get together to do their maths homework
• and Philip is really concentrated
• and he makes this really adorable whenever he’s confused
• so obviously their ‘homework session’ is just Lukas staring at Philip for like half an hour
• and when Philip realises
• “you know your homework is not getting done by itself right”
• “doesn’t matter I’m just gonna copy yours when you’re done”
• so basically what I’m saying is
• once he becomes comfortable with his sexuality
• Lukas Waldenbeck is gonna be the most affectionate, love-struck boyfriend on this earth

X-Files Fic: She’s Beauty, She’s Grace- Chapter Six

Note: I suddenly realized this chapter was getting away from me and cut it off, but there’s an excellent chance (since I was well into what’s going to be the next chapter when I decided it was getting too long) that there will be an additional update later tonight.  :)

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five

Even though she’s managed her first uninterrupted night of sleep since her shooting, Scully still wakes up exhausted, and the day begins far earlier than she would have liked.  Skinner, Mulder, and Elise converge on her hotel room within fifteen minutes of her alarm going off, and all four of them order breakfast from room service, rather than taking the time to go down to the dining room.  While they wait for their food to be brought up to them, Elise gives them the schedule for the day.

 “Tonight’s the official start of the pageant,” she says.  “Your call time is six o’clock, two hours before the curtain goes up.  Until then, though, the only two events you’ll need to attend are one last dance rehearsal, which is at eleven, and a rehearsal for the talent portion.”  Scully bites her lip nervously.  Two dance rehearsals, plus the performance tonight?  There won’t be enough Vicodin in the world… or at least not left in her prescription bottle. 

 “What time is the talent rehearsal?” she asks.

 “Each contestant has a fifteen-minute slot, and yours is at one-thirty this afternoon,” says Elise.  “The rehearsal is more for the crew than it is for the performers.  They need to get a copy of your music, see how long you’ll be onstage, and where you’ll be, so they can put together a lighting design.  It doesn’t take long.  And beyond that, you’re free for today.”

 “How free?” asks Scully.  “Lounge-around-the-pool free, or five-strategizing-sessions-before-lunch free?”

 “Somewhere in between,” says Skinner.  “We do have things we need to go over, but you also need to take it easy as much as you can.  It’s going to be a long night.”

 “Tonight will start with the group dance number,” says Elise.  “Then you’ll have the first round of interviews.”  

 “I completely forgot about the interview portion,” groans Scully.  Elise smiles.

 “Don’t worry too much about it,” she advises.  “Each contestant only gets one question in the first round.  Otherwise, with fifty women, it would take all night.”  Scully nods, somewhat relieved.  “Then the night will finish with the swimsuit competition.”  Scully frowns.

 “No talent portion?” she asks.

 “That’s the next night,” says Elise.  “For the top twenty-five, anyway.  After the swimsuit portion is over tonight, you’ll all change back into the evening gown you wore for your interview, and they’ll end the first night by announcing who’s made the cut.”  Scully brightens.

 “So I might not ever have to perform my talent portion at all?”

 “You’re guaranteed to make the top eight,” says Skinner.  “To make sure you’re on hand as long as possible.”  It makes sense, but still, Scully’s disappointed.

 “Don’t worry, Scully,” says Mulder, giving her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.  “You’ll do fine.”  He’s smiling in a way that says, all too clearly, that he’s looking forward to it tremendously, and Scully just barely manages to resist giving him an impromptu shower with the orange juice that has just arrived.

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Ho ho no way an update

Alright so I still have the game and idk if any of you guys still play it but I feel like it’s my duty to tell you guys that I just saw that there’s an update! Oh wow they did it after months they added a few goodies and one new cat.. yeah well here are some of the new goodies, pretty cute, right? And the snow and the beautiful Christmas music is back, which is nice :3 I’ll update you if I should get the new cat 🐱

xoxo - stef

Well, the beginning stages of the new design are going well! I really need to paint this sketch and post it properly. But I am SO EXCITED to work with these fabrics! Such beautiful silks! Oh my gosh, but this gown is gonna be amazing, if I do say so myself.

Four years ago, on November 1, 2011, Everlane launched out of a small office in San Francisco. We hadn’t a clue what would come of it. All we had was a motley crew with a simple set of values: Make beautiful products. Treat people well. And tell our customers the story and cost of every product we make. It turns out, that was pretty novel.

Four years later, we’re still at it. It’s grown a bit. 300,000 customers instead of 300. And 70 of us around the table, instead of 5. Oh, and we make pants now too. Sorry, that took a while.

We have a long road ahead of us. And a ton of ambition. We know we’ll expand our line and enter new markets, but the truth is, we don’t have an exact destination in mind. What matters most to us are values—and ours won’t change even if we end up designing homewares, furniture, or even building an Everlane hotel in twenty years. (It’s true, we’ve talked about it).

So here’s to an adventure. Thanks for being a part of it and we’re looking forward to the next year. (And twenty more).

Imagine during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel, jimmy asks the cast who had a tough time keeping a straight face while filming, and Chris raises his hand.

He was burning red as he looked at the host, a smile etching on his lips. He couldn’t help but lightly chuckle to himself as he grew embarrassed. “Oh that was me.” He muttered.

Zach nodded, as he sat up in his chair, excited to go on. “This man was such a mess whenever Y/N came on set.” He exclaimed. “I kid you not, the moment she walked in, Chris forgot what words were!”

Jimmy belted out into laughter, as well as the audience as he looked back at Chris. “And why was it so hard for you to stay professional?” He chuckled.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, still flashing a smirk. “Well it’s–I mean, she’s very beautiful. And smart and–”

“Sounds like someone has a crush.” Jimmy interrupted.

Zach nodded, pursing his lips. “Oh you have no idea!”

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Ups and Downs

Requested by a very nice Anon.  I’ve never met a Bipolar person so I’m really sorry if I don’t write it well. Please forgive me.

This is part is written from Jerome’s POV

At first I didn’t think much of it, we were all very different and unique. Of course being admitted to an insane asylum will automatically put you in that category, but we were more unique than the others. My Sweet cheeks though, she was something else entirely, I fell in love with her the moment I made her laugh. Oh that beautiful laugh, how I miss it. 
“Jerome, is your Pet still in your bedroom?”
I bit my tongue about that pet comment and looked over at Theo before licking my lips and speaking
“Yes she is and I’m starting to worry, she hasn’t eaten anything and every time I try she just pushes me away and pulls the covers over her head after shouting at me to leave her alone”
I take a breath before continuing
“What if she’s starting to become afraid of me…I couldn’t handle that, she’s the only one I care about” I look towards Theo, his eyes showing mixed emotions, it was then that I realised how soft I sounded. I smirked at a thought and let out a chuckle, “I know what to do to get her out of bed~” before making my way out of the dining room and towards our shared room.

Switching to your POV

I stared at the lamp on the side of the table, a feeling of nothingness drowning me as I laid on the soft mattress. I couldn’t even get up, I’m not sure If I even wanted to. I rubbed my face tiredly before hugging the covers closer to me. A knock on the door followed by Jerome’s voice was the only thing I could hear. I felt so sluggish and slow in the head, and the thought go him trying to get me out of bed displeased me.
“Afternoon Sunshine~” Jerome sang as he practically skipped to my side. I stayed silent begging for him to go away.
“Come on sleepy head we’ve got places to go” I just wanted him to go away, I wanted these feelings to go away, I wanted to go away.
“Leave me alone” I said tiredly and groggily
“Come on Sweet cheeks, I miss you. You’re just so sad and flat and I just want you to be happy” he kissed my forehead before stroking my hair. I pulled away from him and just curled up tighter.
“Come on gorgeous, please tell me whats wrong” You’d leave me
“Go away” I said softly
“Not until you tell me whats wrong” I felt the bed dip and his body heat at my backside. I never wanted him to see me like this, he’s going to leave me I know it.
“Sweet cheeks…Please”
I snapped and lashed out at him 
I felt his body leave the bed and heard footsteps approaching the door. 
“Everything alright in there kiddos?” I heard Barbra call out. “No, its not” Jerome whispered quietly before ripping open the door and storming out.

Jerome didn’t sleep in the same bed as me that night, heck I wouldn’t blame him, he’s probably going to leave me anyway right. I mean nothing to this world or to him, I’m meaningless and a burden.

It was probably six or seven days later, I lost track of time in my soft bed. Without a warning Jerome barged into the room and threw himself onto the bed, just barely missing me. His puffy red eyes and dark circles told me that he hadn’t slept and was crying only a few minutes ago. “Please tell me you’re not leaving me” I was shocked.
“Me leave you?! I thought you were going to leave me! And its all because of my stupid, stupid genetics” I started crying before throwing my pillow at the wall. “What’s wrong with your genetics?” Jerome asked, completely unfazed.
“My mother had this disorder.. And it was passed down to me” Jerome sighed before hugging me, “Nothing will make me leave you, not even if you tried to kill me” I laughed before being pulled into a hug. “What ever it is, we can go and rob a chemist, I’ll take care of you” I looked up at him with a teary eyed smile “Even if its Bipolar?” He grinned and hugged me tighter “No matter what, I’ll love you”.

((This was probably so terrible I’m so sorry))
  • Alex: Hey you! Yes you! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
  • Magnus: You are lovely and unique
  • Magnus: Alex...Alex...I think that's too far..
  • Alex: Nah..They are strong enough
  • Magnus: Well yes, they are strong enough..But if they were to do that...They would be arrested...
Oh well...

I’m not letting the dickheads in this fandom ruin my enjoyment of the latest episode because:

Michonne is beautiful

Richonne is canon

Ezekiel is fine and smooth af

Morgan is getting character development

Richonne is canon

Michonne is amazing

Shiva is my baby

Jerry is my dude

Carzekiel (is that the ship name?) got pomegranates like Richonne got apples

Andy Lincoln once again reiterated that Rick loves Michonne

I’m blocking the eff out of everyone

And Richonne is still canon