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The Big Ask

A/n: Okay this is a bit rushed, but I started thinking about how we didn’t actually get a scene where Jughead asked Betty to Homecoming and this is what came out. I’m sure what actually happened was much simpler, but I had a lot of fun writing this!

“A…a what?”

“A promposal!” Kevin clapped his hands together in excitement, “Or, a homecoming-proposal, I guess.”

“No way.” Jughead shook his head in disbelief, “Betty wouldn’t want that. Besides, we’re dating - doesn’t that mean we’re automatically going together?”

Archie laughed, “Dude, you’re an idiot. Girls are suckers for this crap. You have to do it.”

“Seriously Jughead,” Kevin said, “Dating her is no excuse for a lackluster ask. And not asking her at all? That’s playing with fire.”

Jughead furrowed his brows. He hadn’t actually thought to ask Betty to the dance. I mean, he’d been helping her prepare all week. Wasn’t it basically unspoken? Besides, the cheesy, over-the-top asks Kevin was now scrolling through on Pinterest seemed way too much for Betty. Betty liked the simple things. And Jughead liked that about her.

“I don’t know guys…” Jughead started.

“Jughead. Listen to me. You have to do something epic. I mean, you and Betty are like the ‘it’ couple!” Kevin proclaimed, “It would be a tragedy of epic proportions if you failed to impress.”

Jughead sighed, giving in to his friends’ persistence. “Okay. But I’m going to need your help.”

Jughead stood, slack-jawed at the sight before him. Kevin stood proudly next to what he had referred to as the “vision board”. To Jughead, it strongly resembled the murder board, but with much brighter colors.

“No. Nope. I’ve changed my mind. I’m not doing this.” Jughead threw his hands up, taking a step away.

“Jughead, don’t back out on me now!” Kevin pouted, “I put way too much effort into this for you to change your mind. Besides, I haven’t even explained my vision to you yet!”

“This is way too much Kevin! No one actually expects me to do this.”

“Of course they do! Did you see the way Josh asked Becky last week? He sang an entire song! And Jeff K. got the whole baseball team to help him ask Sarah. This is Riverdale! We take our homecoming proposals very seriously.”

“Archie, back me up, this has to be too much.” Jughead desperately turned to his friend for support.

“No way I’m arguing with Kevin on this one. Sorry Jug.”

Jughead sighed at the lack of support. Maybe his friends were right. And he really didn’t want to disappoint Betty. If this was what she wanted, he would just have to swallow his pride and do it. But he was going to do it his way.

Betty walked out of her final class of the day and headed toward her locker. She was exhausted. Her chem exam was harder than anticipated, and she was ready to just go home. 

There was a note on her locker. She plucked the card off her locker, opening it.

You’ve had a long day
I have a surprise
So go to the diner
That makes the best fries

Betty smiled. A surprise? This was certainly unexpected. She wondered what Jughead had planned. One thing she knew for sure: the diner with the best fries could only mean one place.

Betty opened the door of Pop’s diner, stopping short at the entrance. The entire diner had been made over. Twinkle lights lined the walls, and there was music playing. Jughead stood in the center of it all, a bouquet of lilies in his hands.

“Jughead, what is this?”

“Betty,” Jughead blushed, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Betty laughed, “What?”

Jughead stammered, surprised at her response, “Um, homecoming? The dance you’ve been planning? Do you want to go? With me?”

Betty approached him, a smile on her face,”I… I thought we already were going together.”

“You did?”

“Well yeah. I mean, we’re dating! And you’ve been helping me with preparations all week.”

Jughead sighed, throwing his hands up in exasperation, “That’s what I’ve said! But Kevin and Archie kept going on and on about how I needed this elaborate proposal.”

Betty threw her head back in laughter, throwing her arms around Jughead’s neck, “You took advice from Kevin and Archie? Wow, you must have really wanted to impress me.”

Jughead smirked, “What can I say? I just want to give you everything you want.”

“I just want you, Jughead.” Betty smiled, giving him a gentle peck on the lips, “But this is pretty spectacular.”

“Kevin wanted to do a flash mob in the cafeteria. I managed to talk him down to all of this.”

“This is so much better than a flash mob. We can save that for Joaquin.” Betty joked, “Although, can I make one suggestion?”

Jughead raised his eyebrows, “You just can’t help yourself can you?” He laughed, “Alright, what is it?”

“If you’re going to bring me to Pop’s, you should really have milkshake ready.”

Jughead raised his eyes in mock offense, “Did you really think I would do all of this and not think of food? Look at the booth to your left.”

Betty turned her head, gasping at the sight of a plate of fries set between two perfect vanilla milkshakes. Jughead really did think of everything.

“I suppose,” Betty said, sliding into the booth and plucking the cherry off one of the milkshakes, “That I can go to homecoming with you.” She winked.

Jughead grinned, sliding wordlessly into the booth and wrapping his arm around her. Suddenly, he frowned, “You’re not going to expect this kind of thing for every school dance, are you?”

Betty smirked, placing a gentle kiss on Jughead’s cheek. 

“Oh, I expect nothing less.”

Sugar and Spice, ch 3

Summary: Your second date with your Sugar Daddy, Richard Speight Jr, is at his place, for a barbecue, and you meet his friends.
Word count: 2270
Warnings: Asshole!Rob Benedict, pre-smut, mini bit of angst

Part 1
Part 2

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Chapter 3: the barbecue 

“Come inside with me.”

Your voice was low and soft.
“Right now?” Rich asked. You looked at his hand on your thigh. Just the feel of it almost had you wetting your panties. He had such great hands. You nodded.
“No, I can’t,” he said, and your heart dropped,
“Oh. Okay.”
“I have to be up early tomorrow. But I was thinking… I want you to come to a barbecue with me. It’s at my house, and uh…” He smiled. “Then I want you to stay,” he finished. You smiled back and nodded.

“Sounds good. When is it?”
“Next Saturday.”
“I’ll be there.”
“Great. I’ll transfer the money to your account tomorrow, that okay?” he asked and squeezed your thigh. You were so turned on that all you could do was nod. Richard chuckled and let go.

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[request] [scenario] destination, seoul

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 
13: “Kiss me.” 

((this was written in one sitting which is an aCTUAL MIRACLE)) requested by @wow-v0gue

Title: destination, seoul

Member: jisoo ft. seventeen (mostly hansol) 

Genre: angst if u squint // happy end // fluff 

Word count: 1845

“You told him you weren’t going to visit - let alone move here,” Hansol scowls, his hands gripping the straps of his backpack nervously. He wore a mask, hat, and sunglasses, but his disguise is what made him more suspicious. He fastens his pace, causing your slow walk to turn into a jog.

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Faye x Catria “””C-S”””

Hey, remember that ultra crack-shippy rarepair I kept promoting before Echoes’s release? Well guess what I played the game and still love them. So I whipped up a little something for the two!! This is a long exercise in “no homo,” these gals don’t realize they’re in love with each other.  Hell, they would live together and pool their earnings and share a bed and all sorts of other stuff for 3 years and still not realize they were dating. Palla’s gonna have to step in. Anyway, hope you all enjoy~

Oh yeah btw I haven’t played Fe11/FE12 so sorry if i got anything wrong

C Support

Catria: Excuse me… Faye, was it?

Faye: Huh? Oh, you’re…Catria. Is there something you needed?

Catria: Well, I—You talk about a man named Alm quite a bit, don’t you?

Faye: Yeah. Why, you know him? I hope this is important…

Catria: O-oh, I suppose it’s not. It’s just, the way you talk about him… It reminds me of a man I know.

Faye: …I’m listening.

Catria: He’s the kind of man who through just one conversation you can tell is extraordinary.

Catria: Dedicated to his convictions, with the strength to back them up.

Catria: Yet with the kindness to not abuse the strength he possesses.

Faye: Wow, that does sound a lot like Alm, actually. Everyone just knows he’s gonna do great things.

Faye: This guy…did you grow up with him?

Catria: No, he… He’s actually a prince, of a kingdom called Atlea.

Faye: W-what?! A prince?!

Faye: Well, Alm may not be a prince, but he…he certainly has a regal bearing!

Catria: I-I’m not trying to be competitive, sorry.

Catria: Marth isn’t perfect. He’s far too trusting. In others, and in the way he does things.

Catria: …I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like that about him, too, though.

Faye: So this…Prince Marth…is special to you, isn’t he?

Catria: W-what? Oh, um… Well, yes, but please don’t tell anyone! Especially my sisters.

Faye: Hm… I’m not sure why you’d want to keep that a secret, but okay. I promise not to tell.

Faye: You know…Alm is really special to me, too, in that same sort of way.

Catria: Trust me… I could tell.

Faye: This is actually one of the only times I’ve ever enjoyed…what would you call it…small talk? Yeah!

Faye: We should do it again some time. I’d like to hear more about this Marth.

Catria: Well, certainly, if you’d like—

Faye: But right now, we have something more important to do: wipe out Celica’s enemies!

Catria: Yes, I suppose we—

Faye: C’mon, Catria. Just point me a direction. Any direction. I’ll charge ‘em!

Catria: Um… That way, maybe?


*faye leaves*

Catria: …That girl doesn’t mess around.

B Support

Faye: Catria, I’ve been wondering some things. About you and Marth.

Catria: Oh, really? That’s… What is it?

Faye: Have you, you know…dropped any hints? Told him how you feel?

Catria: …Ah. N-no, I haven’t.

Faye: What?! Then when you return to Archanea, you need to fix that!

Faye: You’re not gonna get the guy if you sit around and wait for him to fall for you!

Faye: You’re this amazing, beautiful warrior, right? I mean, just look at you! There’s a good chance he feels the same!

Catria: …

Faye: Catria? What’s wrong?

Catria: …Prince Marth is a married man, Faye.

Faye: Oh…


Faye: I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know…

Catria: It’s alright. I never mentioned it.

Catria: I… I shouldn’t let myself feel this way. I know. It’s wrong.

Catria: His wife seems perfectly lovely, and he’s happy…

Catria: I guess I just got excited when I heard you talking about Alm. There was…an affinity, there.

Catria: …N-not to say that your feelings will end up the same as mine!

Faye: They will, though. I’m very aware Alm’s never thought of me like that.

Faye: It’s a nice dream, isn’t it? Marrying such an extraordinary man. Every girl wants that, don’t they?

Faye: I won’t just give up. I don’t want him to slip away. But I think that destiny was set the moment I met him.

Catria: Faye… That’s…

Faye: Sorry, I didn’t mean to bum you out. This is why I don’t have many friends, huh? I’ll go now.

*faye leaves*

Catria: Wait!

Catria: …

A Support

Catria: Faye, we need to talk. …Please?

Faye: …Yes, Catria?

Catria: We…

Catria: We don’t have to let these feelings rule us.

Catria: In fact, I don’t think we can afford to.

Faye: What do you mean by that?

Catria: Our hearts are bound to these…these men, who we know will never feel the same. And that hurts.

Catria: If we don’t start to untangle ourselves from them… We’ll just be sad all our lives.

Catria: I… I think I’m already at the beginning of working through it…

Catria: I’m more worried about you, honestly. You…you have to let go of him, Faye.

Faye: …I know you’re right. But I’m just not strong enough to do that.

Catria: Huh? B-but you’re plenty strong, Faye! One of the strongest women—no, people, I know.

Faye: You’re kidding, right? You don’t really mean that.

Catria: I do! You’re fierce, girl. Once you set your mind on something, you go at it at full force.

Catria: It’s really admirable. …And kind of scary. But mostly admirable!

Catria: Honestly, all you really need to do is shift your focus a bit.

Faye: Heehee… Maybe…

Catria: I don’t want to imagine a future where you’re hung up on Alm, alone and unhappy.

Catria: I won’t let that happen to a friend.

Catria: Please… Promise me you’ll move on.

Faye: …I’m so glad you consider me your friend…

Catria: Of course I do, Faye.

Faye: Heehee… Alright. I… I’ll try. I promise. Just so you don’t you don’t have to worry.

Faye: It… It’s a lot easier with you guiding me…

Catria: I’m just glad I can help.

Faye: Can I give you a hug?

Catria: Certainly.

Faye: Thank you so much, Catria…

Faye: Oh! And some hugs for your pegasus, too!

Faye: Awww, she’s so soft… Who’s a pretty girl? Whooooo’s a pretty girl?

S Support

Catria: …

Catria: *ahem* Faye…

Faye: Hello, Catria!

Faye: …Um, are you okay? You look totally stressed…

Catria: I do? No, I-I’m fine! Completely!

Catria: I’m just… Er…

Faye: Catria?

Catria: I-I have an idea! To help with our…situations.

Faye: Ooooooh. THOSE situations. What’s the idea?

Catria: Well… You said that I make your feelings easier to sort through, right?

Faye: Yep! You definitely do.

Catria: And I said that I thought you just needed a shift in focus…

Faye: Riiiiiight…

Catria: So…

Catria: So when it’s time for me to return to Archanea, I could… I could take you back with me?

Faye: …Huh…?

Faye: Y-you want me to…with you…

Catria: I know it’s a big ask! It’s just… Well, Archanea would definetly provide a change in focus!

Catria: And more importantly, I could… I could keep helping you. We could keep helping each other.

Catria: Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I think we’re each other’s best chance to save ourselves.

Catria: Instead of being stuck yearning for a man’s support, we can toss that away and support each other, instead.

Faye: Th-this isn’t…this isn’t just pity, right?! Do YOU actually want this, Catria?

Catria: Wha–?! N-no, it’s not pity at all! I just care about your future, Faye!

Catria: …Well. Not just about yours. I… I do think I need you with me, too…

Catria: With you there, I’d be strong enough to just keep carrying on, whatever happens.

Faye: You need me…

Faye: Oh, Catria, then I’d… I’d love to go with you. I need you, too.

Catria: You… Really? A-are you sure?

Faye: Absolutely. Sure, I’d miss a lot of people around here… But it’s not like I couldn’t ever come back.

Faye: A new purpose, with you always there, helping me get by… That’s a real future to look forward to.

Catria: Faye, that… That makes me so happy to hear!

Catria: Looks like I’ll have to tell my sisters to make travel arrangements for four.

Faye: I honestly don’t know a thing about Archanea… But if that place made YOU, Catria…

Faye: I think I’ll fall in love pretty quickly!

How it all Started~Part 1(James Potter)

A/N: I’m thinking of doing a second part to this, but I’m not really sure.

Summary: To make Sirius and Lily jealous, you and James pretend to date. That’s all you need to know.

Pairing: James x reader, James x Lily

Word Count: 2435

Warnings: Swearing, general sadness

Other Parts: How it all Ended-Our Story’s not Over


It had all started as a plan. A plan that two marauder’s had made. Two marauder’s that forgot it takes all five of us for any plan to go smoothly. Prongs and I had decided to fake date for a while. The plan was to pretend we were in a relationship and make Lily and Sirius jealous. It was an idea that he had gotten while drunk one night after a party and I had only agreed so that he would shut up. In the morning, he still claimed that it was a “brilliant” idea. After nearly two hours of non stop nagging and explanations as to why this would work, I finally gave in.

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Mind Reader - Dean x reader

Imagine: Dean, your crush, takes a potion to read minds in order to solve the case you’re working on. However, your thoughts are too loud and dirty for him to ignore.

Characters: Dean, Sam and reader.

Warnings: A few dirty thoughts and a bit of fluff, I’m sure you can handle it.

Word count: 2,934

A/N: Yes, I interrupted the Sam spam for this but I couldn’t help myself. I was watching TV with my brothers and I saw this guy who could read minds (on a cartoon) and thought “this one could work” and I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else but Dean. 

Requests are open! 

**The dialogs written in italics are thoughts.

None of you were sure the spell would work, but Dean took it anyways. You were hunting down a vengeful spirit, even had a few guesses on whose bones to burn, but no one in that goddamn town dared to say anything; they covered each other up. Therefore, when Sam suggested that one of them took a mind-reading spell to see if that worked, Dean didn’t thought twice.

“Feel anything?” Sam asked. Dean shook his head.

“It tastes like crap.” Dean complaint.

“Maybe because it does have crap.” You muttered and Dean almost fainted at the thought. Sam chuckled and palmed his brother’s back.

“Easy there, Dean. Don’t throw it up, maybe it ends up working.” Sam said and his brother nodded.

After a few hours of waiting, Dean was positive that the spell hadn’t worked at all. Sam and you groaned and went back to doing research, looking for something else to make the natives speak. Dean walked toward the mini bar at the hotel room and kneeled down to grab a beer, everything was fine until he heard a voice on his head.

Is it bad that I like his ass so much? I mean, just look at it, he fills his jeans perfectly.” It was your voice, “And oh my God, his eyes are so pretty, like how can someone have that colour of green… ugh… You’re wandering again (Y/N). Maybe if he wasn’t that handsome I could focus on the research, poor Sam is doing the whole work again… Fuck Dean Winchester and his fucking perfect ass and eyes and… Oh yes, fuck him, I want to…” Dean blushed fifty shades of red and snapped his head at you. “Oh fuck, he’s looking over. Act normal, (Y/N).” You looked down at you laptop and started reading the text in front of you.

Ugh, they’re doing it again.” Now it was Sam’s voice, “Their eye sex thing is killing me. Next time I’ll get my own room… I’m sick of those two, why don’t they kiss already? They’re both stubborn asses, maybe I should find a way of getting them together.” Dean stood up and drank his beer completely before speaking.

“Um… My head aches, I’m going to sleep early… Er… (Y/N), are you sharing bed with me or with Sam?” The hunter asked, barely looking into your eyes.

YOU, PLEASE, YOU OH MY GOD. I don’t know, Dean. Whatever you guys want. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch especially if you’re by my side… For God’s sake, control yourself (Y/N)!” You replied calmly, although your thoughts were beginning to become dirty.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d rather have you share bed with her maybe the proximity will convince you to stop being an ass and confess your feelings for her” Sam gave Dean his best puppy eyes.

YES! YES! Good job, moose! That’s why you’re the smart one!” Dean furrowed at your thoughts.

“Hey!” He bursted offended and you and Sam gave him a curios look. “Sorry, the spell is playing with my brain… I thought I heard (Y/N) say I… I smell like… Never mind.” Dean stuttered.

If only! You smell like whiskey and leather and… Okay, calm down, breathe. Oh wow, well I was actually thinking that we could search for a truth potion… Like the one in Harry Potter?” You explained.

Liar. Oh yeah, sure… You look for that, I’m off to bed.” Dean excused himself and left. His head ached so much he fell asleep almost instantly, and didn’t wake up until two hours later when you joined him.

Oh my God, he looks so cute when he sleeps. Fuck, you woke him up! Shhh Dean, it’s me. Sorry I woke you, go back to sleep.” Dean nodded and relaxed again, unconsciously pulling an arm around you. “Yeah, I can definitely get used to this… Hell, I would kill to have this daily! Good night, Dean.”

The next morning, Dean woke up first. He was glad to be able to breath without your thoughts smashing inside his brain. He took a quick shower and, by the time he came out, you and Sam were already awake.

Hottie! Morning, Dean.” You said, brushing your hair in front of a mirror close to the bathroom door.

“Morning, sweetheart.” He replied, walking past you to leave a small kiss on your cheek.

OMG Dead, I’m so dead… He can call me sweetheart any time he wants… Although he already does that, but yeah.” You smiled at him like that was the most normal thing to do in the world and kept brushing your hair until it looked like you wanted.

Great, they’re doing it again. You might as well just have kissed her on the lips, jackass! Moring, Dean. Like, you’re so comfortable flirting with girls, why don’t you ask her out already?” Sam said with his usual morning voice.

“Hey, lil bro.” Dean cheered.

You big goofball, I can’t believe I took advice from you! That’s why I never got a decent girlfriend. You suck at girls, did you know that? You’re acting weird, are you okay? Or did you have a wet dream of (Y/N) again? It would be a lot better to do it in real life you know?” Sam inquired, frowning at his brother’s strange behaviour. Dean was smiling like an idiot.

“I’m great, Sam! Except…” Dean leaned closer to his brother, “I don’t like to be called a big goofball, I think asshole describes me better.” Dean whispered, winking his eye at his brother. Sam’s eyes opened widely.

Oh, crap.” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought when the spell started working.” Sam started opening his mouth to ask questions, except that Dean could read his mind and answered before Sam could even finish formulating the question. “I got it yesterday… Yes, I heard everything… No, I won’t tell you what I heard… I didn’t hear anything while you two slept, why are you so worried about that? Oh, that’s disgusting, bro.” Before Sam could ask more, you joined them.

“Hey, boys! Is everything okay? Sam looks weird, what’s up with him… Maybe Dean, oh Dean, told him a dirty joke and… dirty…” Both brothers looked at you. Dean had a dirty smirk on his lips while Sam was looking as pale as a ghost.

“The spell worked.” Sam simply said and your mind stopped thinking. Your cheeks blushed red for a split second and you had to shake your head in order to dissimulate.

“Really? Fuck!” You asked, trying to act as normal as possible.

“Really, sweetheart.” Dean replied, dragging the last word seductively. This time, the blush on your cheeks appeared redder, there was no way in hell you could cover it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck… Since when?” You asked, moving your head so that your hair fell and dissimulated your redness.

“Last night.” Dean had a very cheeky smile on his face, which only made it a hundred times worse because you knew very well what you had been thinking about.

I’m screwed, like super screwed. Oh crap; shut up, he can hear us… you… me… whatever, shut up. That’s great! We can now interrogate the locals and finish this case.” Dean chuckled and licked his lips.

“Oh for God’s sake, would you stop? It’s making me uncomfortable. Dean just buckle up and tell her…” Sam rolled his eyes and Dean snapped his head towards his brother.

“Shut up, Sam.” Dean said, “I’m going to get suited up and then we can go back to interrogate.” Dean winked at you and walked over to his duffel bag, grabbing his suit and locking himself in the bathroom. Your mind had been silent until then.

“What the actual fuck, Sam?” You whispered and Sam shrunk his shoulders.

“I don’t know… He won’t tell me what he heard and… I don’t know; just try not to think much until the effect is over.” He advised and you gave him a death glare.

“Oh yeah, sure. I’ll just turn my mind off, no big deal!” You replied sarcastically.

“Just, try to.” Sam insisted and you nodded. Dean came out of the bathroom, with his suit on and his hair fixed in place.

How ho… How excited I am for finishing this case! Really, (Y/N)? Omg shut up!” You thought and Dean laughed, he obviously heard you.

“Ready, Sam? Sweetheart?” Dean asked, again dragging the word on purpose.

“Sure!” Sam and you both said, stiffening and giving Dean a forced smile.

You were now on the car, listening to The Doors play swiftly on the radio.

Don’t you love her ways? Tell me what you say. Don’t you love her madly? Wanna be her daddy?You sang in your head, “Why doesn’t anyone love me like that? Is it because I’m weird? Maybe that’s why I’m such a perverted… If I had had a few more boyfriends in high school… Nah, Dean had a lot of hook ups and girlfriends and he’s still a dirty bastard.”

“I heard that!” Dean spoke and you let your head fall on the edge of the window, hitting your forehead.

Sam had chosen to read during the whole trip, that way his mind would be focused on images, which Dean couldn’t see, instead of thinking.

Yup, Sam is very smart… I wish I had brought a book… Ugh, stop thinking!” You groaned. Dean laugh filled the car. “What are you laughing at?” You asked Dean, leaning over to be closer to him.

“Oh nothing, just you trying to stop your loud mind to stop thinking.” Dean mocked.

“It’s not funny!” You argued in a childish tone.

“Yes it is! We can never get you to stop talking; I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to shut up your own mind.” Dean laughed again.

Do I speak a lot? Is that why nobody likes… SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, (Y/N)” Dean laughed again. “Stop it, Dean!” You pouted and Dean turned to look at you, his green eyes hypnotizing you for a second.

“I don’t think so… Sweetheart.” You blushed heavily and pressed you back to the seat, looking out to the window in order to let your blush fade. Dean chuckled and focused back on the road.

The interrogations were so easy for Dean, he ended up doing them alone. Sam and you just stood behind him while he and the suspect sat at the metal table to talk.

“So, Mr. Collins, where were you the night the murders took place?” Dean asked in his FBI agent voice.

“I was at home Queen’s crown pub, with Phyllis.” The last suspect was a lot dumber than the first three Dean had interrogated already.

“Right, and what did you order to drink.” Sam smirked, knowing his brother was about to close the case.

“A pint of… wait what? He discovered you, he know you and Phyllis were lovers” Dean leaned back on his chair.

“Sir, we know you and the victim were lovers, also that you too were at the Queen’s crown pub. What I don’t know is who killed Mr. Winston, any ideas?” Dean had his eyebrow lifted, you swore the suspect was about to pee himself.

“I know nothing! Phyllis did I swear! I’m innocent because Phyllis killed his husband! Please let me go!” Dean chuckled.

“Thank you for your time, sir. You’re free to go.” Dean got up and guided the man out of the room, closing the door quickly. “So, Collins and Phyllis are lovers, Phyllis kills his husband and then the dead husband comes back and kills Phyllis; afterwards, he goes to slaughter Jon, Phyllis best friend who also happens to be the one who introduced Collins to Phyllis. Then the ghost attacks Collins but he manages to escape… Now, I calculate we have like three hours before it attacks again.” Dean sounded like the cops on TV, so smart and so hot.

Fuck me. Good, we already know where the husband is, so let’s go. He is so hot while he’s suited up and acting like a real life cop… SHUT THE FUCK UP” The brothers nodded and the three of you walked towards the door, Sam walked out first and Dean kept the door open for you to cross it.

“Before I forget: thanks.” Dean winked and you furrowed your eyebrows. “I never liked being suit up but I guess I do, in fact, look hot.” You blushed instantly and walked out of the door, looking down to the floor not daring to meet those green eyes ever again.

After the easiest salt and burn on Earth, the Winchesters and you came back to the motel to spend the night before driving to the bunker the next morning.

“Um… I’m hungry, I’ll go get something to eat.” Sam said and both Dean and you nodded. “Make your move now or I swear I will tell her when I come back.” Dean pulled his middle finger out for Sam before he left.

“So, you’ve been quiet. Managed to control your mind, already?” Dean asked, walking over to your shared bed, where you were laying playing on your phone.

“Yeah, I guess I found a way of shutting me up.” You chuckled.

“That’s a shame; I really liked hearing all those dirty thoughts about me.” Dean laughed and, once again, your cheeks turned bright red. “You’re pretty when you blush, you know that?” You grabbed a pillow and covered your face with it, your mind started talking again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck did he really just say that?”

“Yes, babe, I really did.”

Babe? Fuck! Shut up, okay shut up, you can do it.”

“Please don’t.” Dean whispered, pulling the pillow away from your red face. He moved your chin forward as he scooted closer.

He’s getting close; omg is he really going to….”

“Yes.” He said and captured your lips with his.

Oh my…” Your mind stopped talking; every thought was shaken and thrown again by Dean’s lips.

You grabbed his shirt between your fists and pulled him even closer. He was literally above you, kissing you like no one else had ever kissed you before. His tongue didn’t let a single inch of your mouth unexplored, and his lips moved in perfect sync with yours. You were in heaven. Suddenly, a terrible idea invaded your mind.

Maybe he just wants a one night thing… Do you really want that? You would never feel the same around him and maybe it’ll screw up everything… Just…” Dean broke the kiss and stared into your just opened eyes.

“Don’t think that, (Y/N). Don’t ever think that, ever again.” His voice sounded somehow sad.

“Dean, I…” You started but he interrupted.

“I’ve had feelings for you from the second I laid eyes on you. Sam has been ranting about how much of an ass I am for not telling you and he even left us alone for me to make a move. You’re not a one night thing, you’re not even a two month thing… I want everything with you.” You shivered at his confession. His eyes were watery and he looked so vulnerable.

“Dean…” You whispered and pulled him closer to kiss him again. This time, the kiss was sweeter, more romantic and it lasted hours. You would only break it to get air and then immediately get back at it.

I will definitely get my own room next time. Although, I’m glad the old man finally got her.” Dean broke the kiss and snapped his head to the door where Sam was standing awkwardly.

“Who are you calling old man, bitch?” Dean asked, acting like he was offended.

“You, jerk.” Sam chuckled and the three of you laughed.

Dean helped you up from bed and led you to the table, where Sam had placed the food he had bought in. You all sat down and had dinner before going to bed. It was the best night ever; you could finally cuddle Dean without worrying if you were being too obvious and the fact that you could now kiss him anytime just took a big frustration of your shoulders.

The next morning, you were packing up our stuff. Dean and you sharing glances from across the room; you were thinking loudly on purpose, trying to tease Dean.

You know, when I pushed you to confess your feelings to her, I was thinking this whole eye fucking thing would stop, but now it’s worse.” Sam complained loudly.

“Shut up, Sam. I’m trying to listen to my girl.” Dean punched his brother’s shoulder and looked back at you. A smile formed on your lips at the sound of him calling you his girl.

You know, when we get to the bunker we should do that thing where…” You started, but suddenly Dean stopped listening. It took him five seconds to notice that the effect of the spell had passed.

“No! No! God, no!” He shouted and you immediately changed your flirty smirk to an embarrassed one, thinking that the thing you suggested was way past Dean’s limits. “I can’t hear you anymore!” Dean pouted and you relaxed. Sam laughed loudly and his brother gave him a death glare.

“Poor thing.” You mocked, “You’ll have to guess what I’m thinking from now on.” You winked and grabbed your bag, walking out of the room sassily.

“Good luck with that, man.” Sam chuckled and he too left the room.

“Son of a bitch…” Dean mouthed.

What a fun ride that was going to be.

Unfaithful : Part Fourteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Warnings : language .


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Shit!” You huffed once your eyes laid on the hickey that Negan left on your neck. You were standing in front of the mirror in Negan’s bathroom in only your bra and panties, you checked every inch of your body, there was few scratches and bites on your belly, thighs , breasts , back and arms. You only wondered if you had sex with a man or a beast .
Some of them weren’t so obvious but others are clear bruises.
You bit your lower lip when you remembered that Negan made love to you twice and the third time he just ate your pussy, not in your life would you think that a man could give you more than one orgasm, and Negan gave you three in just like two hours. He’d give you more if you let him carry on, but your knees became weak and walking around became a little hard.

“You ok in there baby?” Negan asked as he leaned closer to the door making sure you’re fine.

“Uh.. yeah, I’m coming out!”
You pushed the door opened, Negan smirked and grabbed you by your thighs hoisting you up , and put you on the table.
He caught your lips in a hot kiss, then backed up a little so he can look into your eyes.
“Please stay tonight!”
“I can’t Negan, I really wanna leave this place in one peice and walking, you know! ” Both of you laughed.
“Ugh Negan, you left too many marks on my body, what am I gonna say to Jack??”
Negan pulled away from you , glaring at you in annoyance.
“What the fuck do you mean what you’re gonna fucking tell him? I left those marks because your fucking body is mine, YOU’RE mine! I don’t give a shit what Jack would think of that! Besides, you’re not intending to fucking show him , are you?” He scowled at you.
“No! The hickey on my neck and the bruises on… you know what I’ll just cover them with the concealer, don’t worry! ” you muttered.

You pushed yourself off the table and grabbed your dress and shoes then you put them on.
“I gotta go Negan! I want you to stay in the shadows !” You said in a serious tone.
“Just please trust me!!! If you want food or boose or whatever just call for a cab, don’t use your car or your credit card, I don’t want anyone to know you’re here, and I’ll come to visit you everyday, till Lucille gets better and then we’ll just leave or something! Ok?” Your voice remained firm.
“Wow! Baby, did you work for the FBI before, stay in the shadow, don’t use your credit card, are you fucking kidding me? ” Negan chuckled as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“I’m serious Negan! I spotted your car, that’s how I found you! We don’t wanna risk someone seeing us together! ”
You narrowed your eyes at him, all he gave you was a nod and a smile ,you headed towards the door then you turned to him.
“ take care of yourself Negan! I’ll see you tomorrow! ”
You opened the door and just when you stepped outside the room into the corridor , you heard his husky voice calling your name
You snapped your head to the left , eyes fixated on him ,waiting for what he has to tell you.
He fondly stared at you for a while , beaming at you as his dimples and pearly teeth showed.
“What?” You asked as you grinned.

“I love you! Don’t fucking forget that!”

you froze in your spot for a while , you didn’t know how much, but it seemed that you lost sense of time. You thought your ears deceived you, but no he just admitted he loves you!
Your lips twitched but you couldn’t even form a smile on your lips , you were lost for words.
Negan stood up and walked your direction, he softly pulled your chin up using two fingers and placed a kiss on your lips, then he spanked you.
“Keep going Babygirl , go home!! or I’ll fucking take you back inside and screw your brains out all night long and so help God, no fucking power can take you away from me!”

You smiled at him then you got out of there, oh how much you wanted to tell him that you love him too and stay with him , but you just couldn’t. Things were too complicated but you knew that with time you’ll figure everything out, and you’ll set things straight.


Every single day , you went to see Negan in his room in the Plaza Inn. More than two weeks passed, and Negan played by the strategy you made for him and it worked well for both of you.
In the mornings, you make sure that Lucille got her meds, breakfast and everything that she would possibly need.
You made excuses to her that you’re going to see Jack or take a walk or go shopping, and you did the same thing to Jack . You only prayed they won’t meet.
You avoided Jack a lot, sometimes when he wants to kiss you on the mouth, you just give him your cheek instead. And he talks about intimacy, you just talk about how you want to take your relationship slowly, making hints about how your ex traumatized you and Jack would understand even though he reassured you that he’s not a jerk. Of course, he wasn’t aware that was just an excuse because for an emotionally ‘traumatized’ abused girl, you were doing perfectly fine with Negan.

Other times, when he calls you while Negan is licking your pussy, you pick up panting and you tell him that you’re jogging in the woods. All this didn’t seem to work the way it was supposed to! You thought Jack would get sick and tired of you and he’ll eventually tell you that this relationship isn’t going to work. In the contrary though, it made him want you more and yearning for you.
He left you voice messages , telling you how much he misses seeing you all the time, while you were riding Negan like a horse.
You felt sorry for Jack, though. But you knew that once you leave Virginia with Negan, he’ll get over you.

Until one day, Jack called and he said that he booked in a restaurant, he wanted to have lunch with you and talk about something important. You tried to make other excuses, but he insisted you cancel all your plans. You found yourself complying, you didn’t want Lucille to suspect something especially that you got the call in front of her. So as a result, you told him you’ll meet him on lunch.


You opened you wardrobe to choose an outfit for your lunch with Jack.
“What’s so damn important he wants to talk about? Ugh shit!!!” You huffed in annoyance as you looked at the enormous pile of clothes on your bed.
“Great! I don’t have anything to wear!!!”

You suddenly heard your phone ringing, it was Negan calling you from the hotel, you sighed in frustration and you picked up.

“Hey baby! ” came Negan’s smug voice through the phone, making your little heart melt .

“Hi!” You said in a resentful tone
“What’s wrong baby? Are you ok?” .

“Uh ..Negan, I can’t come today !”
“What? Why fucking not?!” He loudly growled making you held the phone away from you ear for a second.
“Negan, it isn’t up to me! Ok? Jack wants to see me on lunch , he said he wanted to talk to me! Do you think he had enough and he wants to break up with me?!”
Negan kept quiet for a moment then he asked.
“What’s the restaurant called?”
“Um it’s called uh…um.. Terro… terr..”
“Terrapin? ”
“Yeah that’s the one! ”
“That’s a fancy ass restaurant, I don’t fucking think he’ll take you to a luxurious restaurant to fucking break up with you?”

You could hear Negan angrily talking under his breath, then he shouted.
“I fucking told you to break up with him!!! I can’t fucking believe I listened to your stupid plan , letting you fucking seeing him while I’m fucking you!”

His words hit you like a brick , that was unnecessary rudeness, it’s not like you had a choice. The two of you created this mess and you had to be careful in each step you make. You felt really angry with Negan, so you hang up on him.
He called again but you turned your phone off.

You settled on a gray sundress and a pair of wedges. While you were doing your make up and hair , you heard the door bell.
Lucille answered the door and you could hear her greeting Jack and letting him in.
You took a final look at the mirror and run your fingers in your hair then you rushed downstairs.
“ Hi Jack!”
Jack snapped his head at your direction, watching you coming downstairs, he took in your appearance, even though you didn’t make a huge effort but Jack seemed happy with the results, you could see his eyes twinkling.
“Hi y/n! You ready? ”
“Yeah!” You uttered then you turned to Lucille who waved her hand smiling.
“Go ahead sweetie, have fun ! I’ll be just fine on my own !!!”
You nodded then you headed outside towards the car followed by Jack.
In your way to the restaurant, both of you exchanged few words, but you noticed he was nervous.
You felt your stomach flipping , you were worried he knew about your affair with Negan, somehow and he’s taking you there maybe to confront you. Then you scratched that idea from your mind, how is it even possible? You shook your head and huffed in irritation, you just hoped it’s just a usual date or something! But he did say he wants to talk! And you never hated anything in the English language more than ’ I want to talk ’.
Jack pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant, then he led you inside.
You scanned every corner of the restaurant, Negan was right , it was a fancy place. But you didn’t want to be there, you just hoped that whatever Jack has to say , he’d just spit it out and let you leave as soon as possible , you were so eager to see Negan even though he was an asshole to you today, but that was out of jealousy and you kinda liked it.
You held in a laughter, when you realized that you’re the kind of girls who’d rather be in some filthy low rated hotel with the guy she loves more than being in a luxurious restaurant with a guy you have no feelings for.

The waiter led both of you to your table, it was near a huge window with a view.
Jack pulled the chair for you to sit then he seated in front , facing you.
After a while the waiter took your orders and went about his business.
You could see his lips twitching as he clasped his fingers together and turned his face to the window, he wasn’t admiring the view though. You could tell something is off.
You placed your hand on his.
“Jack! Are you ok?”
He took your hand then placed it between his palms, his features became serious a tell of the sudden.
“I’m a straight to the point kinda guy y/n, I don’t lie , I don’t deceive and definitely don’t cheat!”
You felt like your heart stopped beating, you gulped at the lump that instantly formed in your throat. Your vision went blurry.
How could he know?
“Jack.. !” You muttered you couldn’t form a coherent sentence.
“Please, let me finish! All this time we’ve been dating, did I ever disappoint you?”
Your breath accelerated and you could feel the chairs and tables inside the restaurant were spinning around you.
You just shook your head as a no.
“ And let me tell you something, me neither! I’m so not disappointed with you at all!” He added.
You looked at him in confusion, so he does know then??
“You’re a nice decent girl, so sweet and caring , I feel like I know you for ages, you’re not material or superficial ! You are everything that I ever wanted in a girl! I don’t wanna seem like a show off but I’m good myself, like I said I don’t lie or decieve, that’s why you have my word I’ll make you the happiest girl ever!”
You looked down at your hand that Jack was holding, your lips trembled and a tear escaped your eye. Here he is praising, apparently not knowing what a lying and deceiving one you are.

“Y/n! I.. love you !” You looked at him puzzeled, you weren’t with him for even two straight months, and now he’s saying he loves you? You could respond to that! What’s there to say? Jack let go of your hand and took a little box out of his pocket and he immediately opened it. You gasped and covered your mouth, shocked! It was a ring, a huge ass rock on top of it.
“Y/n you don’t have to answer right now, take your time! I know that we know each other for more than month but I feel that we’re made for each other!!! Take the ring with you, if you put it on one day, I’ll know that’s a yes , please, just keep it with you y/n!”

You held the open box in your hand, looking at the ring, your palms were getting sweating.
You were so nervous not knowing what to say or do . Should you say no and give him his ring back then just run away or should you take it and pretend you’re gonna think about it ?

“Wow! That’s a huge fucking rock!!!”
You thought you were imagining Negan ’s voice in your head, but you weren’t. You snapped you head to your left and you saw him standing there, next to your table , smirking.

“Negan? ” Jack’s eyes widened at first then he laughed as he got off his seat and hugged him.
“Man!!! You’re back ! Thought you left town!” Jack tapped at Negan’s shoulder while the latter gave him a fake smile. “Lucille was…!” Before Jack could complete his sentence, Negan interrupted him.

“Uh.. just fucking don’t ! Please! ”

Jack only nodded , after all Negan and Lucille’s relation is none of his business. Your heart clenched and you feared the worse, you were so sure that Negan came here to cause you a trouble for hanging up on him like that.
“Mind if I joined cuz??”
“Not at all Negan, please take a seat!”
Negan glimpsed at you as he took a seat next to you while Jack got back to his.
“So Negan, how did you know we’re here! ?”
“I was passing by and I saw your car outside! ”
“Oh! Ok. Where did you disappear all this time?” “I really really appreciate that we don’t talk about me, let’s just fucking talk about you two!!! That’s a big fucking rock on that ring! Did I interrupt a proposal? ”
You could tell that Negan was really pissed, you could see it in his darkened eyes but he managed to hide his anger with his big grin , he fooled Jack but definitely not you.
“Uh .. I proposed already, you didn’t interrupt anything, I just think that it’s up to her now !”

“Oh!” Negan smirked then he turned to you giving you a rough squeeze on your thigh under the table.
“I hope she says yes so we can fucking celebrate ! ”
Jack didn’t comment, he just smiled .
You cleared you throat and you just couldn’t look in his eyes, you just wanted to get out of there, it was too much for you to handle.
You used going to the ladies room to freshen up as an excuse. Negan already knew that you were nervous, and it reminded you both of the day you made our in the club’s facilities.
Once you were out of sight, you sighed in despair , your chest was heaving. You just hated to be in such situation, you never expected that Jack would propose, you two never had sex or any kind of intimacy, all you had is few talks and kisses. They never meant anything to you, Jack at first was a way for you to get back at Negan then he just became the perfect cover to SEE Negan, or better yet to fuck Negan. Either ways you used poor Jack and you hated yourself for that. The guy is too sweet and perfect, he’s better than you but it seems he fell for you, he admitted it!!!!!
You also didn’t expect Negan to show up, you regretted giving him the restaurant’s name, and because you’re too jinxed, he caught you in the middle of a proposal.
You placed the ring in your purse, then you slid down the wall wondering what to do next, especially if Negan decided to lay all the cards on the table.

Breaking Younow

just a short lil one shot for you :3 

Prompt: Hey I have a prompt for you :) Ok, so Dan’s in the middle of a younow. He’s talking about something then gets a call from his mom. She starts talking really fast giving Dan no time to tell her that he’s in the middle of a younow. She asks him how his boyfriend’s doing (phil) Dan says something like I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dan’s mom starts to freak out because she thinks Dan and Phil broke up (they didn’t) ending is up to you :)

word count: 1.2k

warnings: none 

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Strangers Pt. 2

Warnings: A tiny bit of angst to the end if you squint. Some mention of doin’ the nasty, knocking boots, you get the gist.

Word count: 1939

A/N: Here it is! Part 2! It got a little out of hand but it’s ok, right? I was thinking of maybe a part 3? Hit up my ask box with ideas about that or if maybe if you just wanna submit or request a lil thing.

Read Part 1 here, friends. 

Originally posted by grustniyautist

You groaned, breathing in deeply as you let yourself adjust to the sensation of being awake and the not so pleasant sensation of your throbbing head and the nasty taste of last night’s liquor on your breath. You shifted, groaning slightly into the soft mattress. The REALLY soft mattress. The softer-than-your-regular-mattress mattress.

“Wha-?” You rolled over, suddenly very aware of the presence of another person on the very soft mattress. Sure enough, a man lay beside you, facing away with the soft comforter pulled over his head, his soft snores rhythmically piercing the silence. You reached out hesitantly moving the blanket down slightly exposing a nest of lustrous silver hair and slightly familiar features. You eased forward, trying to get a better look at the man before freezing. Your heartbeat began to race as you continued to stare at the man below you. It couldn’t be. There was no possible way! He was still out of state, living with his mom, right?

You breathed out slowly. Okay. Okay you could work with this. You bit your cheek, easing out of bed slowly, grateful for the uncanny lack of creaks from the bed. Quickly, you grabbed your panties from off the floor, following the scattered trail of clothing out of his bedroom and pulling them on haphazardly. You tiptoed down the stairs, flinching as the floorboards let out a loud whine. You paused, holding your breath and waiting for the telltale signs of footsteps from the rooms above. When there was none, you let out a sigh, continuing down the stairs, snatching your purse from off the man’s kitchen table, rummaging around before locating the small bottle of ibuprofen you carry around, just in case. You popped a couple pills in your mouth, pulling out your phone as you slowly opened the door, shutting it quietly and leaning against it. You quickly dialed Cece’s number listening to the monotone ringing.

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Confession Room (Part 1)

A/N: Slightly suggestive.

(Part 2)

With a company as big as JYP Entertainment, there are a lot of trainees who shuffle through. Some stay longer than 6 months and some stay less, so it’s not easy to be consistent with friends.

As for you, you luckily made it through a year and a half at the company. Through your time there, you’ve grown a fond attraction towards one of the male trainees who’s well-known for his b-boy skills. Im Jaebum.

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I Should Have Cheated Part 3 || Derek Luh Imagine *Requested*

Here is Part 1 and Part 2

“You’re sure?”

“Yes Delany! Three times positive sure!”

“Okay, well you should say something.”

“How do I say something like that to him?”

“Oh I don’t know, ‘Hey, I saw you looking at me three times now and yes, I do want to fuck.’ Easy peezy!”

“HAHA! Oh my gosh! I’m not a hoe!”

“Well that dress says something different,” she winked at me.

“You’re a mess!”

“Yeah, well. Oh come on! You’re finally feeling better and it’s been almost a month since you broke up with Derek! You deserve to have fun! Look! You’re not even drinking! Like what?! Maybe if you had some liquid courage, you would grow a pair and go talk to him!”

“I’m not drinking because I don’t want to make myself throw up again. I just stopped doing that, I don’t want it to come back. And I’m having plenty fun with my Sprite and cranberry juice mix, thank you very much! D, I told you when you dragged me out that it was going to be a chill night.”

“And it will be a chill night. You’ll just be chilling naked in his bed.” I laughed at how pushy she was being. But she was right, I do deserve fun. I’m sure Derek was “having fun” with the whole female population of Los Angeles. Lord only knows how many other cities he plowed through while we were togeth- you know what, let me stop thinking about him. 

“Alright, fine!” I said finally giving in to her. 

“YAY! OOP, too late,” she said looking behind me.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s coming to you,” she said trying not to look at him, but failing.

“WHAT? Well shit, do I look okay?”

“You look great. Just relax.” I haven’t done this since Derek and I got together.

“Excuse me? I just wanted to say that you both look extremely beautiful this evening.”

“Why thank you, kind sir. Wow, a gentlemen and completely gorgeous? Girl if you don’t go home with him then I will,” she said partly to him, but mostly to me. I was only half listening because he was so mesmerizing and I just couldn’t stop smiling at him.

“Well, I’m Delany and this is Y/N. And your name is?”

“Nice to meet you ladies, I’m Alex,” he said as he shook her hand, but kissed the back of mine.

“Well, that’s my cue to go get another drink. Play nice you two.” With that, she shot me a wink and left to the bar.

“So, what brings you out tonight, Y/N?” God, I loved the way he said my name.

“Um, she did,” I said pointing to Delany.

“She seems like a good friend. You two live together?”

“She is and yes we do.”

“So what prompted that?”

“I used to be in a relationship her brother.” I don’t know why I’m telling him all of this, but whatever.

“You still think about him?”  

“Sometimes, but I really want to, no scratch that. I NEED to forget about him, but I found that to be difficult living with his sister and all.”

“Well maybe I can help you forget.” I’d like to thank not only God, but Jesus for giving me this opportunity, because the rest of that night was HEAVENLY!

*Next Morning*

“Thanks for the ride and the amazing night.”

“My pleasure, no pun intended. It was nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“You too, Alex.”

I got out of the car and went to unlock the front door. I turned around and gave him one last wave before heading inside. I really hope Delany is awake so I can bow down to her for encouraging me to go home with Alex.

I walked further into the house and quickly realized that she was still asleep. Instead of waking her, I decided to run upstairs and shower before doing anything else. I got out and I heard clanking downstairs and knew Delany was up and cooking breakfast. I finished what I was doing and headed downstairs.

“Well, if it isn’t Miss ‘I’m not a hoe.” Did you have fun last night?” she asked me while she started to put the bacon in the hot pan.

“It was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for getting me out and forcing me to have a good time, haha.”

“Of course! I’m glad you had fun. Breakfast should be ready in 15.”

“Okay! Sounds goo-” Shit not again! I quickly ran to the downstairs bathroom and kneeled in front of the toilet while I emptied out the contents of my stomach.

“Shit! Y/N are you okay?” I heard Delany say as she reached the bathroom. I sat back on my heels and sighed as I closed the toilet and flushed.

“I don’t know. I thought this was some 48 hour stomach flu, but it might be a 7 day one. It smells great, but the bacon just made my stomach churn, clearly.”

“We should take you to the doctor. I mean you’ve lost a lot of weight from this vomiting. It can’t be healthy.”

“No you’re right. The Urgent Care opened like 2 hours ago. You wanna leave in 20 minutes?”

“Yeah, breakfast can wait. You should probably go on an empty stomach anyway.”

“Yeah. Wait, did you leave the bacon on the stove?”

“No, haha. I took it off. I’ll put covers on everything and then I’m pretty much ready to go.”

I sighed, “Okay. Give me a few.” She gave me a nod and went back to the kitchen. 

*45 Minutes later*

“Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N?”

“Guess that’s me. I’ll be back.”

“Okay, good luck.”


*30 Minutes Later*

I walked back in the waiting room and walked towards Delany.

“Hey! So which drugstore do we have to go to for your prescription?” she asked as she stood up to leave.

“Derek’s house.”

“What? Why would we go to Derek’s house?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my…god. Okay, let’s get in the car.”

“Yeah.” We drove the 15 minute to Derek’s house and the whole time I was trying to figure out ways to tell him I’m pregnant with his child.

“Wait, how did you not notice your period was late?”

“I just thought the stress threw off my cycle. I don’t see how I didn’t notice the excessive vomiting.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t think of this as a possibility either. Have you thought about what you’re going to say?”

“Kind of, but I know it’s going to be different once I actually see him. I hate to blindside with this, but he needs to know.”

“Yeah, I agree. I got your back no matter what happens. You know that, right?”

“Of course I do. Thank you for being my best friend.”

We finally pulled up to his house and my stomach pretty much fell out of my ass. Fuck, don’t be a pussy. Grow a pair and just tell him.
I knocked on the door and was met with the brown eyes I haven’t seen in almost a month.

“Hi,” I said breaking the awkward silence.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” he asked me kind of dumbfounded.

“I need to talk to you. Can I come in?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. So, whats up?”

“Look, I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just going to say it. I’m pregnant. And yes it’s yours.” He looked at me like I was crazy, but not upset.

“I really hate to ask, but how do you know it’s mine?”

“Because the only person I’ve slept with since we broke up was last night. That’s how I know, Derek.”

“Oh okay. Well, what do we do here? We’re not together and you hate me. How are we going to raise this baby?”

“I don’t know. I just found out half an hour ago that I was pregnant. I haven’t really had time to go over the rest of my life.” I started to cry.

He let out a heavy sigh, “Y/N, we are going to be fine. You know that right?”

“I want to know that, but where do we even start with raising a baby that was completely unplanned?”

“I want you to move back in here.”

“What? Are you insane? Why would I do that?” I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh while I said that.

“Could you put your pride and your hatred for me aside and look at where we are for 5 fucking seconds?”

“You don’t get to talk to me like that! This predicament would’ve been 10x better if you had just kept for fucking dick in your pants! Do you really think I want to live here, big and pregnant, while you go off and dick down whoever? Or even worse, stuck here raising OUR child alone? Not knowing when the fuck you’re coming home? No thanks, Derek! You stay a bachelor and get high, screw around and make your music. This baby and I will stay at your sister’s.”

“You think that’s what I’ve been doing since you left? Yeah I got high and drunk to deal with the pain of me losing you. I tried to make my music, but I couldn’t fucking concentrate because my muse was gone. What I just said will never justify what I have done, but you have to know that I am so sorry and that I have loved you all this time.”

“Then why did you do it? Why did you destroy me like that?”

“I was fucking selfish. I gave into all the girls and lost sight of what I had. I want us back. I want this baby. I want my family,” he said crying. I looked at him not knowing if I could fully trust him or not. 

“Listen, I love you too, but you killed me. I can’t let you do that to our baby. So, for now, I’m staying with your sister, but we can work on us.” He looked at me and kissed me with so much fucking love. Shit, what am I getting myself into?

*5 months later*

I finally moved back in with Derek and I can tell that what he said to me 5 months ago was true. I have my doubts, but I have to trust him. 

“Can you believe we’re having a girl, Y/N?”

“No! I still can’t believe we’re having a baby! We only have four more months and I think we have enough stuff for her to last her until she’s at least 3, haha.”

“Our families just want to make sure we are set.”

“I know, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Is really happening?”

“Yeah, and we are beyond ready,” he reassured me.

*3 ½ Months Later*

*17 Hours Later*

“You did so good, Y/N! Look at her! She’s so tiny. I helped make her?”

“Yes, Baby. She’s ours. She’s finally ours.” I saw him as he looked at her like nothing else existed. “Here, hold her.”

“Hi, Jennifer. I’m your daddy and I love you and your beautiful mommy more than life itself.” 

I looked at my family in pure awe. I shouldn’t have cheated and I’m glad I never did because if I had, we wouldn’t be here right now. In this perfect life. With my perfect family.

If You Give Me All You Got

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You spend the day helping Mikey shop for Christmas gifts for his bandmates. But, the hardest person to shop for may be Mikey himself.

“Thanks for helping me do my Christmas shopping, Y/N,” Mikey said gratefully.

“No problem,” you smiled, stomping the snow off your boots as you entered the comic book shop. You were looking for a gift for Gerard.

“My brother really loves Grant Morrison,” Mikey reminded, “so let’s look for a comic that he did writing for.”

“Good idea,” you nodded. “Hey, isn’t that your brother’s comic right there?” you asked, pointing at a copy of Doom Patrol on the shelf.

“It is!” Mikey grinned. “I’m so proud of him! Gerard and I used to hang out at comic stores like this all the time as kids, so it’s crazy to think that something he made is sitting in the DC section right next to our old favorites.”

“Hey, look, here’s an omnibus of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run,” you pointed out. It was a massively thick book, and it looked expensive.

“Wow, what a great find!” Mikey grinned. “Thanks, Y/N.”

“No problem,” you shrugged. “You sure you don’t want to get something cheaper, though?”

“Sometimes I feel like you forgot I’m in a platinum-selling band,” Mikey chuckled. “I got it covered, don’t worry.”

“I’m surprised nobody’s recognized you yet, and asked you for a picture or something,” you confessed.

“While, I’m not as instantly recognizable as Gerard,” Mikey shrugged. “It’s not like I’m the frontman.”

“True,” you considered as Mikey paid for the comic. “Where to next?”

“Next, we need something for Frank,” Mikey decided. “So, let’s head to the record store.”

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Stay (Teacher!Dean x Reader) Part 17


Warning: Phone Sex… sorta

October 30th

I woke up and showered hearing my dad downstairs pouring a bowl of cereal. I brushed out my hair and put on a tank top and shorts before running downstairs.

“Morning dad.” I smiled.

“Hey. Um, I just got off the phone with Sam. You want to go to a baseball game with us? He says he can’t wait to see you.”

“When do I need to be ready?”

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Fakiru Week Day 1: Spring

Fakiru Week 2016

Out of inspiration and out of work, Fakir was ready to throw in the towel and throw out the camera.

Mytho stood stubbornly in front of the wastbasket.  "Fakir, this is your passion,“ he insisted, hands on his hips, "Don’t give up now!”

Passion?  His recent work had all been absolute garbage.  Just like where this stupid thing belonged.

“Fakir, please.  I know—Look, I know no one’s hired or commissioned you for a while—”

“A while?”

“Alright, so it’s been a couple of weeks—”


“—o-okay, months!  But you truly love photography, don’t you?”

“Out of the way, Mytho.”

“It’s your career.”

“Go away.”

“This is the love of your life.”

“Not anymore.”

“It’s also a super-expensive camera!”

“You—!”  … Alright, he had him there.  Fakir slumped back into his seat, his expression a scowl of disgust and dejection.

“Fakir,” Mytho coaxed, kneeling beside his friend with a small, sorry smile, “It’ll be alright.  I’m sure inspiration will hit, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all.  Maybe try something else?  Go somewhere new?”

Maybe Mytho was right.  He needed out of the city.  He needed to be away from those major publications and their idiotic regulations and stifling contracts.  It was because of them that Fakir began to resent the very hobby he loved for the greater part of his life.

So, Mytho rented him a quiet little cottage out by the lake, about an hour outside the urban hellhole.  

The upside?  Peace, quiet, and an abundance of picturesque settings just waiting to be captured.  

The downside?  The rain.

Not much to see in the gloom of the April showers.

Tranquil as it was, the lakeside was nothing but gray.  Gray fog, gray skies, the haze of light, misty rain a gray sheet over his expensive lens.

He grumbled under his breath.

Perhaps, at any other point in his life, he would’ve seen the inherent beauty in that alone, but he was /sick/ of gray.  Gray pavement, gray streets, gray buildings.

He strolled—rather, trudged—along a small trail, weaving around the lake toward the park about a mile away from the cottage.  The pitter-patter of rainwater pelted against the protective shield that was his black umbrella, his camera hanging uselessly from his neck, his satchel swinging by his hip.

When he arrived, he was dismayed to see it just as gray, but the slight incline and well-groomed gardens here at least gave him something to see otherwise.  Taking advantage of the hill overlooking the calm waters, he lifted his camera to his eye and peeked through the lens, scanning along the horizon.

Gray, gray, gray.  

Then, suddenly, red.

Orange-red, beneath a light blue umbrella decorated with a yellow duck.

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I Love Your Work (Avengers/Marvel Cast x reader)

This works as a prequel:  I’m a Little Creeped Out Now

The phone call you had just finished left you feeling both excited and uneasy, but you knew that if this worked, it would be an experience that you would never forget.  You had been filling in for Maria for the past week, and she said that you had full authority to make decisions in her place, so you felt no apprehension in running with this intriguing opportunity for the team.

“Guys, before you say ‘no’, hear me out,” you began, joining the team in the conference room as they prepared for a mission that would start later in the day.  They looked up at you with anticipation, but became apprehensive from your extreme enthusiasm.  “I think this could be really fun, and there’s hasn’t been enough of that around here lately.” You all but skipped with giddiness over to Steve and sat on his lap, smiling back at his look of intrigue at what could have you so energized.

“You’re being weird,” Tony said with a squinted look at you, waiting anxiously for whatever you were going to make him do this time.  “I don’t like it.”

“This isn’t another one of those costume parties is it?  I will not dress as a Disney princess again,” Thor agreed.  “I was unable to remove the glitter from my hair for nearly a week.”

“But you were a gorgeous Rapunzel,” Clint added.

“Guys, listen,” you interrupted, “a marketing guy from Marvel just called me.”  The group looked at you blankly, not impressed by the name drop. “They want to meet you!  Your actors want to meet you!  They’re doing promotion for the next movie that they just finished, and thought this would be a genius idea.”

Tony shifted uncomfortably in his seat slightly, glancing over at Steve with hesitation, “which movie?”

“Yes, that one,” you huffed, “about the hissy fit you boys were having.  And let me just say, I can’t wait to see that played out again.  Because it was so much fun living through it.”

“My character will not be in that movie,” Thor whispered to himself.

“Don’t worry, neither will mine,” Bruce added, putting a supportive hand on the god’s shoulder.  “So, do they want all of us, or…?”

“Yep, they want the whole team.  I think they want to show a unified group before their marketing team starts the big push.”  You turned to look at Steve with a disapproving expression, and then to Tony, “they’re telling fans to choose a side.  I hope you’re proud of yourselves.”


When the team arrived at the studio it was chaos, with fans of both the actors and the team all gathered at the entrance gate.  Steve reached over and took your hand with a small squeeze, watching out the window of the bus anxiously.  “I’ve already met Chris, remember?  He’s taking me to Christopher’s Haven in Boston next month.  Do I really have to do this?”

“Wow, you two really are more alike than you realize.  And yes, you do.”

The bus shook a few times, slowly rolling over several speed bumps that lined the lot before it came to a stop.  Tony stood first, quickly moving to the front to be the first out the door.  The driver turned back to look for you before allowing the door to open, knowing that you were the lead today, and not the man who now wouldn’t stop staring at him.

“Tony, sit.  I need to go out first and make sure things are in order.”  You tried not to smile at the sad face he was giving you, not buying into the small pout on his lips.  

“There they are,” Bruce announced, pointing to where the group of actors were taking their seats; a long table under a tent only a few feet away, with the entire area around it surrounded by reporters, cameras, and fans barricaded into a holding area off to the side.  “Is anyone else nervous?”


“Oh, god, yes.”

“I might actually throw up.”

“Hey, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” you snickered, “maybe pull it together, yeah?”  You stepped out to talk to the coordinator for the actor group, formalizing how the discussion would go and how much time would be allowed. When it had all been solidified, you gave a small wave back to the group and watched as they filed slowly from the vehicle.  Steve hesitated slightly when the crowd screamed his name at the sight of him, but Tony accepted the attention willingly, waving enthusiastically as he passed by.

“Okay, guys,” you directed, “take your seats by your actor.  We’re doing a really quick Q&A, then signing some autographs before you all get a few minutes to have a more casual meeting.  Just be on your best behavior for about two hours please.”

Each Avenger was very gracious, giving small waves to the fans as they sat down, then turning to shake the hand of their counterparts.  Wanda was the most open, hugging Elizabeth excitedly and showering her with compliments about her choice in clothing, her jewelry, and her portrayal in the last movie.  Elizabeth gave Wanda her condolences at the loss of Pietro, and offered another hug when the conversation had turned serious.  The two of them seemed to get along immediately and it appeared that they were becoming instant friends.  

“Excuse me, everyone, if we could have your attention please?  Let’s get started,” the moderator announced, “we have questions from your fans first.”

A small boy of about only five-years-old sheepishly stepped up to the microphone but was too short to reach it properly.  Clint jumped up and rushed over to him, kneeling down to lift him onto his shoulders so that the microphone was at his lips.  The little boy squealed and his face lit up, now almost too nervous to ask his question.  “Um, oh my gosh, um…my question is for…Sam.”

“Hey, little buddy,” Sam smiled, “how’s it going?”

“I’m good,” he laughed, jostling slightly when Clint chuckled beneath him.  “Um, so, are you sad that Bucky is Cap’s best friend again instead of you?”

Your eyes met Steve’s when you heard him let out a small gasp, hoping he would stay quiet, knowing that Sam could handle this much better than he could.  Bucky didn’t seem phased at all, though Sebastian was clearly taking it the worst.  “That kid goes hard,” he whispered nervously to the soldier, his eyes wide with shock, “starting us out heavy, huh?”

“Yeah,” Bucky replied, eagerly looking down the table at Sam, “but I want to hear his answer.”

Anthony leaned back in his chair with a wide smile, laughing at the bravery of such a small kid.  “Wow, my man, you haven’t even seen the movie yet,” he smirked with a shake of his head, looking at Sam for the reply.

“Well, I think that it’s really good for Cap to have all the friends that he wants.  He spent a few years kind of by himself, without Bucky, so as his friend I’m happy for him to have him back, you know?”  He leaned forward to look down the table at Barnes with a nod, “whichever one of us is actually his best friend isn’t too important.”

“Except that it’s me,” Bucky laughed, inciting a loud response from the fans next to them.

“I am also a close friend,” Thor interjected.

“So was I,” Tony sighed.

“Seriously?  Not now, Stark,” Steve groaned.  He cleared his throat and leaned into the microphone, opening his mouth to speak, but closing it again for a few seconds to consider what he wanted to say.  “Sam’s right. It doesn’t matter who’s the best friend.  I’m thankful for all of them.”  

You glanced between Tony and Steve, knowing that each of them felt the importance of the moment. When the next question was announced for Tony, Robert leaned forward to answer before he had the chance.  “I swear, the next time that the first question isn’t directed towards me, I will get up and walk out,” he chuckled, reaching over to slap Tony on the back.  “What the hell, Stark?  I’m shocked that you didn’t say it first.”

“Me too,” he sighed.  “So, what’s the question?  Hit me.”

A young woman with long blonde hair and a dress that was far too tight had taken the microphone this time, and when Tony wouldn’t stop staring, you positioned yourself behind her so he would see you, pointing a warning at him to stop.  “Mr. Stark,” she began politely, “do you think that Mr. Downey portrays you well in the Iron Man films?  And have you seen any of his other work?”

“I think he does a fantastic job of portraying an intellectually complex and dynamic character such as myself.”

“Well, I am quite an impressive actor.”

“But,” Tony continued, “I have to admit that I enjoyed Cumberbatch’s version of Sherlock much more. More cerebral.”

“Oh, shit,” you whispered to yourself, scolding Tony with your eyes.  “Move to the next question,” you said quietly to the moderator, but it was too late.

“More cerebral?” Robert choked, “I’m sorry, I guess I downplayed it to be sure that you didn’t miss anything.”

Evans opened up and laughed out loud, reaching over and unconsciously grabbing the left side of Steve’s chest for support.  “Oh, man, not cool,” he gasped, “he could totally kick your ass!  You need to watch what you say.  I would never say shit like that to Steve.”

“Okay, next question,” you finally interrupted, leaning down to the moderator’s microphone when they didn’t move fast enough for you.  He gave you a warning glance and pulled it back, but agreed that it was time to move forward.  Questions came in for Clint, Scarlett, Don, Vision, and Thor, leaving one more question before the break for autographs.  A young woman stepped up to the microphone, clearing the nerves from her voice before finally speaking.  

“My question is for Natasha, if that’s okay?”

“Absolutely, go ahead,” Nat nodded.  

“Thanks.  First of all, I’m a huge fan.  Of you and Scarlett.”  The girl shuffled her feet a few times, looking down until she built up her confidence to speak again.  “In the Ultron movie, they said that you couldn’t have kids.  I can’t either, and I’m wondering how you deal with that.”

The crowd had gone completely silent at the question, making the woman even more uncomfortable, which Natasha picked up on immediately.  Scarlett put her hand on Nat’s arm and leaned in close to whisper, but it was too quiet for you to hear.  Nat nodded her head a few times, then turned to deliver her answer to the young fan.  “I’m sorry that you have this situation weighing on you.  Are you okay?” 

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no.”

“More than anything else, there’s one thing that I want you to remember, okay?  Sometimes I’m the same way as you; I’m okay one minute and then I’m not in the next.  I’m no less of a woman because of it, and I’m strong, but I also allow it to hurt.  I feel it and I accept it, but it doesn’t define me.  It doesn’t define you, alright?  You are still whole.”

The crowd erupted into applause for Natasha, including the panel of Avengers and actors around her. You could see in her face that the attention surprised her and made her increasingly uncomfortable until Scarlett stood and pulled her up into a firm hug, again speaking to her quietly. Natasha released her and walked around the table towards the woman, grabbing her hand and pulling her close to share a private thought until the moderator called for the breakaway into the autograph session.

You kept your distance, with your focus on Steve and how he was doing under the public attention that he was reluctant to be a part of.  The ordeal of fighting with Tony and having the team split apart for so long had taken a toll on him, and he worried that the citizens who relied on him would no longer trust his judgment or his actions.  You could see that he was relaxing with each interaction and that he was realizing that his worries weren’t as justified as he thought.

“Okay, everyone,” you called out, “it’s time to head inside.”

A few boos were heard from the crowd when not everyone received an autograph, but the group followed as they were told; each pairing of Avenger and actor quickly splitting into their own private discussions.  

“It is truly amazing how similar our voices are,” Vision said to Paul.  “If it troubles you to sound so alike, I’m sure that I could take on another tone easily.”

“No, it’s fine, really,” the actor reassured him, “I find it quite an honor, to be truthful.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Hemsworth trying with all his might to lift Mjolnir, making enough noise and commotion to eventually get the attention of the rest of the group.  “So let me get this straight, I’m worthy enough to play you in the movies, but I can’t really lift this thing?  How does that work?”

“I am truly sorry, but it is not my choice.  If it were, I would readily allow it.”

Clint strolled casually up to Chris and slapped a firm reassurance to his shoulder, “hey, man, I couldn’t do it either, don’t feel bad.  None of us could, just like you guys showed in the last movie.  That was all true.”

“Are you serious?” Jeremy laughed, “Man, that sucks.  I was really rooting for you, Hawk.”  He took a long drink from his glass, smiling widely when he pulled it away, “I think we’re pretty damn worthy, if you ask me.”

“Honestly, I was totally shocked that you couldn’t lift it, Bruce,” Mark whispered to him as they stood on the sidelines away from the growing group around the hammer.  “I know you don’t think so, but you’re worthy as far as I’m concerned.”

Bruce’s mouth hung agape at Mark’s words, hearing them but not allowing himself to believe it.  No matter who said them, he would never believe. “That’s a nice sentiment, thank you. I appreciate it, really, but I am far from worthy.”

“Nah, give yourself some credit.  I would never have agreed to portray you if I didn’t believe it myself.”


When the meeting had ended and was deemed a success, there were phone numbers exchanged and future meetings set up, intermingling the two groups into something that neither side had anticipated.  Avengers were meeting families, actors were setting up tours of the tower, and you were sitting back watching it all play out.  The team began to file back onto the bus to get back to the jet and the actors were gathering in the studio to say their own goodbyes while you were tying up the final loose ends with your Marvel rep.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Evans yelled from across the parking lot, jogging towards you.  You said your final thanks to the rep and turned to face him as he approached.  Since your meeting at the children’s hospital several months ago, you had come to know him a little better, but it would always shock you how much he and Steve were alike.  “Hey, before you go, I just wanted to say thanks for this, everyone had a great time.”

“So did we,” you replied with a smile, reaching out to shake his hand, “we’ll have to do something again soon.  Something a little less official.”

He took your hand and brought it to his lips, and you felt your face begin to feel heat rising in it. “I can’t wait,” he mumbled quietly.

You jumped back to attention when Steve’s hand slid around your waist, pulling you tightly to his side so that your hand dropped away from Chris’ grip.  “Chris, I’ll see you next month, then?”  His voice carried a deep tone, and you knew that jealous Steve was making an appearance.  He knew that you actually enjoyed this side of him and was taking full advantage of the opportunity.

“Yes, sir.  Next month,” Chris replied nervously.  “(Y/N), good night.  Thanks again.”  He lowered his gaze and shoved his hands deep into his pockets and turned away, returning to his own group so quickly that you knew how much Steve really intimidated him.

“Steven Rogers, that was rude.  He wasn’t doing anything.”

“Oh, I know,” he chuckled, “he’s a great kid.  But he reminds me too much of myself, and sweetheart, that means nothing but trouble.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”  

His eyes grew dark as he looked at you, though a small smile was beginning to curl at the corners of his mouth.  He spun quickly and wrapped his arm around your waist, throwing you over his shoulder as you squealed, trying to wiggle away uselessly against his strength as he carried you onto the bus full of waiting teammates.  

“It means that one of us is all the trouble you can handle, (Y/N).”

Why Do I Even Talk To You Guys (sort of a next part)

Let Me Show You - Stiles *SMUT*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em7vc8NWUNY

Word count: 2,571

Request: I was wondering if you could maybe write a smut where the reader is Stiles/Dylans (I don’t really care) best friend since like forever and she’s been in love with with since him for a long time but never told him because she’s not skinny and think he’s way to good for her or something like that.

A/N: I really liked this request and it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to write this. I feel like this is a very important topic to write about, no body should feel ashamed of how they look. Everyone is beautiful inside and out no matter what size or color. We shouldn’t feel the need to change the way we look sue to society’s views or for what other people think or say about us. If we want to change it should be OUR decision to do so cuz WE want to. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this. And thank you again anon for the request.

Originally posted by kalifornia---dreaming

“Oh my god, Skye, hurry up! We’ve been in here for ages,” Stiles groaned from outside the dressing room. I rolled my eyes at his impatience, doesn’t he understand that a girl needs to find the right dress?

“Stiles, I only have two more dresses to try on and if they’re not it I’ll come back tomorrow with Lydia. So, stop you whining.”

I heard him mumble something under his breath before I opened the door and stepped out, “Well?”

He looked at me up and down before shaking his head, “Green is not your color.”

I sighed and went back inside, “Why don’t you chose that blue one that I liked?”

“Stiles you only liked that dress because of the color, the style was horrendous.” I huffed as I struggled to put on this little black dress.

“But, it’s one of the colors of the Mets!”

I opened the door, “Hence the only reason as to why you like it. So, what about this one.”

Stiles’ eyes widened, “Uh, I don’t think so. It’s too short. No way.”

“But I actually like this one.”

“Skye. I don’t want my best friend to wear that to homecoming, all the guys will get the wrong idea.. No.” I could hear the seriousness in his voice, so I let it go.

‘If only you thought of more than just your best friend,’ I thought.

Closing the door, I looked at the last dress I had to try on, ironically Stiles was the one to chose it. After I struggled to get it on, I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes widened. It was a beautiful ruby red, high-low dress that had silver embroidering in the chest area. The dress actually flattered my curves that I hated and made my legs look fabulous. I was in love.

Holding my breath, I opened the door. Stiles was busy playing Candy Crush on his phone, “Stupid fishes never go where I need them to go.”


Stiles looked up and his jaw dropped. “Say something,” I whispered.

“Skye, you look. Wow, um the dress is. Wow,” he scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat. “The dress looks nice on you. That’s definitely the one.”

I frowned ‘nice’? That’s it? Clearing my thoughts, I smiled, “I’m buying it!”

“Thank God!” I rolled my eyes.

Once, I was back in my regular clothes and out of the dressing room, I told Stiles to wait for me outside while I paid. Waiting in line I saw, Tina, the evil bitch from school enter the store followed by her little groupies. When she saw me, an evil smirk graced her face and she came up to me.

“Hey, Skye.”

“What do you want, Tina?”

“Ouch. I just wanted to ask you a question,” she batted her fake eyelashes at me innocently.

“Well, with your low IQ I would understand you’d have many questions in that little brain of yours, so by all means ask away.” I grinned.

Tina glared at me, before smirking again, “Are you sure you’re in the right store?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of plus size stores here at the mall,” her friends snickered. “Did you even try that poor dress on? If you did, I’m surprised it didn’t shred to pieces with all your rolls,” I felt tears begin to prickle my eyes at her words. “Or were you going to just buy it and make a ridicule of yourself at the homecoming? Trust me sweetie, it’ll look a thousand times better on me.”

“Skye, what’s taking so long,” Stiles came to my side and didn’t notice Tina until she spoke.

“Hey Stiles,” she purred at him.

“Uh, hey. Tracy, right?”

“Stiles, let’s just go,” I shoved the dress into Tina’s arms. “Keep it.”

Walking out the store, I could hear Stiles yelling after me. “Skye! Wait up! What happened in there?”

“Nothing Stiles, I just want to go home.”

“But what about-”

“Stiles, just let it go okay! Dammit!” His eyes widened, I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at him. But, Tina’s words kept replaying in my head and I just wanted to bury myself ten feet underground.

We made our way to his jeep in silence and the ride home was awfully awkward. I knew Stiles was worried by the glances he would make my way, but I didn’t dare look his way. Driving into my driveway, I quickly unbuckled and jumped out, “Thanks Stiles.” I walked into the house without looking back.

An hour had passed and my phone was blasting with messages and missed calls from Stiles. Why couldn’t he understand that I didn’t want to talk to anyone? At one point I had to put my phone on vibrate, but even that wasn’t enough. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and answered, “Stiles, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?”

“I’m sorry but do I sound like a Stiles to you?”

My eyes widened, “Oh shit, sorry Lyds, I didn’t know it was you.”

“Obviously,” she sighed. “Skye, what’s wrong? Stiles just called me ten minutes ago, freaking out cause you won’t answer his calls or texts.”

I sighed, besides Stiles, Lydia was my second closest friend and she was the only one who knew my feeling towards Stiles and how I felt about how I looked. “It was Tina.”

“What did that bitch do now?” Her voice sounded deadly quiet. If you think Lydia screaming is scary, then wait till she speaks dangerously low. Laying back on my bed and told her about my whole encounter with Tina.

“SHE SAID WHAT?!” I winced and pulled my phone away from my ear.

“Geez, Lyds. Easy with the banshee screaming, will ya?”

“I can’t believe her! The nerve, just wait till I see her tomorrow-”

“No! Lyds, please don’t, it’ll only make things worse. You know she’s always had it out for me.”

“Yeah and like I always say, it’s because of Stiles,” I groaned, not this again. “She’s always had a crush on him as long as you and Stiles have been best friends. She’s jealous of the attention he gives you and the way he looks at you.”

“Lydia, how many times do I have to tell you? Stiles doesn’t like me, he views me like a little sister and that’s it.”


“No, Lydia please just drop it. I’ve had a really long day and I just want to go to bed, okay?”

She sighed, “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Maybe. I kind of snapped at Stiles earlier and don’t want to face him yet. I might skip”

“Skye, you know he’ll forgive you no matter what. But, alright. Goodnight sweetie.”

“Night Lyds. And thank you.”


The next day I skipped. I didn’t feel like running into Tina in the hallways and have her laugh at me again. Call me a coward, but she just knows all the right buttons to push and points out every single one of my flaws. And I didn’t want to Stiles to see me like this, a total mess. I was in bed watching Netflix on my laptop, when I heard the doorbell ring. Frowning, I looked at the time and saw it was only twelve.

Making my way to the door, I opened it to see it was Stiles. He was just standing there with his hands behind his back and a sheepish smile on his face, “Hey.”

I felt my lower lip tremble and I threw my arms around his neck, “I’m so sorry.”

His arms went around me and I felt like I was in my safe haven, “Shh, it’s okay. I’m not mad, Lydia told me what happened.”

“Of course she did.”

He pulled back to look at me and smiled, “It’s not her fault, I wouldn’t leave her alone until she told me.”

I laughed, “You’re such an annoying pest, Stilinski.”

Stiles shrugged, “What can I say? It’s my specialty.”

I giggled and noticed he had something in his hand, “What’s in the bag?”

He smirked, “Let’s go upstairs,” grabbing my hand he practically dragged me into my room. “Close your eyes.” Huffing, I did as he said and heard him take something out the bag.


Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was Stiles looking more nervous than usual, but something red hanging from my closet door caught my eye. Turning my head I gasped, it was the dress.

“Put it on.”

I shook my head, “I can’t Stiles. It doesn’t look good on me.”

“Skye, I said put it on,” his voice was commanding and it was a side of him I rarely saw. It turned me on immensely.

Grabbing the dress, I slowly made my way to the bathroom and changed. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t see the same beautiful girl with this dress like yesterday, instead I saw a silly girl with hideous curves and thick legs. The door opened and Stiles came in and stood behind me.

“What do you see,” he rasped in my ear as he held onto my waist.

My throat was dry as I whispered, “Nothing.”

His grip on my waist tightened, “Do you know what I see? I see a beautiful girl who doesn’t know just how much of a goddess she is.”

I scoffed, “A goddess? Stiles, are you blind? I’m no goddess. I’m not petite or perfect like Lydia. I’m not flawlessly beautiful like Alisson. I’m not cute like Kira. And I’m not exotic like Malia with legs that go on for days. I have scar on my body from all the battles we’ve been through. I have awful curves.”

Stiles abruptly turned me around so I was facing him, “You’re right, you’re nothing like them.” I looked down, but he gripped my chin to make me face him again, “You’re so much more than them. Skye, you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. My heart stops whenever I look at you, when you smile or laugh I swear the day gets brighter. You’re scars make you a survivor - no a warrior and when you look at them you should feel proud for the battles you’ve won.” My heart began to beat faster and I felt as if I couldn’t breath. “I didn’t want you to wear that black dress, cause of how sexy you looked and I knew you’d be turning heads left and right. And I should’ve told you how flawless you looked in this dress.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as he leaned down to kiss my cheek, “I don’t know why you wear all those unflattering hoodies and hide your sexy body. You’re curves aren’t awful, god they turn me on so much.” His fingers went to the back zipper and he slowly began to pull down.


“Let me show you,” he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, the zipper stopped. “Let me show you how beautiful you really are.” His lips crashed onto mine and I groaned at the feeling. My arms went to the back of his neck and I gripped hard onto his hair.

“That’s right baby, give me everything.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” I panted.

“My pleasure,” he growled before smashing his lips back to mine. His hands slipped from my waist to my ass, groping it hard and making me gasp aloud. Stiles slipped his tongue into my mouth and began to fight with mine for dominance, I quickly gave up and moaned as he sucked my tongue into his mouth. I could feel his hard dick poking my side and my poor panties were soaked. Breaking away from his lips for air, he continued to kiss me all over my face; eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and down my neck. His hands went to the top of the dress and tugged making it pool around my feet and I was left in only my underwear. He pulled away from me and his eyes darkened even more, but I suddenly felt so exposed with my body and scars on display, I tried to cover myself.

Quickly, Stiles grabbed onto my wrists and pulled them to my sides, “Don’t you dare, Skye. Don’t you hide from me.” He reached behind me and unclasped my bra, slowly kissing and sliding the straps down my shoulders. Looking into my eyes, Stiles gently grabbed my left arm and softly kissed at a bite I got from an omega werewolf. I whimpered at how gentle he was being with me and I needed him.

As if reading my mind, Stiles lead me back to my room and laid me on my bed. Hovering over me he began to kiss every inch of my body, he stopped when he reached the stab wound I received on my right side and softly traced it with his fingers. His lips continued their descent all the way to my legs and then back up to where my soaking panties were.

“Mmmm, so wet for me baby?” I bit my lip and groaned in reply as he ripped them off.

The sight of Stiles head on between my legs, made me wetter than I already was. Suddenly his head dipped lower and his tongue was lapping up my pussy juices. “Fuck Stiles!”

“You like that baby? You like my tongue buried in your wet juicy pussy? Fuck you taste delicious.” Stiles began to eat me out like a starved man and I couldn’t get enough of it.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head at the pleasure his sinful tongue was giving me, “Oh, god!” I yelled out and gripped onto the sheets as I came on his tongue.

Breathing hard he kissed me on the lips and I moaned as I tasted myself. Stiles got up and stripped himself of all his clothes, reaching my hand out I gripped his hard dick and began to stroke. But, he stopped me and softly kissed my lips, “This is about you baby, all about you.”

“I need you Stiles, please.”

He climbed back on top of me, “You have me Skye, always have, always will,” and he slowly entered me.

Finally, we were one and the feeling was surreal. Slowly he began to move and we both groaned at the delicious friction being made. “Fuck, Stiles. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too baby, me too. God, you’re so tight. So beautiful.” He began to move faster and my legs wrapped themselves around his waist pulling him deeper into me. Stiles began to hit all the right spots and I was seeing stars.


“That’s it baby, cum for me. Fuck,” his movements became sloppy and then he became still as he came.

We laid in bed for a while, snuggled up in each other’s arms.



“Thank you.”

He looked down at me,“For what?”

“For everything. For always being there for me and making me feel special and loved. I love you so much.”

“Skye, I’ll always be here for you. And remember that I will always love you, no matter what.” Stiles leaned down and softly kissed me.

“I just realized something,” I said.


“That now I need to go shoe shopping,” I giggled as Stiles groaned and covered his face.

Prince!Wonwoo {Req}
  • his nickname is the “marble prince” because he always has a straight, cold expression that makes him look like a beautiful marble statue 
  • quiet when you first meet him which only adds to the intimidating factor
  • but tbh no he’s actually a cute little bookworm prince
  • in the palace, wears collared shirts under sweaters, khaki’s, round glasses and you’d never find him without a book in his hands
  • sometimes maids will find novels placed in different places around the castle left behind by the prince
  • favorite place to read is outside in the garden or under the cherry blossom trees that surround the place
  • he seriously loves reading
  • one time he caught his cousins, prince!mingyu and prince!hoshi, playing catch with one of his books and wonwoo was like oHmYwORD tHE DISRESPECT!! GIMME THAT-
  • chased mingyu around the palace when he said that his books were lame
  • loves to spend all his free time in the royal library and it’s his life goal to finish all the books in there even if they’re kind of old and boring
  • as a side hobby, also loves to write poems
  • really likes going out to bookstores too ^^
  • one time, duke!jeonghan took prince wonwoo out to a bookstore as a treat and wonwoo was so wow-ed bc there were books in there that he’d never heard of before and he always begs jeonghan to take him
  • unfortunately, people began to recognize him and each bookstore he frequents, commoners come to ogle him and it’s annoying bc all he wants to do is read in peace….
  • like seriously three bookstores became popular because of him
  • so he began to go w/o jeonghan and would wear “commoner’s clothes” and a cap so that he could blend in
  • and this is how you meet him~
  • you had just opened up a cute little bookstore at the end of town, specializing in classics and romance novels but you had basically any genre in there and its cute bc it’s also like a cafè and people can sip on hot chocolate and enjoy a book ^^ 
  • but since it’s fairly new, nobody really knows about it
  • wonwoo heard about it through a maid who was a friend of yours and he was like pERFECT
  • when he walks into your little cafe bookshop, you welcome him brightly and he quickly waves and looks down to avoid you recognizing him but honestly you just think he’s a regular young guy who likes to wear black
  • after that first day, wonwoo starts to come everyday bc it’s literally just you, him and a few occasional buyers- it’s super quiet and you play a lot of pretty instrumental music so it’s really peaceful and relaxing
  • and wonwoo’s ngl, he thinks you’re really cute and friendly. he also loves how sometimes you read and get really distracted that when someone goes “excuse me”, it makes you slightly jump lol
  • oh- you also found out he was the prince. your maid friend had asked if you had seen a teenager wearing black in your shop and you were like “yeah, he comes all the time….wait how do you know?” and she’s like “that’s the prince” and you’re like “huh??” and she’s like “yeah, i heard he likes your place because nobody knows him there. i kinda feel bad…”
  • when he came the next day, you managed to see his face and you were like aw shoot, this poor kid….he probably comes because he’s looking for a quiet place to read…
  • so you just let him be and you keep an eye out just in case anybody decides to try and bother him
  • one afternoon, he looked esp tired so you brought him a cup of herbal tea
  • and the prince was like oh wow, thank you and he tried to pay but you were like no no it’s ok (: and left him at that
  • the next day, wonwoo went up to the counter and shyly asked if he could order a cup of the tea you gave him the other day lol so cute
  • so how did you all start talking? well wonwoo finally worked up the courage to walk up to you while you were fixing some books on a shelf and he struck up a convo with you (^:
  • and soon, it became a daily routine for you both and you never brought up the fact that wonwoo was a prince
  • that was his fave part about coming to the bookstore: whenever he was here, he felt like all his problems were gone. he felt great just talking to you about books and what you both were interested in. he felt….normal.
  • and if he was being honest, he had a major crush on you ^^
  • can’t get you out of his mind….so he began to secretly write poems about you in a tiny journal
  • well it was secret….until cousin mingyu happened to see….
  • mingyu: oOOoo wonwoo! who are you writing this for?
  • wonwoo: give me my book back or i will make sure you never get to eat for a month
  • lol but all hostility aside, wonwoo could trust mingyu so he began to tell his cousin all about you and your bookshop, the feelings he got when he was around you and mingyu convinces wonwoo to just confess
  • and wonwoo is like yeah,,,,i should,,,
  • the next day, while you were ringing up a customer, wonwoo left a bunch of roses and one of his poems behind for you to find then left without saying goodbye ^^
  • that whole night, he kept tossing and turning and telling himself that you werent going to think it was weird…..you would understand….
  • but what he hoped for was that even if you didn’t return his feelings, you’d still be his friend and confidant
  • all that worrying was for nothing though
  • because when he came in the next day, as soon as he sat down at his usual table, you popped up behind him and kissed his cheek
  • wonwoo: “y/n- i- um” ajajsbsklhhhik
  • you: *smiles* i read your poem. and i got to admit….i like you too, wonwoo.
  • wonwoo: you…..you don’t care if i’m the prince, though? (in the poem, he did mention that he was a prince)
  • you: ahhhh….actually i’ve known for quite a while. so no, i don’t mind, Your Highness. *smiles playfully*
  • wonwoo: *blushes* you don’t have to call me that…..so….
  • you: why don’t i take you out to a cafe? it’s not very known but their food is great
  • and so that is where you and wonwoo go to after you close the shop for the day ^^
  • also how a cute relationship begins~
  • imagine wonwoo wearing his glasses while he reads in your shop and they’re slipping down but he’s too caught up so you go to fix it and kiss his nose
  • lots of blushing wonwoo ^^
  • kissing behind the bookshelves where nobody can see
  • with your back lightly hitting the shelf bc y'all are getting lost in the kiss o mg lol
  • wonwoo asking the king and queen if you could help the royal librarian (and amazingly….they didn’t mind when they found out you both were dating…?)
  • (turns out wonwoo’s mother also used to be a commoner until wonwoo’s father met her while he was in town)
  • so now you own a shop and you live in the palace since you’re now technically a royal staff member
  • wonwoo sneaking poems in your bag or in your room with the same flowers he brought you the first time
  • hyper wonwoo when you bring him his favorite snack
  • dorky wonwoo singing off-key on purpose when it seems you had a bad day at the shop ;; and you just have to smile bc ugh he so cute
  • telling wonwoo about his nickname and that is why he tries to smile a little more on tv
  • cuddling with wonwoo next to the fireplace and reading like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast
  • both of you sometimes falling asleep in the library and bodyguard!minghao finding you two asleep, holding hands unconciously like aww
  • giggling while wonwoo is receiving dancing lessons bc his father told him he has to learn for the upcoming ball and he just can’t dance
  • instructor!seungkwan being 100% done and making you dance with him instead so that wonwoo could focus more lmao
  • bad idea bc now wonwoo is tripping over his feet and blushing like a tomato but fortunately, you know how to waltz ^^
  • lol i need me a prince wonwoo, guys….
  • b y e ;; 

SHE’S MINE! (Denis Stoff Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

“Aaaaand CUT!!” I heard the director yell.
“Thank God.” I muttered, putting my costume back on as I got off the bed on the set.
You know even though I’ve been professionally acting for many years, I must admit that being an actress in a series like Game Of Thrones, well, let’s just say I’m not quite used to it yet. And by that I mean the sex scenes.
But of course I’m very good at hiding my awkwardness.
“Alright everyone! We’re done for today! Hope you all have a great weekend!”
Our director Miguel Sapochnik announced.
“(Y/N) you were fantastic as always my dear.” My best friend Emilia Clarke, who plays the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen in the show complimented as I was changing back into my regular clothes. These costumes could be a bit unbearable to have on.
“Awww thank you babes! You’re always far more amazing than me though.”
“Oh nonsense love.”
I giggled and smiled at her, she is honestly the most adorable woman you will ever meet, trust me. Emilia is like my woman crush. Although I do see her as my older sister more than anything really.

“Any plans for this weekend (Y/N)?” She asked.
“Well…” I bit my bottom lip, smirking like an idiot.
“Oh no what are you going to do missy?”
She questioned with a raised brow and a smile that made her cheekbones define.
“Well…do you remember that guy I was telling you about not that long ago?”
“You mean the one in that one rock band?”
I nodded with a huge grin, wow she didn’t even mention his name and I’m blushing like I’ve never blushed before.
“Yeah him, well we’ve been really hitting it off from going out on dates together and all that, and well, he’s been away on the Vans Warped Tour for a while sooo, I decided it would be awesome to surprise him by visiting him.” I cheerfully said, my hands clapping together joyfully.
“Well I think that’s an excellent idea lovely, I think it would make him really happy to see you.” She agreed.
“Aw man Em I am so excited but at the same time I’m nervous as hell!” I admitted.
“And why on Earth would you be nervous (Y/N)?”
“He always makes me nervous!” It’s true, whenever I’m around Denis I have the hugest butterflies form in my stomach, so huge that I feel like barfing right then and there. I’m super shocked that hasn’t happend though thank you God!

“Listen to me sweetheart, you should he happy that he makes you nervous, because of a man doesn’t make you feel that way, then he is not the one of you.” Emilia tells me.
I smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace, she always knows what to say, that’s why I look up to her so much.
“Thanks Em.” I softly muttered.
“No problem, now go get some rest because you have a long road ahead of you to see your lover boy.”
I laughed a little and nodded, “You’re right, see you next week.”
As I was grabbing my things I said goodbye to some of my other co stars, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, Rose Leslie, Jack Gleeson and everyone else I passed by as I was exiting the set.
I gasped a little to see that it was already getting dark.
Well, even though the sky is glooming I still have to put on my sunglasses because..
“(Y/N)!! How are you?! What are your plans for this weekend?! Is it true that you’re dating a rock star?! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!!” The paps kept yelling.
“Alright alright guys please that’s enough, I just wanna get to my car.” I politely tell them while they kept following me.

Thankfully they respected what I told them and got out of the way when I reached the parking lot.
I waved goodbye to them as I drove off in my car, hopefully they don’t follow me in their cars.
I stopped at the first red light and I couldn’t help but smile, just thinking about Denis makes me feel some type of way, it’s indescribable, God I just can’t wait to actually see him again. It feels like it’s been forever. Sure we talk on the phone and face time but of course it doesn’t feel the same as in person. I prefer physical over digital.
Anyways, I miss the way he holds me so securely in his arms, his kisses, his laugh, his smile, his sexy head of hair. No seriously his hair is fucking hot.

I wonder how he’s going to react, I especially wanna see the dorky look on his face.
BEEP!! BEEP!! I heard the vehicle behind me, oh shit I forgot that I was even driving, you see what this boy does to me?
“My bad!!” I yelled at the car behind me and drove off.
It was a good thing I didn’t live far away from the studio, I made it to my house in a very short amount of time.
When I stepped in I immediately ran upstairs and started packing everything that I needed.
Like Emilia said, I have a long road ahead of me.
“Okay, clothes, check, shoes, check, jewelry check….” I just realised something, I packed WAY too much for just two days.
Ugh I exaggerate sometimes I swear.

I took out some of the stuff and left the very few things I absolutely needed.
Alright, perfect, I’m all set.
I take my phone out of my pocket and tap on the gallery.
I smile like a dork once again as I keep swiping through all the pice of me and Denis.
Man this guys is so cute! How did he even become interested in a girl like me? I will never understand that for real.
“Awww.” I cooed when I happend to stop at pic of the two of us in Disneyland.
I remember that day, it was the day after my birthday and he surprised me by taking me there.
That was the best day we ever had together, we laughed so much and we swore that we were one of the kids.
That’s what I love the most about Denis, he’s not afraid of being a goofball with me. I could completely crazy and he wouldn’t look at me like if I belong in a stray jacket.

“See you soon babe.” I softly mumbled.
For the rest of the day, the time surprisingly went by quickly. Before I knew it, it was already close to midnight.
As I snuggling up in my bed the last words I whispered was..
“Warped Tour here I come.”
The next day was here in the blink of an eye, I was on the road while blasting up The Black by Asking Alexandria.
I’m still pretty bummed that Danny is no longer with them, I love that guy, but Denis is most definately a great addition to the band.
And his screaming is everything, yeah I know what you’re thinking, I ramble too fucking much about him, but can you blame me? He’s an amazing person.
Good lord this road seems endless, I’m just thankfull that they’re not out of the state, atleast not yet.

Hours upon hours passed by, this little road trip seemed endless. It feels like an eternity, but finally I started seeing all the little tents up ahead.
Yes! I’m here.
It only took a few minutes to find a parking spot, I can hear the music from all these different bands blasting through the entire area as I stepped out.
Wow there sure are a lot of people here, all dressed up in band merch and wearing little backpacks, it’s pretty awesome.
“Omg!! (Y/N) (L/N)!!” Shouted two girls who were walking in.
I glanced over at them and smiled, I’m guessing they watch the show, but…they look a bit young to be watching it. Or maybe they just recogize me in general, okay I’m gonna shut up now and wave.
“Hello.” I happily greeted them.
They took that as an opportunity to come running towards me and hug me.
I hugged them as well, I’m always happy to meet fans.
“How are you beautiful ladies?” I say.
“Good…” One of them nervously answered. I giggled and rubbed her shoulder.
“Don’t be shy hon.”
“C-Can we please get a picture with you if that’s okay?” Asked the other.

I nodded and without a second thought their mother or whoever she is from them grabbed a polaroid camera out of her purse and the adorable girls stood on either side of me, hugging me again.
“Okay you guys say cheese!”
“Cheeeese!!” We all said and the flash went off.
“Thank you (Y/N).”
“Aww you’re welcome girls, have an awesome day okay?”
“We love you!!” They cheered in unison.
“Love you too!” I yelled back, making them chuckle.
It was like that meanwhile I walked to find Asking Alexandria’s stage, many girls and boys came running up to me for photos, pics, videos saying shout outs to their family members and friends, it’s honestly my favourite part of being an actress.

I put on my sunglasses and walked up to someone, tapping their shoulder.
“Excuse me, do you know exactly where Asking Alexandria is performing?”
“Oh yeah, right over there, all the way to your left you should find their set.” The man instructed.
“Okay thank you so much.”
He was right, I arrived exactly where he directed me to.
My heart began to race so hard against my ribs when I caught sight of Denis singing and screaming his heart out on stage.
Many young girls were screaming for him, jumping up and down to the amazing lyrics.
“Everybody jump!!” Denis shouted, and everyone did just that. He really knows how to pump up a crowd doesn’t he?
I had to push through the crowd a little to get a little closer to the stage, some people got a little ticked off with me but they calmed down once I apologized.

“Alright everybody!! We have one more song to play for you!! It’s called I Won’t Give In!!!” He announced, and the crowd went crazy.
I cheered and clapped my hands, looks I seemed to grab his attention because he looked at me, but he had to do a double take. Must’ve been my bright shorts or something.
I smiled lovingly and waved at him, then blew him a kiss.
Denis was truly stunned by my presence so it seemed, and there’s that dorky smile I love so much, he even forgot to sing all
of sudden until Ben came and slapped him upside the head.
I busted a guy seeing that, but then I turned extremely nervous when all eyes were on me.
A lot of scowls were evident, smiles were as well don’t get me wrong, but there were mostly deadly stares.

“Um! s-sorry everyone my bad! Allow us to start all over!” He said, drawing everyone’s attention away from me.
He must’ve felt the tension just as much as I did.
Despite the awkwardness people still cheered and this time Denis didn’t forget to sing.
During the song he kept glancing at me over and over again, I felt myself blush hard because the more he looked at me the bigger he smiled.
Awww he’s so fucking adorable.
By the end of the song the guys behind the stage, security approached me and told me that Denis wanted to see me back there so I followed.
I saw the back of his tall figure drinking a can of monster.
I grinned brightly, admiring his physical apparence standing right before me.
“Hey love!” I called out.
As soon as he turned around, he dropped the can and ran up to me, immediately picking me up and swining me around in his arms.
“(Y/N)!! I can’t believe you’re here!” He cheerfully yelled.
I laughed a bit as he placed me back down on the ground.
“Yeah me either, I’m so happy to see you again hon! Oh and I’m so sorry I made you mess up back there. Your fans were pretty pissed at me.” I tell him.

“Hey don’t even apologize, you have nothing to blame yourself for, and you know how fans are.” He assured, shrugging.
I nodded agreeing, then things became kind of quiet between us, that’s only because Denis was making me nervous with the way he was staring at me.
His beautiful eyes scanned my body up and down in the most seductive way ever.
“Heeey…why are you staring at me li AHH!” I squealed when he grabbed my arm and jolted me to him.
Our chests were touching each other,
completely closing the distance between us.
“You have no idea how happy I am to see you (Y/N).” He spoke quietly.
I felt his arm snake around my waist and held me tightly against him.
I can feel my tits squishing against his chest, feels good actually, kind of turns me on a little.
“Well I’ve been having this idea of surprising you while you were out here since you left so…yeah, surprise!” I say while tracing random shapes on his chest.
“Well I love the way your mind works love!”
He chuckled and continued to stare into my eyes, oh God here come the huge butterflies I mentioned earlier.
Not to mention the nausia, I think I’m gonna barf for real this time. Please (Y/N) don’t do it…

“Hmm…” I slightly gasped, I didn’t even realise that his lips were now pressing against mine.
Man how I missed those lucious lips of his, I wasted no time in kissing him in return, I kissed him like I never kissed him before.
After all I only have two days to spend with him, after that I have to go back home and finish filming the season.
“Sorry I caught you off guard didn’t I?”
“It’s okay, I really love it when you do that anyway.”
He was about to say something but unfortunately he was cut off…
“Denis! We have to go do the meet and greet!” James called out to him from behind.
“Okay mate I’m comming!” He notified allowing James to just give him a nodd and walk away.
I pouted like a little kid and it didn’t even take a second for him to notice.
“Awww you are so cute. Listen why don’t you go hang out in the bus for a bit? I’ll be there a little later, I promise I wont take long.” Denis reassured me. Hope and guilt making their presence in his dark eyes.
I don’t want him to feel bad so…
“It’s more than alright Denis, take your time, go meet your fans. They’re waiting for you.”
“You’re the best you know that?” He gave me one last passionate peck upon my glossed lips and went on his way with the guys.

Denis asked the security to escort me to their bus and he did just that.
The guard was a really nice guy, I instantely got into a deep conversation with him, he even told me that him and his wife watch Game of Thrones all the time and that she’s a huge fan of mine.
I thought that was just the sweetest so I went ahead and signed some stuff for the both of them and even took pictures.
“Thank you very much Ms.(L/N), this would mean a lot to my wife.”
“Of course it’s my pleasure, no problem at all.” I gave him a hug and stepped inside the bus.
Wow this is beautiful inside, oh fuck yes! There’s a/c in here!
As I walked over to turn it on I bumped into someone.
“Oops! I’m so sorry!” I said.
“That’s alright. Well hello there.”
I looked up into a pair of hypnotizing blue eyes, “Oh my gosh hey Ben!” I greeted.

“Hi um…”
“(Y/N).” I introduced, I extended my hand and he shaked it.
“(Y/N)…” He wondered, as if my name sounded familiar to him.
“Oh!! Aren’t you that woman from Game of Thrones?!” Ben asked with excitement.
“The very same.”
“Wow I love you on that show! You look even sexier in person.”
“Hehe thank you very much I appreciate that.”
I couldn’t help but notice that he was still holding my hand, he wasn’t even shaking it anymore.
And he also seemed to be looking at me the same way Denis does. Uh oh…
Slowly and gently I released myself from his grip.
Ben was too busy gawking at me to even notice.
“Uh…” He began, looking at his surroundings before locking eyes with me again.
“I just noticed that you’re on my bus.” He pointed out with a sexual smirk.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m just gonna hang out here meanwhile you guys get back from doing your meet and greet with the fans.”

“Hey, hang out all you want beautiful, as a matter of fact, you can go hang out in my bunk back there if you like.” He winked.
Is he?…did he just?…Jesus….
I couldn’t even reply to that, all I did was giggle nervously.
“See you later.” Ben seductively whispered before stepping out of the bus.
What the hell just happend?…
He must think I came in here to fuck with him or something. Did Denis not tell him that we’re dating? Did he tell his band mates about me at all?…
Well this kind of put me down, I guess I don’t mean as much to him as he means to me…
I mean I know him and I aren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend but…we’re getting there.
Okay (Y/N) stop thinking negetive thoughts. Just remember that you’re only here for a VERY short amount of time and you don’t want to fuck it up.

I still feel kind of weird with what Ben said though. Oh well I’ll just shake it off.
I went ahead and chilled on the couch, I turned on the t.v which I’m surprised isn’t broken.
Good thing there were some pretty good shows playing right now.
The meet and greet seemed to be taking a while to pass, feels like it’s been hours, I’m not surprised though, AA is a very badass band, they must have millions if not billions of guys and girls loving them.
I let out a long yawn, my eyelids feel heavy, I’m sleepy as hell, that road trip over here really tired me out.
And I just remembered that I was up since like six in the morning.
Before I even knew it…I was in dreamland….

“Shhh shut up!! Can’t you fuckers see she’s sleeping?!” I heard Denis whisper yell.
I was confused until I slowly opened my eyes and found myself with a blanket on me. When I looked up I also found myself wrapped up in Denis’ arms.
My back was laying against his chest, crap, I guess I must’ve knocked out while waiting for him to come back.
“Hmm…” I hummed, squirming around a little.
Denis looked down at me and smiled warmly, “Hey there sleepy head, did this dumbasses wake you up? Cause I’ll kick their asses right now.”
“Oh shut the fuck up mate!!” Cameron teased while drinking a bottle of beer.
I tried to sit up but Denis gripped me tighter.
“Where do you think you’re going baby?”
He cooed while placing soft pecks on my forehead.
I giggled and rubbed the sleep off my eyes.
“How long was I out?” I finally spoke.
“Quite a long time, but that’s okay, we’re all getting ready to go to bed in a bit.”
A huge wave of dissapointment washed through me to hear him say that.
“What?! So I spent the entire day sleeping?”

“Hey now don’t worry, we still have all of
tomorrow to spend together. Wait you are going to be here tomorrow too right?”
Oh yeah that’s right, I almost forgot that they are playing here again tomorrow. Duh (Y/N) that’s why you packed for two days in the first place.
I placed my hand on face caressing his skin.
“Of course I’ll be here. Oh! but I gotta go get my stuff from the car.” I stood up and went outside.
“(Y/N)! Wait! Let me go with you!” Denis yelled from inside the bus.
I waited for him and he walked over to the other side of the parking lot with me.
It looks so empty here without all the tents and the people and everything else, it’s creepy actually.
I reached my car and grabbed my little suit case from out of the trunk.
“AH!!” I screamed, feelings Deni’s arms snake around me.
I laughed after but then I shut the hell up when I turned around to see that it was actually Ben…huh?! That was really unexpected.
I looked around and Denis was nowhere to be found for some reason, where the fuck did he go?
I look a little further to see that he happend to be talking to another band singer.
Well atleast he didn’t leave me.

“Hello again.” He said, releasing me.
“Hey there Ben.” I chuckled.
“Are you going home already? I was kind of hoping we could hang out in my bus a little more. And no I don’t mean have sex, unless you want to.” He tells me.
Small laughter escaped my lips, I shook my head at him and said..
“Actually Ben I’m sorry but I’m kind of taken…”
“Well how wouldn’t you be? look how at hot you are. You might be the most beautiful female I’ve ever met.”
I grinned, I couldn’t help it, he has a way of making even the simplest of compliments sound so smooth.
It’s no wonder the ladies love him.
“Why thank you but-”
“Hey Ben are you flirting with my girl?!”
We both turned around to see Denis with his arms crossed above his chest.
He was giving Ben a very ugly look.
“Wait what? You two are together?” He questioned, his finger swaying back and fourth between us.
“Yes, she’s my girlfriend.”
Hold on one damn minute! Did I really just hear him drop the G bomb right now?!
“She is?!”
“I am?” I quizzed.

He laughed and walked over to me, putting his arm around me as he pulled me close to them.
“Yes you are, if you want to be.”
My bottom lip was taken in between my teeth.
I think either two things will happen right now, I faint or I puke.
I really hate that this horrible but beautiful feeling has to come to me every damn time! Why can’t I just feel happiness and that’s it?! But then again, I remember Emilia’s words from yesterday.
Fucking khaleesi!
“(Y/N)?…” Denis called out making me snap out of my thoughts..
“Huh? OH!! Yes! Yes of course I would love to be your girlfriend Denis. More than anything in the world…. I really like you…” I confessed.
And just like the first time I saw him, he picked me up in his arms, kissed me like crazy, and swung me around.
“She’s mine!!” He happily screamed and I cracked up.
After he placed me down I looked over at Ben who had nothing but a bored as fuck look on his face.
“Whatever, I’m too drunk for this.” He mumbled while he took steps away from us.
“He’s drunk?” I questioned.
“Yeah, he’s like that so much that you can’t even tell anymore.”
“I’m very happy that we’re official…” I blurted, my tiny figure looking up at his tall one.
He beamed down at me and grabbed a hold of my hand, it fit perfectly in his. Like it was really mean to be.

“Come on gorgeous, let’s go back to the bus, I cuddled you when you fell asleep so now you cuddle me.”
“Deal.” I proudly say.
When we reached the tour bus again and stepped inside, the guys were already asleep, Ben looked like he was sick passed out on the couch, and James seemed to be the only one who was awake.
“Hey you’re back I thought you went home?”
“No, I’m gonna spend tonight and tomorrow with my new boyfriend.” I announced, my cheeks blushing a tomato red.
My words made me earn a kiss from my man, wow, I can’t believe I actually get to say that from now on.
After tomorrow is over I can honestly go back home with a smile.
I’ll miss Denis a lot while he’s away for the rest of Warped Tour but atleast I can look foward to when he comes home again and I can make out with him all I want and what the hell, even make sweet love with him.

“This fucker is your boyfriend? How did you score a gorgeous woman like her? You’re super ugly!”
Denis punched his arm making him laugh,
“You know what? Fuck you! But I agree and disagree with what you just said man, because one part is true, how DID I get a gorgeous woman like her?”
I fucking swear on myself if my cheeks get any redder or hotter they are for sure going to pop! This boy has really gotta stop making me feel so crazy loved all the time.
“Fucking shit, and here I was thinking that I had a chance with her. I mean Jesus are you just radiant.”
“You and Ben really want to die don’t you? She’s mine.”
I snorted and playfully smacked his arm.
“Denis!” I scolded.
“Hey, it’s not Denis, it’s babe to you okay?”
“Okay babe.” I replied.
Now he was the one blushing like an idiot, an adorable idiot though with that cute beam of his.
“God I love the sound of that.” he cheered, holding me close to him.
“Shall we go to my bunk now?”
“Of course.” I say to him, he takes my hand in his one more time and we walk over to his bunk. It was fairly big, just enough for the two of us to fit inside and cuddle like he wants to.

“Hey you guys might want to sleep with headphones on or something cause Ben and I might he jacking off together later on!” James yelled from the couches.
These guys are the definition of idgaf aren’t they?
But you know what? Oddly, that’s what makes me love them so much.
“Come here you.” Said my boyfriend as he went in the bunk and opened his arms wide.
I took his hand and went in, closing the small curtain behind me.
I snuggled up closely to him and burried my face into his chest.
I felt his beautifully shaped lips kiss my hair softly as his large fingers played with strands of it.
I raised my brow as I looked up at him..
“Wait a minute aren’t I supposed to be holding you?”
“Nah, I like it better this way, and this time don’t even think about getting up from me because I’m not letting you go at all.”
This guy is seriously going to make me puke for real one day, and I will not be surprised at all.
That’s how you know you’re truly in love, it’s weird I know, but being extremely nervous with someone to the point where you feel what I feel, it’s a signal that this person is the one for you.
It’s gross, but it’s also the best.
“Goodnight babe.” I whispered.
“Goodnight baby.”
Right when we were about to fall asleep Ben and James decide it was the perfect time to disturb us…
“Hey! Are you guys fucking?!”
“Oh dear God…” Denis groaned and I just busted a gut…
Like a said before…

This is what makes me love them so much!

(Hope you babies enjoyed!! 😘)