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Episode 200: Why Were You Like This

The time has come to wrap up my thoughts on Episode 200. Not a task I’m looking forward to, in part because it’s the signal that I’m really done, and in part because I’m still pretty upset at how much complaining I’m about to do.

You have disappointed me greatly, Episode 200.

This isn’t how I wanted the finale to go. It failed me on pretty much every possible level, from storytelling and pacing to character interaction and emotional resonance. I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to conclude this liveblog project with a post yelling at an episode. BUT HERE WE ARE. I’ve not pulled my punches on any of the previous 199 episodes, and I’m not going to start now.

Episode 200, then. How it was a shitty series finale, and every last way I’m bitterly disappointed.


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metalwarrior22  asked:

Idk if you're still taking prompts, but I once saw a text post of a table full of guys and a girl. All the guys are hitting on the pretty waitress but in the end it's the polite girl in the group that ends up with the pretty waitress' phone number. I was thinking Korrasami with Korra being the waitress bc she dated the whole krew at one point or another. As for more than two guys (Mako and Bolin) I don't know who else they could be :P

It’s technically my birthday now and I am feeling significantly less terrible, so have a gift from me!

I knew I had read this text post before, but I couldn’t quite remember it and when I wrote this I was on a plane and couldn’t actually look it up. So I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what you were looking for, but I hope it’s entertaining anyway!

The restaurant was actually kind of nicer than I expected; at least for a place that the guys frequented, anyway.

I figured that a place called “Kwong’s Grille” would have been some sort of sports bar, or something. A place clean enough for Wu, hipster enough for Iroh, cheap enough for Mako and edible food for Bolin. So when I walked in I was surprised to find that Kwong’s Grille was actually kind of… put together. There were black, cloth napkins and white menus without pictures. There were plush barstools uniformly pushed up to a slate colored bar, with enough liquor to drown the entire city behind it. It must have been that extra “e” in “Grille”. It’s where all the class came from.

But just because Kwong’s Grille wasn’t a total shithole didn’t mean I was happy to be there. Wu had been hounding me for weeks though, and after the week I’d had, I could definitely have used a drink, and I figured one Happy Hour with the guys couldn’t hurt.

“Asami! Over here!” Mako called as he waved at me from a high top close to the bar, and I made my way over.

“Oh my god, you actually came,” Wu squealed as he pulled out the chair next to him in invitation.

I slid into the seat. “I actually came,” I mimicked with a smirk. “Now who’s buying the first round?”

“That’d be Iroh,” Mako said, nodding towards him. “He bet Bolin a round you wouldn’t show.”

Iroh groaned. “I thought it was a pretty safe bet.”

I laughed. “To be fair, I would have too.”

Bolin grinned around a mouthful of bread, reaching into the basket for another roll. “Yeeeesssshh!” He swallowed thickly as he pumped his fist in celebration. “One of those strawberry slushies, please!”

“A strawberry daiquiri, I keep telling you,” an amused voice behind the bar tells him. “If I have to keep stocking strawberries just for you, at least learn the name of the drink, will you?”

The bartender was walking out from behind the bar, carrying another basket of rolls. She’s pretty—her black t-shirt hugs her body in all the right ways and there’s a bold tattoo on her dark skin peeking out from under her sleeve. But as soon as her eyes flicked to mine, she wasn’t just pretty anymore. She was gorgeous. He mouth curled into a small, almost secretive grin and the different fractals of blue in her eyes sparkled with mirth.

She slid the basket across the table and Bolin looked positively delighted. “Ohhh my god, I love you. Did you know that? Seriously Korra, love of my life.”

“You’re such a romantic,” Korra said wryly as she picked up his empty basket. “I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to say when I bring you your burger later.”

Wu eyed Bolin with thinly veiled disgust. “He’ll probably ask for extra ketchup.”

“So that’s a strawberry slushie for the man-child, the shittiest beer on tap for Mako, a Moscow mule for Iroh, and a vodka cranberry for Wu?”

I raise my eyebrows in mild surprise. “I guess they really do come here often.”

Mako cleared his throat. “Asami, this is Korra. She plays on my club team.”

“And is our incredible, perfect, waitress!” Bolin interjected.

Mako rolled his eyes and continued, “Korra, this is Asami, our boss.”

“Nice to meet you,” Korra said, extending her hand towards me. “And yeah, they come here pretty often.”

I took her hand. Her grip was firm and warm and I probably linger in the handshake just a second too long. “Nice to meet one of the players that has carried Mako to victory all those times.”

Korra laughed, loudly and freely, and I can’t help but smile in return. “I like her, you guys should bring her more often.”

“Korra carries the whole team, isn’t that right, Korra?” Iroh says dully, leaning back in his chair and slinging an arm over the back of it.

Korra shrugged, either not noticing or deliberately ignoring Iroh’s awkward bravado. “Nah, everybody’s great. Even Mako.” I have seen my fair share of false humility in the business world, but Korra’s words didn’t carry a drop of insincerity in them, which was almost startling. She turned to me. “So I know their order by heart, but what about yours?” she asks.

I blinked, caught off guard. “Um, I hadn’t actually thought about it. Do you want to surprise me?”

Korra tilted her head, studying me. “What are you in the mood for?”

I thought about the week I’d had, and the contracts that had yet to be reviewed waiting on my desk. I sighed. “Something simple, but significant.”

Korra quirked her mouth into her endearing, crooked smile. “I can do that. Be right back!”

Once Korra had returned to the bar, Iroh sighed. “She is so hot,” he said, a little bitterly.

“Why don’t you ask her out instead of just flirting with her?” I asked, unable to keep my own bitterness out of my voice.

Iroh frowned. “I have. That woman is uncrackable. Maybe she’s a lesbian.”

Bolin shook his head. “She’s not though, Mako made out with her after you guys won that tournament, didn’t you?”

Mako blushed but couldn’t suppress a small, pleased smile when he stammered, “Ah—uh, yeah, we did. But that’s all it was, she turned me down when I asked her out on a date later.”

“I can’t imagine what her deal is,” Wu said haughtingly, “she’s turned me down too and—”

“Shut up, Wu,” Mako said, exasperatedly.

“Yeah, shut up, Wu,” Iroh echoed.

Wu crossed his arms and huffed. “Well fine.”

Korra returned, carrying a tray full of drinks. After she had served everyone—and added yet another basket of rolls to the table—she set the last glass down in front of me. “Something significant, as requested.”

It was a light amber color, tinged with red from the muddled cherry at the bottom. I gave Korra a skeptical look as I picked up the glass and made of show of inspecting the drink. Korra smiled as she watched me, her eyes drifting to my mouth as I brought the glass to my lips.

It was rich, a little sweet and tinged with lemon. I licked my lips and Korra followed the motion. “Oh, whiskey, good choice. What else?” I asked.

Korra tilted her head. “A stiletto. Whiskey, amaretto and lemon.”  

“It’s delicious.”

Korra’s grin grew wider. “I’m glad you like it.”

We ordered a few appetizers to share—except for Bolin, who ordered some ridiculously huge burger with bacon jam and extra ketchup to go with his fries—and I started to loosen up a bit. It was nice, actually. I know I can sometimes be stiff and aloof at the office, but the guys have never held it against me. After a few drinks my “I’m your boss” vibe sort of naturally fell away, and I couldn’t help but get swept up in their infectious laughter and irreverence. It was everything I didn’t know I needed.

“Okay, okay, but why do I get killed every time?” Wu squawked indignantly.

“Because no one wants to fuck or marry you,” Iroh said seriously. “It’s your turn, Asami. Let me think of a good one…”

I giggled, my face feeling hot as I sipped my drink—a manhattan this time, thanks to Korra. “Alright Wu, I’ll pick you to fuck this time. Go ahead Iroh, make Wu one of the options.”

Iroh grinned. “Fine. Fuck, marry, kill: Wu, Bolin and… Korra.”

I gulped my cocktail a little harder than I meant to. “Pfffft—sorry Wu, I can’t do it. Kill you, marry Bolin, fuck Korra.”

What? You couldn’t even kill Bolin instead?”

I shook my head, and pointed at Bolin with my drink. “He’s my assistant! I need him!”

Wu pouted. “You guys suck.”

“Aww, poor baby,” I cooed as I pinched Wu’s—surprisingly soft—cheek. “Tell you what, I’ll go get a round of shots. That’ll make you feel better.” I slid out of my seat a little clumsily, but still gracefully, damnit.

“Shots! Shots!” Bolin started the chant, and the others picked it up. “Shots! Shots!” I waved at them over my shoulder as I made my way to the bar.

I had to weave around several bodies—the restaurant had gotten quite a bit busier—and shoved myself between two occupied barstools. Korra was there, entertaining several young women by lighting a row of shots on fire. I watched as the girls gleefully take the shots, then turn to each other in surprise. “It tastes like warm pumpkin pie!” one of them trilled.

Korra winked as she collected the empty shot glasses. “Told ya.”

She took a few more orders, and I was happy just to watch her all night. She laughed easily and often, and hardly seemed to notice the more aggressive patrons. After a few moments she spotted me, and stopped to say something quietly to the other bartender working with her. He laughed and nodded before taking over her spot on the bar. She sauntered over to me and slapped a rag onto the counter. “What can I get you this time?” She asked, leaning close to my ear. “A sidecar?”

Christ, I was so ruined for her. “Sounds good, but I’m also in need of five shots.”

She pulled back, her eyes wide in surprise. “Boss lady cutting a little loose, huh?” she observed as she pulled out six clean shot glasses.

“I’ve been known to have fun occasionally,” I told her as I watched her pour various liquids into a shaker.

“I don’t doubt it,” she said with a smile and a lingering look.

I might have been a little drunk and a little out of practice, but I could certainly pick up what Korra was putting down. “What’s that?” I asked with a pointed look at the shaker. “Sex on the beach?”

Korra laughed. “Sorry to disappoint, but this is a washington apple. Keeping you on the whiskey menu tonight, I think.”

Okay, so maybe I was more than a little out of practice. “I only need five,” I tell her as she poured out the rosy liquid into the shot glasses.

Korra glanced at her watch. “Well I am off work in about thirty seconds, so this one is for me.”

I bite my lip in what I hope is an alluring manner. “In that case, I think you can take two more.”

I must have been at least somewhat successful, because her eyes found my mouth again before returning to my eyes. “What about your friends?”

I leaned my elbows on the bar. “You’re better company. And besides, I see those guys every weekday.”

She smiled. Not her small, secretive grin, but an openly pleased one instead. “I don’t know how you do it,” she said as she picked up her first shot.

“By drinking heavily,” I said as I selected my own glass. We take them, and it’s a smooth burn all the way down, with a little bit of sour at the end. “Wow, that’s really good.”

“Good, because you’re about to drink two more,” Korra said with a chuckle.

When I returned to the table, sans shots, Iroh looked at me confusedly. “What the fuck?”

“What happened to the shots?” Mako asked loudly before hiccuping harshly.

I shrugged. “I got something better,” I said as I brandished the cocktail napkin with Korra’s number on it.

Ride Home

So this is my avatar secret santa gift to lermansboobs. I waited until the finale to pass before starting this fic because I was hoping for inspiration. Not the best plan. It took a while to get and idea for this. But inspiration finally struck and I still wanted to give you a nice fic to help lift our spirits. A nice simple Makorra!Modern AU (I tried to keep the wording as simple as possible and spent days trying to get everything in order). Enjoy! I hope you had Merry Christmas!

 Pairing: Makorra (Modern!AU)

Words: 2132

“Bo! Have you seen my scarf?!” Mako called out, frantically digging through his closet draws. ‘It has to be in here, it has to be. Why did I have to lose it today of all days?’

“No Bro sorry!” His brother, Bolin, called back, peaking through the bedroom door. “Why are you going so crazy over this? It’s not even that cold out today.”

The 22 year old sighed in defeat, plopping down on his bed and rubbing the back of his neck. “I just really need it tonight. I…”  He looked back up at his brother before burying his face in his hands and mumbling; “I’ve got a date.”

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I feel pretty positive that this hasn’t won Haruka any fans. I mean she just slapped the shit out of Usagi, and for most, that’s not really a plus. Particularly if anyone is still feeling charged over the fact that Haruka and Michiru killed Pluto and Hotaru about three minutes ago, this is isn’t going to be doing you any favours.


I haven’t for one second believed that Haruka and Michiru have actually turned traitor, so that’s my standpoint for approaching anything they do after that point. Now it’s not impossible that Galaxia’s power completely overwhelmed them and they now exist purely as cruel shadows of themselves, like we saw was the case for Fuckoff Meow. But we also saw Crow and Siren, and even Gangster Mouse. Three people also under Galaxia’s control, but essentially independent of her. They weren’t the sycophant that Fuckoff Meow was, they didn’t betray each other. Crow and Siren clearly placed each other above anything else, and Gangster Mouse basically just wanted a day off to enjoy her tea with her pinky in the air. We can argue, and I think not unfairly, that the creators didn’t yet know what was going to be the bigger picture with Corporate Googlaxia, but as we well know, one of my primary rules is no extra-universe answers to in-universe questions. Whether through design or indulgence or ignorance, Galaxia’s bracelets DO NOT necessarily indicate direct control or even necessarily real change in the wearer. They could! We have no idea who Crow and Siren and Gangster Mouse were before they were Crow and Siren and Gangster Mouse. But until proven otherwise, I choose to believe that the bracelets are a collar, nor a lobotomy.

Which, for the purposes of right now, means Haruka is in total control and knows precisely what she’s doing.

Let’s focus on that part: that Haruka is in total control.

Because did you see that completely neutral expression? We get it again right after Haruka’s slapped Usagi.

Not the fainted hint of an emotion. Not a twitch beyond this stony neutrality. Now Haruka is a great many things, not the least of which is a huge asshole sometimes, but she is not nor has she ever been devoid of emotion. Haruka has the vaguest hint of an emotion, she’s bleating it to the fucking sky. And if she can’t say what she’s actually feeling, she dramatically overcompensates in some other direction. She does NOT do nothing. Haruka is the wind. The wind never stills.

It could, theoretically, be a sign of bracelet-induced brainwashing, but I defy you to look at literally any moment with any of the previous bracelet-wearers we’ve seen and find where “studious lack of emotion” is the reaction to anything.

For good or for ill (your perspective, your choice), this is all Haruka.

Which brings us to the WHYS. The whys are, of course, the most fascinating parts. It actually isn’t too difficult to figure out. Since the moment Usagi woke up, Haruka’s been preparing herself.

I’m going to steal a quick moment in the middle of this to reflect on how the odds on Haruka appearing only RIGHT when Usagi regained consciousness are functionally non-existent. Haruka threw the attack, nothing knocked her out. What we know is that Usagi and Haruka both are no longer in Galaxia’s throne room. Galaxia herself had left, she didn’t bring anyone here. My conclusion is that Haruka threw her attack, intending it to knock everyone out so they could get a little breathing room. (Also quite possibly for Usagi’s benefit, because NO FUCKING GOOD THING has happened in that room, and it must feel oppressive as hell.) Then she and Michiru brought Usagi (and likely the Starlights) out of the throne room, and stood watch over them while they recovered. They could have done anything to them, not even restrain them. They didn’t do anything at all, because they don’t actually want to.

Not wanting to and being able to avoid it aren’t always the same things, though. When Usagi wakes up, Haruka has no way of knowing what Usagi’s brain just did to her. She doesn’t know how DESPERATE Usagi is clinging right now to the idea that this is all fake.

Usagi, by the same token, doesn’t know how right she is.

She comes at Haruka, SPILLING EVERYTHING. And she’s so certain. She isn’t just suggesting it hopefully, she’s CONVINCED. Usagi has the faith and fervour of the newly converted, and she believes with everything she has (which, it’s Usagi, so quite a fucking lot) that Haruka and Michiru are playing Galaxia, which means they haven’t really turned their back on her and she hasn’t really lost anyone else. And if that’s true, than maybe everyone isn’t dead, and Setsuna and Hotaru will admit it was a trick, and Ami and Mako will apologize, and Rei will wag her finger and smirk and say Usagi has a big mouth and Minako will be like “WELL DUH WE KNOW THIS” and Mamoru will say he’s proud of her and Chibi-Usa will really have a reason to call her a crybaby and things will be okay and everyone did well and they’ll all hug and cry and nobody will ever leave her again.

If Haruka will only admit this is all just an act.

But Haruka can’t. She CAN’T. It all comes down to this. Haruka believes, with the same strength of conviction as Usagi right now, that this is their only chance. They aren’t powerful enough to defeat Galaxia directly, but if they don’t defeat Galaxia, then nothing matters anyway. Haruka BELIEVES this is the only chance they have to save everyone.

Is she moved by Usagi’s pleas? Maybe a little. Haruka doesn’t need much convincing to believe the worst about herself, and I’m pretty sure that Usagi – this wellspring of light and love and forgiveness – looking at Haruka with disgust and loathing would be proof positive of everything Haruka’s ever told herself.

But if Usagi dies, what difference does it make? Better for her to live hating Haruka than die believing in her.

Usagi MUST shift that faith and fervour from believing Haruka’s truth to believing Haruka’s lie. Usagi is too good at convincing people see what she sees. If Usagi believes in Haruka, then maybe Galaxia will too, and then it will truly have all been for nothing.

Usagi has to believe the truth Haruka is trying to sell. Usagi has to hate her.

Usagi’s going to some interesting places this season. Maybe she will.

Maybe Haruka’s doing such a good job that most everyone will hate her too.

I wouldn’t expect Haruka to apologize any time soon.

Jogging down that Familiar Path with You.

Summary: Korra goes out for a jog and runs into some dork. Hijinks ensues.

Pairing: Makorra

Words: 4,457

A/N: HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY AYESHA!!! (aka korrablake). I know that I’m almost a week late but as you know I’ve been stressed and had a serious case of writer’s block but I pulled through and finished it for you! I hope this helps destressify you too! It’s one of my personal favourite fics I’ve written so far and I tried to include everything you love in here. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!

The morning sunshine cast long shadows along the cobbled pathway which weaved its way through the park, only broken by the gaps in the leaves of trees which provided shade to herself and her fellow joggers.

Korra had only been living in the city for a few weeks now, during which time she spent unpacking and attending classes. Today was the first day that she had to herself and she’d been looking forward to it ever since she’d arrived.

Once she finished warming up, she secured her headphones and selected a song from her workout playlist on her ipod. Then she was off.

There was nothing that Korra loved doing more than exercising. The way her muscles burned and the pleasant ache of her body afterwards, the feeling of sweat dripping down her face after a particularly long workout, the way her blood would heat up and the lasting energy that lingered in her body even hours afterwards.

Soon she was drenched in sweat, her body moving in that familiar rhythm that seemed to melt the stress of the past weeks and simply made her feel alive. She closed her eyes, simply taking in the moment, thinking about how great her day was going.

Then she ran into a wall. At least she thought it was a wall.

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anonymous asked:

Asami and Mako are best friends who meet Korra together/at the same time. They both fancy her but Mako manages to ask Korra out first. Asami acts weird and Korra wrongly thinks she likes Mako. Asami sets Korra straight (haha) by confessing with flash cards a la "Love Actually". But this one ends happily for Asami. -- Up to you how not to make Mako feel left behind/out. Please and Thank. :)

“Asami!” Mako stormed through the college dormitory halls till he reached her room and banged loudly on the door. “I know you’re in there! Open the damn door!”

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