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Solangelo Headcanon #2

For lionsleeps2nite who wanted a headcanon about Nico/Will’s relationship from the view of their parents :)

The last thing Hades wants is to be related to Apollo in any other way besides Uncle-Nephew. Apollo is loud and blindingly happy; he is musical and insists on reciting 42 new haikus every time he sees Hades; and he once tried to redecorate his palace (“It is dark Uncle/Not good for setting the mood/We want grandchildren”). 

Apollo isn’t too keen on getting closer to his uncle. Hades is even more anti-social than Artemis; he is stubborn and won’t listen to the Sun god’s romantic ideas for their sons; and he, on several occasions, forcibly ejected Apollo from the Underworld (“Stop removing my furniture you Zeus da-” “Now, now, Uncle. Lannnggguuaaggeeeee!….”

But when Nico visits the Underworld with gradually tanner skin that starts to resemble his mother’s and comments on the new decor with a small smile….

And when Will starts to hone his archery skills and practice his singing (and Apollo has his theories about why his song choice is so 1930s)…

Neither parent can really bring himself to care about the other because the first thing Hades wants is his son to be happy, and Apollo is especially keen on making sure his son shines as bright as possible. 

For amibunny, as promised~ Dango Daikazoku

Yesterday in a call she got me to listen to this to help me sleep - little did she know I already knew about this song and actually just started learning it on piano a few days ago. So by her request I played and recorded it for her

Bleh made one mistake but considering I just started learning it a few days ago without much practice of putting it all together without mistakes I think I did okay @w@;;