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henshin bee and civilian bee…. i have a few vague forms of my magical girl outfit laying around so i went about drawing a more finalized one.. (which is where my prompt drawing came from) self indulgent yes but I DO WHAT I WANT

i would love to find an angel aura quartz star pendant HENSHIN ITEM to complete my look someday!! and some properly ripped leggings/jeans tbh


A list of personal faves - 10 sitcoms

S/o to @ammonoids for lettin’ me read their brilliant story ‘Source of the River’ (which i still need to fuckin finish bc I’m a slow-ass reader). Here’s (my interpretation of) the protag, Jianguo, and the modern mandarin version of his name which literally means ‘nut’ lMAO. next up is modern AU duyi embracing the sweet release of death


Favourite Movies → Meet the Robinsons

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”                                 - Walt Disney

so here’s a hope for a FromSoft Game,,that i discussed in depth with @ragtiming this morning
its called

Patch Souls

  • Spin-off game with obvious dark souls influences, but strays in numerous ways
  • Takes place in the Hub of the Patchii, where all Patches’s’s’s come from before being sent to their respective destinies
  • you play as Patches the Newborn and journey to gain your title and get the big cash money goods
  • Your Journey is narrated, as events seen might be difficult to comprehend, even for seasoned Souls fans

“This young patches is nervous, but as all Patchii are at his age, eager to earn his first coin. He approaches the hoard’s leader, knife in hand.”

  • Defeat your troupe’s leader and gain the white soapstone allowing you to enter a world of multiplayer. Invade and Summon (invade) other patchii.

“Here we see the Patchii fighting to earn their Unbreakable/Trusty titles”

  • Form alliances. Betray alliances. Stab + Kick Patchii into holes. Gain titles. The longer you hold an alliance, and feign trustworthiness, the more powerful a title you can claim. 

“Such is the Harsh way of the Patchii.”

  • when you’ve toppled the forces and gained the riches and made the friends, the end game faces you off against a final enemy, some knight errant probably

also here is my patches

he’s colorblind, he has really tiny claw hands and 


Justin Taylor appreciation week! 

  • Day 1 (October 12): favorite season: season 3 & season 1 

anonymous asked:

ur icon is really cute!! whats it from? :o

ty!!!!!!!!! oh gosh well its from one of my fave artists whose url escapes me rn smh p sure its an oc

surprise! i still think about this fic from time to time and it’s been forever since i drew any jeanmarco for myself so here’s a quick sketch of my absolute favorite scene in c’est l’amour ♥

also kind of a gift to @kirschtrash ヾ(。・ω・)シ

based off of the reason by hoobastank 

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