oh well im not here to do math

The TABLE WAR at Lunch

(Seriously guys it’s chaotic)

ENTJ gets to last table left in lunchroom first cause our normal table got taken
*Girl gets there right after*
Girl: Um, this is where WE usually sit.
ENTJ: Well our table got taken.
Girl: I have friends coming.
ENTJ: …uh sorry?
*INTP arrives*
ENTJ: *get over here INTP!* *beckons over*
*Girl’s friend arrives*
Girl: …
Girl to friend as they walk away: Well I wasn’t gonna fight her for it…
ENTJ: *Oh you know you weren’t about to* *im not having it today and I would have beat your ass ((verbally of course))*
ENTJ to INTP: she was in my math class last year so she should already know that I will fight. I will do it.
INTP: …good job.