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how do you develop self confidence? this is something i constantly struggle with and im so sick of it?? like im always comparing myself to others and im never happy with what i do and im just never satisfied? idk i just wanna stop feeling so mopey and sad and bitter and you seem like you're rlly comfortable w yourself so,, i just wanna be happy w myself tbh

i’m gonna be 100% honest: no way in hell am i self-confident. i tend to talk about this less on this blog bc i want it to be a positive space for myself and others, but basically, i have problems with my own body image / self-worth / self-confidence. i’m never satisfied with myself whether it be my looks or my achievements or whatever else it may be, and i always feel like i’m taking up too much of everybody else’s resources and time (sorta like a waste of space if u get what i mean). i also feel disconnected from everything every once in a while, and it’s so incredibly jarring.

but i’m trying to get past it by telling myself that yes, i am worth it, and yes, i do deserve to live in this world. you’re gonna have some up days and you’re gonna have some down days, but there’s no way except forwards. i’ve got no other life than this, so i might as well make the most of it.

i guess,,,, it’s sorta like lying to yourself or like a “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality, but it kinda sorta works ? it’s hard to explain, but i’ve found that by surrounding myself with positivity about myself and the people around me has helped me a lot. i’ve also been trying to stop focusing on myself and focusing my love on other things and other passions. it’s a lot easier to love others and as a side effect, i end up feeling happier + other people feel happy too. i think that’s a decent trade-off and a step towards developing myself.

and on the down days, i write. it’s a good creative outlet for me + it helps me confront my own feelings / settle down. also, it’s good to remember that we’re not perfect. we’ve got flaws and we make mistakes. in a way, social media makes it seem as though everybody is perfect and having a great time bc it allows you to filter the best parts of yourself for other people to see. either way, it’s okay to feel shitty at times; you just need to remember to pick yourself up and keep going forwards.

tl;dr: i don’t know how to develop self-confidence, but i’m picking up the pieces of myself and trying to focus on positivity and not on tearing myself down. i don’t know if it’s working, but i hope it is.

here’s a message that i answered about loving yourself that might help as well. i go back and read this reminder to myself every once in a while too.

i hope this helped, anon, and i hope you feel better ;;


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

flower cloak.


In case you haven’t watched Wizards of Waverly Place (you missed out), but there was a magic necklace that glows only if you’re in love with the person who put it on you. And of course my heart was screaming klance. So here’s Keith being insecure about Lance’s feelings about him but feeling really happy that his bf loves him. Next


What’s the best aspect of the Aries-Gemini relationship? Their ability to work together as a single unit. Together they can learn much more than either Sign would alone.

Gerard and Lindsey requested by - Anonymous 


🎁 May 24rd • The Matsuno Brother’s Birthday 🎁


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shigatsu wa kimi no uso 「 四月は君の嘘 」 ► the scenery i shared with you ( 10/22 )

There’s the smell of chalk. A window with unsightly cracks. The sound of distant sports teams. The shadows of cherry blossom petals. The faint breathing of someone asleep … the scenery’s changing …  ” ( i’m going to play for you )


it’s been a long day without you, my friend
           and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again 

hello heres my taz contribution:
  • kravitz: [a romantic who celebrates six month anniversaries in convoluted and weird ways: climbing into taakos window at midnight exactly]
  • taako: [knocked the fuck out]
  • kravitz: [whispering] taako.... taako.... sweetie wake up...
  • taako: w....tf?
  • kravitz: [a romantic trying his hardest with a midnight picnic currently chilling on the roof] come on, honey we gotta go. happy annive-
  • taako: go? were going? oh shit yeah lets go. [grabs his wallet from the night stand] fuck yeah lets go [starts shredding his credit cards]
  • kravitz: i'm.... what the hell are you doing?
  • taako: its all or nothing, baby. if were going off the grid we gotta do this right. you got a car?
  • kravitz: what? were not-
  • taako: [out of bed and ruffling thru his closet for a very full and well prepared backpack] lets go, bitch. its cool i got a car stashed a few miles away but itll be a bit of a walk
  • kravitz: taako i didnt mean that-
  • taako: [starts cutting his own fucking hair off] WERE IN THIS TOGETHER, BABY