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Why is this so funny to me….

Okay I think I may need to explain myself a little. Back in college, I had to take a class where we had to learn some of the basics in the Unity engine (software that lets you render and program games). The default player model was this little pill-looking thing that would hover above the ground a little; and  if I had to guess, the default looked this way just in case the students were making a game in the first person view with no intention of creating a model for the playable character. 

So far we have no idea what Henry looks like, nor does he appear to have a shadow that would give off any hints to what he could look like. Even though there are hypothetical designs for Henry that I really like, my brain keeps coming back to Henry looking like this in-game because of the fact we’ve never seen what his character model looks like yet. XD

here’s the thing: I liked la la land. It was a cute movie. the dancing was fun. cinematography wise? breathtaking

but you know what really, really bothered me while I was watching it?

all of the diversity in the background

they’re in LA. there’s men and women of every color dancing and singing in the opening number. it really reflects how diverse and wonderful LA really is!

and then the story begins and we zoom in on… two white people falling in love

one of whom is obsessed with preserving Jazz as a musical genre

look me in the eyes and TELL ME WHY a white actor had to play that role

Jazz has DISTINCTLY black roots

we could have had an interracial couple

HELL, we could have had a struggling black musician and a struggling black actress trying to get her big break

and it sucks because while I DO love Gosling and Stone and they did a great job

all I can do is look at the movie and feel the POTENTIAL that it had, had they casted their leads differently

so yeah it bothers me when they act like la la land was “such a feat” and they were “worried it wouldn’t have an audience” when like… come on. two well known white leads falling in love. gimme a break.

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

Got a new binder finally. The underworks one didn’t fit and I had to fold it up to my chest and then fold the excess down and then put a cheap Amazon binder on over that which

Took way too long and was really annoying

This one’s from gc2b though and I really like it. It actually does its job :P

oh and sorry for the shit lighting

(Remember not to wear your binder for more than eight hours! Take frequent breaks when wearing it! Never double bind!)


lov the case one fellas! can’t wait for @ghost-and-pals ’S new stuff tbh, their songs are amazing and you guys should all check them out tbh
oh man tho I think this is first time ive ever drawn henry but i think he looks ok!!!!!! hope u like it ghost!!!

Yoongi Scenario: That Glow.

Request: Can you do me a Yoongi fluff where you’re a Youtuber and you’re doing a makeup tag and you do his makeup/he does your makeup and it’s just full of fluff and funny moments? xD

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

-No I won’t do it- you heard Yoongi say when you pushed him to answer the question you had made some minutes ago.

Your subscribers had been begging you to do a makeup tag with your boyfriend, and secretly, or not so secretly, you really wanted to do it as well. You had the makeup, you had the boyfriend, but Yoongi wasn’t having it, or so he thought.

You pouted coming closer to him. -Why not?-

He sighed keeping his eyes down on his laptop to then look at you with a frown. -What is a makeup tag exactly?-

You sat on the arm of the sofa where he was sitting. -Don’t pretend you don’t know-

-I don’t- he answered and you squinted your eyes because you knew he did know but was only acting up, making himself uncooperative just to annoy you and please himself hearing you going around and about. You knew him too well.

-Alright, I will explain, again, but give me some room there- you said and he obliged moving things around, but barely, so you had to sit in the little space very close too him. He shrugged and watched his laptop but you didn’t miss the little smirk.  Oh Yoongi, him and his passive aggressive ways always made you want to laugh, or to hit him with something.  
-A makeup tag is when someone ask you to do some kind of video, in this case, about makeup, so it will be us doing something with it, and after that I will tag people or my subscribers-

-Ah!- he exhaled exaggeratedly. -So that’s what it is-

You smiled leaning a bit more to him. -Yes that’s what it is, would you do it with me?-

Yoongi turned his head to you and raised his brows. -No-

You whined and slapped his arm as he laughed. -You are the worst, I wonder If I can find another boyfriend who can do things with me- you put that out crossing your arms childishly, closing your eyes waiting for his reply.

-Yah, what is that about other boyfriend?- he put the laptop away with the pile of things he had on the sofa. -Not a chance-

-No? I bet I can find the perfect man to do the makeup tag with me-

-What perfect man?- he snorted. -You have me, you don’t need anyone else- he answered smugly.

You couldn’t help your smile and he couldn’t help his despite him wanting to remain with his cocky smirk. -So that means you will do it with me?-

Yoongi turned a bit more to you, one hand going to yours, the other to your thighs. -What do I get in return?-

-My love- you answered with agyeo making him squirm and smile in embarrassment because he probably didn’t expect that. -and a wish-

-A wish you say?- he repeated putting himself together, licking his lips.

You nodded. -A wish, and of course me not looking for another boyfriend-

He frowned and pinched your thigh and you laughed. -Alright then, but I will make you work for it, let’s see what is this makeup tag thing you have going on-

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papyrus is searching desperately everywhere for his orange tabby cat pasta... just as he begins to fear he's lost his pet forever, he realizes she's been balancing on his head the whole time

pasta’s been meowing incessantly the whole time but it just confused pap more

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

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Has the circus changed your life?

How did the circus change my life? In February 2012 I was a vaguely quiet 19 year old with few friends and even less confidence. I was in my early years of university at a neighbouring city to my home town and spent most of my time on sedentary internet-related pursuits and at a guess was at the upper end of the weight range for my height. I had never been one to dedicate myself to hobbies or extracurricular activities such as sport or music; infamous in my family and school for auditioning for every instrument going, becoming briefly obsessed and then immediately dropping it to return to doing nothing. Similar stories can be told for various sport related exploits. Basically I was a late teen’s person not known for really doing “particularly anything”, who had no sport or dance experience, who incidentally stumbled upon the circus.

The circus goes back many hundreds of years and at that point in my life (as with many other people even now) mention of it induced thoughts of clowns, elephants, lion tamers, jugglers and maybe the odd trapeze artist. I had never really seen nor heard of aerial acrobatics, or known the extent and variety of what it could include. Through a friend at university, I came across a local performance company running basic beginner workshops in aerial circus skills, what made me sign up? “Oh you guys are going? I’ll just come along as well then.” I tagged behind fitter and more confident and daring friends - thinking in the worst case I’m usually good enough at laughing at myself. We arrived wearing completely the wrong attire. An important lesson to learn early on is do not wear shorts in the early days of learning trapeze, rope, hoop and silks. Aside from blaming my bare legs for not wanting to try certain things, it became clear very quickly that this was yet another thing I had no natural flare for. Sometimes people try a new sporting venture and immediately everyone in the room quietly thinks “oh dear, this calamity really isn’t going to last here”. It happens. And yep, there I was.

My friends had fun but weren’t interested in going back, so why did I? Well maybe if I covered my legs I could give it a better shot next time… Before I could change my mind I had signed up for regular beginner classes, going along by myself. The thing you hear a lot of people say about aerial acrobatics is that, surprisingly enough, it really is for anyone and this is something I really firmly believe. Coming from the disaster who lacked strength, flexibility and coordination, and who spent month after month after month in the absolute beginner’s class; 5 years down the line I can honestly say persevering with a seemingly random and hopeless physical pursuit was the best decision I’ve ever made.

You won’t find more warm, welcoming and inclusive people than those hanging upside down at your local aerial school. Similarly you won’t find more supportive, understanding and non-judgemental fitness instructors than those who teach aerial - they often started at the bottom with this trying physical venture as well. Although tiny successes over vast periods of time and “getting better” kept me going at aerial, I think what really makes the circus is the people. I couldn’t swap the time spent with such inspiring performers and instructors, or the close friends I’ve made throughout the years for anything. From intense training sessions and moving up levels together to performances, nights out and training camps abroad; aerial has exposed me to only the most wonderful people and the most unique experiences while creating the best memories along the way.

Fast-forward 5 years, I am flexible and I am strong. I’m fit, healthier and have high stamina. I train 4 times a week and I’ve been a part of some amazing performances with the people I’ve met over the years. I’ve trained in the sun in various countries and learned so much from international professionals. Confidence is always something that requires continual work, but it’s definitely upped massively since discovering the circus. This was one brief obsession I’m glad I didn’t let go of, and that I have no plans to let go of in the near future. And it definitely changed my life. Aerial provides a unique focus and mind-set and although occasionally can be frustrating in itself, definitely helps alleviate the stresses of day to day life. It can quickly turn into the most fun and rewarding form of exercise, and again is definitely open to everyone and anyone wanting to give it a go.

They say the circus arrives without warning and in my case, it really did.
  • <p> <b><strong></b> </b> Metal Bat</strong>: Where are you going?<p/><b><strong></b> Garou</strong>: Well, that depends. When I die, probably hell, but right now I’m going to the bathroom.<p/></p>

[I wish I could hate you.]

Read from right to left. I started this little project months ago, so my drawing style is a little different than it is now. As flawed as it is, I’m glad to de kinda done with this, so please, if you enjoyed it, reblog it ! 


so I finished watching that genocide longplay! …I needed some dorky skelepuns after that, ‘scuse me

eta: oh my god I completely missed the joke that the face steaks were literally just rectangles (this game) so uhhh…let’s pretend they updated them?? :’D


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Top nostalgic games : i like this idea   going to do 10 ps3 an Xbox 360 after this list . 

I tag anyone who sees this but just in case,

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The Thunder Rolls - Part 1

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: About 2000

Summary: Dean and Sam are on a case in your hometown but the trail is running cold. Dean is hoping to make a move before they leave town and start another case.

Warnings: Domestic Violence

Please, if you are or ever find yourself in a situation of domestic violence, *do not hesitate* to reach out for help, support, or just to talk to someone about what is going on. The United States National Hotline (24/7 and Confidential) is 1-800-799-7233. This blog (http://togetherweare-strong.tumblr.com/helpline) also has hotlines for multiple other countries.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Sam and Dean rolled into town with the all too familiar rumble of the impala. To them it seemed like a straightforward case. Three demons had been causing havoc in the area. Not for any reason in particular, probably just to stir up the dust of the small conservative town. Earlier in the week, they had tracked all three demons to a beach house. They were able to take care of two but the third smoked out. They reckoned the thing was still in town but laying low based on sulfur that was found at several violent thefts.  However, they couldn’t establish a pattern and the trail seemed to turn cold. They discussed back and forth on whether they should head out for bigger and badder things. Dean argued they should stay but Sam saw right through his intentions. The fact that he had been eyeing a bartender every night gave him away, not wanting to leave town before he made a move.

You had been born and bred in this town. Never leaving for more than three days at a time. As everyone did in this town, you married young. Travis would have been a catch in high school and only after a year he swept you off your feet. Travis went straight to work in a factory full time. He was unable to move forward with his life, saying high school was the glory days and the best time of his life, it only went downhill from there.

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I was just trying to find an old drawing so I could compare it to nowadays AND I BASICALLY FOUND ALL MY OLD HM FANART OH MY GOD so in case you ever wonder where I’ve come from with my art… these are the places.

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You're so talented and lucky to be in so many zines Andy! You wouldn't have any tips on finding and getting into zines? Always been a dream to be in one~

Oh! Well, thank you very much for your kind words! I got extremely lucky in a lot of cases, but that itself comes from throwing yourself out there and hoping the right person will see your work lol

For finding projects…there are a couple of blogs dedicated to these things like zinesubmissions and zine-scene, but sometimes you have to be on meerkat alert and just catch an application post on your feed! It might also help to search specific fandom or character/pairing tags if those are the sorts of things you’re after. Make sure your moderator seems to know what they’re doing, though - whilst the number of zines has definitely exploded in the past couple years (which is awesome!), it also means there are a lot of people who don’t have much experience and may screw you over with poor management/not compensating you properly. So be mindful! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if your mod doesn’t seem to be transparent or have a clear plan, probably best to avoid it and find something better.

As for getting in, I can’t really help too much with that because like anyone I get rejections too! Though I can’t stress enough - firstly, you NEED to have existing zine standard artwork (or writing, if you’re a writer!) if you want a curator to even consider you in the first place. If you haven’t got any, make some. Do some full colour, page-format illustrations that showcase your ability to compose an image, your eye for colour, your ability to render things to a polished level, your ability to draw characters not just standing around but to tell a story or narrative. Try backgrounds (I’m still very guilty of avoiding them), or at least have some context to your image - don’t just draw someone standing around in blank white space without it being purposeful. I CANNOT emphasize how important this is - like, you can’t apply for something expecting to be accepted without proving you’re able to do what’s going to be required of you as an artist! I’m saying this as a curator and trust me, pretty much every other curator will say the same thing.
When you’ve got a few good examples, lump them together in another art tag or create a separate portfolio site for easy viewing if you post lots of silly sketches/doodles too (like me haha).

Next step is to…apply for as much as you can! You’re not going to make it into everything and honestly at this point rejection doesn’t bother me in the slightest anymore. Don’t get disheartened too fast! (And do NOT bitch/whine/complain publicly or take it personally if you don’t make it into something, that’s extremely petty). You may find that once you’ve done 1 or 2 projects you’ll find it easier to get into others because people will know you’ve been able to deliver, and weirdly I find myself in the same books as lots of people I did stuff with previously or friends/mutuals of mine! You’ll find opportunities start coming your way once you get a foot in, I think, because friends will message me if they find something cool and we’ll sign up together etc. 

ALSO this is kinda obvious but…be polite/pleasant to work with! If you can’t follow basic formatting instructions or are rude/uncommunicative, it’s going to come back to bite you one day. If you deliver well, you’ll be remembered for the right reasons and vice versa (so watch out…the online art community can be small in many ways).

Finally, if nothing comes up you could always try making your own! Nothing is stopping you! Gather some friends and make a small book to get going. It’s tough but also very rewarding and you’ll have something to be proud of. 👌

ANYWAY! I am so sorry for my small essay! Again, I’m just a small fry who draws for fun, but I’ve been doing zines for 4 years and have run a few of my own so hopefully you’ll find this at least a bit helpful but I’m no expert obviously. Good luck with everything! Maybe one day we will be in something together which would be cool! 😎💪🏼🌟

BTS as things my brother said

seokjin: do you know what you’re looking at? handsomeness
yoongi: *eating halfway* i’m tired
namjoon: *scooping rice super slow in case he drops anything and spills something* I’M TRYING MY BEST
jimin: we’re sharing a room? WELL HELLO TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY
taehyung: oh my god look at that baby look at that baby look at that baby he’s so cute i want to take him home LOOK AT HIM
jungkook: i can’t just tell her i like her SHE’S A GIRL