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[Scanlation] The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always Vol.1 EXTRAS by: Hashimoto Aoi

Ch.1  |  Ch.2  |  Ch.3  |  Ch.4  |  Ch.5  |  Ch.6  |  Ch.6.5  |  Ch.7  |

(。「´-ω・)ン  It’s been a while for this series, but it’s a’coming! Here’s just a compilation of all the extras that were released with the Volume. Extras include the volume bonus, comicomi studio, toranoana, horin love books, and animate. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ From this point, we’re just gonna wait until Ch.7 comes out.

All these extras are amazing and hilarious and just sdhfkjdgf. Adorable.

(☞゚∀゚)☞ All the extras are about 15 pages or so. It doesn’t fit in a tumblr post. Gotta link you else where. YOU CAN READ IT IN FULL HERE. OR, if you can’t access imgur: ALT LINK.

I did the cleaning, but thanks to Deea and Tsuki-chan for proofreading.

I hope you enjoy!


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  

“I want to take a moment to talk about you and your idea, because it’s something I always need to remember.

“So, you, as a screenwriter of a story that you came up with—you are the only person in the process who will ever truly be alone with that story. You are a mother holding their baby. You are pregnant with it. It’s in your head. No matter how complicated the process of writing it, ultimately it is a piece of you. This is a business and it’s also an art. I always get kinda disgusted when people talk endlessly about the idea that their art is “part of them”—but it is! It is! It’s as part of them as the words coming out of their mouth, as the things they say to their friends, as the things you build with your hands, the food you cook… It’s all a sort of extrapolation of you.

“Even though things can get diluted and get ruined—or never sell—or never make you any money—or come out and do badly—or get torn apart by a director who you thought would be perfect and then betrays you—or get torn apart by critics—or, you know, succeed: always keep in mind that the thing you do when you’re alone, when you’re writing it, when it’s still part of you, is special. That’s special! That’s the act of creation! Not even most humans can do that! So if you wrote something—maybe it sucks. Maybe it’s great. I don’t know. I haven’t read it. Maybe you think it sucks. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re like “I hate everything I write!” Maybe you’re one of those people. I don’t get those people, but maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re someone who’s a fanboy of their own stuff. Great! Please never forget, no matter how far you feel from the work, that it started inside you. That’s special. That’s a unique thing. And on some level you should—even if you’re just writing fanfiction for the internet—be proud of that.

Max Landis, “message to screenwriters

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Where did you read chapter 145?

I bought my own copy of Hana to Yume this morning ^ ^

Coffee Candy - Eisuke Ichinomiya

Summary: He owed her a lifelong debt. Little did she know that it all started with a piece of candy. Childhood friend AU.

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Pairing: MC/Eisuke

a/n: Man, it’s been a while since I wrote. School has been keeping me so busy, but I’m glad I managed to come up with this! I hope you guys enjoy it. This is for the otome contest 2015!


Eight years old.

               She had no idea how they became friends.

               She supposed it all started one day at school, when the teacher had been giving out candy as a reward for finishing the class play.  Luckily for her, she got a piece of coffee candy, her most favorite one.

              Unwrapping the little treat, she was about to gobble up the sweet until she noticed someone sulking at the back of the classroom. She could feel the waves of Eisuke’s sullen mood from where she stood. The arrogant little heir was too pigheaded to participate in ‘stupid group activities’ like the class play, so he was the only one who didn’t get any candy.

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cause that’s just ridiculously odd

This is how I would imagine Nikolai would look like as a child. I’m 100% sure he’d be the type of kid who would steal cookies behind his mother’s back but still be surprisingly mature and well-

(Not sure how I feel about the color scheme but oh well at least I tried right haha😅)

EDIT: this is going to be the first of a series consisting of tiny child versions of TGT and SoC characters

Pentagon Reaction | Finding Out You are Pregnant

Request:  I would like to request a Pentagon reaction to them finding out you’re pregnant :) or if youre uncomfortable writing that then them reacting to you being clumsy 😊

A/n: SOOO, some of these members are super young, so I have made them like a brother or a best friend, hope that’s ok. Also i may put a little bit of clumsiness in there for ya. 



He would be so happy, you and him have been trying for a while to have a child but every time it failed. He would call his fellow members and brag to them about how he was going to be a father, they wouldn’t hear the end of it for weeks. 

“I hope its a girl!” 

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He heard you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but after a hour or so he worried because he didn’t feel you come back. He went to check up on you only to find you sitting in the living room staring at a pregnancy test. 

You told him you had been getting sick so your friend told you you may be pregnant so you ran to the store to grab a pregnancy test. It showed up positive to which he stood there in shock, still trying to continplate what you said. 

Finally he sits down next to you and hugs you, telling you its ok and that he he is happy, clearly you can tell he is still shook up and nervous but still you can tell he is happy. 

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He would panic about everything after you told him. He would make the members help you out if he couldn’t and worried about you all the time when he was away, calling you as much as he could.

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He and you had always been jokesters so when you told him you were pregnant he laughed out loud and shook his head.

“You are playing jokes on me y/n, there is no way!” 

when you showed him the ultrasound his face would drop from a smile to a serious look.

“I am so sorry! i THOUGHT YOU WERE JOKING!”

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You were his twin, so he knew something was up when you met him for your usual coffee dates. He could tell because of how much you were fidgeting and not making eye contact with him

“Ok are you going to tell me what’s wrong or are we going to keep making small talk?”

Once you told him he would almost spit out his coffee, you had just gotten married and already you were pregnant for him it as a lot to take in. 

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Yeo One 

You both have been best friends since Elementry school and had kept in touch often. But now that he was debuted finding time to talk to him and tell him things was very scares. 

He invited you to one of the fan meetings, to which you went. When he saw you. he didn’t even need you to tell him because of the slightly visible baby bump.


you mumbled “you were busy” to which you both would bust up laughing. 

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Yan An

He would freak out so much when you told him, so much so that you busted up laughing. Only to have yourself trip and fall backwards. Which would cause him to freak out, worrying about the baby.

“I knew you were clumsy but, be more carefully I don’t want either of you to get hurt”

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Even though he was much taller then you, you were still his older sister and he always worried about you. So when you told him about you fiancee he wasn’t happy. But he was livid when you told him that your fiancee took off after he found out you were pregnant. He was so angry that he wouldn’t process that you pretty much told her you were having a child. All he really wanted to do was beat the crap out of your fiancee.

“Wait, did you said you were pregnant?!” he would burst out moments later as the info sunk in.

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Dead stare, thats all you would get from him. His sister is going to be a mom which means he will be a uncle. Finally though he would snap out of it and smiles awkwardly. 

“I am going to be a uncle? Uh, ok.”

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He was never one to show much excitement so you expected him to smile a little and say cool. He did much more than that though. He hugged you tightly and patted your tummy.

“I am so happy for you sis”

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A/N: I feel like this wasn’t very good but oh well haha. I tried.