oh well i tried

Metro DP Designs! WHOO! xD

There’s ME! xD If you wanna know how she acts, she’s always hopeful when things look tough. She hates seeing her friends upset, stressed, or anything of that nature, so she always tries to cheer them up and hides her fear to herself. She usually can hide it well, but there are other days where she breaks down, I mean don’t we all? xD She still has her love for music and she sings, but privately. She doesn’t want people to hear her voice. :3

And here’s meh FAAAAAAAAAAM xD @ania-da-peasant And yeah… her design is so much easier than mine. Oh well :3 And I tried to go for a more “anime” style, but meh, I’m not really good at it. xD At least I tried.


“People ask me why I became a weightlifter. My dad took me to a weightlifting stadium when I was 10 years old, and I strangely liked the metallic smell of the barbell. That’s when I decided to become a weightlifter too. As a young player who made history, I grew up with weightlifting. I lifted and threw the barbell thousands of times, and I cut out calluses from my hands hundreds of times. I shed thousands of liters of sweat and tears and now, I’m about to go on stage.”