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Long Distance (Chapter Thirteen)

2500 words of NSFW guys. Bucky tries out his arm. And it works really well. That’s actually all I’m going to say. Smut Under The Cut


Enjoy :)

Tony was on all fours, straddling Steve’s legs, pressing his face into a solid chest, trying to quiet his moans, digging his fingers into big arms, trying to keep himself still.

It wasn’t easy.

Not like this.

Steve was running gentle circles over his back, soothing strokes and soft words of encouragement, scratching his nails lightly through Tony’s hair.

And Bucky— well Bucky was trying to make Tony scream.

The elevator ride up to Tony’s penthouse had passed in a blur of heated kisses and roaming hands. Tony didn’t even remember leading his boyfriends to the bedroom, but here they were. He didn’t even really remember getting undressed, even though he was pretty sure Steve had ripped his pants as he yanked them off, and Bucky hadn’t even tried to save his shirt.

So they were naked , all of them, and there was so much skin and heated flesh that Tony thought he could be drunk on it.

Or at least he could be if Bucky wasn’t currently trying his damnest to make him lose his mind.

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The basilisk (Naja regula) and the cockatrice (Regulus gallus) do have overlapping distributions, but they are not the same creature.
The basilisk is the tiniest of spitting cobras, maxing out at only around 12-14 inches. However, it is also among the most venomous, and packs both a deadly bite and the ability to spit blinding venom several feet away with deadly accuracy. But before you get too disappointed, there may be some truth to the reports of insta-death odors and environment wrecking toxins as well, though not in the way you might think. These diminutive serpents dwell in volcanic regions surrounding the Red Sea and along the Great Rift Valley, where hidden gas vents may have made it appear that local flora and fauna have dropped dead for no reason.
The cockatrice, meanwhile, is a much showier beast. A flightless member of the wyvernidae family, it is swift footed and aggressive. Both sexes possess the red head and wattle, but the male’s crest is much more pronounced and swells with blood during mating rituals and threat displays. All dragons can spit up the contents of their stomach to some degree; the genus Regulus has honed this defense mechanism to a precise spurt of chemicals that can cause a painful burning sensation and blindness, much like the spitting cobra. This is generally a last resort; they prefer to simply bite and kick.
The female lays 3-5 eggs in a shallow depression lined with dry grass and leaves. It is up to the male to incubate the eggs and protect the chicks from predators, especially mongooses, which seem undeterred by the cockatrice’s aggressive nature. Cockatrices are found in Northern Africa, as well as parts of Southern Europe.

EXO Reaction when their GF does their make up while they sleep

This was requested by @bat-nerut Thank you hun! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Well we’ll see it in his Instagram, that’s for sure* “So.. do I look pretty? yes?~”


*I bet he loves it*


“Look at that boi.. he looks so handsome with eyeliner… oh it’s me”*Oh Sehun likes it*


*Don’t think for a second that he won’t take revenge*


*Still thinking about he woke up and didn’t even notice it and went to buy some coffee and the whole world saw him with a butterfly on his face*


“I don’t know jagi… I don’t think green is my color… go you have blue?”


*Convinced this is all his fault* “If only I hadn’t ate her cookie… maybe it was because I laced her shoes together… oh.. it was the eyeliner wasn’t it jagi? I’m sorry but… I loved it. I had to have it”


*Having a mental breakdown because he is all manly but he likes it* 


“Bitch please, I bet you guys are jealous of my flawless make up. My jagi did a great job!” *Boyfriend goals*


*Never gonna sleep again* “And I thought I was safe from the dorks…”


*Can’t with the make up* “Baobei who’s that boy that looks like a clown, ohh wait… IS THAT ME! UNICORN CLOWN!”


“Well jagi.. this is really makes me look gorgeous. Couldn’t have done it any better”

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Say Yes to the Dress

A/N: How about bridal shop AU? What happens when Tony spots a beautiful bride to be sitting on the dirty New York sidewalk? 

This is my submission for @yourtropegirl alternative coffee shop AU challenge.

Warnings: None cause I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. Tony will back me up on that.

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musingsfromtheclosetofanunknown  asked:

So I want to write a character who is meeting an autistic person for the first time, and I want them to have good intentions and be a fairly kind person but also make mistakes and say things they don't quite realize is wrong. My question is: what kind of mistakes do you see allistic people make that aren't intentional and aren't unforgivably offensive? How are some ways autistic people deal with this? How frustrated might someone get having to explain these things so often?

Ideas of possible things your character might do:

  • Use that special voice they save for children and people who are disabled (we are disabled, but we are still adults)

  • Or, if talking to an autistic child, speak to them as if they are much younger

  • Give well-meaning but vaguely insulting platitudes about autism “oh you are soooo brave”

  • Say other well-meaning but rude comments like “oh, you don’t look autistic! I would never have known, you seem really normal.”

  • Try to make allowances for the autistic person’s disability, without realising that they are coming across as patronising and are in fact presuming that they are unable to do things that they are able to do
  • Be overly positive and smiley and happy all the time
  • Learn a small amount about autism and assume that it applies to all autistic people.

  • For example:
    – assumes that autistic character cannot ever understand sarcasm
    – assumes that autistic character will have a particular sensory profile (not every autistic person hates noise!
    – makes comparisons to another autistic person - this is especially annoying if they are comparing an adult with autism to an autistic child (*wow, I don’t behave like your four-year-old nephew? Amazing!*)

  • Use “positive” stereotypes (e.g. “I love autistic people, they are so honest”) - I understand that they are trying to be nice, but I still want to roll my eyes way back into the back of my head sometimes. See also : this post from realsocialskills

  • For example:
    : *asks character’s opinion about something*
    autistic character
    : *lies to their face*
    : “see, that’s what I love about you, character, I always know that you’ll tell me the truth”

If your character is willing to learn and adjust their behaviour, that’s good, but most people will stay that way forever, and this is probably what the autistic character is expecting to happen.

How frustrated the autistic character becomes depends on their personality!

Some characters will show frustration more readily than others. Some characters would never explain that there was a problem, or might not be able to, or might be worried about how to do it without being rude themselves.

How the autistic character deals with the unintentionally rude person depends on lots of factors - their personality, how often they will be seeing the rude person, who else is around them, etc.

Hope this helps.

-Mod Snail

Easy Woman

Note: cannot believe this is finished wow dude. title and concept based on a specific scene in the drama Another Miss Oh. Also, this is very much reader-centric rather than member-centric. I hope you’ll still like it though. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none (but if we’re being real, internalized fatphobia, insecurity, slut-shaming if you squint)
Word Count: 6995
Rating: E, for everyone (but caution because it’s a romance, and there are kissy-kissy times)


“The problem has nothing to do with how you look. None of that really matters- well actually it does kind of matter, but you don’t have to worry about the looks portion, seriously…” Yoongi pauses, eyeing you cautiously as if you’d explode at his words. “You’re too easy.”

Your kneejerk reaction of incredulous disbelief blooms into heated indignation on your face, and Yoongi holds up his hand to stop you from releasing a seventy-two-words-per-minute rebuttal. You are, probably, the purest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your age; and you haven’t even gotten to the point of kissing someone in bed let alone sex (“At Your Age! At Your Age!” your brain likes to shout at you), so how Yoongi can call you “easy” is beyond logic – if anyone was asking you.

“I mean,” he clarifies, with a tired sigh, “You are way too easy with your heart.”


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junsnoo  asked:

a couple of my friends are, well, disgusted(?) by jonsa because they grew up believing - and still do believe - that they are siblings. I told them I definitley prefer jonsa over j0nerys (which they also find wrong due to being related) and I got judged haha I don't know how to convince them that jon and sansa share many similiarites and despite being cousins, they compliment eachother in ways that j0nerys simply don't/can't then again, they're nowhere near as obssesed with thrones like us 😜

oh caitlin. sweet summer child. recent jonsa convert. ultimately people like stuff or they don’t and it’s not your job to convince them of ships. shipping is more accidental than anything. you don’t choose what you like/what repulses you.

as for incest, consanguinity =/= incest.  @goodqueenalys has a post about it here. and we also need to remember that in no way were they raised as ‘siblings’. at least not in the way that we would describe ‘siblings’. winterfell was not a house, it was a small town. they were not raised in a nuclear family unit. jon was also seperated because he was a bastard and cat didn’t like him. sansa was a momma’s girl who avoided him because he made her mother uncomfortable. also boys and girls had different activities. if anything, they’re like neighbours. except there’s something more interesting and taboo about it – they think they’re siblings. 

but being raised by the same man means that they share a set of values. that’s why i like jonsa, i like it thematically. though sansa was once the one who wanted to leave the north behind, now she wants to protect it, as does jon. in the books, they share a dream – rebuilding winterfell and filling it with a new generation of children who look like the siblings they lost. in a story about duty and family, i think this is beautiful. this is the sort of compatibility that doesn’t wear off even when lust does. your significant other is your partner for life. downton abbey summed it up well:

“Marriage is a long business. There’s no getting out of it for our kind of people. You will live 40, 50 years with one of these women. Just make sure it’s the right one.”

i also think they would be effective together. i wrote about this in my contribution to the jonsameta roundtable. jon is very focused on the big picture and doing what is right, to his own detriment. sansa is a little more ruthless and realistic. they balance each other out and i think they could help usher in great reforms as king and queen in the north. and all of this would lead to our boy jon snow being happy in the long run. despite everything, they trust each other.

and also let’s not forget that right before sansa showed up jon was basically giving up on saving the world, instead heading south to get warm. then a girl comes around, smiles at him, he wraps his cloak around her (he did!!), works to get him made king, etc. and now our boy cares about the white walkers again. and remember 6.09 when sansa told jon if he lost the botb she would kill herself rather than go back with ramsay, and then jon immediately told melisandre if he died not to bring him back? she gives him a reason to go on and idk as a jon stan first and foremost that’s why i ship it.

Good morning, the day after another loss because of "EXPERIMENTING"

-CP once again screwed over so now people will bring up the non production over top 10 teams argument again (BLAH, the whole team ain’t producing against any team) 🤦‍♀️
-Oh Alyssa, welp!! Allie Long ALWAYS trying to kill you girl (Jill, be done with the Long Experiment & BENCH HER.)
-You need a bitch, GET KELLEY (Well, it was TOO late)
-The 4-4-2 Experiment to create more scoring opportunities.. Still trying to find them. 👀
-Why call up Krieger to sit her? I’m sure she had more important things like having a birthday party/fun day. Lol.. Happy Birthday Kriegs 💃🎉🎊🎈
-Throwing newbies on the field with barely there veterans.. Ok. Why? MIX THEM IN.
-Also, the midfield is NONEXISTENT.
-Oh, the finishing when there are chances is horrific 🤦‍♀️

Well, it’s Friday.. And another game on Sunday welp!!

(From A Fan’s Perspective.. Now I’m going back to sleep 👋😴)


The shadow magic looks different in the Darkside of Dimensions compared to the anime. In DSOD it tends to look like sand particles as well as occasionally being very bright like when 4Kids censored stuff, while in the anime (and manga) it tends to look cloudy and semi-solid even when eating at something. I dunno if it means anything, but it’s still interesting to note!

anonymous asked:

I'm really sorry to hear that you are not a CS anymore but you have to do what it's better for you and yeah this fandom is so toxic and negative😔 sometimes I think we all should stop shipping Camren not because is not real but because we should let just wait and let things happened when they have to. I LOVE how you didn't choose a side like many others CS accounts I saw on twitter, that's way you've always been my favorite blog on tumblr. You were not here only for C & L but for all the girls💕

I’m not a die hard CS anymore guys. But I still love their love and what they shared and I do still believe it was real and could be again. I’m just not gonna waste my energy trying to figure it out anymore. If it happens yeah. If it doesn’t oh well. But I will for sure continue to support all my babies. Camren brought me in but OT5 5H kept me. Thanks for your support and understanding. I still promise to be a safe place to all, that doesn’t exclude camren it just no longer is the main focus of the blog. I hope that makes sense. 😕😂😘

blog notice 7/27/17

hey y’all i’m leaving town tonight and i’ll be back at some point on tuesday august 1. i have no idea what my wifi situation will be, and on top of that tumblr mobile really really doesn’t like me so i won’t be super available (edit: it is working better now so i’ll check messages when i can). i have a queue set up so i’ll still appear active but if you message me/send me an ask i most likely will not be able to answer until i’m back, but i will answer it as soon as possible. if you want (and we’re mutuals) you can ask for my number but i won’t be able to be extremely active there either since i’ll be at a youth conference and we’re not allowed to be electronics during the day. i’ll miss you guys a lot and i hope you’re all well while i’m away. 

oh and as a sidenote me and @spookyjazzhands are trying to meetup while i’m out there so hopefully it’ll work out! (i’m also going to disneyland which’ll be super fun!!)

Look, all I’ve got to say about the situation regarding a blog that I’ve blocked is that this is my blog. Remember that. I don’t have to write what other people want me to do, I write what I want and for who I want. When I stared this blog, I did make it known that I do not write for Kira and some other characters mainly because I don’t like them. I don’t like every character on teen wolf, oh fucking well.

This is my blog, my writing, my opinions and if you don’t like that, simply block or unfollow me :) I’ve blocked whysciam mainly because it hurt me what she/he said, and I made it know to them that what they said hurt me and they still continued so :) I’ll happily block anyone that asks me to.

anonymous asked:

Well let's be honest. Shipping haz and tom is safer because we know it's bogus and then you can still hope you have a chance. Fan girls are threatened by Tom/Daya and that's the only reason why they're butt hurt.

And it’s stupid. 

First of all I just want to say I have no problem when it comes to shipping of the same sex, ship whoever tf you want.

 It just annoys me when same sex people get shipped when they’re not even gay. Like people saying ‘Oh well if you’re gonna ship tomdaya then you should ship Haz/Tom” like no. I’m not gonna ship Haz and Tom bc they’re not gay and they’ve both made it very clear they like girls. If they were bi or full gay then sure, I could see why people ship them but they’re not so i’m not going to. Then again some fans only ship Tom/Haz cause they know deep down it’ll never happen and bc of that they might still have a chance.

Now as far as we know Tom is attracted to woman only and Z is the closest girl in his life at the moment so of course realistically people will ship them together

anonymous asked:

What's the first thing that went through your mind when you saw mx? And when you met Hyungwon?

Oh god… well first of all my hands were shaking when their car pulled up… and my heart was beating so fast. I was there but to this day I’m still in disbelief that I saw them so close..? Like at the moment they stepped out of the car and onto the stage I was like wow… they’re real and they’re right in front of me. Naturally I was staring at Hyungwon the whole time and people weren’t lying when they said he looks better in person. (I couldn’t believe it because like ??? he’s already so flawless and perfect in pictures how could he be more amazing???) But yeah I kept screaming I love him and I was jumping and waving like an idiot LOL but I didn’t care because I actually had the chance to see them… And then, the moment he looked and waved back at me, I really fell in love him with all over agin. I loved him more than I did before, and I didn’t think I could love him more than that. (He proves me wrong every day though…) I treasure that moment so, so much and I’m really happy and thankful that I got to experience that. Even if I only saw them for 30 minutes, it was such an amazing 30 minutes, every second of it… I love mx so much and there will never be any other boys I love and cherish more than them. :(

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

pt4narancia  asked:

glitter 😎

Glitter; describe someone special to you

Ah! I know exactly who. He’s not very smart, and he’s short, but he’s doing his best. He can be a little brat at times, but he really does mean well. He likes to get into fights, but other than that he’s a sweetheart. He’s still just a child, so I’m not surprised though. I love him very much! Oh, i’ll just tell you who it is.

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imagine a parallel moment (set after a mission or something) where this time it’s allura who kneels down to grab shiro’s hand/help him up, and it goes down like:

allura: shiro… are you alright?

shiro: (smiles warmly) i’m fine. we really make a great team, huh

& they’re still smiling at each other as they’re still holding hands, and lance is there to witness the whole thing so he turns to keith and says:

lance: holy shit, are you seeing this right now?? it’s like watching a scene straight out of a cliché romantic movie omg



Spoiler alert: he did, in fact, die.

The writing for Breath of the Wild is kinda… eh, so I’m just gonna pretend Link is a reckless idiot.

Before you comment/tag this comic with Fi/Skyward Sword hate consider this: don’t.


My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)