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epiphany | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader 

Genre: Fluff + college au 

Word Count: 3.6k 

Part: | 1 | 2 |  

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?

Reader’s POV

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a failing grade, Y/N…” Mr.Ransford frowned,“ You should’ve saved your work somewhere separately you know?”

You gaped at him in complete shock, as everything came crashing down on you.

“B-but you don’t understand! It wasn’t my fault-” you stammered, your hands flailing around in a frenzy as you attempted to explain your dire situation to your psychology professor.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I’m afraid we can’t discuss this right now, I have a class in 2 minutes. We’ll talk later, hm?” he said as you sighed, your shoulders slumping in utter defeat.

He patted your shoulders in sympathy as you walked out of the door, tears welling up in your eyes as you thought of all your hard work that was now flushed down the drain. All because of one boy.

That damn Jeon Jungkook.


“YAH!” you yelled, raging, as you approached the boys, a deadly glare in your eyes as you grabbed Jungkook by the collar of his tshirt. Pulling him up from the bleachers where him and the rest of his friends were sitting, all of them gasped, mouths going agape as they witnessed their golden maknae get manhandled by you.

“Y/N~What a pleasure,” Jungkook said, giving you a lazy smirk.

Your blood boiled at the audacity the boy had, to address you in such a way, after he had destroyed your chance at a good grade- heck a good year of college. Without thinking first, you lifted your hand and slapped him across the face, the contact shooting vibrations of pain down your arm as the noise echoed in the air. Immediate silence followed, everyone looking at the two of you with rounded eyes as Jungkook himself, was in shock.

You stood there, your chest rising up and down, breathing heavy as you glowered at him. His hands flew to his cheek as he let out a stream of curse words, his gaze landing on yours, fire kindling in his eyes as he reddened in embarrassment.

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i havent been COMPLETELY thru your list of reddie fics so if youve already done something similar ignore this but. what about a sickfic where richie is sick? also maybe eddie just like, forgets about germs to take care of him and then ends up getting sick too and blaming richie and richies jus like, dude, were you here

i changed it a little but only the part where he blames richie and richie wonders if he was there !!! hope u like it :-)

again,,, sorry for the length?? but i cant write these short?? also again. IT IS WORTH IT 

  • so obviously eddie is TERRIFIED of germs and every time one of the losers has even a little flu he’s not gonna touch anything they touch and will stand 5 feet away from them and honestly in the end will probably just be that one friend who’s gonna say
  • “my mom said no”
  • just so that he won’t hurt his friends’ feelings even tho he really just doesn’t wanna be anywhere near them bc hey he could get it too and it could turn into something more dangerous like leper obviously
  • but then one tragic time… richie gets a flu
  • and eddie’s very torn bc he doesn’t wanna be with richie cause ???? he isn’t clean
  • but then again they were supposed to hangout
  • eddie is thinking whether he should ditch richie or not
  • “jesus i’ve been sneezin since 8am”
  • yeah eddie is not gonna go there
  • the gERMS ARE FLYING and just the thought makes him shiver
  • he’s thinking that oh well maybe tomorrow he’s gonna be ok again
  • spoiler alert: he’s not
  • so eddie suffers thru the day bc its boring at school without richie
  • they talk on the phone later that day and eddie’s like hey r u feeling any better
  • “i am nod” richie answers with a stuffed nose
  • eddie just sits on his bed with a facial expression that is nothing other than :(
  • then the day after that ,,, eddie goes to school in hopes of that maybe richie had a miracle healing last night and now he’s gonna be there
  • now eddie is just gettin pissed off bc how dare his boyfriend be sick for this long
  • so again that night they speak on the phone
  • “richie jesus christ when are u gonna HEAL
  • “i am do dorry eddi-spageddi bud i am just so sig”
  • eddie is gonna turn into hulk soon from the conflict bc he REALLY misses richie
  • should i stay or i should go™
  • (nice stranger things reference)
  • ok maybe eddie is gonna give it one more day.
  • so it’s friday and richie has missed school for almost the whole WEEK
  • “wow eddie you’ve been without richie for almost the whole school week how’s that feel must be a new record huh”
  • “shut up stan”
  • don’t be mean stan
  • eddie’s heart is breakin
  • again,,, he goes home from school and calls richie immediately
  • “ARE YOU,,,,STILL…. SICK?????”
  • “yeah i— *LEPER COUGH* i ah-ah-AMh *cough*
  • eddie cringes because ???? oh my gosh he is turning into a zombie
  • “oK THATS IT”
  • eddie has had it
  • he hangs up and stomps out of the house and rides his bike to the grocery store and buys all kinds of stuff like non-caffeine tea ((bc he knows for a fact that it helps better than regular)),, some ice cream and chicken soup in a can even tho eddie thinks it’s disgusting and fights with one of the workers
  • “yeah not today”
  • my bOYFRIenD haS bEeN SiCK!! FOR A WEEk and i hAVE TO BRING HIM A CAN????”
  • eddie shakes his head in disbelief and curses the store as he walks away
  • then he finally arrives at richie’s house
  • he knocks on the door first just in case his terrible excuse of parents are home but they aren’t
  • so he leans down to grab the key from under the doormat and opens the door
  • he walks in and stiffens his upper lip as he glances around at the sight of empty beer cans and liquor bottles and there’s just the smell of old booze and cigarettes in the air
  • like it’s normal (and eddie hates that it’s normal) but richie’s SICK and he should be breathing fresh air not the literal definition of the breath of a drunken bum who’s been living in the gutter
  • this wasn’t what he was expecting bc he figured that richie’s parents would at least open the fucking window because their son is sick inside the house
  • so quickly eddie makes his way to richie’s room that is at the end of the hallway and he knocks on it softly before opening the door
  • he finds richie sitting in his bed ,,, burrito inside blankets and he’s watching something from his laptop
  • his eyes are red and his face is a lil swollen and nose also v red
  • eddie wants to cry bc he looks so bad
  • “eddi???”
  • “yes,,, eddi to the rescue” he mocks his boyfriend’s stuffy nose voice a little
  • richie is literally starstruck bc ???? EDDIE IS THERE ???? EDDIE , IS THERE , WHEN HE IS SICK ????
  • “whad de fug edz u should go befor u ged dis doo”
  • “i’ve been to school without you for a week now richard im done”
  • richie wants to cry
  • eddie is still just staring at him bc he doesn’t know how to approach him since he’s still a little disgusted at the situation this is all new for him ok but he really wants to help his bf
  • “i bought u some stuff”
  • richie starts to smile wide
  • “BUT” eddie starts
  • “before i give u any”
  • “????”
  • “you’re gonna leave this house”
  • richie looks at him like he’s crazy
  • “r u serioud eddi every pard of ma badi hurts”
  • eddie feels so bad for him
  • “you don’t even have fresh air here richie so i am serious”
  • richie can’t take the fact that his boyfriend is such a knight in shiny armor
  • eddie leaves the bag for a moment to grab richie inside his blanket burrito and pull him up.
  • “ur gonna have to get rid of this blanket tho”
  • “no:(”
  • eddie looks at him
  • “srsly richie i can’t give you a ride on my bike you’re gonna fall down and roll down the hill”
  • “:(”
  • “i will give you my blanket once we’re there”
  • richie throws his blanket down way too fast and he starts feeling nauseous
  • the bike ride isn’t very aesthetic™ for him either bc his head is spinning and all of his muscles hurt and oh my gosh he’s doing his everything not to throw up on eddie’s back rn
  • eddie’s mom isn’t home so eddie can easily sneak richie in
  • he’s not sure how he’s gonna explain him living there until he’s healthy again tho
  • but he’s not gonna worry about that now
  • (fast forward;
  • so now they go into eddie’s room ( he’s basically holding richie up )
  • and richie settles down on eddie’s bed and eddie wraps him inside a blanket and richie is just smiling at him the whole time
  • “r u comfortable”
  • “very” richie says. the blanket smells like eds and he is in eddie’s bed. ofc he’s comfortable 
  • “here’s my laptop”
  • eddie hands him his macbook and goes to the kitchen to prepare the chicken soup. in the can. which eddie still thinks is unacceptable as he heats it up
  • “here”
  • richie is about to cry bc “did you really mage me chiggen soub”
  • eddie nods with a light frown like wtf obviously that’s what you eat when you’re sick
  • “there’s also ice cream”
  • ice cream???”
  • “yeah it’s for the throat…???
  • eddie is kinda confused bc how can richie not know it helps
  • then it occurs to him that
  • richie doesn’t know, because
  • no one’s probably ever taken care of him when he’s sick????
  • now eddie wants to cry
  • “scoot over”
  • he wants richie to be on the side next to the wall so he can lean his head on it if he wants to it’s more comfy  
  • with a lil trouble richie does move and eddie cuddles up next to him
  • literally cuddles
  • richie is SHOCKED
  • “are you sure u wanna do dat”
  • “100%”
  • richie wants to marry eddie
  • “wad r we watchin”
  • “kill bill”
  • “waid a minude… isn’d dis-”
  • “yours. yeah. i never watched it and i never gave it back so”
  • “u never watched dis?? oh my god eddi—”
  • “eat ur chicken soup and watch this movie with me now oKAY” eddie is a pissed off knight in shiny armor bc talking is just gonna exhaust richie more and he needs to get WELL
  • richie eats his soup and they watch the movie in silence,,,, glued to each other and at some point eddie realizes richie’s fallen asleep with his head resting towards eddie’s
  • eddie can’t move because he knows if he does he’s gonna wake up richie
  • but thankfully after like 15 minutes richie wakes up and he’s like “shid where am i”
  • “you’re with me”
  • he turns his gaze down at eddie and he remembers that yes,,, he is in fact with eddie and he just feels: ️️️️️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • well the weekend goes by and eddie goes hardcore nurse on richie and literally by sunday he is already pretty healthy like his voice is back to normal and so on
  • but… Ohno
  • eddie and richie are eating in the kitchen
  • richie goes;
  • “baby can u pass me that ketchup”
  • “sure—”
  • eddie’s eyes widen and he freezes in shock
  • richie looks at him like o'shit he done caught the flu
  • but then he starts to smile
  • “what do you mean?!?!?!”
  • “because obviously im gonna take care of u”
  • eddie is 😨😭💘😓😭💕😨😭💗
  • then later they tell the other losers why they’re both missing school and stanley uris wants to comment again
  • “so eddie u went to richie’s house??”
  • “yesh”
  • “and i thought i was romantic letting bill choose dinner”

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Five Times Ladybug Didn't Recognize Her Partner and One Time She Did

A sequel to Five Times Gabriel Agreste Didn’t Akumatize His Son and One Time He Did. I really wanted to leave it as it was, but I had to come back and give this a happier ending. And of course it ran away from me and got way longer than I meant it to.

I hope you enjoy!

“Is everything okay, kitty?”

Chat Noir looked over at her. “What?”

“You seem a little out of it.”

He shrugged. “No, just…” He sighed. “My dad’s not coming to something kind of…important to me.”

She frowned. “I’m sorry.”

“I mean, I knew he wouldn’t, but… I guess I hoped things would be different now.”


“It’s nothing.”

By the way he looked at her, she knew she shouldn’t press. After all, there was only so much they could share without revealing their identities. “Well…” she gently patted his shoulder. “Maybe you can ask some friends to come instead.” She wished she could attend, but without knowing who he was, that would be impossible.

Sometimes, keeping their identities safe was difficult and even painful, but she knew it was better this way. Once they’d discussed it, he’d even agreed with her.

Still, as Marinette watched Adrien play at his recital, painfully aware of Gabriel Agreste’s absence, she couldn’t help but wonder if someone had gone to Chat Noir’s event to support him the way she, Nino, and Alya had attended Adrien’s recital. She hoped so.

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Okay but an AU where both Yuuri and Viktor are both a part of dangerous criminal organizations but neither of them know about the other. The two of them happen to meet under normal circumstances (maybe at the grocery store or a gala/party) and they immediately hit it off. They begin to get close until they start dating and this relationship is completely legit (they’re in love, so so in love) but they don’t want the other to know of the dangerous (and illegal) activities that they get up to. 

“Vitya, you want to come over tonight and have a movie night?”

“ Sorry love but I can’t today.”

“Oh why?”

“Because-” Viktor halts because he remembers that there’s a big drop-off going on tonight and he has to be there. “M-Makkachin’s not feeling well so I have to stay at home and look after her.” It comes up stammered and Yuuri eyes him for a moment. Viktor sweats, trying to keep his cool. 

“Poor Makkachin,” Yuuri suddenly pouts and Viktor can finally breathe. “I’ll come over and see her tomorrow. I hope she gets better soon.” 

“Of course, she’ll be so happy to see you.” Viktor grins and that is always true. 

He would have preferred to stay in and cuddle with Yuuri but some negotiations just don’t wait.

Then there’s them trying to protect the other from the dangers of the underground world. Both Viktor and Yuuri being in situations where an enemy has tried to pick them off. 

Yuuri having to take down an assassin in the alley of the restaurant where they had their date while Viktor obliviously pays for the bill inside. Yuuri was supposed to get the car but that did not happen. 

When Viktor asks why Yuuri has some red on his cheek, Yuuri smiles innocently and tells him that it was probably some sauce he forgot to wipe off. 

These two dangerous boyfriends dancing around each other, trying to avoid being detected. 

Only to find each other out when both of their organizations have a deal to close and it’s both Viktor and Yuuri who are there to represent. 

The look of shock of their faces is absolutely priceless.

7-8-17 | 92/100 Days of Productivity

gaaah okay so my mom’s leaving for vietnam tomorrow and i thought i should make a lil something for her and my grandparents in my bullet journal ;v;

i decided that i might as well start working on a bullet journal to practice keeping myself on task

hope you all know that you deserve lots and lots of love and i hope you have a lovely day ;v;

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silver-stargazing  asked:

If you're looking for prompts, maybe some Stan and Mabel bonding? Like cooking together or watching Ducktective? Hope your night's going well! <3

They’re making Stancakes :D

(Prompts closed! Thank you for sending them in- I’ll do some more tomorrow!)

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 13 (M)

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 13 - Tension

You and Jungkook try to find some time alone.

Word Count: 3700 (of 73k)

Warning: smut in this chapter!

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Geez, He Looks Cute

Lafayette x Reader
Word Count: 2175
A/N: Just a mid-week pick me up for you, Sweethearts 💗

“Yes, your father is very brave, Amaury,” you said appreciatively as you tied the little boy’s shoes.

He rested his hand on the top of your head, probably messing it up, not that you minded. As a first grader, he wasn’t necessarily coordinated yet, and if it meant having frizzy hair to keep him upright, it was worth it. The poor boy was clumsy in nature, you’d be curious to know how he fares when he grows bigger.  

“He’s smart, too,” Amaury continued, “He helps be do my adding.”

You grinned, as you moved on to zipping up his jacket; “Oh yes,” you agreed, “Father’s are usually very smart.” Well, he can’t be TOO smart, since he is continuously late picking up his only child from school, but that’s not something you can say to a child who idolizes his father. That’s not something you could say to anybody, really.

“Are you sure you weren’t supposed to go home with a big kid?” You asked, pulling his hat on the top of his head. Occasionally, his father told Amaury to go home with Sammy, an older boy who lives right beside the Lafayette family. It’s happened more than once, you waiting with Amaury long after the final bell rang, because he had forgotten his father’s instructions.

“No,” the little boy replied, happily, “He’s going to pick me up. We’re going to eat some ice cream on our way home.”

You smiled, and he returned it with a toothless one of his own; “That sounds wonderful,” you grinned before standing up and peering out the window to see if the ever-late Gilbert was approaching the school, yet. No sign of him.

“I’ll tell you what,” you said, turning back around to face the little boy, who was looking at you expectantly, “Why don’t we read a book while we wait? Does that sound nice?”

Amaury nodded his head, enthusiastically, “Only if you’re reading it, Miss Y/L/N,” he said playfully, already making his way to the bookshelf.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, “Of course,” you agreed, following as he paved the way.

Naturally, he picked his favourite; Green Eggs and Ham. You’ve read this book more times than you could count; the thing with first graders is that as soon as one of them have a favourite, they all have a favourite. And their favourite book at the moment was Green Eggs and Ham.
For what felt like the hundredth time that week, you opened the Dr. Seuss book and began reading it, doing your best “Sam” voice. At this point, Sam was turning into your alter ego, you pretended to be him so frequently.

“And I do no like-“ you began, before there was a hurried knock on the classroom door.

“I am sorry I am late,” Gilbert said, his words rushed. You knew he was from France, and although English isn’t his first language he’s fluent; however, that didn’t prevent his over-pronunciation, making his ‘rushed’ sentences a little bit awkward.

“It’s my daddy!” Amaury exclaimed, getting up from his spot on the reading mat and running over to his father.

Gilbert picked his little man up and smiled at you, apologetically. “Hey, little guy,” he said, lifting his son into his arms. “Miss Y/L/N, I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he apologized, sounding like he had ran all the way to your classroom from France. “I was held up in a meeting with my boss, I couldn’t get out of it. It won’t be happening again.”

You nodded your head in understanding; you were only kept fifteen or so minutes after school was out, which wasn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. You’d hate for it to become even more of a habit than it already is, though.

“That’s alright, Gilbert,” you grinned with a soft sigh, “Oh, and Amaury, did you grab your adding and subtracting worksheet to take home?” You asked, the little guy, “I hear you’re very good at adding,” you said, this time to Gilbert.

He smiled bashfully as his son scurried out of his arms and ran over to his desk, “I almost forgot,” he muttered as he began pulling out his mess of papers, looking for his practice-worksheet.

“It’s not homework or anything,” you explained quietly as Amaury searched around, “It’s just incase he wants to practice. He’s actually very good at his math,” you shrugged.

“I am very glad,” Gilbert said with a sigh, “I have been a lot busier at work, taking on extra shifts, attending more meetings… I’m glad he’s not being affected by it too badly,” he continued, nearly sadly.

You nodded you head in understanding, “Oh, well, I think he’s doing just fine. But maybe if you don’t have the time to pick him up after school, your wife can pop in-“

“Oh no,” Gilbert intervened quickly, “Me and Marie, we are not… We are not with each other anymore.”

Your eyes widened, and you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment—how could you not know they were split? You usually know the parents of your students fairly well… “Oh, I’m so sorry,” you apologized quickly, “I just assumed—because she’s been here a quite a few times, and that student-led conference—I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…” You mumbled quickly, having far too many things to say and not nearly enough time to say them.

Gilbert chuckled, as Amaury began piling his papers back into his desk, “I found it,” he declared, re-organizing his little papers, quickly.

“That is okay, Miss Y/L/N,” Gilbert grinned, “It was a few years ago, now… We have joint custody, but we’ve been apart for years.”

“That’s too bad,” you replied, not really sure of what to say next. Luckily, Amaury re-joined you, his little worksheet in hand.

“Ready, dad!” He exclaimed, grabbing at his fathers hand. “Goodbye, Miss Y/L/N!”

You chuckled and waved to the little boy as he and his father left your classroom. “Goodbye Amaury, I’ll see you on Monday!”


After being told Amaury’s parents were split up, you began wondering why you hadn’t realized it sooner. The only time you had actually seen Gilbert and Marie together was during the student-led conference, and the parent-teacher conference. You couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty.

“Now is daddy or mommy picking you up today?” You asked, zipping up the familiar blue winter jacket.

“Daddy,” Amaury answered, “Mom’s boss sent her away for a little while.”

You quirked an eyebrow; “Oh? Where did she get sent away to?” You asked, purely out of curiosity.

“I don’t remember,” Amaury answered simply, “She has to work. She’s coming home in four sleeps.”

You nodded you head, “I see,” you replied, tucking on his hat, “So it’s just you and daddy for the week, huh?” You grinned, “That’ll be fun.”

Amaury nodded his head, “Yeah, he says we’re going to have tonnes of fun; we’re going to eat pizza, we’re going to watch movies, we’re going to play—oh hi, dad,” he said, grinning over your shoulder to Gilbert, who was nearly on time today. Of course all the other kids were gone by now, but it was nothing compared to last week.

“Hey A,” Gilbert greeted his son, “Miss Y/L/N,” he smiled at you, giving you a curt nod of his head.

You smiled back, “Hello Gilbert,” you grinned, handing him his son’s backpack.

“Oh, you can call me Lafayette,” he said with a gentle smile, “Everybody else does.”

You nodded you head, “Lafayette,” you smiled, “Got it. And you don’t actually have to call me Miss Y/L/N; I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N,” Lafayette grinned, “Got it.”


For the next few weeks, you and Lafayette had these little meetings after school while he picked up Amaury. You thought it may be flirting, but that could easily be you just misinterpreting things. But just to make sure, you kept the small meetings to a minimum—you weren’t sure of his intentions with you, but you definitely thought he was attractive, and smart, and even though he was late picking him up most of the time, you knew he was a good father to Amaury. You didn’t really want anything to come from that, though; not only would it be unprofessional, but if it didn’t work out, you didn’t want Amaury to be affected by it at all. It was just trouble waiting to happen.

So on Friday morning, when Amaury was being dropped off, and Lafayette asked to speak with you quickly, besides your little bit of excitement, you felt panic. Pure panic.

“Oh,” you let out, “Well—well class with be starting soon,” you muttered, nearly incoherently.

Lafayette nodded his head, and let his shoulders slump the tiniest bit; “I know, I was just wondering—well, hoping, really, that you would like to… Go on a date with me… Tomorrow evening?” He asked hesitantly, his accent becoming thick with his nervousness.

Oh geez, he looked cute… You blinked a couple of times, a hundred thoughts running through your mind. Of course he was cute, and handsome, and funny, and he was DEFINITELY French. But was it morally acceptable to date your student’s father? Of course, Amaury wouldn’t know, unless it turned into something serious… He wouldn’t have a clue about anything… That makes it a bit better, doesn’t it?

“If you do not want to, I understand-“

“No,” you interrupted him quickly, before realizing how eager and probably scary you sounded, you grinned nervously, letting your shoulders slump; “It’s not that, I just… I would love to,” you answered, suddenly out of breath.

“Okay,” Lafayette responded, a dopy grin on his face, “I will text you, then,” he continued, “Can I have your, uh, your—“

“Oh!” You exclaimed, “Yeah, my phone number,” you chuckled nervously, before scurrying over to your desk, writing it quickly down on a sticky note, “Here you go,” you smiled, handing him the note.

“Perfect,” Lafayette smiled, “Have a good day, Miss Y/L/N,” he grinned, “I will see you later.”

You smiled brightly back at him, “Goodbye, Lafayette.”


“He talks about you a lot,” Lafayette admitted, his accent growing thick with every drink he took, “He really likes you.”

You couldn’t help but grin; “I’m glad,” you said honestly, “He’s a really sweet kid; a great student, too.”

Lafayette nodded his head, “Oh good; he could be a bit wild at home, I was kinda worried he was wild at school, too…”

“Oh, well he’s a little bit rowdy,” you giggled, “But he knows the limits.”

Lafayette had taken you out to dinner; when he was dropping you off, you realized you weren’t quite ready to say goodbye, yet. While you were on your date, you learned all about France, and all about his family, and home, and you weren’t quite sick of that adorable accent yet, so you invited him for a little drink. And here you were, laying on a blanket in your living room, beside Laf, a glass of wine sitting on the ground next to you.

“He talks about you a lot, too,” you mentioned, rolling onto your side so you could look at him; “He thinks you’re great.”

Lafayette smiled brightly as he, too, rolled onto his side. “And what do you think?” He asked, the smallest of smirks playing at his lips.

You fought to keep the blush from covering your cheeks, and even though you weren’t successful, you were grateful that Lafayette didn’t comment on it. “I think you’re fine,” you shrugged, grinning.

“Mm, just fine?” He teased, moving from laying on the blanket, to sitting.

You copied his motions, biting the inside of your bottom lip as you thought up a response; luckily, though, you didn’t have to. Lafayette spoke once again.

“Because I thought you were pretty amazing,” he said softly, “And I would really like to take you out again,” he said, substantially more confident than he is without any alcohol in his system.

You grinned, as you nodded your head, “I would like that, too,” you replied, looking down to your hands, fiddling with your fingers to avoid looking at the man sitting in front of you. Since when was a boy able to give you butterflies again? Didn’t you pass this stage in high school?

Lafayette chuckled, using his thumb and finger, he tilted your face up to look at him. He shook his head gently before leaning in to you, pressing his lips against your gently, giving you the chance to pull away if that’s what you wanted to do.

You definitely didn’t want to pull away. Using his hair, you pulled him closer to you, softly. You felt him smile into the kiss, making you grin, too.

“Lafayette?” You asked, hesitantly.

“Mhm?” He replied, pressing his lips against yours, pulling you into another kiss.

“I definitely think you’re better than ‘just fine.’“

Did You Know? (Beverly Marsh x Fem!Reader) (1/?)

Pairing: Beverly Marsh x Fem!Reader

Summary of Series: Y/n Y/L/N and Beverly Marsh had obvious crushes on each other in the days of the Losers Club, well, obvious to everyone but each other. The boys, however, are determined to get the two together.

Summary of Part: Beverly repays Y/n by helping her and her friends at the pharmacy.

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I hope you guys like the first part of “Did You Know?”! I’m sorry if all the dialogue isn’t correct because I can’t remember correctly! Y/H/C - Your hair colour!

Previous Part: Here’s the Prologue

Next Part: N/A


On the other side of the school, Beverly Marsh stood behind Ben Hanscom.

“Is there a password or something?” Beverly smirked.

Ben jumped, his eyes widening as he realised that he was blocking the stairs that Beverly was standing on.

He quickly gathered his stuff, dropping things on the ground and bending down to pick them up.

“Password.” Beverly concluded, laughing.

She reached down to help him pick up his stuff when she saw his yearbook.

“I’m Ben. We have social studies together.”

“Oh! Let me sign this for you!” Beverly exclaimed, opening the book up.

Her heart dropped when she saw no signatures.

She signed her name, putting two hearts at the end and smiled.

She handed the book back to Ben.

“See you around, Ben from social studies.” Beverly smiled, walking away.

Beverly’s mind drifted to Y/n. She smiled at the though of the y/h/c haired girl.


Y/n, Richie, Bill, Eddie, and Stan all ride their bikes to Eddie’s house.

When they entered, they started packing up things that they would need.

“Hey Eddie, are these birth control pills?” Richie laughed.

“Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister. Get out of there, that’s private.” Eddie closed the cabinet that Richie was looking in.

Y/n laughed at the boys.

“Alright. That’s enough. Let’s go.” Y/n giggled, leading the boys towards the door.

“Eddie? Where are you going?” Mrs K asked, peering over to look at the kids.

“J-Just to m-my house, M-M-Mrs K. I g-got a n-new-” Bill was interrupted by Richie.

“S-Spit it out B-B-Bill.” Richie playfully mocked.

“Alright. Remember Eddie, don’t roll around in the grass, especially if it’s just been cut, you know how bad your allergies can get.” Mrs K agreed.

“Okay, mom.” Eddie went to walk outside.

“Eddie! Aren’t you forgetting something?” Mrs K asked.

Eddie walked over and kissed his mother on the cheek.

The boys snickered.

“You want one from me to, Mrs K?” Richie asked, Y/n giggled.

Eddie pushed the others out the door and apologised to his mother quickly.

The five made their way down to the sewers.

When they got there, Eddie and Stan were hesitant to go inside, Eddie went on about “gray water”.

Y/n laughed as the boys argued.

“Guys.” Bill got the other’s attention, holding up a shoe.

“Is that….?” Stan trailed off.

“It’s Betty Ripsom’s.” Bill answered, frowning.

“Look Bill, no offence, but I don’t wanna end up like Betty Ripsom or Georgie! I don’t wanna……….go missing.” Eddie hesitated.

“He’s not wrong.” Bill frowned at Stan’s words.

“You too?” He asked.

“It’s summer. We’re supposed to be having fun! This isn’t fun! It’s gross, creepy, and disgusting.” Stan ranted.

“If I was Betty Ripsom, I’d want someone to find me! Georgie too!” Y/n exclaimed, frowning at the two boys.

“Yeah. Imagine how Betty feels, walking around here with only one shoe.” Richie bounced on one foot.

There conversation was cut short as a splash was heard from the water behind them.

Ben Hanscom laid in the water, holding his bleeding stomach.

The five looked at each other wide eyed.


The five soon got Ben to the pharmacy and sat him down outside.

“Richie. Stay here.” The other four ran inside the pharmacy.

“I’m glad I got to meet you before you died.” Richie smiled awkwardly.

Inside the pharmacy, Eddie started piling up medical supplies.

“Um, Eddie.” Y/n laughed a bit.

Stan held up a five dollar bill.

“This is all we got.” Stan frowned.

“Y-You have a a-account here, d-don’t y-you?” Bill asked.

“If my mom found out that I brought all this, I’d spend the next week getting x rayed.” Eddie frowned.

Their attention was turned towards the end of the aisle when Beverly Marsh walked around the corner. She quickly hid something behind her back when she saw the boys.

“Bev!” Y/n greeted happily.

Y/n! Hi! What are you doing her?“ Beverly asked, smiling.

“There’s a kid outside who looks like someone killed him.” Eddie blurted.

“Eddie!” Stan scolded quietly.

“W-We don’t have e-enough m-money to b-buy s-supplies.” Bill said.

“Oh! I can help with that.” Beverly smiled, grabbing Y/n’s hand and walking towards the register.

Y/n’s face grew red.

After distracting Mr. Keene, the two fled outside.

Their laughter filled the air as they rounded the corner to the boys.

Bev’s eyes widened when she saw Ben.

“Ben from social studies! Are you alright?” She asked, still holding onto to Y/n’s hands.

Ben frowned when he noticed this.

“I’m fine. I just fell.” He assured her.

“Yeah, right into Henry Bowers.” Richie rolled his eyes.

“Richie!” Stan scolded.

“Oh, well, I hope you get better. I’ll see you guys around.” Beverly started to walk away.

“Wait! Bev!” Y/n stopped her.

“We’re g-going to the q-quarry tomorrow, If y-you wanna c-come.” Y/n stuttered.

“Oh, yeah! Sure! I’ll see you there.” Beverly smiled, she hesitated before placing a quick kiss on Y/n’s cheek.

After she walked away, Y/n turned to the boys with a large smile. She gently touched the place where Beverly previously kissed. Her cheek tingled.

The boys smirked, returning their attention to Ben.

“Suck the wound!”

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Two Worlds Collide (Part 4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Request - Hi could you do a Harry hook x reader. Where Harry meets the reader when he jumps into the water because she is the daughter of one of the mermaids of Neverland.
Requested by - @fandomrelative
Tags - @thebookgeeek 
Word Count - 1, 005
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader(Daughter of a Neverland Mermaid)

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trochecky  asked:

yo! just dropping in to say I rly like your comic Sulfur and Salt!! I am curious tho if somethings happened bc it hasn't updated in a while? I totally understand if personal stuff came up or you're too busy im just a curious person tbh

oh heck thank you so much!! for liking the comic, and for your concern. something(s) did happen, which was:

-i got hugely majorly depressed and couldnt draw at all
-i had to visit my parents (twice!)
-some personal things came up, like, with relationships etc
-i had my birthday!! and i sorta partied
-got super sick for like a week with the flu
-i also got very depressed oh shit i mentioned that already

so anyway, shootaround’s end hit me really hard and doing any kind of career related things was impossible, i wanted to cry every time i opened photoshop. i AM getting better though, i think i’ve relaxed well and gotten better, and i’m planning an update for tomorrow. :] after that i hope to draw at least one page a week, but will aim for the regular schedule of two pages a week.

thank you for your interest on the comic!! it’s really important to me, and we’re getting to the GOOD parts just now which is EXCITING.

yikes-my-face  asked:

Question (prompt?) about the Sheith family - Daddy Shiro is called to a hospital a few states away for an emergency brain surgery. In the week that he's away, how does Daddy Keith handle single parenting?

Oh my goodness. I love this. Alright, alright. HERE WE GO. [Sheith Family]

Shiro: It’ll just be a week! Don’t worry about it!
Lance: WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH DADDY SHIRO! *sobs into his thighs*
Pidge: PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US!!!!!!! *is being carried by Shiro and has her hands wrapped around his neck*
Shiro: I’ll be back before you know it! *is very teary eyed*
Hunk: *just hugs his Daddy so tight because he doesn’t want to be a weak baby who can’t go on without his Daddy for seven days*

Keith sees all of these. They were by the doorway after all, and he has Shiro’s suitcase with him. He sees how much their kids love Shiro and it warms his heart. They’re so attached to him that a bad side of him wonders if it would’ve been better if it was him leaving instead. He’s pretty sure the kids wouldn’t be as emotional as they were now. He knows they’d rather have Shiro home than him. But he’s not a doctor, Shiro is. So Shiro has to be the one who needs to go to a different state for an emergency.

Keith: That’s enough, kids. The car’s here to pick up your Daddy.

The three kids wail louder to the point Shiro drags Lance outside of the porch because he wouldn’t let go of his leg. It takes more than 20 minutes but finally Shiro was able to leave and that leaves Keith and the kids.

First night was horrible. Lance and Pidge were Shiro’s charge and now that he’s gone, Keith had to do it himself. All three have separate bedrooms, so he first went to Pidge’s.

Keith: Alright, cupcake. Time for bed. *tucks her in*
Pidge: Aren’t you going to teach me the different bones of the body?
Keith: What?
Pidge: Daddy Shiro would always tell me which bone is here *points at her arms* and here *points at her thighs* and here *points at her fingers*
Keith: Oh, well, um… Pidge. I don’t really remember. But this is the femur.
Pidge: No, Daddy Keith! That’s the patella.
Keith: *sighs* It’s been such a long while. Do you think you could give me a day and we’ll try again tomorrow night?
Pidge: *pouts* Okay. 
Keith: Sorry, love. I’ll do better tomorrow I promise. *kisses her goodnight*

Keith had no idea Shiro taught their daughter such advance things. He feels bad about it because now Pidge prolly thinks he’s pretty stupid. So off he went to Lance’s room hoping he wasn’t going to teach this boy parts of the hair.

Keith: Lance, what’s wrong, buddy? *sits on the bed*
Lance: You’re not Daddy Shiro. *grumbles as he’s already in bed*
Keith: *sighs* You’re right. I’m not. 
Lance: I want Daddy Shiro. He’d play pirates with me before going to bed.
Keith: I could play pirates with you?
Lance: No. You can’t play pirates. You don’t know how. Daddy Shiro does.
Keith: *sighs* Look, Lance. I know you want Daddy Shiro back but he’s not here. He’ll be back soon. I know everyone’s affected that he’s away but you have to work with me here, okay? You’re not the only one upset that he’s gone. I want him back too but I can’t do anything about it. I’m sorry I’m not worthy to play pirates with you but perhaps we could do something different instead.
Lance: I’m sorry. I just miss him.
Keith: *smiles weakly* Me, too. And he just left this morning.
Lance: *laughs* I’ll try to think of something for tomorrow, Daddy Keith.
Keith: Yes, I’d appreciate that. Goodnight. *kisses him goodnight*

Honestly Keith feels like Hunk is the only normal kid in this house. LMAO So when he goes to Hunk’s room, his lil favourite is already tucked in bed and he’s holding out a story book about a princess and a dragon.

Keith: Hey, ready for your bedtime story?
Hunk: *nods* I want you to read this for me!
Keith: *smiles as he sits on the bed* Of course, anything for my baby.

Keith reads the book using different voices and he would sometimes even do some actions just for Hunk because he loves seeing those little brown eyes sparkle with so much joy whenever he does. This is why Hunk is his fave, he doesn’t demand much from him and all the time Hunk would just cuddle up with him while asking questions about the story. So sue him for spoiling Hunk.

The following day, Keith came prepared. He got all the bones memorized just for Pidge and Lance said he wanted them to be wizards so he’s got the Harry Potter story line and some spells ready. It all turned out better than the first night and Keith was happy telling Shiro all about it over the phone.

One night on their 5th day without Shiro, Pidge was having a nightmare and Keith went to her bedroom to see her crying. He didn’t know how to calm her down and he didn’t want the two boys to be woken up either. So he brought her to the master bedroom. Apparently, she misses her Daddy Shiro so Keith tells her about some things they love about him. Like how Shiro would sing pop songs while cooking pancakes, how he doesn’t know the song to Barney unlike Keith does. Pidge laughs because it was true. Suddenly, Lance and Hunk were at the door crying and Keith was surprised. They all miss Daddy Shiro and so now they’re all hugging Daddy Keith since he’s the only big one and he kinda smells like Daddy Shiro, too. So now they’re all in this huge crying fest. 

They all sleep in Keith’s room that night. With Keith at the center surrounded by his kids. He’d tell them about how Shiro and him met or as Lance would like to call “The Start of Something New” and Keith goes “You rewatch High School Musical too much, Lance” and Pidge and Hunk just laugh. Hunk calls it a “sleepover” so they do this every night until the very day that Shiro arrives one early morning and he sees Keith and his kids all cuddled up in their bed, sleeping peacefully.

You bet your butt Shiro took a photo of that adorable scene in front of him. 

Still Nothing // Huang Renjun

External image

A/N: I have T E R R I B L E writer’s block and I’m hella frustrated so here’s a little scenario of Renjun trying to help you with writer’s block but even though it doesn’t work,,,,,,,,,,, you’ll sEE THE FLUFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN

pairing: renjun x writer!reader

genre: fluff,,,, but there’s a yelling MC

notes/warnings: there’s anger, frustration, and cursing, but it’s not that bad.

word count: 1668

I don’t proof read,,,,, i just gave up on that so i’m sorry for mistakes and such

You looked up from the book you were reading and resisted the urge to throw it across your room. It was a saturday and you had a whole bunch of homework. Your procrastination level was beyond comprehensible at the moment. There was a lit circle on Monday, (yes, the lit circle for the book you were trying to read,) you had a mini exhibition Wednesday (which you were not ready for,) you were supposed to already have a project idea ready for Wednesday (but surprise, surprise, you didn’t,) there was this fucking math thing that made no sense to you, and some other stuff you just couldn’t bring yourself to think about. You just had no motivation at all. It was driving you crazy. This book was driving you crazy.

You weren’t much of a reader, which made no sense because you loved to write. You’ve always enjoyed it, but you’ve only been a serious writer for a few years now. You already had an idea for your senior thesis, you wanted to write a book about passion. It was only October and you were so overwhelmed with school work and it’s been hard for you to balance it with writing. Writing was all you wanted to do. You had most inspiration in class. It’s class though, so obviously, you can’t just write in class all day. It was the most frustrating thing.

You placed to book on your bedside table and sighed, falling against your pillows. You glanced down on at your laptop that sat, open, near the end of your bed. You sat up and reached for it, pulling onto your lap before opening up a new tab and a blank document. You started at the blinking line blankly for a few seconds before falling back once again with an exasperated groan. Writer’s block. Deciding that you needed some type of inspiration, you shuffled your playlist, hoping for an inspiring song. Sitting back up, you started typing whatever was on your mind. Feeling pretty good about what was flowing from your mind to your keyboard, you paused to read over it. It was 1 and a half paragraphs of pure shit. You slammed your finger onto the back space key, erasing the embarrassing excuse of an introduction. After letting out an anger filled “ughhhhhh’ followed by a few strained whining noises, the door to you bedroom opened. You looked up to see your boyfriend looking rather confused.

“hey, are you okay babe?” he asked as he shut your door and walked over to your bed.

You look at him and rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, Renjun. I’m G R E A T.” oh boy,,,, you were in a terrible mood.

Renjun looked at you, slightly surprised at your behavior, and use of his actual name (he was used to you calling him Jun, or Junnie, or like, babe, y'know.) He sat down next to your sprawled out figure and moved your head into his lap. Groaning as he did so.

“alright babe, what’s wrong?” he said looking down at you and stroking your hair.

“you’re rarely sarcastic with me” he laughed lightly, which made you look up at him with puppy dog eyes.

You pushed yourself up off his lap and looked at your laptop screen. Which was still blank.

“I have mountains of homework, but I have Z E R O motivation, and I really want to write, but I have writer’s block, and I’m reALLY FUCKING FRUSTRATED.” slamming your laptop shut after yelling in anger. Your boyfriend sighed and pulled you towards him. He gently shushed you and rubbed your arms.

“it’s okay babe, you’ll get inspir-” he was cut off by you standing and sighing with anger and frustration clear in your voice.

“No! Renjun! It’s not okay! Everything is due this week and I have to read this stupid book and I have to talk about my independent read on Wednesday, which I haven’t read one page of, and I’m so overwhelmed, and I’m super stressed out about it, and I can’t find any motiva-” it was your turn to be cut off, by Renjun swiftly moving to your panicked figure and pressing his lips to yours. You melted into the kiss and he moved one hand from your waist to cheek. You two pulled away after a solid 10 seconds. (Y'ALL I LOVE RENJUN.) He lifted your face to look up at him after you looked down, and he smiled with adoration.

“I was hoping that would take your mind of things” he said quietly, with a sweet, innocent smile.

“Oh my gosh babe, it’s not going to be that easy to get my mind off of everything.” you sighed as all of your work flooded your mind again. Pulling away from his hold, you started to walk back over to your laptop. You didn’t make it very far, as you were pulled back into his embrace.

“What else can I do for you sweets?” he questioned, resting his chin on your shoulder from behind after pressing a quick kiss to you cheek. You placed your hands over his and turned your head slightly to look at him. As you opened your mouth to speak, you heard the familiar piano introduction of your ‘couple song’ as you two like to call it. Your head whipped around to the speaker in the corner of your room and Renjun took your hand and spun you around to look at him.

You and Renjun met outside of the Exo'luxion concert venue, before nct was very big, and ‘out there.’ You we’re on your way up the doors when you dropped your purse; spilling almost everything inside, out onto the sidewalk. When you reached to pick up your lip balm (which was rolling away,) you brushed hands with larger, warmer one. You looked up the see who the hand belonged to, and you were met by boy with a small, sweet smile. He bent down as well after handing you the lip balm and started helping you with the remaining items on the ground. You thanked him as you two stood up and he handed you your ticket. You exchanged names and continued inside. Upon reaching you seat, you soon found out that you just so happened to be next to Renjun, the friendly boy that helped you moments before. As you two waited for the show to start, you got to know each other. Starting with your favourite song. Which, for both of you, happened to be Don’t Go. The rest is history.

You giggled as he moved your hands to his shoulders and his to your waist. He returned the giggle as you two began to sway back and forth, quietly singing the lyrics back to one another. He rested his forehead on yours and lightly pecked your nose.

This situation was not a rare occurrence, but it also wasn’t an everyday thing. You two would dance together often, to anything really. It’s usually fun and goofy dancing, but Don’t Go was special to the two of you. Of course, y'all are young and all, but you know that when if you two get married, it would definitely be your first dance. (OH SHIT I FEEL A SCENARIO COMING ON)

Here you two were, slow dancing in your bedroom, your homework and writing long forgotten. All you could think about was how happy you were. As the song drew to a close, you wrapped your arms around Renjun’s neck and hugged him. He did the same, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist, lifting you off the ground slightly. You laughed lightly and pulled back to look at his face. He had the most radiant smile, and so did you. He set you down as Take You Home (Baek’s station song) started playing. He held your hand as he starting singing along, walking over to the bag he set down by your bed. You followed, lacing your fingers with his. He reached into his bag as the pre chorus sounded. Turning around smoothly, holding a yellow flower out to you as the chorus began. You laughed out loud and took the flower from his grasp. You laughed again, at him, as he started dancing like in the actually music video. He laughed with you, moving to kiss your forehead as the song ended. He smiled down at you again.

“Junnie. That couldn’t have been planned.” you laughed, shaking your head slightly.

“Oh, it wasn’t. It was just perfect timing for that song to come on.”he said back. You looked down at the flower and then back up at him as he brushed your cheek with his thumb.

“… What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“ah… just, how much I love you” you said while playing with the leaves on the flower.

“ah jeez… i love you took, cutie.” he said as he engulfed you in a bear hug.

Music continued to flow through you speaker as you and Renjun sat back down in your bed. You laid your head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. Setting the flower on your bedside table, you sighed and reached for your laptop. Renjun sighed as well before stroking your hair.

“any ideas for writing?” he asked as he watched you type in your password.

“… nope. Still nothing.” you whispered.

He chuckled and kissed the top of your head.

“We’ll think of something” he whispered into the top of your head before shutting your laptop and lying down on your bed. Hugging you closer to him, despite your protests about having to do homework, he shushed you and shut his eyes.

“We can think later, for now, let’s take a nap.” he said, shutting his eyes and snuggling closer to you. You playfully rolled your eyes and got comfortable in your boyfriends arms before closing your eyes as well. You may have a lot to do, but this is the perfect break.

A/N: ALRIGHT SO, THAT HAPPENED. I’m so sorry that this was kind of all over the place, but I actually did start writing this when I did have writers block, and my brain kind of expolded with ideas mid way through… also, all of that work I listed in the beginning is actual homework I have, OOPS. It’s late now anyways, so I just have to cram tomorrow. Bad choices but oh well, better now than later I guess.

I hope you enjoyed this, I had a lot of fun writing it because it broke my writers block, again, sorry for the messiness! Send in requests if you want because that would also really help with the writers block! and i’m sorry for the picture quality, pictures haven’t been working for me the past while

More Than Friends- Patrik Laine (Convince Me Part Four)

Originally posted by puckducky

Ok so while researching this, I’m now ready to go visit Winnipeg, so who wants to go?!?! Ok I really like how this series is turning out! I hope you guys are too! Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: none


              “Where are we?” you asked as Patrik parked the car.

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Two Worlds Collide (Part 4)


Mobile Masterlist

Request - Hi could you do a Harry hook x reader. Where Harry meets the reader when he jumps into the water because she is the daughter of one of the mermaids of Neverland.
Requested by - @fandomrelative
Tags - @thebookgeeek  @descendantsmyworld
Word Count - 1, 005
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of a Neverland Mermaid)

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anonymous asked:

periapse, give us your take on izuku's hand in shouto's hair!

THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT! it was sitting in this box for a while, and i thought long about it, and i finally figured this was too good a chance to pass up!!! i make no promises on characterization, but here is my small answer! please enjoy!

for a moment i could breathe again.

ft all-the-right-words-izuku

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Rae of Sunshine- Chapter 6 Grapes

Pairing: Eric/OC

Fandom: Divergent

Rating: M

A/N: So so so sorry for the wait guys! School’s been really hectic, but I will not give up on this. Thank you to everyone that has kept up with Rae and Eric’s story and for being so supportive! I hope you guys enjoy!

tags: @jojuarez26 @tigpooh67 @beltz2016 @lauraaan182 @alida90 @itschibi @ariwolff14 @silverintentions @guiltyissues @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 @lilu46 @calistalupinmoon


Once they made it back to the warehouse, Eric was called off for some matter pertaining to Dauntless security. This gave Rae the opportunity to find Joshua. She made her way to the dome hoping to find him. As she suspected, there he was readjusting a string of paper lantern. Rae stopped to admire Joshua’s form and tranquility. He was so calm, so patient, something she could only dream of having yet the only way for her was artificial.

Joshua turned to see Rae with an apologetic smile. “Rae, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the other day. Look, I’m sorry about how I acted. I just don’t like how he’s…”

“I know. I don’t blame you. I’m sorry for everything, Joshua.” She said looking up to him. “For what, Rae? You’ve done nothing. It’s him.” He pointed out. Rae shook her head agreeing with Joshua’s statement. She knew telling Joshua that her punishment was to accompany Eric to the festival would upset him, but she hoped he would understand. She decided to wait and tell him after they rehearsed.

Rehearsing didn’t exactly go as planned, Rae had determined it was the serum that had caused her lack of concentration. Joshua had also taken notice in Rae’s behavior during their rehearsal. It was like the very first rehearsal they had ever had, but both shook it off and continued to try and fix the newly found kinks. Rae enjoyed laugh shared between them, she had almost forgotten everything that had happened so far. It all came flooding back to her when Joshua had asked her about the festival.

“So will I see you stomping grapes tomorrow?” Joshua asked playfully. “Umm yeah, something like that,” Rae mumbled, trying to avoid what she had to say next.

“Look, Joshua, I have to tell you something. Its… It’s about the festival tomorrow. It seems my punishment is to accompany Eric to the festival tomorrow.” She said trying to avert her gaze from him. Joshua didn’t say anything at first; Rae could tell he was trying to process everything. She was surprised when he spoke up moments later.

“Well, I’m sure you two will have a pleasant time.” He said harshly.

“Joshua please, I promise tomorrow night it’ll just be us,” Rae assured.

“Oh, you really think so? Rae, he’s pulling you and he’s not going to let go until he’s had all of you and you know that.” Joshua argued.

“That’s not going to happen! Joshua, I want you. I always have and I always will. I promise tomorrow night I’m yours and Eric’s not going to get in the way of that.”

Joshua embraced her as soon as the words fell from her mouth. “Don’t let him poison you, Rae.” Rae cringed at his words, knowing she was already full of poison but tried to push past it and enjoy the warmth coming off of him. A moment had passed and Rae realized she needed to get home to cook supper for Poppy. After Joshua released her from his firm hold, a smile laced her face. They said nothing as Rae slipped away still eyeing Joshua with her dazed smile.

The warehouse was full of fresh produce ready to be shipped out to the other factions. Johanna and Daniel through the numbers one more time to be sure they had everything prepared for the coming days delivery. They walked along the containers making sure they were all sealed tightly to avoid rotting.

“Looks like everything’s packed in and ready to go,” Daniel confirmed.

“Yes. Good work Daniel, your Erudite roots have certainly come in handy for Amity.” Johanna thanked. Daniel couldn’t help but grin at the recognition and sneak in a comment or two. “Well, its all analytical thinking and precision. Making sure everything runs smoothly, oh and meet our quota every day.” He spouted.

Johanna held a smile and let him continue with his triumph for a few minutes. “Well good work Daniel. Now, why don’t you go get some rest? We have a big, exciting day tomorrow.” With that, Daniel acknowledged Johanna’s command and headed out.

Johanna lingered in the warehouse for a while before being greeted by an unwanted visitor. “Johanna why don’t you look radiant tonight. Wow looks like Amity’s about to make a big delivery. I can only hope we’re on that delivery list.”

“What are you doing here? The rules are you don’t step foot in the compound! There are dauntless patrols everywhere! What if someone saw you?”

“Hey, Hey now calm down. No one saw me. And the rules are you make deliveries on time or have you forgotten?”

“No I haven’t you’ll have your delivery, but not tonight.”

“And why the hell not tonight? Hmmm.”

“There are Dauntless patrols everywhere. Tomorrow is our Jovial Festival, everyone will be distracted and if I know Dauntless they’ll be too drunk to stand. Here come at this time, its important you follow the directions precisely and I’ll handle the rest.” She explained handing and folded piece of paper to Kent.

Kent took the paper and inspected it thoroughly. “Damn woman you’ve got it all figured out don’t you. You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re an evil mastermind.”

“I’m not I’m just a woman protecting her family. Something you know nothing about.”

“Yeah. Whatever I’ll let Him know about the scheduled pickup order. Oh and Johanna enjoy the Jovial Festival I always did. Especially the grape stomping, it always reminded me of crushing all the kindness and peace out of Amity.”

“Maybe that’s why you were asked to leave, Kent. Did you ever think about that?”

“Asked to leave? You’re really minimizing the fact that you kicked me out of Amity? Ha typical Amity.” He said walking off into the distance disappearing right before Johanna’s very eyes. Johanna took a deep breath, knowing what had to be done wasn’t going to be easy, especially with Dauntless there or more specifically, Eric. How was she going to keep him distracted long enough to deal with the Factionless?

Poppy had watched Rae push the same pile of green beans across her plate for the past fifteen minutes and about had enough.

“Sweet pea I don’t think moving those green beans around your plate is going to make them taste better.” He suggested.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Is something on your mind? It’s not boy problems, I hope.”

Rae lightly chuckled to his guess. “Something like that. Eric has commanded that I be the one to accompany him to the festival tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s wonderful. I’m sure you two will have a wonderful time. I knew I could sense something going on between you two.”

“Poppy! He commanded me! And why on Earth would you think I would actually enjoy being with someone like him?”

“Now listen to me young lady I maybe old but I’m not blind. I can sense an attraction between you two. You just have to get to know each other better. I’m sure you’ll find you have more in common than you think.”

Before Rae could even argue a knock came from the front door. Poppy smiled at the interruption and went to the door to greet their unexpected guests. No surprise that it was Johanna.

“My, my, it smells delicious in here.” Johanna smiled. “Please let me fix you a plate. Go ahead and take a seat, me and Rae were just talking about the festival.” Poppy offered.

“Ah yes, everyone seems to be excited about this year festivities. Aren’t you Rae?”

“Ecstatic,” Rae said sarcastically, still fiddling with a green bean stuck on her fork. Johanna’s eyebrow arched to Rae tone. Poppy then placed a steamy plate in front of Johanna and plopped down in a seat next to her.

“Rae has offered to accompany the Dauntless leader to the festival tomorrow.” Poppy chimed, shocking Johanna causing her to choke on her partially eaten green bean.

“Excuse me?” Johanna asked.

“Eric has decided that my punishment is to escort him to the festival tomorrow,” Rae spoke bluntly.

“Oh Rae I’m so sorry, I know he’s awful. Don’t let him get to you, okay.”

“Poppy seems to think we’re a match made in heaven, right Poppy. He’s right! Two monsters falling in love. How fucking romantic.” She said pushing herself away from the table.

“Rae!” Poppy yelled trying to stop her as she headed towards her room slamming the door behind her. Johanna and Poppy sat there in silence for a few minutes. “Well, I should go. Goodnight Poppy, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Johanna said to Poppy who was still thinking about Rae’s outburst.

“Goodnight Jo see you at the festival.”

As Johanna neared the door she couldn’t help but think of the advantage of having Eric be with Rae tomorrow. She knew she should be disgusted with the thought of Eric and Rae together but that would give her the distraction she would need for tomorrow. Guilt crept up on her, she knew she was using Rae as a pawn in a very dangerous game.

The slamming of the door shook the whole house, but that in no way had its effects on how Rae was feeling. She couldn’t believe Poppy would approve or even be overjoyed at the fact she had to accompany him to the festival tomorrow. How was she supposed to function tomorrow with Eric right beside her? Tomorrow was supposed to be her day but instead, it’ll be Eric’s day.

She needed to be fully aware tomorrow. It’s what would be best, no serum, no drinking, she needed to be on guard at all times. Even if it meant the chance of losing control she would just have to be able to calm herself. She nodded to herself determined to follow through with her decision.

Rae stripped off her clothes as she made her way to bed. Snuggling deep within the sheets she wondered what tomorrow would bring. What Eric would bring? Little did she know the two gray eyes looking in through the window that knew exactly what to bring.

She promptly woke up on her own time, her nerves were too wired to let her get a full night’s rest. Moving through the house, she felt on edge because of the day ahead of her. Hoping a shower would help settle her nerves she hopped in and was sadly disappointed.

For the Day-Time festival, she decided to go with her dark red wrap she promptly tied around her hip to make an uneven skirt and threw on her yellow tank top. Poppy must have felt sorry for what he said last night as he left her favorite, French toast. Rae smiled at the apology, he always knew how to give a great apology. She almost went against eating any, in fear of her nerves not allowing her to keep it down. She went against the feeling and shoved two pieces in her mouth feeling the warm maple syrup seep down the back of her throat.

She made her way to the door she wondered when or where she would meet Eric, they never talked about meeting before. As she opened her front door the back of a familiar dark figure was stood before her, immediately turning to greet her.

“Good morning Sunshine. I was about to break down the door to see if you were still alive in there. Let’s go we’re late.” Eric informed.

“We’re not late the festival doesn’t start until 9:00. It’s 8:55 we have five minutes.”

“In my world, five minutes is five minutes too late. Now come on and stop dragging. And by the way, you got a little…” he gestured to her face before stepping forward running his thumb over the side of her mouth and then bringing it to his mouth sucking the sticky substance off. “Syrup.” He grinned.

Rae was fuming but shook it off, quickly brushing passed him still hearing him chuckle.

They were lucky that they got to the festival when they had. All of Amity came out to celebrate the Jovial festival. The crowd was full of yellows and reds, but also a little bit of black, Eric being one of them. Rae and Eric were at the back of the crowd that was waiting on the commencement speech. Eric was not having it being in the back of the crowds and decided it would better suit him being at the front of the crowd. Without warning, he tugged Rae’s arm and pushed through the crowd causing all eyes on him and Rae. His hold was hard and firm on Rae’s arm warning her not to fight or struggle. Rae watched all the pairs of eyes on her and Eric, feeling highly uncomfortable. They finally made it to the front of the crowd, to which no one question with the look on Eric’s face.

Rae looked around to see if she could find any of her friends or more importantly Joshua. She was kind of thankful Eric had pushed to the front of the crowd even if was an asshole about it. Rae found Tibby waving frantically and then pointing to Zeke, who was looking elsewhere, Tibby smiled and then gestured to the other side of Rae. Rae turned to look over at Joshua, who had already spotted her in the crowd, which wasn’t hard when she was with Eric. Rae smiled to greet him to which he smiled back but then was tugged by a familiar devious smile, Cara. Rae brow furrowed to which Eric noticed and then looked in the same direction to connect the dots. He grinned at the transaction.

“Seems like flower boy is doing all right don’t you think?” he smiled looking down at Rae pouty face.

Rae looked up to say something but was interrupted by Johanna who was starting the Commencement speech.

“Welcome all. It overjoys me that we get to celebrate all our hard work, love and support of each other today. We welcome our friends from Dauntless, thankful we get to share today with you. We are the faction of peace. Together we grow and give life to a better tomorrow. We leave the past behind us and look to the future full of love and prosperity. My friends, we are here to celebrate the growth of our community. Please go forth and as always peace be with you.”

“Peace be with you.” The crowd replied.

And with that, the festival had begun.

The crowd soon scattered throughout the area, running to different games and activities. Rae watched them buzz with joyous screams and laughter. Eric and Rae hadn’t moved a muscle, they just watched the crowd for the first couple of minutes. Rae looked to Eric and wondered why they were just standing there. She thought he might be watching the crowd to see what joy and happiness actually looked like. She was growing irritated of just standing there. She didn’t want to just watch the festival even if she was with Eric.

“Well, what would you like to do first?” She asked.

“You tell me, Amity.” He quickly answered back.

“How about Apple chunkin? I think you’ll like that game. I think it’ll be right up your alley.” Rae suggested. She thought that maybe if they did activities Eric might like they would have a better time. She didn’t want to hear him complaining or insulting the Festival all day. Rae started towards the direction of the Apple Chunkin game as Eric just watched her lead. She turned to look at him, “You’re the one who wanted to get the full Amity experience.” She sarcastically stated.

Eric rolled his eyes at her smart-mouthed comment and followed suit.

“You better hope you impress me today, Sunshine.” He warned.

“Somehow I think that’s impossible to do.” She mumbled.

“Oh don’t worry, Sunshine. There are ways.” He assured her with a grin.

When they made it to where Apple Chunkin was being held the line miraculously dispersed. Rae did see one positive thing with being with Eric at the festival, no lines.

Apple Chunkin was actually a pretty simple game, but a lot of the games they had were. Amity only had a few competitive games as Amity believed being too competitive disrupted peace. The object of the game was to toss the apples in the furthest of the three buckets. Eric apparently wasn’t intimidated or impressed by the challenge.

“Seriously this is up my alley?” he asked.

“I thought this might be fun to start with. It’s more difficult than you think.” She replied.

Rae stepped up to the table grabbing one of the three red shiny apples. The first apple she tossed, she tried to get in the furthest bucket but missed by a hair. She could hear Eric snickering behind her but didn’t let it faze her. The second and third time she made it in the second bucket. She could hear all the clapping and cheering around as they did that with everyone because everyone was a winner. Eric looked unimpressed by Rae’s victory and a little annoyed at “the everyone’s a winner concept.”

“Your turn.”

“I’m not about to play some stupid apple game.”

“Come on! It’s really fun you might enjoy it and the first one to get it in the third bucket wins a prize!”

Eric rolled his eyes and stepped up to the table. It’s no surprise Eric made everyone in the third bucket. The crowd whooped and hollered, being impressed by Eric’s apple throwing precision. They presented him with the prize of a pinecone reef.

“Are you fucking serious? Fucking pinecones?”

“What? It’s scented.”

Eric stomped off throwing the reef to the ground, Rae picked it up giving it a sniff and followed after Eric. After playing the other small festival games, which Eric had conquered and won at, they stopped in to see what events were taking place in the center of the field.

Rae had forgotten about smash ball. It was definitely one of the most competitive games in Amity. The game originated in Erudite believe it or not, it was designed for quick strategy thinking with a little twist of Dauntless play. The leaders of Amity saw it fit to allow Amity members to play to learn about of factions even if it met getting competitive. A lot of Amity’s members liked the game, especially all of the men, they said it was something different from what Amity’s games were usually like.

The object of the game was to work with your teammates to get to the other side of the field. Points were acquired by whoever could hit their teams’ pole. The poles were at least 15 feet high and the higher you hit the pole the more points your team got. Eric looked intrigued, he had to have known how to play because of his Erudite and Dauntless background. He became more intrigued when he saw Joshua in line to play.

“Now this is up my alley Sunshine.”

“Why don’t we go over there and play Cobb the corn?” She said trying to sound convincing. Eric was already half way to the front before she could turn around to look at him.

“Eric!” she yelled.

Eric grinned at all the nervous looks he was getting from his opponents. His team, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier with their final addition. Joshua stare towards his opponent was cold. Eric appreciated the look, it let him know that the game was on. He loved the thought of pummeling Joshua in front of everyone especially Rae. Rae decided to watch from under a tree that was a few paces away from the crowd.

Rae was already on edge. She worried about the damage Eric would cause. She feared for Joshua, although he was one of the strongest men in Amity he was no match for Eric. No one was.

“Is the show about to start?” Tibby asked coming up from behind with Zeke at her side.

“They’re going to kill each other.” Rae blurted out.

“Who’s killing who?” Zeke asked

“Eric and Joshua.” Tibby elbowed to him.

“Oh. Nope only Joshua’s dying today nothing can stop Eric last time we played he put a guy in a comma. But don’t worry he woke up… two months later.”

“Oh God!” Rae shouted.

The sound of the whistle pulled Rae’s attention to the field. She quickly watched as the teams scattered around the field. Her eye quickly fell on Joshua making sure he was still alive. She looked around for Eric but could find him in all the chaos.

“Where’s Eric? Do you see him anywhere?” Rae asked.

“Yeah. He’s already at the goal post. Yay! Look at that not even a minute and he’s already scored!” Zeke roared.

Rae was surprised by the way Eric was playing. He was actually following the rules. He wasn’t being a brute like he usually was. Rae was impressed by his agility and sportsmanship. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and found herself cheering for him. Rae had never found the game enjoyable to watch until this.

She would remember to check on Joshua, but that was easy as he was also the one making the majority of his team’s points. Both men were equally athletic which was a problem and the most challenging thing about the game. Anytime they would get close enough to each other to tackle or steal, they would just run parallel unable to catch one another.

The game was tied up with a minute left. Eric’s team had the ball so it all landed on Eric for the winning point. He didn’t seem the least bit nervous. Instead, he looked over to Rae grinning at her. She couldn’t help but reciprocate. Eric moved to his position without taking his eyes off of her. It just so happened that his position was right in front of Joshua. Knowing this, he made sure Joshua saw their interaction and even wink at him. Joshua was fuming with hatred; he wanted to take Eric down in front of everyone no matter what it took.

The final whistle blew, putting the play in motion. Eric was already heading towards the goal post. With no one behind him, not even Joshua he saw an easy win. But his instincts told him something was wrong. Joshua wasn’t behind him like he had been the entire game. He got ready to throw the ball as he was running but for a split second looked back to check for Joshua. Not seeing any sign of Joshua, he turned to look forward ready to throw the ball. Out of nowhere, Joshua came running towards him full speed. Eric knew he was about to go down so he decided to throw the ball earlier than he had previously planned but there wasn’t enough time. He threw the ball hoping it would reach the post. He didn’t have enough time to stop before Joshua threw the whole left side of his body on him. With that much force, Eric went down along with Joshua.

Everyone gasped from the dirty play. Joshua quickly got up showing no signs of injury, while Eric was still on the ground. Rae ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Eric. When she got there a group had already surrounded him to assess the damage. She pushed her way through, falling to her knees to see if he was okay. There was a bad gash above his eyebrow, but that wasn’t as important because he hadn’t moved.

“Eric! Eric! Are you all right? Can you hear me? God Damn it! Wake up you asshole!” Rae yelled.

Eric let out a grunt, probably because she called him an asshole. But that didn’t matter she was relieved he was showing some type of life. He opened his eyes and looked at all the people around him but then focused on Rae.

“Did we win?”

“Seriously you could have died and you’re asking if you won some stupid game?” She questioned angrily.

“It would have been worth it,” he chuckled.

It turns out they did win with Eric sacrifice, that and Joshua fouled out because of his play. Rae couldn’t even look at Joshua after what he did. Rae decided to get Eric to the stables where she could properly address the gash on his head. She sat him on a hay bell that was facing all the horses giving the kids a ride around the fence. Rae first wanted to clean the wound before anything.

“This might sting a little.” She said dabbing some alcohol on the cloth. At first, Eric flinched which was odd for Rae to see, as he always seemed on guard in front of her. She smiled to herself thinking about it as Eric had an annoyed look on his face.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing. It’s just a Dauntless leader sitting on a hay bell is kind of comical if you think about it” she giggled.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here if your psycho boyfriend wouldn’t have played dirty.” He argued.

“Please can we not talk about that, I’m just as upset as you are.” She begged.

“So you’re upset I got hurt? Sunshine? Were you worried about me?” He questioned, grinning.

“No. I mean I just…it just was right what Joshua did.” She tried to explain.

“That’s not what it sounds like to me, Sunshine. I think you care about me because you have feelings for me.”

“I do not! Honestly, you’re so arrogant you know that? Now hold still.” She snapped.

Rae carefully started stitching him up and tried to only focus on the task at hand but Eric wasn’t done with the conversation. “You can deny it all you want Sunshine, but I feel it and you feel it too.” He said grabbing her wrist, making her look him in the eye.

“Stop fighting it and let it happen. You know you want it too.”

Rae buckled under his stare. He wasn’t tricking her about how he felt, she could see it in his eyes.

“Ahh your stitched are done.” She said standing quickly to put some distance between them.

“Perfect now what’s next?” he asked standing up. “Eric you don’t need to do anything but sit and rest,” Rae said.

“Oh come there’s not one thing you’ve been dying to do all day at the stupid festival?” he questioned.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This is your favorite thing?” he said looking at the ankle deep pool of mashed grapes.

“Oh come on I swear this is the best thing at the festival.” She said.

“I rather get hit again.” He confessed.

“Please, it’ll be fun I swear!” She begged.

“I’m not doing that, I might have gotten knocked in the head but I didn’t lose my dignity.”

“Are you scared?” Rae laughed. “The big bad Dauntless leader scared of a kiddy pool full of grapes. Or is it the fact I get to see your feet? Are they that ugly?” She giggled.
Out of frustration Eric furiously kicked off his shoes. Rae watched, laughing at how much of a child he was acting. Rae took off her shoes and grabbed at her skirt hiking it up to not get it too dirty. Eric watched with gleeful eyes.

“Don’t get too excited.” She said.

“Are you ready?” she questioned.

“I’m getting you back for this later. You know that right.” He threatened.

“Oh come on.” She gestured to him.

They both stepped in the pool feeling the squishiness under their feet. Rae immediately smiled at the sensation while Eric frowned. “Well now what?” Eric asked with a disgusted tone. “Now we stomp!” Rae said as she started stomping making Grape juice fly everywhere. Eric was very timid with his stomping, which only made Rae laugh harder.

“So what happens after they’re all smashed up?” he asked.

“Oh, you don’t know? this is the wine for tonight.” She answered.

Eric’s facial expression was full of disgust and astonishment.

“I’m kidding. We usually dump it in the fields it helps fertilize the land. Why are you only doing baby stomps? Come on you’re a Dauntless leader you can do better than that.” Rae pushed.

“Exactly! I’m a fucking Dauntless leader, not a fucking child. This is ridiculous it’s fucking gross and it’s fucking slippery!”

“No this is fun something you know nothing about I bet. What do you guys punch each other in the face to have a good time?” Rae argued.

“No! We have the pit. It’s a club and we occasionally have a couple of fighting matching each night. It’s better than this shit.”

“I should have known Dauntless had a place called the “pit” and this isn’t stupid asshole this is fun,” Rae said kicking grape juice at Eric. “Hey, fucking stop that shit what are you a child?” He said kicking back at her. They continued their grape splashing until Eric missed his footing and fell. His whole body was covered in grape juice. His hair was no longer cropped neatly on top of his head but instead dripping purple juice along his face, covering his forehead.

Rae couldn’t breathe because of she was laughing so hard. Seeing Eric, the fearless Dauntless leader in a kiddy pool covered in grape juice was priceless. But Eric wasn’t about to suffer alone, he quickly yanked at Rae skirt pulling her down towards him. She was now a purple tint and was stunned by his actions. Eric roared with laughter, which only continued their grape fight. They were actually having fun together, rolling around, wrestling in the grape kiddy pool.

As they rolled around, Rae was suddenly on top of him. Noticing this she tried to move but Eric had her to pin to his lap not letting her get away from him. Rae stopped fighting him after a while and began wiping pieces of grape from his face, smiling. Maybe Eric could actually be a nice guy she thought. Her fingers traced over his soft lips. Eric gently moved strands of hair from her face caressing her. The look between them made Rae feel dizzy and confused. She felt something hard against her, at first she didn’t know what it was but the grin on Eric’s face said it all. She gasped and looked up to see if anyone was around them and noticed they were the only ones left in the pool and realized she was supposed to be at Tibby’s a while ago.

Eric tried to keep her there but she quickly stumbled off of his lap. She looked like a deranged lunatic getting out of the pool. Covered in grape juice she tried to straighten herself out as best as she could and turned to look at Eric who was still relaxing in the pool enjoying the view. She thought about saying something but decided to just walk away. As she turned Eric called out to her.

“See you tonight, Sunshine. I expect you to meet me at the front of the Dome before the party starts. Oh and don’t be late.”

i didn’t want the first post to be too long so i decided to post these ones separately from the first one. if you don’t know what this is about, in short these are some simple phrases you can use to reply with to your idols on twitter instead of replying with ‘omg’ or plain ‘i love you’

감기 조심 하세요- be careful not to cath a cold
아프지마세요 - don’t get sick
힙들지 않아요? - aren’t you tired?
조금 피곤해 보이네요 - you look a little tired
집에 가서 쉬어요 - go home and rest

잘 가요 - get home safely
일찍 자세요 - sleep earlier
좋은 꿈 꿔요 - sweet dreams
기분 좀 나아 졌어요? - are you feeling better?
몸조리 잘 하세요- please take good care of yourself
밥을 놓치지 마세요 - don’t miss your meals
힘내세요 - have strength

아주 잘했어요- very well done
자랑스러워요- i’m proud of you
영어가 많이늘었어요- your English has improved

멋지네요 - you look great
귀여워요 - cute
너무 귀여워요 - you are so cute
안아주고 싶어요 - I want to hug you

좋아해요 - I like you
많이 좋아해요 - I like you a lot
사랑해요 - I love you
많이 사랑해요 - I love you a lot

아니요, 지금 그대로가 좋아요 - i like you the way you are
진심으로 사랑해요 - I love you with all my heart
말로 표현할 수 없을 만큼 사랑해요 - I love you more than words can express
시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해요 - I love you more and more everyday
내가 얼마나 사랑하는지 모르는 것 같아요- you don’t know how much I love you
제가 얼마만큼 사랑하는지는 말로 다 표현할 수가 없어요 - i don’t have enough words to express how much i love you
태어나 줘서 고마워요 - thank you for being born

if you want to use eonni/oppa/hyung/noona 언니/오빠//누나 you usually place them at the beginning of the sentence. Example: 오빠 기분 좀 나아 졌어요? (oppa, are you feeling better?) for plural form you put example 오빠(oppas) this word is so cringy

if there’s anything you don’t understan well… internet is free

if you don’t know korean or you’re still learning i suggest following blogs that translate the tweets to english before replying so you know the appropiate thing to reply with.

more here

i hope you find this useful

- Tory

Sullied Name

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: mentions of prostitution, self hatred, rushed writing, and for some reason Alex makes ALOT of tea in this one….

Summary: Y/n is a well know thief, but Washington wants her to be spruced up quietly.

Bam: heyyy! Okay, so Alex isn’t married already in this one. I’m sorry if this is bad, school had been stressful and I’m super behind on work. I have another idea that I’ll probably start writing over the weekend. Remember, love always.


Y/n. That’s who you had been since you were 12. Your last name had long since been abandoned and forgotten, no identity other than Y/n.

Thiefs were usually characterized by their secrecy, or being male for that matter, but you were neither of those. You weren’t secret about your identity whatsoever, and that was biting you in the butt. Fresh out of the war, the colonies were high on guard staff. Wanted posters of extremely rough sketches of you hung all around town and the market place. Even stepping out of your forest hiding place was risqué. But, you needed food, so back to stealing it was.


You were weaving in and out of people and stands, with soldiers hot on your heels. There were gasps from the crowd around you, and a few choice men even grabbed at you. You managed to dodge their attempts, but the soldiers were getting closer. In a final escape attempt, you weaved into an alley between the shops. You could no longer hear the thump of feet behind you, so for just a moment, you let your guard down. Terrible mistake. A hand clapped against your mouth and an arm made its way around your torso. You screamed, but it was muffled to much.

“Shhhh! Do you want to get caught?” The voice of a man emerged right next to your ear. You stopped struggling, and slowly he lowered his hand.

“Let go of me!” You scream-whispered. He chuckled just a little.

“No! You’ll just get caught. Y/n, they’ll kill you.” He turned you around, and you were met with a scrappy man with a goatee and stray hair cascading all around his ponytail.

“And what do you plan doing with me?” He was still holding your wrists.

“You’re coming home with me.”

“You’re crazy. One, I don’t know you. Two, I’m a wanted criminal,” you said. He just lightly chuckled.

“One, I don’t care. Two, I’m doing this as a favor for a friend.” He stared deeply into your eyes, like he was looking for something.

“Who is this friend?” The man started leading you through the alleys until you arrived at a pale green house.

“None of your concern. This friend said if I got you to stop stealing and cleaned up your act you would be let off. So I took the job.” He led you inside the house and started drawing a bath.

“I don’t even know your name and I’ll be living with you?!” You finally tugged your wrist away.

“My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

No. Way. Your eyes went wide as you stumbled backwards, falling in the process.

“You’re the Secretary of Treasury. You have ties with Washington. This was all a joke. I’m going to get sent across seas!” You buried your hands in your scalp and begged for tears to not spill out of your eyes.

Gently, Alexander sat next to you and waited for you to calm down. When you looked back up at him, he held patience on his face.

“Washington already knows what I’m doing. In fact, he’s the one who suggested it.”


As you bathed, everything began to click. Of course the president wanted you captured and subdued. Who else could it be? Whatever. Anything was better than stealing from people to live.

“Y/n? I have a dress for you. I’ll leave it outside. I’m going downstairs,” a voice said through the door. You quickly dried off and cautiously peeked outside and snatched the box. Inside was a lavender dress with simple designs. It had none of the unnecessary ruffles that ladies usually wore, but it was a HUGE upgrade from the rags that you were wearing.

You made your way downstairs and found Alex preparing tea in the kitchen. He was ultra-focused on pouring the correct amount into each of the tea cups, and he stuck his tongue out in concentration. It was kind of cute…..

“Alright! Oh, hey Y/n……. that dress looked really nice on you.” Alexander had a slight blush on his face, and you were sure you did

“Oh, thanks. I like the color. I can’t remember the last time I had a new dress on,” you sighed and sat down across from him. Alexander set the cup of tea in front of you.

“So, what tempted you to take the job for my capture?” You sipped at your tea and stared intently at him.

“Oh. Well, when I was young I lived in the Caribbean. It was a terrible place full of crime and murder, and I’m sad to say that I sometimes turned to pickpocketing as well. Whatever to keep myself alive really. So when I heard your story, me and Washington devised this. Also, all the wanted posters should be down by tomorrow. I do hope you enjoy staying here.” He sheepishly smiled.

“Anything is better than the brothel, really.” You ran a hand through your damp hair.

“The brothel? As in you were a……”

“Prostitute? In a way, yes. I mostly managed the other girls after the costumers were… done with them. But, if someone was willing to pay a higher price for me, I would do it. I’m not proud of it, but there were extremely young ladies, sometimes as young as 12 living there, Alex. I had to support them somehow!” You smiled bitterly and looked back up at him to see the sorrow on his face.

“It seems as if we have a long road ahead of us, then. Get some sleep, we have shopping to do tomorrow. You can’t go with only one dress. Come, I’ll lead you to a spare bedroom.” He got up and took your hand, but you didn’t protest. He climbed the stairs and stopped at the room right next to his. He opened the door and bid you goodnight, and you collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.



No one will ever love you.

No one cares.

They want you dead.

The only thing she can’t steal is a man’s heart.

Comments people had said to you since you were young swirled through your mind. The fact that someone wanted you to be spruced up only weighed down on you further. The only reason the president did this was because he didn’t want to kill you. He didn’t care. Alexander didn’t care. Your own mother didn’t even care.


You woke up in a cold sweat, tears running down your face. You blindly stumbled out of the bedroom and to the next door over, not even bothering to knock. Alexander sat at his desk, scratching the pen against the paper. That was, until you came. He stopped writing. You collapsed on the floor and let the sobs tear through your throat. Quickly, you felt Alexander’s arms wrap around you.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay, you’re okay. I’m right here. Tell me what’s wrong,” he whispered gently. His fingers were combing through your hair, and he swayed you back and forth.

“I’m a waste of space. Everyone has told me that my entire life. People just want to get rid of me. The only reason I’m not dead right now is because Washington didn’t want blood on his hands.” Your voice was barely a whisper, and your breathing was shallow and shaky. Alex clearly wasn’t the best at comforting, so he just hummed and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. When your breathing steadied and the shaking stopped, he stood both of you up and lied you down on the bed.

“A-Alex, I can’t sleep here, it improper….“you stuttered out. All he did was chuckle and kiss your forehead before tucking both of you away.


The next day, Alexander didn’t mention your “episode.” He just treated you like he did the previous day. He took you shopping, brought you back home, fed you, basically all the same. Except, instead of escorting you to the guest room that night, he led you to his own room. You didn’t say anything, because you were eternally grateful to him for everything he had done so far. He let you lay down and sat at his desk to begin writing, and you didn’t wake up until late into the night when you finally felt the bed sink beside you. It continued like this for roughly a month until one fateful morning.

“I have a meeting in an hour, Y/n. I’ll probably be gone until dinner. It’s hard to talk with Jefferson, let alone negotiate.” He presented a cup of tea before you, and you took it.

“When will I get to attend one of your cabinet meetings? I must meet this legend that is Thomas Jefferson.” You giggled at his fake annoyance.

“Please Y/n. Just the sight of him could give you nightmares.” He rubbed his temples and took a long drag from his tea.

“Speaking of nightmares, they stopped.” Alex perked up at this and his gaze implored you to continue.

“Yeah. I can’t remember the last time I went three days without having a nightmare. They stopped a few day after….” you dropped if at the end. You truly didn’t know how to finish that sentence.

“Since we started sharing a bed? Yeah, I figured. It’s something my mother used to do for me, so I figured it would help.” Alex smiled and looked into his cup, in almost a trance of nostalgia.

“Well, since they stopped, I can stop sleeping in your bed if you want…” you prepared yourself mentally to sleep alone again.

“N-no!” Your head snapped up to Alex in shock,“ I mean, I really…. enjoy it? I don’t know. It’s comforting and I’ve been getting more sleep, and it gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling when I’m near you, so, you don’t have to if that’s okay with you.” He looked away from you, extremely red in the face.

“Alexander I didn’t-” he abruptly got up from his seat.

“I have to go to my meeting. I’ll see you later.” His voice was coated with an unnatural coldness. He left without another word.


Waiting for Alexander to get home was absolutely hell. On the bright side, you hade made up your mind that you do feel the same way about him. The problem was, you had no idea how to tell him.

Alex didn’t come home until the sun was almost set. The last light of the day disappeared behind a tree just as he stepped in. His face looked conflicted, and he didn’t seem to notice you coming down the stairs. You and Alexander always seemed to have meaningful conversations in the kitchen.

“Alexander,” you gently called from the doorway.

“Yes Y/n?” He didn’t turn to face you. That hurt.

“About what you said earlier-”

“Forget what I said earlier.” He cut you off.

“W-what?” You took a step back as he turned around. He stared at you with regret.

“I shouldn’t have told you that. This was supposed to be professional. I doesn’t matter what I feel. I told you that on impulse, so it would be best if we forget it.” He ran a shaky hand through his hair.

You were very sure the desperate action you were about to take was improper, especially to commit toward a man you were living with, but this whole situation was already improper anyway, so why not? Before you gave him time to react, you briskly walked over to him, grabbed his face, and slammed your lips against his. He stood there for a split second before grabbing your waist and pulling your body flush with his. He pulled away, breathing heavy.

“You should probably let me talk before you make assumptions about how I feel next time.” He chuckled and shook his head in embarrassment.

“Of course. Now let’s go to bed.”

Alex led you upstairs like he had many times before, but instead of sitting down and writing, he lied down right beside you and wrapped his arms around you. For the first time, you weren’t afraid.


It’s consistently cold enough now that I brought my plants inside for the winter. Probably should have done it a few days ago but oh well. They all seem fine! Trying out this new situation for my smaller plants in the hopes that they fair better this winter than the last. Let’s see how long it takes for Benny to jump up and try to eat them. I give it until lunchtime tomorrow.