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Battle Theme:  < Will Power >
Battle intro: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. “/ “You know… this isn’t a very good way to make friends.” / “Don’t you have anything better to do?” 
Victory: “Trust me, you want to stay down.” 
Defeat: “Well.” / “Not bad.” / “Wipe that smirk off your face.”
Taunt: “I’ve seen cactuars sharper than you.” / “You’re wasting my time.” / “Is that all you got?” / “Please.”
Reacting to Taunt:  “You must really love the sound of your own voice.” / “Really?”
Tie: “This is surprising.” / “Oh you gotta be kidding me.”
Perfect Victory: “I was hoping you’d put up more of a fight. / *Exhale* That was easy.
Final Finisher: “Smile!” / “This will hurt!” / “Final Heaven!” / Surprise!


Assist: “Heads up!”  
Your character down during Assist: “That played out better in my head.”
Using item: “Back in the fight!”
Healing/Buffing: “I prefer you stay still while I do this.
Tag Team Special:  “Overkill!” / “Never had a chance!” 

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Let’s Battle

Battle Theme: we hate jh - 표류

Battle Intro: “Oh, you must be drunk to be picking this fight.”

Victory: “You’ll be feeling that tomorrow.”

Defeat: “Ugh… I shouldn’t have had that last ale…”

Taunt: “My drunk patrons have better foot work than you. What’s your excuse?” 

Reacting to Taunt: “Tsk tsk. Someone just lost their free drink privileges.”

Tie: “Well, looks like we’re even. But I know a way we can settle it… Over drinks!”

Perfect Victory: “Sorry, my friend, but the Last Call came early for you. -sassy hair flip-” 

Final Finisher: “Looks like I’m gonna have t’cut you off!”

Tag Quotes

Assist : “You owe me a drink after this.”

Your muse down during Assist : “Cor… The smarts worse than a hangover. I only need a moment…”

Using item : “Need a little liquid courage.”

Healing/Buffing : “Y’know I always look out for my loyal customers~”

Tag Team Special : “I appreciate it. Your next drink is on me, alright?”

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Unexpected Alpha

– Requested–

I throw a left jab into Derek’s ribs and hear him not even let out a grunt of pain. I kick him in the shin and see he doesn’t even flinch.

Derek and I have been training all week to try to get rid of some of the “pent up anger” the pack has been mentioning about me as of recently.

This wasn’t exactly my idea of brother and sister bonding but it seemed to be the perfect idea for Derek.

“ (Y/N), I thought Talia had raised you tougher than this.” I hear my Uncle Peter give his input from the stairs. 

“ Peter shut up.” I hear Scott say from the side of the apartment watching this all go down.

“ Wow even that weak little blonde one could do better than this, what was her name again?” 

I begin to hit even harder hoping he doesn’t finish that sentence with her name.

“ Oh yes, Erica. Such a pity that she had to die. Oh well better for the pack.”

I could feel the wolf in me begin to rise. 

My claws begin to dig into the skin of my palms from squeezing them so hard.

“ Peter what the hell is your problem.” I hear Stiles say.

Erica was my best friend, even if we had only known each other for a little bit. We just bonded and became closer than even Derek and I.

I know that Stiles and her had their moments so this dig hit him hard too.

“ She needs to train harder. She’s weak. It’s not my fault she’s not trying. She’s letting her shyness in the way since she’s in front of the whole pack. It’s pathetic.”

He puts emphasis on the last word. 

This sent me over the edge. 

I couldn’t control myself and I could feel the hair start to sprout from either side of my cheeks. I step back from Derek with my head and clench my fists tight.

“(Y/N” Control it. Don’t let it get to you. Think about Erica.” Peter says from the staircase.

I growl loudly and hear Derek say,

“ You just had to bring Erica into it didn’t you?” His tone in disbelief.

“(Y/N) you okay? Fight this, I know you can do it.” Derek says trying to reach out to rub my arm in a comforting way.

I turn my head up and open my eyes growling in his face, showing off my teeth.

Derek stares at me in disbelief. I push past him and walk to Peter throwing him off the stairs.

I pounce on top of him and snarl in his face.

He looks at me with the same disbelief that Derek had. 

I ignore it and punch Peter in the face over and over again until I feel myself getting pulled off him.

I look up to see my best friend Isaac. He snarls in my face as if to tell me to back off.

I pull back and make myself transform back to normal.

“ I’m so sorry guys. I don’t know what happened. I j-just couldn’t take his comments on Erica anymore.” I say looking to the pack with an apologetic look on my face.

“ (Y/N) I swear to god if this is a prank this is not funny. Stiles did you have something to do with this?” Derek says with a look of worry on his face.

“ This was not me. I almost wish this was me because this prank is genius.” He says shaking his head in disbelief.

“ What are you guys talking about?” I say looking confused.

“(Y/N/N), your eyes.” Derek says with concern in his voice.

I run into the bathroom to look in the mirror.

I’m met with a pair of bright red ones staring back at me.

I put my hand over my mouth in shock. 

“ No no no no. This can’t be possible. I can’t do this.” I say with tears coming to my eyes.

Derek walks into the bathroom to see if I am okay.

“ Derek I can’t do this. I’ve seen what it does to Peter. What it does to you and mom. I can’t have this happen to me. What if I turn into a full alpha and then can’t turn back. I can’t be a true alpha okay, I just can’t.” I say having my breathing become uneven and the tears start to flow freely down my face. 

Derek pulls me into his arms and give me a comforting hug. He caresses the back of my head with his hand and squeezes me closer to him.

He pulls me away and then cups my face with either of his hands.

“ Listen to me okay? (Y/N) you are the strongest person I know and if anybody will get through it’s going to be you. If you are a true alpha it means you are meant for this. I’m your brother and i’ll always be there for you okay? Don’t for a second think I would ever let you become Peter.” Derek says with loving eyes, smiling at the end.

“Okay.” I say through my tears, smiling a bit at the Peter joke.

He puts an arm around me and leads me back out into the main room.

“ I’m sorry for freaking out you guys.” I say pulling Isaac into a hug to thank him for stopping me.

Peter lets out a very fake cough and then looks at me expectantly. 

“ Andd I guess i’m sorry I broke your nose Uncle Peter.” I say shrugging, not feeling the least bit guilty.

“ Um Derek by the way, it would be an honor for her to even end up half as great as me.” Peter says in a clarifying way.

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