oh well! to the online store!

Lady calls my store: I have these shoes that I bought a year ago that I’ve never worn, can I return them?

Me: Sure, just come in as long as you have POP.

Her: can I return them over the phone?

Me: No we have to have the shoes before we return them.

Her: Oh…well then can you come pick them up?

Me: we have a shipping label that you can print out to send them back online, free of charge.

Her: I don’t have time for that. Let me speak to your manager.

Manager spoke to her, she came in later.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So it's not necessarily a question about this zine, but I figured since you both have experience you seemed to be good people to ask... what advice/info would you give to someone interested in organizing a zine? For instance, how do you fund them, since printing can get rather pricy? How do you decide the number of writers/artists? Sorry if you'd rather not get into it, and thanks for your time anyways!

Hey Anon!

We welcome all zine-related questions and queries! :)

The answer is quite long and detailed. Okay. SUPER LONG AND DETAILED. I AM SORRY but I hope it helps you out!

I wish you all the best for the zine you wish to organize and hope it does super well and you have fun with it. :)

If you have more queries/questions you can contact me personally  and we can talk one-on-one too! Happy to help! ^^

Thank you!

- mod aish

1. Have fun with it. No matter how intimidating it looks/is, how stressful and nerve-wrecking it can get, the ups and downs, whatever, try to enjoy it to the fullest. ;)

2. Choose the topic of the zine. Fandoms, original, any-content, theme-related, rating, etc. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH.

3. Know about the target audience as it will help you estimate the avg. response and you can decide if you wish to go forward with it right away or hold it for a while longer.

4. If its your first project, I’d 100% recommend starting off slow and little. Invite your friends or artists you like to take part in the zine, keep the participant number in range to 10-15. This is because, irrespective of your sales, chances are high that you can compensate the participants by sending them their own copies. THAT’S IMPORTANT.

5. In general, an ideal size of the zine is A5 with 24-30 pages. It can be more or less, it entirely depends on the organizers.

6. If you decide to do a non-profit charity zine, its best you refer to organizers who’ve done it similarly to help you advise how and where to send the money, which charities are legit/scam, etc.

7. If its a for-profit zine, you can either split the money per page (artists get money/page they’ve illustrated) or divided it equally between the no. of artists (irrespective of how many pages an artist creates.)

8. Its up to you if you wish to take a little % for yourself as you’re organizing the zine, will get it printed and shipped. It depends on an individual but there are zines where the organizing team also takes a %.


10. Be as organized as possible! Make plenty notes, communicate a lot so that everyone is in the loop, be as open as you can about it. This will also help your fellow artists-writers know a little about the process it takes with organizing a zine.

11. Respect their wishes if they wish to remain out of the loop. Be kind. AND PATIENT. Don’t rush things.

12. Always keep an extension ready. Like, just take an est. of 7-10 days with deadlines and the whole schedule.

13. Things can and will go wrong. Try to compromise, adjust and overcome it.

14. If you are going to get the zines printed, its best you first try and find a local printer in your area. Ask, Printer-san if they get books/magazines printed or not. If yes, browse through the multiple page types/qualities and ask about the price too. Depending upon this, choose the paper quality suitable for your zine. If its 30-40 pages, you can have a more thicker paper, but if it exceeds 40+ its best you choose a lesser thick paper. Gloss/semi-gloss is idea. And looks pretty.

15. Usually, printers will print if you give them an ideal quantity/batch, be it 25, 50, 75 or 100 copies. Otherwise, its also possible they can get a single copy printed too. Try to bargain :’) and get it as low as logically possible but listen….this is how they earn too, so ask for the min. production costs per batch size (25/50/…)

16. If not a local printer, online is the way! You can easily go through various websites which explain paper quality/quantity/size/price, etc.

17. Once you can get an est. price of a SINGLE ZINE, try and find shipping est. for locals and international customers. This will help you determine an est. for the production and shipping costs of a SINGLE ZINE. And then you can multiply it with as many zines as you wish to/hope to sell.

18. Once you have an est. production and shipping value of a single zine, you can determine the RETAIL price of the zine. (How much to sell it for?) Be up-to-date with the current costings of other zines too and price it accordingly. It isn’t fair to a customer if you oversell it, unless that is an only option and it isn’t fair to the creators if you under-price it, especially if its a for-profits zine. THIS ENTIRELY DEPENDS ON THE PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING COSTS OF THE ZINE.

19. Ask yourself if you, YOURSELF, will be able to buy YOUR ZINE at $X or $Y and go with it. (Don’t overprice-underprice it!)

20. Keep a detailed list of all the budget being spent, printing the zines, shipping them, shipping materials (envelopes, tape), etc.

21. For an art-only zine, its important you pay attention to how many artists will contribute a single page submission or multiple page submission, etc. This will help you know how many pages the zine will be.

22. For a zine with writers, choose a word-limit and stick to it! When you have the layout of your zine ready, make a mock page with the fic in it to know which font style you wish to use, the size of it, spacing, etc.

23. Try to reach out to people who have organized a zine before and request for their help. It’s the best as they can guide you well and this way you can make newer mistakes, instead of making the old ones. LOL. I AM SORRY BUT REALLY THAT’S TRUE.

24. OH! YOUR STORE! Where do you wish to sell the zine?! Tictail, storenvy, etsy. That’s up to you!

25. Also, keep a margin est. of the online fee deduction which stores and PayPal do. So that your own budget estimations are as accurate as possible.

26. Chances are you won’t break even (cover the production-shipping costs) and don’t lose hope. I will get back to you ASAP in case it happens with me. HOPE NOT. But I believe you will break-even if you price it well, promote it better and produce an awesome product.

27. Chances are you will do great! If so, CONGRATULATIONS!

28. Try your best to choose applicants according to their skill levels and not friendships. Really. It will be tough as heck…but right then you are the MOD, don’t half-ass it. If you can’t, make a zine with invite-only policy and ask your friends to take part in it. ;)

29. Schedule it in a way that you yourself can give it as much time as possible as YOU ARE THE ONE DOING IT FIRST. The zine comes to life thanks to the artists and writers…but you are an important PILLAR. Don’t over-exert yourself, take breaks, time it well, ask for help whenever you need.

30. Promote the zine well, be kind, be open to changes, but stick to your deadlines and schedule. Have as many discussions as possible and keep in touch with your whole team.

31. PLEASE BE POLITE. DON’T BE A RUDE-ASS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Really. Be calm, even in crises. Take a break and think things over before you say/do something unkind. A zine is supposed to be a fun and exciting creation to bring together people from all over the world, different artists/writers, new artists/writers, customers, friends, etc. MAKE IT FUN. BE KIND.

I think I have covered many things. I can share more about budgeting, pre-orders, etc. but its best you contact me personally as I am too exhausted to add more to the list. I am sorry. These are the things which came to my mind like WOOOSH! If I have skipped a topic, let me know! If I remember something in the future….or learn something myself, I will update the list. :D

If someone strongly disagrees with a point, please know that these are 100% my own opinions, from my experiences and research.

BonRin Week Day 2: Secrets


It had been difficult to sneak out of the dorm. It had been nearly impossible to get past the teachers and leave the campus. Yet Bon had managed to find the bus stop and lean against a street lamp, waiting to be picked up. His heart was racing and his chest was tight with guilt as he watched the scene around him. He had never left campus without permission before.  It wasn’t as if he snuck out to do anything wrong, though; he just needed to buy some supplies. Then he would return immediately and no one would be the wiser.

Bon’s internal turmoil was interrupted by the bus pulling up, brakes squealing. The doors opened and he climbed aboard. Finding a comfortable seat near the back, Bon settled in for the ride. His thoughts began to gather once more.

This is stupid. I should have ordered it online. Leaving campus could get me a detention, Bon thought. What if someone saw me? They might tell Okumura-sensei. He would put me on probation. Or what if they told Rin? God, if Rin found out, he’d be pissed. Well, maybe not pissed, but definitely worried.

Bon shook his head. No one was going to find out. He’d make sure of that. No one would know he left and if they did, they wouldn’t know why. He was safe.

The bus came to a stop and Bon made his way to the front, walking down the steps. He began heading down the street, hands in his pockets and his head low. His destination was only a few minutes away. It was already in view, with its rich purple awnings and its racks of bright colors and patterns. His heart flutter with anticipation instead of nervousness and guilt.

Finally, Bon stood in front of the store, staring at all the new items in the window display. His lips curled up slightly as he walked in.

“Welcome to Fabric Palace! Can I - oh, Ryuuchan, it’s you. I haven’t seen you in here lately! You always order online.” A feminine voice said.

Bon scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah. Been busy with school. How you been, Katsuka?”

The woman, Katsuka, beamed. “I’ve been great! The shop is doing well. We even have a few classes now. Any chance you’ll come teach beginner’s sewing?”

“Nah. I got too much going on. I’m not even that good.”

“My daughter’s wedding gown begs to differ! You made it look so beautiful, Ryuuji. The beadwork was as stunning as the stitching, too!”

Bon looked to the ground, cheeks pink. “It wasn’t much. Just wanted to help. You made all those robes for the temple.”

“Enough about me, Ryuuchan! What are you doing lately? Do you like high school? Are you working on any new pieces?”

“School’s good. I’ve got straight A’s. I ain’t working on anything, but I want to make an apron.”

“You’re a good boy, Ryuuji. Let me show you some patterns. Who are you making it for?”

“Just some idiot. He likes to cook and he drops stuff in my dorm. Figured I should at least repay him.”

Katsuka smirked. She knew this ‘idiot’ was probably more than that, but she would keep it to herself. Bon would admit it when he was ready. She pulled a few patterns out of a filing cabinet and spread them on the counter for Bon to see. He cringed slightly.

“Katsuka, you got anything a little less…girly?” Bon asked.

Katsuka gave him a look. “What do you mean?”

“I like the patterns, but they’re kinda all ruffles and ribbon. I just want something a little more masculine. Rin’s kind of weird about that stuff sometimes. Plus the moron is prone to catching things on fire. I’m not putting that much effort into something that’ll end up destroyed.”

“Ah, so his name is Rin. I guess I could give you the pattern for a plain one. It won’t be as fun, though.”

Bon looked over the patterns once more. Maybe something a bit feminine wouldn’t be so awful. After all, Rin would probably look good in something frilly, maybe a baby blue apron with some pretty ribbon piping. Bon picked up a pattern for a simple apron with a ruffled edge. It would look nice.

“Good choice. I’m sure Rin will like it.” Katsuka said.

“Maybe. He gets defensive about people thinking he’s feminine.” Bon said.

“Sounds like a boy I know. About sixteen, looks like a delinquent, hates people knowing that he can sew because he thinks people will make fun of him for being girly. Let me tell you something: boy and girl activities don’t exist. Sure, you’ve got masculine and feminine, but that’s preferences. Anyone can do anything.”

Bon frowned and chose to ignore her. “Okay. I need baby blue fabric for this piece and maybe a white patterned piece for the pockets. Have anything that looks like toile? And lace piping.”

“And the genius is back. Follow me.”

Bon followed Katsuka through the aisles, picking out his materials. He couldn’t wait to see Rin’s face when he saw it.


“Nii-san, I will be back late tonight. Please stay in the dorm.” Yukio said.

Rin nodded as he watched Yukio shut his briefcase. His brother had nothing to worry about; Rin planned on staying in all night. He had his own plans, plans so shameful that he couldn’t even tell Yukio. Rin felt hot just thinking about them.

“No problem, Four-Eyes! I’ll make bentos for tomorrow!” Rin babbled happily.

Yukio offered a soft smile. “That sounds nice. Have fun.”

“Be careful, okay, Yukio?”

“Of course, Rin. I promise.”

With that, Yukio left for his mission, closing the door behind him. Rin rushed to the window. He watched, waiting for Yukio to leave the dorm entirely. Yukio turned back to wave at him and went on his way.

With his twin gone, Rin could finally do it.

Reaching under the bed, Rin pulled out a plain cardboard box and lifted the top. He began pulling out its contents, spreading them across the bed. Careful fingers ran over each item, enjoying the feel of soft fabric on his skin.

“Blue or yellow?” Rin asked himself, looking between his choices.

Before him were two simple dresses, one in blue and one in yellow. The blue one was Rin’s favorite; it had capped sleeves and the skirt fell to his knees, the mesh-like fabric swishing freely. The yellow one had its merits, too, though. It was sleeveless and the skirt was bowed out slightly, giving it a more formal look. It had a bit of glitter, which always made Rin feel pretty.

Rin’s hand hovered over both for a few moments before picking up the blue one. It would be the best one to cook in; Shiro had always called it his housewife dress.

The memory made Rin smile. The old man had found out about his hobby only a year after he had started it. He never teased Rin for liking feminine clothes. In fact, he had bought Rin a few dresses and skirts when he had the money to.

Pushing away the sadness swelling within his heart, Rin began to undress. He pulled on a pair of appropriate underwear - a pair Shiro had gotten him after he had caught Rin wearing boxers with a skirt - settling them on his hips before pulling the dress over his head. He smoothed out the skirt, twirling a bit.

Not bad. Wonder if I could find some cheap heels to go with it. It would probably make my ass look great, Rin thought, laughing to himself. He reached into the box and pulled out a pair of white flats, slipping them onto his feet. They would do for now.

Before he left for the kitchen, Rin stood in front of the mirror and grabbed the clip Bon had given him. He pinned his bangs back, wondering what Bon would think of his outfit. He’d probably get upset and say ‘what the hell are you wearing? Don’t you have any decency,’ Rin thought.

Rin headed to the kitchen, set on making rice balls for tomorrow’s bentos. He began taking out ingredients and placing them on the counter, ignoring Ukobach’s questioning eyes. Kuro hopped onto the counter and nuzzled Rin’s arm.

“You look pretty, Rin!” Kuro exclaimed.

Rin blushed. “Aw, thanks, Kuro.”

“Are you gonna make chicken rice balls? Can I have some?”

“You little jerk! You called me pretty for food!”

“Nuh-uh! I called you pretty because I meant it. Food was an afterthought.”

“Fine. I’ll save you some, okay?”

“Yay! Thanks, Rin!”

Rin smiled, stroking the demon’s fur before shooing him out of the kitchen. He began his work, humming happily and swaying his hips to make his dress swish around his legs.


It had taken some time to find a place to work on the apron in peace. The dorm had been out of the question; Konekomaru and Shima could barge in at any moment and catch Bon in the act. The library didn’t make the cut, either. Bon’s machine would be too loud and it also had the added risk of being full of people that could see him sewing. So, he searched high and low and finally found a fairly rundown classroom that he could use and have total privacy. He set up shop in the back corner and started his project.

“Tch, how tall is Okumura? He’s one of the shortest guys in the class. Screw it, I’ll just make it a large. If he doesn’t like it, he can kiss my ass.” Bon muttered to himself, cutting out the pattern carefully.

He began pinning the thin paper to the fabric, a frown of concentration on his face. Maybe he could make the bottom half of the apron flare out a little. It would only require adding onto the pattern slightly, so Bon pulled out a measuring tape and began drawing. He put a large curve on the bottom of the apron, giving it a dress-like appearance. Bon smirked. Wouldn’t Rin look cute, making his cookies and octopus hotdogs in his pretty apron?

When the hell did I start thinking Okumura would be cute ever? He looks like a monkey, Bon thought.

A small voice in the back of Bon’s mind seemed to laugh at him. Bon ignored it in favor of cutting the fabric. Once he had it cut and displayed, he fired up the machine and began the task of sewing it together.


“You made three bentos. Are going to eat extra tomorrow?” Kuro asked, nibbling at a rice ball.

“Huh? Nah. I made one for Bon.” Rin said absently, sprinkling some salt in the pot in front of him.

“For Bon? Why?”

Rin shrugged. “I wanted to. As a thank you for the hair clip.”

“But you made him cookies already. And sushi. And omelettes that time he came to see Yukio and he wasn’t here.”

“Look, Kuro, are you complaining about leftovers?”

Kuro shook his head. “No! But Shiro told me people cook for people they like. So do you like Bon?”

“That stupid rooster head? Hell no.”

“But you cook for him a lot. Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. Besides, Yukio would kill Bon if he ever thought I liked him.”

“Yukio wouldn’t be mad, I think, if you liked him.”

Rim smiled softly. “Probably not. But I don’t have to worry about it anyway. Since I don’t like anyone. Besides, I’m not into guys.”

“Liar! You have all those mangas with the boys kissing and holding hands!”

“Shut up and don’t go through my things, you rotten little cat!”

Kuro laughed as Rin pouted. Rin was so silly; why couldn’t he just admit that he had a crush? If he did, Bon would be able to see him in all of his dresses and skirts and then Bon could tell Rin how pretty he was. Actually, now that Kuro thought about it, he had never seen Rin wear these clothes near other people, not even Yukio. It was unfortunate. Rin always looked happy in his dresses.


Two days later, Bon’s masterpiece was complete. It had taken six hours, using a chair as a mannequin, and pricking his fingers so much that he bled, but it looked beautiful. He took a picture and sent it to Katsuka. She had sent back a winky face and the words ‘I bet Rin will love it. Might even get you a kiss.’ Bon grit his teeth and shoved his phone in his pocket. Sometimes Katsuka could be annoying as hell.

He put the apron in a plain cardboard box despite wanting to wrap it nicely. He didn’t want Rin thinking he actually put effort into it. That could give him away, and then the little hellspawn might think Bon actually liked him. That would be mortifying.

Alright, time to drop it off. That bastard better like it. I should make him wear it everywhere with how much time it took, Bon thought as he headed towards the Okumura dorm. The box tucked beneath his arm felt heavier than it should have been. Maybe it was due to the anxiousness Bon was feeling over someone finding out he had sewn the garment. Or, perhaps more likely, it was Katsuka’s words that had him worried. Did he like Rin? Is that why he had put so much effort into the apron?


Music blared from Rin’s phone, filling the kitchen with obnoxious bubble gum pop and techno beats. His black skirt swayed as he danced through the room, mixing ingredients and chopping vegetables. Ukobach was manning the oven, stirring simmering pots of sauce and porridge. Kuro was sitting on the counter watching them work, enjoying his job as taste tester.

“Yo, Ukobach, can you add some cinnamon to that pudding? Yukio likes it to be really strong.” Rin said.

Ukoback nodded and grabbed the spice, dumping in a healthy amount before mixing it in. Rin smiled in thanks and returned to chopping celery. Yasai no nikumaki was on the menu for tomorrow’s bentos and they were as time consuming as they were delicious. He was glad he had Ukobach’s help; he’d never get done otherwise.

“You’re making three again?” Kuro asked.

“Yeah, why?” Rin asked.

“Because you’ve been making three all week. Who’s this one for?”

Rin looked away from the cat, hiding his face. “Just someone.”

“Oh! For Bon!”

Rin groaned. “Yes, okay? It’s not because I like him or anything, though! He just helped me with some homework!”

“Whatever you say.”

Rin sighed, frustrated. Kuro was so fixated on him liking Bon. So what if he made the guy food? Rin liked cooking. Sometimes he had extra. It wasn’t some conspiracy. Rin pulled at his skirt a bit before bending down to grab another chopping board. The last thing he wanted was anyone seeing his panties, even if the only people around him were people that knew that he wore them.

Pulling out a package of beef from the refrigerator, Rin began slicing it into thin sheets to make the rolls. He threw a slice to Kuro, laughing as the cat scarfed it down.

“Yum! Your food is so good, Rin. I bet everyone loves it!” Kuro praised.

“I hope so. I used to make this for Dad all the time. He’d laugh because I made the carrots look like hearts. He said it was literally putting love into the food. I think he was crazy. Like I’d do that for him.” Rin said.

“You miss him a lot. I do, too.”

Rin smiled softly. “I guess we need to eat these in his honor, then, huh?”


Silence fell over the kitchen for a moment before Rin decided it was too much.

“Hey, being sad in the kitchen is not allowed! I’m going to crank up the Girl’s Generation!” He exclaimed.


Bon knocked on the door to the dorm no less than twenty times before giving up. He looked up to Rin’s window, hoping to see the other boy. Normally, Rin would be at his desk, twirling a pencil, chin resting in his hand. Whenever Bon saw him, he would flip him off, and Rin would respond with a stupid face. However, the curtains were closed. Bon huffed. He knew Rin was there, so what the hell was he doing that was so important that he couldn’t answer the door?

“Okumura! Come open the door, you moron!” Bon yelled, banging on the door.

No response came. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted, finding it open. Bon sighed, shaking his head. Rin really was an idiot, keeping his door unlocked when he was home alone. Bon stepped inside and toed off his shoes before making his way up the stairs.

He find Rin and Yukio’s room and knocked on the door. Again, there was no answer. Bon tried once more, receiving the same response.

“Damn it, Okumura! I’m not gonna wait around for you all night!” Bon snapped.

Bon stomped back down the stairs to continue his search. If Rin wasn’t in his room, the next possible place he could be was the kitchen. Bon walked down the hall, smirking when he heard music. He had found Rin. He quickened his pace, stepping into the kitchen only a minute later.

When he caught sight of Rin, he froze.

The black haired boy was dancing at the counter, his back to Bon. A knee-length black skirt was settled on his hips, swaying as Rin shook and shimmied. Black patent leather flats covered his feet, giving them an almost dainty look. A baseball shirt covered his top half, but it was about two sizes too big, causing it to fall off his shoulder. Bon gulped. What the hell had he walked into?

“Kuro, what’s wrong? I can’t understand you when you talk like that, it sounds like hissing.” Rin said.

Bon’s eyes flitted to the cat on the counter. He seemed to glare at Bon, as if he was personally offended by his presence. The cat let out a loud meow, finally causing Rin to turn around.

“Oh my God, Kuro, you can have some when -” Rin began.

His words trailed off as his blue eyes met Bon’s brown. Rin felt his cheeks heat up and he tried to pull down his skirt more, but the damage was done. Bon was staring at him, eyes fixated on his skirt, face unreadable.

“What the hell, Okumura?” Bon asked after a few minutes.

“Look, it’s not what you think - you know what? I don’t have to explain anything to you. Get out.” Rin said.

“Wait, I-”

“I said get out!”

“Shut up for a second! I don’t give a shit what you wear! Why didn’t you answer the goddamn door when I knocked?”

Rin’s eyes widened. “You - you aren’t mad? Not even a tiny bit?”

“I’m mad that you didn’t open the door.”

“But you aren’t mad about the skirt. You aren’t going to make fun of me.”

Bon snorted. “Like this is the weirdest thing you’ve done.”

Rin let out a sigh of relief. “Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Yukio knows, okay? You can’t tell.”

“Whatever. Here. This is for you. Thanks for the food.”

Bon tossed the box in his hands to Rin and shoved his hands in his pockets. Blue eyes looked at him curiously before opening the gift. Rin grinned as he pulled out the apron.

“Wow! This is so cool! Thanks, Bon!” Rin exclaimed.

Bon grimaced. “Don’t call me that. We aren’t friends.”

“Did you make it? I’ve never seen an apron like this.”

“What? Do I look like I know how to sew, Okumura? God, you’re a damn moron.”

Rin watched Bon’s eyes dart around, avoiding his eyes, and his smile widened. So Bon had made it. Rin didn’t see what he was embarrassed about; the apron looked awesome. Rin put the garment on, tying it around his waist.

“You’re pretty good. Who knew your big mitts could handle a needle?” Rin asked.

“I already told you I didn’t make it! And who knew your hairy damn monkey legs could look good in a skirt?” Bon shot back.

“You think I look good?”

Bon spluttered for a moment before crossing his arms. “No way in hell. Shut up.”

The two were silent for a moment, not looking at each other.

“Hey, uh, thanks. For the apron. And for promising not to tell.” Rin said quietly.

“Thanks for the food. You better keep your mouth shut about me being able to sew.” Bon said gruffly.

Rin simply nodded, taking what he could get. He smoothed out his apron and got back to work. Bon stood awkwardly in the doorway, contemplating what to do.

“Grab a knife, stupid. The cucumbers won’t cut themselves.” Rin said.

Bon grumbled as he followed Rin’s orders. He supposed he could do what the guy wanted just this once. It would be their secret.

Neighbors - Part 2: Guardian Angel

A/N: I hope this isn’t completely horrible. Warning: Gross cold stuff but nothing too bad. It’s one little line.

True to his word, you received a text from Luke later that afternoon.

Just checking on my patient. Feeling any better?

That chicken soup was delicious. I am feeling a little better, still coughing though. 😷 Thanks again, Luke!

You’re welcome, Y/N. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. Now I’m going to let you rest.

You smiled and put your phone back on the table. You couldn’t believe how sweet your neighbor was. Not only did he go get the medicine you, a complete stranger, had asked for, but he also brought you soup. You had to think of a way to repay him once you were feeling better. Hopefully that would be in the next few days. You had been sick for three days now and enough was enough. You decided to try to clean up a bit since you were feeling a little better. You took your dirty dishes into the kitchen and washed them, leaving them to dry. You went back to the living room and picked up all the trash you’d accumulated while sick.

You couldn’t believe just that little bit made you tired, but it did. You decided to take a nice bath then head to bed. Maybe tomorrow you’d feel better.


Thank goodness you worked from home. Somehow the next day you just felt drained. Oh and there that cough is, still persistent as ever. You guessed another day of rest was in store for you. Maybe you could rest this morning and in the afternoon you’d actually feel like doing some work. You were an online proofreader. It may sound boring, but you actually loved it. You’ve always been one to nitpick everything you read. You once read a book that had so many grammatical errors, you weren’t sure how you ever finished it. You were ready to get a pen and start correcting the book. Your job paid well enough, and you didn’t have to venture out into the world everyday.

You lay in bed a little longer, then decided to get up and get some breakfast. Oatmeal sounded pretty good right now. Your throat was sore from all of the coughing, and oatmeal would hopefully soothe it. Maybe some hot tea with honey would be good too. You chuckled remembering the time you had a cough as a teenager, and your father gave you honey mixed with whiskey. Hell, if this cough didn’t go away soon, you might try that no matter how horrible you remember it tasting.

You had just settled onto the couch with your breakfast when your phone dinged.

How is my patient this morning?

Smiling, you replied:

A little better. Going to take it easy this morning, then maybe work some this afternoon. If this cough would just go away. Ugh!

Sorry you’re still coughing. Take it easy. Don’t try to do too much too soon. I’m at work, but let me know if I can bring you anything later.

Oh my gosh. Was this man for real? What a sweetie!

Thanks Dr. Luke. I promise to rest. Have a good day at work.


Luke chuckled and shook his head at Y/N last text, catching the attention of his teammate, the real doctor around here.

“What’s so funny, Luke?” Spencer asked, glancing at his friend.

“Oh, nothing. Just a text from my neighbor. She’s sick, and I was just checking on her. She’s got a cough that won’t go away. Any suggestions?”

Reid raised his eyebrows, then replied, “Well, if she doesn’t have a humidifier, you might suggest one to her. A humidifier moisturizes the air, which helps keep your mouth and throat moist and less irritated. It can also help loosen secretions in your throat and lungs, so they are easier to cough up.”

Luke wrinkled his nose at that last bit but said, “Thanks, brother. Maybe I’ll stop on the way home after work and get her one. I don’t think she has one. I didn’t notice one yesterday.”

Reid raised his eyebrows again but didn’t say anything just nodded. He glanced over to see JJ looking interested in the conversation as well. She raised her eyebrows at Spencer then went back to work.


Other than still coughing, you were actually feeling better that afternoon so you decided to do some work. You were sitting on the couch with your laptop, glasses perched on your nose, when you heard a knock at the door. You couldn’t help hoping it was your neighbor.

Sure enough when you opened the door, there Luke stood, with a box under his arm. He grinned and said, “How’s the patient? I brought you something I hope will help you.”

You smiled back and waved him into your apartment. “You know, you barely know me, Luke. You shouldn’t be spending your money on me.”

“Seriously, Y/N, it’s nothing. I was telling a friend at work about your cough, and he suggested one of these. It’s a humidifier, and I will not make you hear the reasons exactly as he said, just know it should help your cough,” he said with another one of those beautiful smiles.

You laughed, then coughed, and took the box from him. “Thanks, Luke. You are like my guardian angel. Do you want to come in for a minute? Help me figure this thing out?”

He nodded and followed you into the kitchen. Together you figured it out, it wasn’t rocket science after all. You got the humidifier going and asked if Luke wanted to order some takeout with you. He said he needed to take care of Roxy but maybe some other time. You were disappointed but understood. You had owned a pet before; they need their special time with their owner. You wished him a good evening and showed him out the door.

Later that evening, your phone dinged. You smiled seeing it was from Luke.

Sorry I didn’t stay for dinner. We will definitely have to get together later this week.

No problem. Give Roxy a hug from me and thank her for letting me borrow you. 😊

Not a fuck anyone, just kinda silly lol

So today I had to do a no receipt refund of some items that I’m pretty sure were bought way longer than 30 days ago. Oh well, she was nice, and only wanted store credit, and I’m sick as a dog so I don’t even try and argue. She hands me a shirt to return that she says she got the wrong size in. It’s a band t-shirt, one of my favorites, and I tell her how it’s not fair that we have cooler stuff online than in store. She stops me and says she got it in store.

Okay, this was an awesome shirt from my favorite album from that band, pretty sure I would have seen it. We go back and forth for a bit, me telling her I’ve been here for a year and a half and I’ve never seen that shirt, and not only that but shirts are my department. A little more back and forth until I finally look closer at the tag.

It was for the store that’s “all about the music”, while we’re all about the wacky gifts and adult toys in the back. This happens so often, and 99.99999999999% of the time it’s hilarious. She about died of embarrassment and was super apologetic, and she also said she hoped I felt better soon so there’s that.

At least now I know where to get that shirt!

Stupid Words

This is for the Pietro fans, its a little better written then my last Pietro X Reader smut, but less steamy (sorry)

There is more plot in this one, and takes longer to build up etc. It was suppose to be many parts but here its all in one heap, let me know if you wanna see a part two?

Warning: Language?

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oh nooooo please tell me michael's didn't start putting the quantities online??? we have that problem ALL of the time! "well the other michaels stores checked your store and it said you have 6, what do you mean you only have 2?" the other michael's store didn't call us to confirm it. omgs nooooo

We’ve had it for awhile, but only about 3% of our customer base utilize the feature. 

Oh, the returns have arrived. The Returns.

Oh, The Returns. 

Womans’ got a big box of ornaments and she puts them on my counter. “I ordered these online but they were too bright. I need to return them.”

“Do you have your receipt?”


She hands me a piece of paper. I wince internally, knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. 

“Ma’am, this isn’t a receipt. This is a screenshot of your cart. You would have received your receipt in an email after you placed the order. We can try looking it up using your credit card.”

So we look it up using her credit card and it doesn’t show up. “Oh, its because I used Paypal.” So we look it up using her rewards number. “Oh, its because we didn’t have rewards when we bought them.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but the only other option we have is store credit and since this isn’t an item we carry in this store I can’t guarantee that it let me do it.”

“What do you mean you don’t carry this? I bought it here!”

“You bought it online, and it looks like it was an online-only item. We don’t carry this brand in the store.”

“I bought it here! See, here’s my receipt.”

“That’s not a receipt, ma’am.”

“Yes it is! I bought it here!”

“This is a screenshot of your shopping cart. The actual receipt would have a barcode on it for me to scan. But there is nothing for me to scan here. The items you have were an online-only item and we cannot take them back without a receipt.”


“That’s… not a receipt. That’s just a list of items.”


“You bought them from our website. We don’t carry them in the store.”

“THIS IS RIDICULOUS! You mean I have to go home, find this receipt, come all the way back here and only THEN I can return these? RIDICULOUS! I thought you could look it up with a card or a member number. You’re all USELESS.”

Exit stage left.

Thanks Japan! Because Sliced Chocolate Is Now A Real Thing

Have you ever been making a sandwich and thought to yourself, “Boy, this sure could use a slice of chocolate. If only someone made sliced chocolate, much like a Kraft single!” Well your prayers have been answered, thanks to a Japanese company that clearly understands America a little too well.

Yes, Oh My God indeed. The chocolate slices were developed by Bourbon, a well known Japanese brand that specializes in chocolate and confections. Each pack contains five slices that are made of “nama chocolate,” which is thick chocolate that’s made with an intense combination of of high-quality cocoa and cream. These delightful little treats can be purchased from the company’s online store at $27 for a 12 packs of 5 slices.

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So I was one of the people who got the email saying that my order got canceled. Since the book is still on the still on the B&N website, I'm gonna try again and see if that'll work. If not, oh well.

From what I saw online, people had better luck at finding it in B&N stores!


Toys R’ Us stuff

Toys R’ Us’ online store got the Diamond Select Ghostbusters back in. I originally passed up these two members in store, and when I decided that I’d collect them, it was too late. They were hard to get a hold of for the $13-$15 price point Toys R’ Us offered them at. Great 7″ highly articulated figures with tons of accessories and a cheap price point. Hard to imagine the excuses other companies use as to why they can’t include extra accessories or articulation for their figures at a low price when Diamond Select is doing it.

Also picked up Wario since Jakks is re-releasing some of their WoN 4″ figures. I ordered Blue Toad, buuuuut they sent me Red Toad, which I already have. Oh well, guess I have to hope he shows up in my local store since the online inventory order shipping people can’t tell the difference between red and blue. :x

Oh hey artists and those who want to be artists!

Betty Edwards’ book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” is available as a starter kit at Chapters! I don’t know if the kit is available online, but I saw it on one of the tables on my way out of the store. You can check Indigo, as well, since it’s all the same company.

This is one of those how to draw books that I readily recommend because I find it is the best book to learn how to draw what you see, not what you know. If you don’t have it yet and have a Chapters near by, go and get it. It’s worth it.

Uncle's Nostalgia
  • Showing a little more love to Zombieman.<3
  • -On the SUPER rare ocassion, Genos manages to catch Zombieman on his break again, and invites him over to the apartment for dinner with everyone. Though he tried to decline, the Minis ended up insisting he come.-
  • Zombieman: Sorry if I'm intruding on you like this. [-he bows slightly as Ichii sits on his lap and jabbers on about something he saw on TV, while a couple of the Minis climb on him.-]
  • Saitama: Nah, it's no big deal. You don't have to be so formal. Though I gotta say, it's surprising how quickly the brats have gotten attached to you.
  • -In addition to Zombieman, King and Mumen were also there. Though King had come to share a game he'd just bought with Saitama, he ended up sticking around for dinner.-
  • King: Yeah, I'm surprised. You don't seem the type to attract kids to you. Er, no offense.
  • Zombieman: None taken. [-shrugs it off. Probably not the first time someone's said that of him.-]
  • Mumen Rider: Well considering it's these kids, I don't think they show a lot of fear to people that they feel are trustworthy.
  • -Genos and some of the Minis who helped him in the kitchen brought out the food, beckoning the others to come and eat.-
  • Saitama: Yeesh. With how many people come over we might as well get a bigger table. I wonder if we can get one for a bargain somewhere...
  • Genos: I believe they may sell cheap furniture at a store at a Swap Meet, Sensei.
  • Mumen Rider: Oh I think I know the one you are talking about, the one in C City, Right?
  • King: I think they give a few coupons online in their bargain section.
  • Saitama: Eh? Seriously?! [-looks to him excitedly at the sound of that.-]
  • -As everyone talks in a lively manner to each other, Zombieman remains quite for a time.-
  • Zombieman: ...(Everyone is so...loud here.)
  • -This was really out of his element entirely. And yet it wasn't so bad. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd been someplace this warm and spirited. It was a...comforting nostalgia.-
  • Zombieman: [-smiles gently to himself-] (...I guess it's not so bad to experience this once and a while.)
  • Genos: Zombieman-san, please don't hesitate to eat as much as you like.
  • Zombieman: Ah...Thank you.
An open letter to problem customers

You are every employee’s nightmare. You want special treatment, oh and do it with a smile. You want us to faun over your every word, like were blessed that such an amazing person like you shops where we work. You want us to bend the rules in your favor. Doesn’t matter how important or long-standing they are. You then state things like an item “no one would ever buy”, yet you bought it and are now trying to return it. Or tell us its not fair and our competitor would return it, even though we know damn well what their polices are. Then you have the guts to come back five minutes latter demanding that we gave you the wrong change.

Then there are those of you who wander through the store complaining about our prices. That you can get it cheaper in the states, or online. Well we would like to inform you the former pays less for shipping, storage, employee wages, rent, utilities, ect, and in turn those who they get their product from do the same. As for the latter, online stores make you pay for shipping, storage is the same place as rent(oh and a warehouse is tons cheaper then a retail space), utilities are less too, and they don’t have to pay for as many employees per customer dollar, just to name a few. 

Then there are my favorite, you who think just because we’re paid to stand there and sell you products/services, you can be as nasty, grouchy, annoying, insulting as you like. Well that is probably the dumbest of all bad customer manners. Because you probably are regulars. we probably see your face more then the above, and certainly more then we like. 

Here’s the deal. A little secret that any nice person knows; be nice to others and they are nice back. What does that mean? Simple. If a repeat customer of ours is nice, holds up simple conversations, is decent to us, guess what? We’re going to remember their name. We’re going to remind them about their loyalty cards. We’re going to let them know their regular Tuesday night purchase is going on sale Wednesday at half off. 

Because that’s how we work.

If any of that sounds like you, maybe you need to listen to yourself next time you go shopping. Maybe review your manners a bit. Ask yourself if you want to be treated that way. Hang up your cell phone and turn your music off and reply to our “Hi, how are you?”

All I’m asking is to treat us like human beings, and we will do the same to you. Your shopping trips will go smother and trust me, be nice and you’ll win over the employees. It’s amazing what a smile will do. Our favorite customers get treated well. Because they are nice to us and we don’t want to lose them.  


If you insist on being that “I’m special” and “I demand it my way” customer, then we are capable of retaliation in the most infuriating way possible. We will smile, in the most fake way we can get away with, put you on hold for a half hour, make you fill out unnecessary paperwork, be out of stock of your item you just have to have, forget to remind you about your points card, and totally mis-remember every deal/sale/promo/freebee that just might interest you. 

We can and will make your shopping trip horrible, just as you have made our day horrible.

Thank you.


anonymous asked:

What do you think about lifters excuse that "oh, well you guys download music illegally so what we're doing is just fine too!!!"?

You wouldn’t download a purse

Bad comparison. First off, most music is cheap. 99¢ is the most common figure for online music. Now, does that make it okay to steal? No, not really- but stealing a 99¢ song is very different from stealing a $50 wallet. It’s also entirely possible to legally listen to the exact same music for free off of youtube.

Secondly, stealing shit from a store directly affects employees. Downloading music doesn’t do this. Downloading music illegally affects the artist and the company that produced it, and in many cases (not all, but many), they’re filthy rich. Stealing from a store affects the employee who’s on a wage that’s just enough to get by.

Third, the physical items stolen all required materials in order to be produced. Materials cost money. The labor put into forming the material into the end result costs money. There’s a reason why a handbag costs money. Online music files have no material cost associated with them.

Bottom line- is downloading music illegally right? No. Is stealing something from a store right? No. However, one of them’s a hell of a lot worse.