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… I might have both Ryder siblings sorted now, pending actual CC limitations.
Antonia (Nina for short, she hates her full name. Also: I give in, I like names full of Is and Ns.) and Adrien Ryder.

I think Nina is probably going be a Vanguard (or whatever they’re being called in this game), because I love punching things in the face with my freaky powers and then shooting them in the face just for good measure. Adrien will likely be a Sentinel: biotic but he loves his tech. He heard somewhere that half-visors were totally hot.

One of them dyes their hair. BUT WHICH ONE IS IT? They will never tell.

Slytherin Jimin *.*

Seriously though i’m so down with slytherin!jimin, so so down with it… I can’t express how down with it I am…

Alright first of all let’s not take this too seriously and agree that this classification system ( the four houses …duh) does not define a human’s personality with all the complexities and nuances that go with it , So let’s just suspend our disbelief (… hmm I mean this is fiction so I’m being redundant aren’t I ? … But just in case for the easily offended).

See in every HP au we see Jiminnie portrayed either as a hufflepuff or a gryffondor (mostly the former though)… but a Slytherin Jimin? Imagine all the possibilities he would be like a nightmare dressed like a daydream (I can’t believe I just quoted Taylor swift… whatever this seems weirdly fitting)… The more I think about it the more it makes sense, I mean Slytherins are known to be an ambitious, cunning, resourceful and creative lot (I’m quoting Pottermore here) and our sexy mochi does seem to fit the profile with how he got most of us wrapped around his cute little pinky (and he fucking knows it … this guy is too much for me to handle seriously). Now if we dive into the Harry potter universe the slytherins are mostly portrayed as cold, aloof and arrogant (In the most superficial observation possible), now imagine someone with seemingly hufflepuff traits into the snakes’ pit …daamn he would be unstoppable just give him the world in a platter and be done with it… I really need to read this fanfiction now … this may have gotten out of hand … I didn’t know I was so passionate about slytherin jimin until now … the more you know…If you’ve read this far I applaud you, here is a cookie (…Kookie ? ) you deserve it

….. I’m hilarious

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I was tagged by @suitcasesoffeathers my daughter~

Nicknames: I have a lot of nicknames…but Sunny is my main one online…(the other ones are embarrassing, not saying them out loud).

Star Sign: I’m a Virgo

Height: I haven’t checked my height in forever so I have no effin idea.

Time right now: 9:50 PM

Last thing you googled: “Cornwall Trevissick” A place in the Dark is Rising Sequence, pay no mind to it.

Song stuck in your head: Black Pink - Playing With Fire

Last Movie I watched: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (Children do not watch).

Last TV show I watched: Haikyuu Season 3, I rewatched the entire thing with my little sis on the train ride back home from my grandma’s place yesterday.

What I’m wearing right now: A black Indian designed shirt with a lot of sequins, dark blue jeans…and a fairy tail necklace…

When I created this blog: Hahahahaha….awkward…I actually made this blog in March 2012 but didn’t actually use it until October 2016…

The kind of Stuff I post: Noragami, Akatsuki no Yona, Bungou Stray Dogs, Kuroshitsuji, Magi, Lovely Complex and other anime/manga stuff.

Do I get asks regularly: Nah, I don’t regularly get asks, but I always love it when I do get asks (I get really really excited)

Why I chose my URL: My first completed fanfic ever (which I wrote when I was like 13) was called “Carrot Couple” for reasons I choose not to elaborate on. But this fanfic and name has a lot of meaning to me (also, my accounts everywhere else is under the name carrotcouple)

Gender: I’m a girl~

Favorite color: Midori…I love the color green.

average hours of sleep: Six to seven hours ish?? Idk, I’ve been told I sleep a lot.

lucky number: Um……3? I guess….

favorite characters: Ooooh, you wanna go there now do ya? From books, Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle. From Anime Yato from Noragami, Neji from Naruto, Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona……and so so many more I cannot write down without turning this into an essay.

dream job: Marine Biologist (who writes books on the side)

number of blankets I sleep with: Only one~

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… “and now he’s so devoid of colour he don’t know what it means”

fanficcentral30  asked:

You're latest comic panel has been in stitches and i feel so bad for the both of them. Poor bros. Flowey did alot of damage not only in Papyrus but to the extension that he did to the household. With that scene, i was listening to "It's raining somewhere else" in piano arrangement and it's so fitting with that latest comic page you put out. I do hope things will work out for them both and that the finale is a happy one. They both deserve it.

Yeah, it shows <tried to show???> how much healing is really needed - to their family, their brotherly bond. <it hurted me SO BAD in the fic!>

And yes, we’re working towards a happy ending! Does that counts as a spoiler?…

u know, the wsnack story is exclusively on twitter and its buried from it being months ago but i just want people to know about the meme that is wsnack, because its my favorite word and i use it all the time and anyone not in a specific friend group wouldnt really understand it so:

one time i was really excited about having multiple snack items instead of just one and me being the person i am, i made a post “tfw = TWO FUCKING SNACKS”

and i was like yeah man it works perfectly, the t is two, the f is fucking and the w is- wait. no. no oh no thats not

and so i sadly deleted the post… but people saw anyways + i instantly posted about it like “hey guys apparently snack starts with a w now”

and then as i described my snacks i realized i actually had 3 snacks. so the full meme is tfw = two (3) fucking wsnacks.

so yeah, if i ever use wsnack on here, u guys just need to know the origin. its important. 

a meme was born due to me being a fool. but its ok bc its my favorite meme. im the wsnack king