oh we can't forget

Tendershipping YAY :D

After watching the “new” YGO movie Dark Side of Dimensions I felt the urge to draw fluffy and dark fluffy… after two years :-O

The movie was wow wow wow wow I LOVED it and wow ♥ Oh and I never shipped it but after the movie I can’t shop thinking about Prideshipping :D Seto is so… so gay for Atem… haha

In the end I stick to my beloved Tendershipping :3 back to the roots and stuff!

Well some sketches!
Honestly I did these a while back I was busy with school and not much internet but I manage! :D

I added a smidge of Evil Plants AU so that there belongs to @prince-murrico
Also Neptuna is starting to become fun to draw

Billie Piper calling Matt Smith out on Karen's behalf
  • Fan: Who was your favorite companion on the show and why?
  • Matt Smith: *looks sheepish* *pretends to start walking off stage* Actually, here's the thing, I love them both equally more than each other, so it's impossible to define. You don't have favorites in the companion realm, listen I've got...
  • Billie Piper: *interjects* But [Karen] was your companion!
  • Matt Smith: Well, yeah...
  • Billie Piper: So, there you go, that's it. You have to be loyal to your companion.
  • Karen Gillan: Yeah! *laughs*
  • Matt Smith: And Karen's like my best friend, you know. It's--it's--and we sort of experienced something--thanks Billie--really rare and unique, but its--I love them equally both more than each other.
  • Billie Piper: That's very diplomatic. *laughs*
  • Matt Smith: (later) My three favorites, well two of them are here and the other's at work.
  • Fan: But Rory!
  • Karen Gillan: Or Rory, yeah.
  • Matt Smith: Oh, Rory, we can't forget about Rory! Rory's in there, man. We love Rory Pond.

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Wait a week or two and we'll get the news about "Louis Tomlinson devastated after paternity test shows he's not the father of Freddie Reign!" With quotes from a source close to Louis "Louis was so ready to step up to the plate and be a father to his son. He's heartbroken." along with the pictures of he posted and the pap pictures. Oh and we can't forget the "he's really leaning on Harry during this difficult time"

Anything is likely at this point

this is what happens when you put us together to headcannon
  • me: I love that one gif post where clint goes to pick up his daugher from dance class and he's in a threeway standoff with these two other guys
  • hanyouelf: omg, i love it!
  • me: and the little girl's just like 'daddy!' and runs up to give him a hug completely ignoring the guns
  • hanyouelf: so clintasha's little girl
  • me: I just imagine after that she kicks the guns out of their hands for him
  • hanyouelf: while Daddy lifts her up like a princess ballerina.
  • me: with a spin and everything
  • hanyouelf: of course
  • hanyouelf: because what else would his little princess do?
  • hanyouelf: efficient and girly and flourish of awesome
  • me: and she's a perfect shot with a sling shot
  • hanyouelf: yes
  • me: natasha and clint daughter would make Fury nervous
  • hanyouelf: because she's sneaky as clint, ruthless as natasha, and too fucking cute to deny
  • me: and she trains with uncle steve and plays science with uncle tony
  • me: Rides on Uncle Hulk's shoulders
  • hanyouelf: and plays in Lola
  • me: omfg yes
  • hanyouelf: with popcorn and soda
  • me: without spilling a drop
  • me: oh god.........babysitter coulson
  • hanyouelf: with a tazer.
  • me: holy hell i wish i could draw
  • hanyouelf: lmfao! Right?
  • hanyouelf: Although there's a part of me that thinks Coulson would play ballerina with her, dressing up all pretty like and stuff.
  • me: he'd put a tutu over his suit
  • me: oh oh oh! We can't forget uncle thor
  • hanyouelf: exactly!
  • hanyouelf: Who gave her a cape and a faux hammer!
  • me: He would so introduce her to Sif
  • me: and she'd have a major girl crush on her
  • hanyouelf: who would dote adoringly on her
  • hanyouelf: when she wasn't being mommy, she'd be Sif
  • me: oh yes

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this is it... I'LL NEVER EVER E-V-E-R GET OVER THIS 24(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/7c2db8adfd8315d2fa2e6818ce54f9bd/tumblr_n03mgqx4n61s3jbxvo1_250(.)gif come on, this moment is enough for like two months of kaisoo (just kidding i hope we get fancams of their fuck time) but my point is: what the hell is this kind of friendship where you just sit on your friend's erection (and keep holding hands we can't forget to point this) oh gosh kaisoo will be the end of ME

whenever i hear the work ” kaisoo” and the word ” friends ” in the same sentence i laugh out loud like HAHAHAHAHA no .

it just  not right to call someone sitting on another person ‘s boner a fiends OTL

also did you see jonign’s hand right before he sat on kyungsoo . did you see how it sneakily tried to  touch soo’  private area which is no more  private MUAHAHAHA