oh wasnt this fun

Person: They have so many mood swings!

Random astrology blog: ARE THEY A CANCER BECAUSE-

*Cancer comes out of no where*

Cancer : you know I’m not the only one with mood swings!?

Astrology blog: yes but-

Cancer: No! What about Scorpio and Pisces? Huh!? And virgo!? Nooooooooooo one talks about their mood swings! Why don’t they…

Virgo: *smirks* it’s cause you’re a crab

Cancer: That has nothing to do with -

Pisces: yea! A crab! *sticks out tongue*

Cancer: guys what-

Scorpio: Cause crabs taste good *licks lips and winks*

Cancer: *sweats excessively* I… I got to go… I… *runs away*