oh walt! stop it


Souffle de Yuca topped with Griddled Cheese and Lechon Asado: Roasted Pork with Mangu Pickled Red Onions and Avocado from the Dominican Republic booth available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

pmduteammavericksteamlightblade  asked:

A Purrloin by the name of Penny walks the streets of Andalusst. Because it looks like it's about to rain, the number of Pokemon on the streets have diminished greatly, though some, like herself, still go about their normal business. As she scans the sky for her partner, she scolds herself. This always ends up with her bumping into someone. Thankfully, she catches herself and looks down before she knocks over Walt. "Oh, sorry, um..." She stops, having never seen a Wooper before. Interesting...

Walt was staring at the sky, waiting for the rain to come pouring down.  Just by how gloomy the clouds were made it obvious it could happen at any time.  Just the thought of the drops feel so refreshing.

An apology got the wooper’s attention, so he looked down to see a purrloin in the way.  "Oh,  pardon.“  He moved to his right to allow the ‘mon to pass him.  He looked up at the sky again and something in his brain made him strike up a conversation.  "Isn’t rain just amazing?”