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Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics



“I’m done, I’m so done. I can’t read this.” *Exits out* *waits thirty seconds* “FUCK IT.” *starts reading again*


“Ugh I hate this… But I’m too invested.
F u c k.”

“There’s a time that everyone reaches in their lives where they think ‘nothing can be worse than this’. This fic is that time.”

“Oh, wait, nevermind, I found a worse one.”

“Why did he have to die?! I hate this story!… Time to recommend it to all my friends.”

“Your gay is showing.”

“Ha! You’re straight!? Okay, pal, so am I.”

just me trying to explain to my friends why monoma doesnt act out of pure hatred, but rather, out of concern and regard for his class, even if they don’t like him

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Alright so... What about the RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC playing video games and she like, curses and screams at the characters. And god save them when she plays horror games because her screams are really loud, haha. I hope you're having a nice day!


  • he gets terrified whenever you scream
  • more often that not it sends him into panic mode
  • “OH MY GOD IS THERE A MURDERER IN THE HOUSE oh wait nevermind it’s just resident evil 7”
  • when you’re yelling in anger he’s so flustered
  • he doesn’t know what to do
  • why are you so angry?
  • why is it so hot?
  • he squeals and tells you not to swear so much but in reality it makes him kinda hot and bothered
  • to be honest, he can’t really criticise you much because he yells too whenever he gets frustrated on LOLOL
  • god forbid you’re ever gaming at the same time
  • so many noise complaints


  • he is absolutely adamant that ladies are not supposed to swear
  • oh boy is he in for a surprise
  • the first time you start screaming and yelling at the screen he’s absolutely shocked
  • he had no idea you had it in you
  • this is the girl he calls princess
  • but right now
  • she is a wild fuckin hyena
  • he genuinely has no idea what he’s supposed to do
  • when you’re playing a horror game and start screaming he’ll run up to you like “omg babe are you okay??”
  • and when you tell him it’s just because of the game he’s like “I know but omg are you okay you really shouldn’t play it if you get so scared”
  • you keep playing anyway
  • if he’s there with you while you’re playing he gets just as scared and screams just as loudly
  • it’s actually pretty funny


  • okay this is stressful for her
  • she’ll hear you screaming and freak out, ready to rush in and help you
  • but then she’ll hear you yelling at that fucking zombie that jumped out and killed you so now you have to go back to the last checkpoint for shit’s sake
  • lots of mum-sighs and eye-rolls
  • “maybe you shouldn’t play if you get so angry”
  • she just…. doesn’t understand why you would do this to yourself
  • sometimes she tries watching to see just why you get so angry over certain things
  • and she has to admit, she can see why some things are annoying
  • but the fact they bring out that kind of response??
  • it’s just beyond her


  • he really just doesn’t understand why you get so worked up over it
  • it’s not even real. what are you doing?
  • he tries watching sometimes to see why
  • and he makes comments about what you could’ve done differenty
  • yes Jumin I fucking know you are not helping
  • whenever you scream at the jumpscares, he doesn’t even flinch
  • he’ll just look at you and raise his eyebrows like “seriously?”
  • if you scare Elizabeth, though, he’ll get worried about her
  • he usually locks her in another room if he knows you’re going to be gaming
  • he doesn’t really like how much you swear, but he knows it just kind of slips out when you’re venting your anger


  • he finds it absolutely hilarious
  • he is a laughing mess whenever you scream
  • and when you’re yelling at the characters he’ll egg you on and pretend to get angry too
  • he’ll also probably film it
  • he loves how into it you get and how you don’t even notice he’s in the room half the time
  • and the amount of swearing is so fucking funny to him
  • he loves that you come across as cute and innocent but then you go ahead and do this
  • he’ll imitate you, too, so whenever you scream he’ll scream even higher
  • oh boy that pisses you off even more
  • and he fucking knows it


  • he thinks you’re a goddamn idiot
  • but… he has to admit, it is kind of amusing
  • the jumpscares don’t really scare him all that much, so if he’s watching you and you get scared he’ll smirk and call you stupid
  • when you get mad at the characters he’ll just stand there watching you
  • he did not realise how many swear words it was possible to use in one sentence
  • he enjoys just observing, to be honest, and he’ll never really get involved
  • he’ll make some comments on it afterwards though, and tease you about it a lot


  • he gets so worried
  • whenever you scream he’ll instantly rush to you, even if he knows you’re playing video games
  • you always feel bad because he checks on you every single time
  • and it happens a lot
  • he does find it pretty funny when you get angry, though
  • if he’s with you he’ll try to hide his smile because he doesn’t want to make it even worse
  • if he’s in another room he’ll just listen and laugh silently to himself as he hears you cursing and yelling
  • he loves how you don’t seem to care what comes out of your mouth when you’re so engrossed in a game

Late Nights - Stiles Stilinski

Summary ; in which your unconditional love and devotion towards your boyfriend, stiles, has you staying up all night to help him solve an investigation, despite your seemingly unyielding exhaustion and your need to sleep.

Pairing ; stiles x reader

Warnings ; none, just flufff

Words ; 850

Published ; 31st may, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🐭

Glancing wearily over at the raging red numbers illuminating from Stiles’ bedside alarm clock, you begrudgingly took note of the blinding 4:23 am that taunted you before making a lazy attempt to stifle the yawn escaping past your lips.

You had spent all of the previous night awake and busy with Malia as the two of you tried to help Lydia crack the code to the deadpool. You told yourself earlier that morning that you would let yourself sleep all throughout the night from when the sun went down to when it rose again hours later but when the blaring sound of your ringtone infiltrated your sleep and Stiles’ ringer flashed upon your phone screen near around midnight, you couldn’t not answer.

“Hey gorgeous, I think I’m onto something about the deadpool. Could use your help? Love you, baby.”

How could you say no to him?

“What do you think, (Y/N/N)?” Stiles’ hyperactive and excited voice ringing in your ears like chiming bells made you jump slightly from where you were sat, on the comfort and safety of his warm bed - surrounded, like an island encircled by a mass of sparkling blue water - by his soft covers that you so desperately wanted to snuggle under.

“Hm?” Came your exhausted reply as you blinked drowsily over at him, trying to focus on the eager but frantic words that spewed from his lips as he launched into his explanation.

“What?” You mumbled sleepily, missing half of his words. Rubbing your weary eyes, you glimpsed back over at him, your eyebrows tugged inwards as you tried to aim your full attention towards the boy you loved.

“Oh wait! Nevermind, babe, I’ve just thought of something else!” And then he was off again, in his own little world of his investigation board and his never-ending mass of red string.

You couldn’t help but attentively smile over at him, watching him scribble notes down and pin photos of various people up, connecting different things with different coloured string with bleary and unfocused eyes.

He was in his element, and you absolutely adored watching his face light up when he finally understood a link or watching his eyebrows furrow and his teeth encase his bottom lip when he couldn’t piece together all the information to figure something out, his fingers running through his dark hair exasperatedly.


Stiles glanced expeditiously over his shoulder to update you, expecting you to be perched on the edge of his bed - your (y/e/c) eyes darting over his progress, taking it all in. Instead, he found you curled up in his soft sheets, your delicate features nuzzled into his favourite pillow as faint, quiet snores slipped past your slightly parted lips.

He eyed the clock beside where you lay, grimacing when he realised it was 5:45 am and the golden sun was starting to rise up and cast warm sunbeams through his window. He hadn’t realised that he had kept you up that late, and when he finally had noticed, sorry guilt crept up inside of him - settling in the pit of his stomach as you soundly slept away your drowsy exhaustion under his covers.

He trod lightly towards his bed - careful not to wake you. A subconscious smile tugged at his lips despite his guilt as he peered down at you, his eyes shining with adoration and love. Cautiously clambering into his bed next to you, he froze momentarily when you let out a sleepy sigh and lifted your head slightly, blinking slowly in confusion, “Stiles?”

“Hey beautiful, it’s okay; I’m here. Go back to sleep,” He spoke softly, his arms wounding around your body and attentively bringing you closer into his warm vicinity. You sleepily let him tug you closer to him, resting your head lightly on his clothed chest with a soft and contented sigh.

When his hand came up to run his fingers leisurely through your silky hair, gently coaxing you back into your slumber, you let out a tired hum of appreciation and Stiles couldn’t help but smile down at you once again at the sound, “I’m sorry I kept you up so late, baby,” He mumbled, pressing an endearing and lingering kiss to the top of your head.

“S’okay, Stiles… Love you,” Your drained and exhausted declaration of love was muffled as you cuddled further into his side, sleep almost consuming your whole being anew.

“Love you too, (Y/N), lots,” His light eyes danced over his unfinished investigation board - tomorrow, he concluded - deciding to stay in his bed with you in the solace of his hold, sleeping the day away and indifferently ignoring other priorities. You were always his main priority, anyway.


tags ; @virgincreek

  • Mikleo: I’m. Not. A. Professor!
  • Lailah: Professor Mikleo is being uncooperative!
  • Edna: How rude. We expected better, Professor Mikleo.
  • Zaveid: Yeah, Professor Mikleo. Clean up your act!
  • Sorey: What’s going on?
  • Lailah: We’re trying to get Mikleo to profess his love for—
  • Mikleo: A hellion!
  • Sorey: [hurt] You love a hellion, Mikleo?
  • Mikleo: No, there’s a—wait, why are so upset?! Stop crying!
  • Sorey: I just wanted you to love ME.
  • Mikleo: I DO love you, Sorey!
  • Lailah: Aw, Professor Mikleo!
  • Zaveid: Professor Mikleo’s back!
  • Edna: How rude, Professor Mikleo. Making your love cry.
  • Mikleo: This’ll teach me to ever say anything sincere again…
  • Sorey: MIKLEO, I LOVE YOU.
  • Mikleo: … *heavy sigh* [sincere] Okay, I love you, too. Sorey.
When Fandoms Are @ War
  • Fandoms: We must fight to prove our fandom is the best!
  • Me: YEAH!!! Who are we beating first?
  • Fandoms: *name an other fandom*
  • Me: Oh erm... It's a bit awkward I mean I'm also in this one so.... Yeah maybe not...
  • Fandoms: *makes a list of 385939243819 other fandoms to destroy*
  • Me: Okay so I checked the list and... Err I think we could destroy this one... Oh wait no nevermind I'm in this one too... So... Er yeah... Fancy a drink?
Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- Odd Priorities

Here’s part 2 for Classic Rock and Machine Guns!!  My desk chair broke, so I had to go shopping for a new one…. which was not fun.  Hopefully I’ll be able to write one more request this weekend.

Part 1 - Classic Rock and Machine Guns

Warning: Cussing, Blood, Guns

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I kinda like Harry and Cedric together like they start dating during the tournament and it's like Harry falls in love with Cedric's loyalty and kindness when he was alone and they're kinda in the same boat and wanna be close and yes take baths together and just have a year to love each other and admire each other and be their own best friends it hurts how much I want this now

I am working on it I promise

But also think about

  • Cedric and Harry who secretly teamed up together so whoever won it would be a Hogwarts champion
  • Cedric and Harry who go to the Yule Ball together (and it totally floors everyone except Minerva Magonagall because she knows everything duh)
  • Cedric and Harry who sneak out together to play quidditch and race each other (cue sneaky locker room makeouts)
  • Long baths together after class
  • Cedric defending Harry tooth and nail to his classmates and anyone who has to say anything about their relationship
  • Cedric and Harry who spend a lot of time star gazing together
  • Harry, who realizes Cedric is his first love and it warms him from the tips of his fingers to the tips of his toes. 
  • Quidditch matches being competitive as ever but no one is really upset when they play each other anyways
  • Cedric holding Harry at night when Harry sneaks into his dormitory
  • Cedric who finds Harry in the maze so they can go through it together
  • Cedric, who’s last words to Harry are “I love you. Please, bring my body back to my dad.”
  • Harry who has horrifying nightmares about Cedric’s death (Oh wait thats canon nevermind)

OR alternatively lets see what would have happened if Cedric lived

  • Cedric would have completed his N.E.W.T.S and gone on his way to become a healer
  • He would have spent the summer writing to Harry, telling Harry about the Wizarding World and not keeping him in the Dark as Dumbledore had.
  • Cedric would have been there the day of Harry’s trial waiting anxiously at the Black House
  • Imagine the talk Sirius would give Cedric omg
  • Even better, imagine the talk Hagrid would give him oh my god
  • Molly would love Cedric honestly and make him a canary yellow jumper to match his eyes and hair with a black ‘C’ on it for hufflepuff colors too
  • Cedric would see him off when he left for his fifth year and write to him all year
  • Would he approve of the D.A? Hell yeah, if he still went to school there he would probably be apart of it.
  • Cedric will be there for Sirius’s funeral and Dumbledore’s, keeping in mind how much has changed in the two years he’s known Harry Potter. He’ll notice how dark the world has gotten and how dangerous it is now. 
  • When Harry turns 17, they won’t recruit Cedric to retrieve him because it’s too dangerous for those not directly involved with the Order to know (Cedric isn’t in the order YET, but he will be)
  • In fact, Cedric doesn’t see Harry all that year after Harry’s party. That night, Cedric took him to the field across from the Weasly’s burrow to stargaze like they used to in Harry’s fourth year. There Cedric kissed him slowly and softly until Harry forgot who Voldemort was and just lived in the moment of Cedric kissing him.
  • Harry did not see Cedric after that night until the Battle of Hogwarts. They vanished after the wedding, leaving everyone in the dark on their whereabouts. 
  • When Harry, Hermione and Ron entered the room of requirement with Neville, they hadn’t expected to find all of their friends.
  • Cedric arrived with the Weaslys later and boy did he have a few choice words to share with Harry…A lot of them, very loudly shouted about vanishing into thin air, not knowing if he had been dead, and “You robbed Gringotts?? And stole a drAGON!!?” before kissing him hard and whispering “God, I’ve missed you.”
  • When Voldemort asks for Harry to give himself up Cedric is there clutching him and telling him not to do it.
  • Cedric is there crying the loudest as Voldemort announces his ‘Death’ to the fighting witches and wizards of hogwarts.
  • He’s also the first to say “I’m going to kill him” when Harry’s body vanished and it turns out he’s actually alive, much to Cedric’s utter relief.
  • Cedric is there, weak and weary as Harry falls to his knees after the final battle, having finally defeated the Darkest Wizard to ever live.
  • 15 years, they bring their two children to kings cross, one to start their third year, the other to start their first.
  • None of them are named Albus Severus fuck that Cedric is not having that shit 
  • They lived happily ever after :)))

I mean thats not ALL that would happen of course i skipped around but like I like thinking about Cedric living and what would ensue. 

Are Tsukiyama Shuu’s eyelashes even real?

Seriously I mean:

They’re so long

And so thick

And so delicate looking

“I swear I just wake up and look this divine.”

#Eyelash game on point

“I only had to use 3 bottles of mascara today.”

“My eyelashes don’t always look this good, but when they do… oh wait, they always do, nevermind.”

Someone please tell me what products he uses because I am so jealous of this beautiful man and his gorgeous eyelashes.

Blame It On The Alcohol (1/1)

The girls of Muse get drunk, staying over at Nozomi’s and underlying attraction is revealed. 

Warning: Sexual scenes, lap dancing, underage drinking. 

Umi wasn’t sure how the offer of a slumber party had escalated to the nine of them drinking alcohol. She vaguely remembered Nico mentioning that they should take advantage of the fact that staying at Nozomi’s apartment meant that they weren’t being supervised by adults and they could do what they want. Including drinking.

An hour had passed since then and already Rin had passed out on floor, using her jacket as a pillow for her head. She was mumbling to herself in her sleep but she seemed to be comfortable enough. Nozomi had draped a light blanket over her to keep her warm and she didn’t seem to be having any trouble staying asleep either. Even the music playing in the background wasn’t enough to wake her.

Umi glanced round the room, taking note of what everyone else was doing. Honoka was talking to Eli, leaning back against the wall. They were surprisingly close. Eli’s hand was against the wall as she leaned close, just like in one of those shoujos.

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"Except for daehyun" "turtle my ass" crying

LISTEN daehyun shares not a single trait with turtles in fact lemme compare them for you

turtles are slow - daehyun is not, turtles are calm - dae is not, turtles have problems getting up when knocked over - not, turtles are silent - daehyun is not, turtles have a thick shell - daehyun does not (ooh what a burn), turtles bite people - daehyun…

oh wait

nevermind, i guess he shares some traits with the turtle